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Senator Taft Asserts
He Won't Campaign
Again for Presidency
By th« Associated Press
Senator Taft, Republican, of
Ohio has told friends he won’t
“run” for the 1952 GOP presi
dential nomination.
If Senator Taft is re-elected to
the Senate in November, it would
mean his continued leadership in
what he likes to call the middle
of-the-road wing of the Republi
can Party but what some of his
critics label as the GOP’s con
The Ohio Senator has made it
clear to his intimates that even
if he wins by a substantial margin
in his Ohio race, he is not going
to campaign actively for the Presi
dential nomination as he did un
successfully in 1940 and 1948. He
stepped aside In 1944 for Senator
Bricker, then Governor who won
the vice presidential nomination
If Senator. Taft sticks to his de
cision, this would mean that il
the element of the party with
which he” is identified wants him
for a candidate, the initiative will
have to come from outsde and not
from Taft himself.
Rules Out Past Campaigns.
This would preclude the sort of
campaign for delegates outside
of Ohio that Senator Taft and
his friends have put on in the
past. The Ohioan always has had
strong Southern GOP support, in
addition to his home State’s dele
As far as Senator Taft is con
cerned personally, friends say he
would be satisfied to support some
other candidate of like views for
the presidential nomination. He
has said publicly that this is his
last campaign for the Senate,
since he would be 67 years old if
he completes another term.
The trouble with the GOP presi
dential picture, so far as Senator
Taft is concerned, is that he
doesn’t find many outstanding
candidates mentioned who share
his views. That is one reason why
friends say he doesn’t remove
himself entirely from presidential
Most Candidates from Coast.
Most of the potential 1952 GOP
presidential candidates come from
coastal ar^as and like to be
classed as members of the “Lib
eral” wing of the party.
Thus Senator Taft’s friends
would not be enthusiastic about
supporting Gov. Warren of Cali
fornia or Senator Henry Cabot
Lodge of Massachusetts for the
nomination if either should be in
the running in 1952. Neither
would they be likely to join any
bandwagon movement for Gen.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Senator Taft apparently feels
that his views are shared by a
majority of the Republicans. If
Senate votes are any barometer,
Senator Taft usually is on the
majority side among his col
Lucas Says Isolationists
Stopped Stassen Speech
By *h« Associated Press
PEORIA, 111., Sept. 18.—Senator
Lucas, Democrat, of Illinois says
that Harold E. Stassen yielded to
Republican isolationist pressure in
cancelling a Chicago speech last
Friday night.
In a campaign speech for re
election yesterday, Senator Lucas
told a Democratic rally:
“I have it on reliable authority
that the isolationists in control
of the Republican Party in Illi
nois demanded that he (Mr. Stas
sen) not come because he stands
with Vandenberg.” Arthur H.
Vandenberg, senior Senator from
Michigan* is a Republican.
In a speech today Senator
Lucas said the United Nations
fight in Korea may have pre
vented World War III.
There can be no doubt that
U. N. action to defend South
Korea has “shaken the bloody
bunglers of the Kremlin.” he said.
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Father of 'Kidnaped' Baby
To Face Court as Slayer
Special Dispatch to The Star
PATERSON, N. J., Sept. 18.—
Fred Goodell, jr., the 22-year-old
father who last week told police
his infant daughter had been kid
naped, will be arraigned today
for her murder.
Police Chief James Walker said
that after 18 hours of steady
questioning, Goodell early yester
day told how, in a fit of temper,
he smashed the tray of the high
chair into the baby’s face.
The statement continued that
the next day—last Tuesday—
Goodell discovered that Nancy
was dead, wrapped her body in a
towel, and carried it in a shopping
bag through Paterson’s crowded
Yesterday he led police to the
body. It had been buried in a
shallow crevice on Garrett Moun
tain, overlooking the city.
Goodell’s statement absolved
his 18-year-old wife, Marie, of any
knowledge of the child’s death.
He said she was at work when the
child was struck, and upon her
| return went directly to bed with
iout looking at the baby when he
! told her it was asleep.
French Ship Toll Set at 51
ST. MALO, France, Sept. 18
(£*).—The Naval Ministry an
nounced yesterday the toll of the
weather ship La Place disaster
here Saturday is 22 confirmed
dead and 29 missing. Only 42 of
the 93 persons aboard are known
to have been sgved.
The royal antelppe of Africa Is
only about 10 inches high.
Soviet Guided Missile
Test Reported in Baltic
By th« Associated Pratt
STOCKHOLM, Sept. 18—The
Russians are reported to have
been lobbing seven-ton guided
missiles over the Baltic area dur
ing the summer.
The newspaper Aftonbladet gave
this report on the situation:
The rockets were launched near:
Cranz in Soviet-held East Prussia
and were aimed at a small island
in Soviet Karelia. It is believed
the island lies in Lake Onega,
some 700 miles from Cranz.
The operation was labeled
“Silent Maneuver” and was com
bined with radar practice. The
paper said it had “reliable infor
mation” on which to base its
story, but gave no specific attribu
The maneuvers began in mid
July and lasted several weeks.
Their aim was to test the pre
paredness of the so-called “first
group of new radar stations and
weapons bases.”
Russia long has been reported
to have experimental rocket sites
along the Baltic coast areas she
controls. Last April a United
States Navy plane disappeared on
a flight in the same Baltic area.
AF Man, French Cadet Die in Crash of Trainer
By the Associated Press
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Sept. 18.
—An Air Force instructor and a
French flying cadet died yester
day in the crash of a T-6 training
The instructor was identified as
2d Lt. George Irving Davis of
Lancaster, Calif.
Identity of the cadet, one of 75
in training at Randolph Field,
was not released.
The plane crashed about 200
yards from the edge of Zuehl
Auxiliary Field.
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