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English. Where other witnesses
had suffered sudden lapses of
memory, Honest Frenchy didn’t
falter. Where others had feared
to tread, Frenchy trod — all
over the feet of The Mob.
As for himself, Frenchy in
sisted he had been an honest
bookie, was now an honest gro
cer. What, among other things,
had driven him from the racket
was the high cost of protection.
.Although his take from bad
guessers ranged up to $3,000
a day during the winter
season, he never held on to
more than $4,000 a year. The
“ice man” got the rest.
Furthermore, after his hour
before the committee he wouldn’t
dare walk more than a block from
his room because the mobsters
“got memories like elephunts.”
Frenchy talked and then he
stepped down. Editor Smith
comments: “My reason for choos
ing this one dazzling moment
in the life of Honest Frenchy
Gipsover many other meritorious
acts is that it is not so hard for a
good man to .be good, or for a
courageous man to' be brave.
But it is extremely difficult for a
man with a past to take his non
bullet-proof future in his hands
and be both good and brave.”
Perhaps the most inspiring
thing about this survey was the
fact that, despite gloomy head
lines, so much courage, achieve
ment, and plain, everyday good
will could be found so readily.
The staff of the Des Moines
Register reported the friendly
tale of a gang of structural steel
workers. Perched on a 400-foot
tower, they noticed a crippled
nine-year-old boy watching them
hungrily from the ground.
Touched by his wan eagerness,
they visited him and brought
him gifts — including a con
struction set with which he could
erect towers of his own.
The Portland Oregon Journal
also chose a story of handicap.
Courageous 32-vear-old George
Nelson has been unable to step
from his bed for 18 years, but he
landed a job as correspondent for
the Oregon City Enterprise. He
collects his items by phone.
The Boston Herald retold the
famous story of John Deferrari,
the fabulous miser who lived a
pinchpenny existence in order to
bequeath a million dollars to the
Boston Public Library.
The Chicago Daily News
nominated 15 - year - old Kazi
Kuzas. a little DP from Lithu
ania. In a casual high - school
theme, she told in poignant lan
guage.about the war horrors she
suffered when she was only six.
Her story was so staggering, yet
told with such quiet wisdom and
hopefulness, that the News pub
lished it on Page One.
The New Orleans Times-Pica
yune and the Spokane Spokes
man-Review both recalled help
given to ' people in need. In
Louisiana, friends and strangers
alike rallied spontaneously to
assist a family whose child per
ished in a fire that destroyed
their home. In Washington, they
rolled up a $10,000 fund for the
widows and orphans of Army
airmen killed in a B-29 crash.
The Rochester, N. Y., Demo
crat and Chronicle detailed the
expensive efforts made by a
stranger to track down the loser
of a purse containing $900. The
Detroit News told how for 22
years, a druggist, Louis Stone,
has thrown a Halloween party
for under-privileged kids.
Of all the examples of good
heartedness and good will, how
ever, the Providence Journal’s
story of Paul Martellini is per
haps the most outstanding.
"Something for the Kids"
Federal Hill, says the Journal,
overlooks the business center of
Providence from the west. It is a
tight little community, peopled
by families with names like
Manzo and Calderone who cher
ish their Italian heritage.
It is a community of narrow
streets and weather-beaten,
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