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Society News
Diplomats in New Posts at Capital
Are Honor Guests at Receptions
By Katharine M. Brooks
Two receptions given in the
Carlton Hotel early last evening
honored diplomats in new posts
at this Capital. The Colombian
Ambassador, Dr. Cipriano Restre
po-Jaramillo, who was received by
the President June 5 and Senora
de Restrepo-Jaramillo were en
tertained by the Assistant Secre
tary of State and Mrs. Edward G.
Miller, jr„ their guests being
asked for 6 o’clock. The Millers
and their honor guests stood in
the North Room to receive and
the buffet table and bars were laid
in the Carlton room.
At the same time Mr. .nd Mrs.
Lawrence Lesser were entertain
ing in the banquet room honoring
the new Brazilian Minister, Mr.
Guillermo Araujo anc Mme.
Araujo. Both rooms were com
fortably air-cond: oned and
although one or two of those in
vited went first to the wrong
party, many were included n both
guest lists.
Mrs. Miller wore a cool sheer
print w'ith a wide brimmed very
becoming hat as she stood beside
the Assistant Secretary to greet
their guests. Next in line was
Senora de Restrepo-Jaranullo
who wore an attractive frock, a
ballerino length like that of Mrs.
Miller, and a matching hat.
A tall cluster of flowers in the
colors of Colombia, red, blue and
yellow, centered the buffet table
with lower mounds of blossoms in
the red. white and blue of the
United States were at each end.
The Ambassador and Senora
de Restrepo-Jaramillo are no
strangers in Washington and al
ready have many friends here
■where the Ambassador has come
on more than one mission. He
also serves as Ambassador to the
Organization of American States
and Mr. and Mrs. Miller invited
his colleagues there as well as the
heads of diplomatic missions of
other Latin American republics to
welcome the newcomer in their
ranks. The Bolivian Ambassador,
Senor Don Ricardo Martinez
Vargas, w;as among the callers
last evening but Senora de Marti
nez Vargas is spending the mid
summer in Maine w^here he ex
pects to join her for a brief vaca
tion this month.
Senora de Nieto del Rio, who
accompanied her husband, the
Chilean Ambassador, w!as among
the diplomatic hostesses in the
company. Senora de Penaherrera,
who doesn't mind the heat and
prefers to stay with her husband,
accompanied him yesterday wear
ing a dark blue frock with match
ing lace yoke and graceful dark
blue straw hat. She and the Am
bassador w'ill be hosts at dinner
Friday evening entertaining in
honor of the Ecuador Deputy to
the International Bank and
Senora de Salazar who shortly
will return to Ecuador. Dr. Sala
zar will be in Quito August 15 for
the opening session of the Ecuador
f’rwi err acc
Others from the Corps in Wash
Engaged Couples
Honored ot Parties
Miss Claire Snow and Mr. Barry
Freer, who will be married this
afternoon, and Miss Margaret
Woodhouse and Mr. John Becker,
who wii: be married Saturday,
were the cause for two celebra
tions among the younger set yes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Freer
entertained at dinner in their
home in honor of Miss Snow and
their sou last evening. And Mr.
and Mrs Ross A. de Matteo gave
a cocktail party in their apart
ment at the Kenmore for Miss
Woodhouse and her fiance.
Both couples have been enter
tained widely since their engage
ments were announced.
A reader says: “My mother in
sisted that I couldn’t give my sis
ter a shower that it wasn’t proper
except tor a friend of hers. So I
asked one of her friends to give
it at her house and send the in
vitations, but I paid for the party.
I didn’t want my sister not to
have such a party and no one
seemed tc suggest one. I’m sure
the friend has let it be known how
it happened, so what difference
did it make. Yet mother wouldn’t
allow it any other way.”
Your situation is so understand
able I can’t imagine any one criti
cizing it. As a matter of fact, your
friend would show her own social
ignorance if she talked about it.
NewsDQDer Weddina
Dear Mrs. Post: When sending
the facts for an announcement of
my daughter’s wedding in the
newspaper, is such an announce
ment paid for?
Answer: Information addressed
to the Society Editor is never paid
for. There is, of course, no as
surance as to how much of it will
be printed.
Celebrating Bride's and Groom's
Dear Mrs Post: My brother is
bringing back a bride from abroad
Mother wants to know if we may
give them a reception and may
we servo wedding cake this long
afterward. She is bringing hei
wedding dress and veil with her
and we also wanted to know il
she may wear them on this occa
Answer: Her dress, yes, but nol
her veil The other details are
entirely proper.
Engagement Ring Not Necessary
Dear Mrs. Post: Don’t you think
everyone feels it’s necessary foi
a girl to have an engagement ring
in order to become engaged? Here
they speak of getting the ring as
they would the engagement itself
For instance, “Are you getting
your ring so we can give you a
Answer: Very definitely an en
gagement ring is not a necessity
as is a wedding ring. It is usual
to get a ring, but there are many
occasions when a man cannot af
ford it and the engagement is cer
tainly valid without it. ^
ington expected yesterday were
the Peruvian Ambassador, Senor
Don Fernando Berckemeyer; the
Cuban Ambassador, Dr. Luis Ma
chado, the Venezuelan Ambassa
dor and Senora de Araujo and
the Uruguayan Ambassador and
Senora de Mora. In addition there
were a number of officials of the
OAS including the Secretary Gen
eral and Senora de Lleras and rep
resentatives to the Inter-American
Social and Economic Council.
Senator Theodore Francis Green
was among those from "The Hill”
who were greeted yesterday and
others from that circle who ac
cepted the invitation were Senator
and Mrs. Bourke B. Hickenlooper,
Senator and Mrs. John J. Spark
man, Senator and Mrs. Dennis
Chavez, Senator and Mrs. Thomas
C. Hennings, jr.. Senator and Mrs.
James H. Duff, Representative and
Mrs. Ken Regan, Representative
and Mrs. Lloyd Bentsen, jr.. Rep
resentative Edna F. Kelly, Repre
sentative and Mrs. Karl Stefan
and Representative and Mrs. Mike
j The Director -of the Interna
tional Bank and Mrs. Eugene
Black were included and the presi
dent of the ExDort ImDort Bank
and Mrs. Herbert Gaston were
there as well as at the Lesser’s
party for the Araujos. Others at
tending Mr. and Mrs. Miller's par
ty were officials of the State De
partment and their wives.
Brazilian Envoy Guest
The Brazilian Ambassador. Mr.
Mauricio Nabuco, came to town
for the reception in honor of the
new Minister and Mme. Araujo
which Mr. and Mrs. Lesser gave
in the banquet room of the hotel.
He joined his sister. Miss Carolina
Nabuco in Virginia in time for a
late dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Lesser, who have
been personal friends of Mr. and
Iffme. Araujo during the years of
the Minister’s service at the em
bassy where he has been a com
mercial representative, presented
the callers to their honor guests.
Across one wall of the room the
buffet table was set with a bar
in one corner. Flowers on the
buffet table were attractively ar
ranged and the 100 guests in
cluded Senator Burnet R. May
bank and Senator and Mrs. Joseph
O’Mahoney. Vice Chairman of the
Export Import Bank and Mrs.
Hawthorne Arey, the Secretary to
the Senate and Mrs. Leslie Biffle,
| the Assistant Attorney General
iana Mrs. naroia i. rsaynton, tne
|Commissioner of the District and
I Mrs. Joseph Donahue, Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Early, Mrs. George
R. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. William
D. Pawley who drove up from
their place in Virginia; Maj. Gen.
and Mrs. Wayne Allen and Rear
Admiral and Mrs. W. W. Smith.
The Brazilian Minister and
Mme. de Mello Franco were there
and others from the diplomati®
corps were the Yugoslav Minister
and Mme. Filipovic and the Com
mercial Counselor of the Canadian
embassy and Mrs. John H. Eng
lish. .
Third Fete in Series
The last in the series of parties
which the Military and Air At
tache of the Pakistan Embassy
and Mrs. N. A. K. Raza arranged
in honor of the Assistant Military
Attache and Mrs. Mohammad Ali
Malik was given yesterday. Brig,
and Mrs. Raza. received with Mr.
and Mrs. Malik, the hostess wear
ing a yellow satin garara with
yellow chiffon tunic and veil.
Mrs. Malik’s garara Was pink
satin, her chiffon tunic and veil
matched, and her jewelry, like
that of her hostess, was silver.
The Iran Ambassador, Mr. Nas
rollah Entezam, was among the
heads of missions attending the
party and also there were the
Assistant Secretary of State and
Mrs. George C. McGhee and the
Pakistan Ambassador and Mrs.
M. A. H. Ispahani accompanied
by the former s brother and sister
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Ispa
hani, and Mrs. Sadri Ispahani.
The new Chief of the British
Joint Services and Mrs. S. N.
Shosmith were there and also
Brig, and Mrs. R. N. Barry. The
Military Attache of the Australian
Embassy and Mrs. L. G. H. Dyke
and the Air Attache and Mrs. C.
W. Pearce, the French Naval At
tache and Mme. Cabanier, the
Greek Military Attache and Mme.
Ketseas, the New Zealand Air At
tache and Mrs. J. L. Findlay, the
Spanish Military Attache and
Senora de Mendosa, the Yugoslav
Military, Naval and Air Attache
and Mme. Bulovic and the Egyp
tian Military Attache and Mme.
Ghaleb were among others in the
company yesterday.
Top of the news... our be-ribboned
scoop bonnet comes into the pic
ture now, casts a sidelong glance
at Fallen light or dark gr /flannel,
also a glorious range ot colors in
ravon velvet and velveteen, 7.95
Closed Soturdoys During August
AT IMPRESSIVE RECEPTION: During the party tendered the retiring Vice Chief
of Staff and Mrs. Wade Hampton Haislip by Army Chief of Staff and Mrs. J. Lav^ton
Collins, at Fort Lesley J. McNair, Mrs. Frank Pace and Gen. Haislip chat with Mrs. Hais
lip and Secretary of the Army Frank Pace. •—Star Staff Photo.
Mrs. Dickey
Mrs. David Sheldon Ban? of
this city announces the engage
ment of her daughter, Mrs. Fran
ces Oliver Barry Dickey, to Mr.
Peter Ladd Gilsey, son of Mrs.
Gardner Ladd Gilsey of Pond
Lake, Southampton, Long Island,
and the late Mr. Gilsey.
Mrs. Dickey, who is the daugh
ter of the late Col. Barry, U. S.
M. C„ attended the Potomac and
Madeira Schools. During World
War II she worked with the Offi
ce of Strategic Services. She
made her debut at a small tea at
her parents’ home.
At present Mrs. Dickey is doing
volunteer work with Arts and
Skills Service of the Red Cross at
Walter Reed Hospital. She is a
member of the Junior League of
Washington and the granddaugh
ter of the late Mr. and Mrs. David
S. Barry and the late Dr. Loren
B. T. Johnson of this city.
Mr. Gilsey, alumnus of St. Ber
nard's School of New York and
Kent School, Kent, Conn., at
tended the University of Virginia,
where he was a member of St. An
thony Hall and Skull and Key.
He was graduated from the School
of Foreign Service at Georgetown
University. During World War
II he served as a navigator
bombardier with the Marine
The prospective bridegroom is
the grandson of the late Mr. and
Mrs. Philip Hiss of New York and
the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gil
sey of New York City. He is a
lieutenant in the Air Force Re
serve and is associated, with a lo
cal brokerage firm.
The wedding is planned for late
Defense Ministers Feted
The Secretary of the Army anc
Mrs. Frank Pace, jr., will give s
reception tomorrow in honor ol
the Ministers of Defense who an
arriving today and tomorrow foi
conferences on small arms. Thes
will entertain in the Officers’ Glut
at Fort Lesley J. McNair.
The British Minister of Defense
Mr. Emmanuel Shinwell will staj
with the Ambassador, Sir Olivei
Franks and will be his honor guesl
at luncheon on Friday. Sharing
honors with Mr. Shinwell will be
the Minister of Defense of Cana
da, Mr. Brooke Claxton
The Chairman of the British
Joint Services Mission, Sir Wil
liam Elliott, who also is the United
Kingdom’s representative on the
North Atlantic Pact Treaty Organ
ization, and Lady Elliott will en
tertain at cocktails this afternoon
for Mr. Shinwell. Sir William and
Lady Elliott also will be hosts at
dinner for Mr. Shinwell tomorrow
evening. Both parties will be given
in their home.
The Canadian Minister, Mr.
Claxton, will not arrive in Wash
ington until early tomorrow morn
ing and he will attend a meeting of
the Canadian Cabinet today. This
is the first meeting of the Cabinet
for some time owing to vacations
and Mr. Claxton will leave imme
diately after that session for
The Ambassador, Mr. Hume
Wrong, probably will entertain in
formally at luncheon for the visi
tor before starting on a vacation
with Mrs. Wrong. They plan to
leave Washington over the week
Additional Society on
Page B-6.
lend and will spend a short time
at Nova Scotia before opening
their cottage near Ottawa.
The Military Attache of the Ca
nadian embassy. Brig. H. E. Ta
ber, who also is the Army membei
jof the Canadian Joint Staff, and
| Mrs. Taber will be hosts at cock
!tails Friday afternoon for Defense
Minister Claxton.
I Marriages
The Mount Rainier Methodist
Church was the scene July 27 ol
jthe wedding of Miss Barbara Pull
man Kremer and Sergt. Robert J.
Windson, U. S. A. F„ the Rev.
; Baines officiating. A dinner fol
lowed the ceremony at the Hotel
The bride is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. V. J. Kremer of Cottage
City and the groom is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. S. Reinhardt of Seat
After August 15 the couple will
be at home in District Heights.
The wedding of the Rev. Miss
Grace Heberling, minister of Dun
dalk, Md., Free Methodist Church,
to Mr. Charles Burke of Alesia,
Md., took place July 29 in the Cal
vin Butts Auditorium of the Sar
gent Camp Ground at Spencer
ville, Md.
The Rev. Dewey M. Yale, super
intendent of the Maryland-Vir
ginia Conference of the Free
Methodist Church, performed the
ceremony assisted by the Rev.
Mark Shockey of the Roberts Me
morial Free Methodist Church
Exclusively Yours
Star-Studded Reception Given by Gen. and Mrs. Collins
At Fort McNair in Honor of Gen. and Mrs. Wade Haislip
By Betty Beale
The traditional dash and pre
cision of the military added snap
and elegance to the reception Army
Chief of Staff and Mrs. J. Lawton
Collins gave yesterday for the re
tiring Vice Chief and Mrs. Wade
Hampton Haislip.
Prom the firing of the 17-ftun
salute on the dot of 6 o’clock that
marked the beginning of the re
tirement parade, to the orderly
ease with which the receiving line
was later ushered into Gen. and
Mrs. Collins’ quarters, the func
tion proceeded with the punc
tuality and smoothness character
istic of the uniformed services. ’
The retirement parade on the
Port McNair parade grounds was
the second one to be given for a
general within the memory of
most of the generals present. The
first was the one that honored
Gen. Jacob L. Devers upon his
retirement a few years back, and
| even that was not as imposing
as yesterday’s affair, when one
of the most popular Army men in
Washington gave his last salute
to the colors while in active serv
Gen. Collins and Gen. Haislip
stood at attention at the front of
the reviewing stand while the
band played the “Star-Spangled
Banner” and “To the General”.
Soldiers of the Third Infantry
Regiment then marched before
them and a formation of jets flew
across the clear sky overhead. Be
hind them on the stand were
seated cabinet officials and other
ranking guests while, on either
side of the stand were rows of
chairs to accommodate the rest of
the 300 or more invited to the re
ception. Standing about on the
grass watching the proceedings
and greeting friends were Sena
ator Leverett Saltonstall, Brazilian
Ambassador Mauricio Nabuco, Lt.
Gen. and Mrs. Thomas B. Larkin,
Mrs. Thomas B. Larkin, Mrs. John
L. Dempsey with Mrs. A. Mitchell
Palmer and Lady Lewis with her
son and daughter-in-law, the Lud
low Kings.
At the end of the parade, which
went off like clockwork in about
20 minutes, guests had only to
cross the street to enter the aff -
cooled drawing room of the Col
lins’ Fort McNair residence. A
goodly number skipped the long
receiving line until it had thinned
out later (an accepted Washing
ton trick) and went straight into
the shaded garden, where every
one gathered.
Stars En Route
Stars were falling on Fort Mc
Nair yesterday. Nearly every high
ranking general present who saw
tw'o stars on his shoulder stand
ing there on the banks of the Po
tomac will take another look to
day and find three. The retirement
of Gen. Haislip means one up
along the line.
Able Gen. Alfred Gruenther.
Gen. Eisenhower’s quick-witted
chief of staff who flew from Paris
to testify here, already had his
Our Good-Buy Suit
of REPEL-O-TIZED rayon
that looks and feels like wool
Here’s a little gem of a suit—Done
by David Crystal in choice
Northweave rayon birdseye that
looks for all the world like fine
menswear worsted. Fully lined.
With hand-bound buttonholes. And
repel-o-tized for high resistance
to spots of any kind. Grey or
navy. In our Fourth Floor and
Spring Valley Misses’ Shops.
& Co.
Massachusetts Avenue at 49th. F Street at Fourteenth
fourth star on yesterday, beating
the gun by a matter of hours. He
was chatting with two colleagues
who get their third star today. Lt.
Gen. Maxwell Taylor and Lt. Gen.
Anthony McAuliffe whose wife has
one of the cutest grins in Wash
ington. Gen, Gruenther will spend
about three more days here before
winging his w'ay back to Ver
sailles. Also seeing a host of Army
friends at one blow was Maj. Gen.
Jerry Persons of Ike’s staff who
accompanied Gen. Gruenther to
the Capital.
Congratulations were conse
quently very much in order as the
party moved through the receiving
line. Standing in front of a bou
quet of gorgeous Egyptian lotus
blossoms, Mrs. Collins received in
a short black organza dress with
a stole, Mrs. Haislip in white linen
with an embroidered navy blue
linen jacket. Both had white or
chid corsages. Comely Nancy Col
lins assisted in a crisp white or
gandy frock with a green sash.
Lovetts Attend
Glimpsed in rapid succession
were Undersecretary of Defense
and Mrs. Robert Lovett, she smart
in navy blue; Secretary ot the
Army and Mrs. Frank Pace. Sec
retary of the Treasury and Mrs.
John Snyder, Secretary of the
{Navy and Mrs. Dan Kimball
.handsome Gen. Sir Neil R;tchie
{resplendent in his red-trimmed
{British uniform and blona Lady
Ritchie, Norwegian Ambassadoi
{Wilhelm Munthe Morgenscierne
{fresh in from Rehoboth anc
{about to depart on Friday foi
Norway; and the familiar, well
liked faces of former Secretary ol
the Army and Mrs. Gordon Gray
The former spends about three
days a week in Washington in hi;
new capacity as director of the
Psychological Strategy Board, the
rest of the time as president of the
University of North Carolina al
Chapel Hill. His wife. Jane, jusi
{whipped up for a brief visit, i:
returning tomorrow to their sum
mer place at Roaring Gap. N. C
British Ambassador Sir O'iver
Franks towered above most cf the
company, and there were his tall
countrymen, Admiral Sir Cyril
Douglas-Pennant in glistening
white, and Air Chief Marshal Sir
William Elliot who arrived with
his charming wufe and hand:ome
aide, Capt. Michael Wyndham.
Smallest officer present was Col.
Mary Hallaren, head of the WAC,
spotless in her new white uniform.
Ambassador Bill Pawley escorted
his pretty, blond wife who was
smart in a black sleeveless dress
jand cute black hat with a single
white rose in the back. They’ve
been catching bass weekends, they
said, in the lake on their place
at The Plains, Va.
ECA boss Bill Foster, who had
testified on Capitol Hill the day
• before, was relaxing for a
change, and so was hard-driving
Col. Henry Byroade, head of the
State Department’s Bureau of
German Affairs, wrho was accom
panied by attractive Mrs. Byroade.
Senators Homer Ferguson and
Harry Cain seemed somewhat
The officers in the Secretary of
the Army’s office and their wives
I assisted at the party. The gentle
men were Cols. John Oakes, Mer
vyn Magee, John Beishline, Frank
3ritton, John Throckmorton. David
Gibbs, Horace Sanders, Roland
I Carlson. Dwight Johnson, Robert
Seedlock, Jack Browning and Lt.
Col. James Cross and Majs. Jean
Wood and Robert Neiman. . •
| Snappiest note of the reception
:was the way in which the chauf
fered cars were called. Guests
gave their cars checks to a sol
dier standing at the curb and he
!§ent for them over a walkie
Gen. and Mrs. Haislip leave on
Friday for the Adirondacks and
a 10-day visit at the camp of Mr,
and Mrs. Joseph E. Davies. Later
this month they will move from
Fort Myer to Soldiers’ Home,
where the general will now be in
Final Summer
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