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Try-Me Beverages 'STRAWBERRY
Serve Wonderful
New Main Course
Dishes Made With
2 cans Maine Sardines 1 teaspoon
1 cup thick white sauce Worcestershire
lA cups fine bread 2 tablespoons minced
crumbs parsley
1 egg, beaten salt and pepper
Mash Maine Sardines; add white sauce, A cup
crumbs, Worcestershire and parsley. Season
with salt and pepper. Chill. Shape into 12 rolls.
Roll croquettes in remaining crumbs; dip in 9
beaten egg, then roll in crumbs again. Fry in
shallow fat QA" to 1" deep) until golden
\ brown. Serves 6. J
So quick! So easy! So inexpensive! There’s
a happy surprise in store for you when you
discover the hundreds of quick, easy ways
you can use delicious, low cost, protein
packed Maine Sardines. In main dishes,
salads, sandwiches . . . with your favorite
cheese, vegetables, and eggs.
Better tasting Maine Sardines are packed
only in pure vegetable oils, and tomato and
. mustard sauce, to add to their delicate, full
flavor, and enrich their high protein and nu
tritional value. Try ’em today! And keep a
goodly supply on hand to surprise your sur
prise guests. At all stores. j
Penny for penny, Maine Sardines provide
jopre food value than any other protein food!
Maine Sardine Spreads
Combine Maine Sar
dines, in place of expen
sive meats, with cheese,
eggs, vegetables and
salad dressings—or use
’em right out of the can
—to make the best sand
wiches you’ve ever eaten!
Maint Sardine Salads
Use your old standby rec
ipes for Tomato Surprise,
Chef’s Salad, Seafood
Salad—all your favorites
—but use delicious, low
cost Maine Sardines in
place of expensive meats,
poultry and fish!
New Fight on Validity
Of Strait Indictment
Launched in Maryland
A new attack on the validity of
an indictment charging Norman
R. Strait, 41, of Riverdale, with
the rape of a 72-year-old Bla
densburg woman was launched
yesterday in Baltimore County
Circuit Court.
The case was set for trial in
Towson, August 13, after a change
of venue was granted on the de
fendant’s chaim that his chance
for a just verdict in Prince
Georges County had been preju
diced by newspaper publicity about
the case, which occurred Febru
ary 1.
Moving for dismissal of a true
bill returned a few weeks ago by
the recalled April grand jury.
A. Gwynn Bowie and Ignatius J.
Keane, defense counsel, chal
lenged the method by which the
panel was selected and thus the
legality of all its actions.
Will Not Delay Trial.
Arguments on the motion will be
heard prior to the trial date but
the court’s ruling, whether for
State or defense, will not delay the
trial since such a decision cannot
be appealed until the case has
been heard in court.
In yesterday’s move, the defense
claimed that the list of taxable
residents of Prince Georges
County filed by the clerk to the
county commissioners with the
clerk of the circuit court was nol
a complete list, as the law re
quires, but was only a partial list
of persons on tax records.
The defense claimed this pro
cedure left Strait in the dark as
to why some names were certified
and others omitted and therefor*
“involved substantial likelihood ol
unfairness and prejudice to th<
rights of the defendant.”
Was Indicted in April.
Strait was first indicted in Aprl
but the grand jury was brough
back to reindict him because o
the unanswered question o
whether grand Jury witnesses mus
be sworn in the presence of i
judge. His attorneys raised thi
point in seeking their client’s free
dom on a writ of heabeas corpus
denied by the Prince George
Circuit Court.
The State Court of Appeals hel<
that it could not consider thi
question in a habeas corpus pro
ceeding but did not rule on thi
issue. Witnesses who appearei
against Strait in April took thei
oaths in a room apart from thi
courtroom and out of the judge’
presence. Before returning thi
last true bill, they were sworn ii
open court.
D.C. Reserve Postal Uni
Nears End of Training
Special Dispatch to Th# Star
FORT MEADE, Md., Aug. 2
Two weeks summer* training wil
be completed Saturday by th
318th Base Post Office, a Distric
Army reserve unit here.
The 39 officers and enlisted mer
under the command of Ma;
Charles Helmio, of 5411 Ulinol
avenue N.W., are studying botl
postal and purely military pro
Construction of hasty field forti
flcations, defense against biologi
cal and radiological warfare am
the care, cleaning and firing c
the carbine are among th* sub
jects on the program.
County Heads Will Ask Order
To Open Berwyn Rail Crossing
It will take a court order to get
the Berwyn (Md.) grade crossing
reopened, and the Prince Georges
County commissioners are prepar
ing today to seek such an edict.
Spokesmen for the Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad firmly said "no” to
the proposal yesterday. With
equal emphasis, the commissioners
declared they will begin legal ac
tion when the railroad notifies
them in writing of its decision.
The deadlock was the net result
of a two-hour conference between
the two groups in the County
Service Building at Hyattsville.
Cite Speed, Danger.
Railroad representatives said
trains speed by the point at 80
miles an hour and that the com
pany is unwilling to assume the
moral and financial responsibility
for expected accidents.
"To do so would be stepping
backward,” declared P. G. Hoskins,
Eastern regional general manager,
“since the B. & O. and other rail
carriers are committed to a policy
of eventual elimination of all
dangerous crossings.”
Mr. Hoskins urged the commis
sioners to seek another solution
and indicated the B. & O. would
consider paying half the cost of
a bridge or an Underpass.
Commissioner Edward J. Wa
ters, who has led the fight for
reopening, asserted that the
danger of accidents is present
everywhere and that ensuing con
venience to residents of Berwyn
Heights and College Park out
weighs the risks involved.
Closed in 1940.
The crossing, closed in 1940, is
in the middle of a highway con
necting Edmonston road and
route 1. The road and a bridge
were constructed by the State in
1932 at a cost of nearly $300,000.
Useless because of the crossing
barricades, the route, neverthe
less, is still maintained by the
Its closing, the commissioners
said, forces Berwyn Heights resi
dents to cross the Beltsville over
pass, a detour of 2.1 miles, ham
pers commercial development and
causes pedestrians to risk their
lives on the tracks.
Drugs Tested on Cholera
United States and Indian medi
cal men are jointly testing the
use of chloromysetin, aureomycin
and terromycin to see if they are
effective on cholera and plague,
3 Officers af Ff. Meade
Join Chaplains' Corps
ly the Associated Press
PORT MEADE, Md., Aug. 2.—
Three young army officers became
members of the corps of chap
lains yesterday in an unusual
ceremony at the post chapel here.
The three are 2d Lt. John Louis
Strube, jr., 23, Lansdowne, Md.;
2d Lt. John W. Hanks, 24, Jean
nette, Pa., and 1st Lt. James A.
Allison, jr., 26, Draper. Va .
All were called to active duty
with the Army as Reserves, and
all transferred into the Chap
lains’ Corps from other branches
of the service. Lts. Strube and
Hanks were promoted to 1st
lieutenants, the lowest rank in
t;he chaplaincy.
The latter two officers class
mates at the Lutheran Theological
Seminary in Gettysburg Pa., were
ordained as Lutheran ministers
last May. Lt. Allison was ordained
as Presbyterian minister in April
after graduation from the Prince
ton Theological Seminary.
Japan’s iodine output for three
years is reportedly covered by cur
rent orders.
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