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Shaw Advises the Lovelorn:
Irritated Playwright Chides Lovesick Girl
_ ▲
It was the spring of 1906. Ber
nard Shaw, in his 50s, was already
great and secure, with an amazing
range of work already produced.
"Plays Pleasant and Unpleas
ant,” “Three Plays for Puritans,”
"Man and Superman,” “John
Bull’s Other Island,” “Major Bar
bara”—all these were already be
hind him. ‘The Doctor’s Dilemma”
was for that very year.
f He was being bombarded with
letters from a girl in her 20s, liv
ing in the country. She sent him
This is the second in o series of five ar
ticles which include hitherto unpub
lished letters by Bernard Shaw to a
young girl who fell passionately in love
with him.
criticisms of his work, political
outpourings, her own poems to
read, and declarations of her pas
sionate love for him.
Most great men would have
ignored this bombardment (though
this forceful girl was difficult to
ignore). But Shaw, a little ir
ritably, but with his essential
kindness, wrote his first letter to
10 Adelphi Terrace, W. C.,
5th April, 1906.
My dear lady: Why don’t you
Join some Socialist society and
get some work to do? There are
always envelopes to be directed
and tracts to be distributed.
What is the use of thinking
about yourself and writing long
letters (three full stops in eight
pages) to an elderly gentleman
—letters which he always tears up
the moment they threaten to be
the kind that the writer wants
to get back an hour after they are
If you don't find some business
to do that is not specially your
own business you will go quite
Yours faithfully,
P. S.—The poems are too care
less in form to be satisfactory.
Bombardment Continued.
But the bombardment went on,
and Shaw began to meet her, pos
sibly for the first time in July,
1907; for on July 17 of that y«.ar
she received a telegram which she
treasured all her life and left
among her papers when she died.)
It read:
Reply paid. Miss-. Am out
of town telegraph me your address
in London and I will ask you to
lunch some day this week. Shaw
The next letter comer a few
months later. The girl’s infatu
ation, which she dared not reveal
to her parents, had evidently led
to domestic scenes and unhappi
ness. Shaw takes this up with
her, tells her how a child must
live with its parents, chides her
for deceit:
14th-16th December, 1907.
Ayot St. Lawrence,
Welwyn, Herts.
Saturday to Monday,
Oh, you are young, Misr -,
very very young. »
You duffei, why don’t you tell
your father and mother that you
are in love with me and that you
write to me whenever you have
nothing better to do, and that
what you couldn’t stand was to
have your iaTier’s trash ..e* up as
superior to my inspired scriptures?
(Ed. note.—The girl’s father, a
schoolmaster wrote works on ed
ucation.) How can you expect to
get OB with your parents if you
never tell them anything about
That would explain everything
in a perfectly inoffensive and
highly amusing way.
Instead oi which you go on
nagging at the poor man and pre
tending to criticize, when you are
really in a condition of delightful
infatuation and furious jealousy.
He wouldn’t mind the truth: it
is human, natural, sympathetic.
But this arguing—this saving
Do stop talking about whether
this is wrong or that right. Have
you read my works in vain that
you are still irritating yourself and
everybody else with thL artificial
academic ill-natured stuff about
guilt and innocence?
I do not accuse you of propos
ing to act. “wrnnelv and indecent
ly”: I tell you that your proposal
was unlawful.
It is entirely natural for a hun
gry man to take a loaf of bread
and eat it. It is entirely natural
for an adult woman to tyss a man
she likes. People who do these
natural things are socially im
There is no more intolerable
nuisance than the man who makes
love to other men’s wives and the
woman who makes loves to other’s
women’s husbands.
Unless when you walk into the
house of a married woman you
accept the obligation (a highly
unnatural one) to consider her
husband’s person as sacred, you
break the covenant of bread and
salt, and are a thief, a libertine
and a betrayer.
If you say that you mean no
harm, you are a fool as well.
The reason is very simple.
When an adult woman and an
adult man caress one another, the
result is entirely different from
the result of your kissing your
Creative Force of Universe.
The whole creative force of thf
universe suddenly leaps into ac
I I.
1 ..
To| '
(Xj*^ **J? tf ^rw-K
f*.J^ *it-tv^ -'*'*'• hJrKjUn*,'
CUvdL ■ > JUfXlS Cuk fHy
M. Xm^iX> M***** <Xa.a*
IAaat k trkit^O.
Jkd tut Unt umtuWMI W4y*tm«{<^v*V *«'!»'<*•»
Shaw in middle life and a facsimile of telegram with which
he answered his lovesick admirer’s endless efforts to meet him.
,: tivity in their bodies. They lose
i: all power of acting otherwise than
i instinctively.
They act instinctively; and the
, consequence is that the adult
man wakes from his dream ex
. ceedingly ashamed of himself ;
and the adult woman has a baby.
That is what will happen to
you the very first time you act in
the perfectly natural and beauti
1 ful and happy and innocent way
i which you imagine you can triffle
with as a woman because you have
triffled with it as a child. And
until you understand this danger,
you will be a mischievous and silly
girl, quite unfit to be trusted by
yourself in London or anywhere
i else.
You have a box of matches and
you propose to go about striking
them and throwing them into bar
rels cf gunpowder, because you are
quite sure you don’t mean any
thing to happen.
When it does happen the Life
i Force will make very short work
; of your intentions.
In brief, if you enter my wife’s
, house you enter it on the under
standing that you don’t make love
, to her husband. If I introduce
, you to Mrs. Barker (presumably
Helen Granville Barker, wife of
' the actor-manager who put on
several of Shaw’s plays) I shall dc
> so on the understanding that you
don’t make love to her husband.
Must Not Cuddle.
You may admire and dream
, and worship and adore until you
j are black in the face, but you are
1 not to sit and hold their hands
• nor kiss them, nor cuddle them,
i nor nestle in their manly bosoms
—oh, so sweetly, so innocently, sc
: heavenlikely—because if you dc
the Life Force will suddenly leap
r out and gobble you up.
> All these exquisite visions and
; jinarra ana Ava uaraner
b Hide Out in Hollywood
- By the Associated Press
I HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 8.—Ava
j Gardner and Frank Sinatra were
I in seclusion today after a six-day
j sojourn in Mexico.
1 Miss Gardner arrived with the
j crooner last night aboard a mil
, lionaire Mexican’s private air
' plane. Their trip ended in much
the same way it started—with a
, rather brusque inference that Ava
' and Frankie wish to be alone.
> “Turn off that light!” Sinatra
3 snapped when a television camera
man tried to record his movement,
; That was all either of them had to
3 say. They jumped into Frankie’s
f big black limousine and dashed off
r into the night.
l They arrived home from Mexico
1 City in the plane of Jorge Pasquel,
i wealthy Mexican sportsman. Sur
rounded by a cordon of airport
j functionaries, they strode arm-in
arm to the customs office.
After being released from quar
i antine, they piled into Frankie’s
e car, raced off toward the airport
a runway, narrowly missed running
r down two news photgraphers and
disappeared out a back gate.
e Coal and wood for heating ha /t
- been placed on rations in Norway
reveries are only the bait in the
trap the Life Force is setting for
The reason everybody tells you
to get married and have children
is that they thoroughly under
stand the wiles of the Life Force,
and wish heartily that you would
come to understand it too, and
become a reasonable and sympa
thetic human being through that
That is all I have time to say.
That it should have been left to
me to say it to you shows the
utter uselessness of parents in
this matter.
Remember, in entering the world
now as an adult woman, you must
take on yourself the laws of honor.
G. B. S.
(Distributed by North American Newspaper
Alliance, Inc.)
Pakistan Cities Hold
Practice Blackouts
As Tension Mounts
•y *ho Associated Press
CALCUTTA, India, Aug. 8.—
War tension ' etween India and
Pakistan increased today with re
ports that cities in East Pakistan
staged effective practice blackouts
last night and with claims by the
local Indian press that Pakistan
plans joint attacks on Kashmir
%nd India’s East Bengal area.
Reports reaching here said sirens
wailed and streets were quickly
cleared in two-hour test alerts
in the East Pakistan capital of
Dacca, and at Narayangung, nerve
center of Pakistan’s vital lute
Calcutta’s Hindustani Standard
claimed to have information from
the most reliable sources that
Pakistan plans to stage “aggres
sion” against the disputed prince
ly state of Kashmir, over which
India and Pakistan are feuding.
Prime Minister Nehru declared
last week he had information that
Pakistan was preparing for an
invasion of Kashmir during the
coming Indian-sponsored Con
stituent Assembly elections.
The Standard reported its in
formation is that the attack will
come earlier and will be co-or
dinated with attacks from East
Pakistan designed to cut off In
dia’s northern state of Assam.
East Pakistan is separated from
the rest of Pakistan by a large
section of Northern India.
The newspaper also reported
that Pakistani air force planes,
infantry and artillery carried out
two-day maneuvers along a 600
mile section of the frontier which
borders on Assam. The maneuvers
were said to be the biggest yet
staged and were directed by top
ranking commanders including
some foreigners.
Denise Darcel Seeking
$500-a-Week Alimony
By the Associated Press
NEW YORK, Aug. 8—French
Actress Denise Darcel has filed
suit for a separation from Peter
Crosby, oilman and real estate
She wants $500-a-week alimony
and $10,000 counsel fees for her
Miss Darcel filed the suit in
New York State Supreme Court
yesterday to climax a turbulent
marriage of less than 10 months.
The couple first split up last Feb
Details of the action were not
made public, under a New York
State law provision.
Switzerland Shuts Off
Atomic Goods to Reds
By the Associated Press
Government officials said yes
terday that Switzerland is shut
ting off shipments to Communist
countries of machinery and ma
terials relating to atomic energy.
As the Swiss eliminate such
trade, the officials said, the State
and Commerce Departments have
eased up on release of strategic
materials for Switzerland.
Contino (center) leaves Federal Court here today with United
States Marshal Dermott MacCarthy (right) after the accordion
ist was sentenced to six months in jail and fined $10,000 on a
draft-evasion charge. Comforting the prisoner is a family
friend, James E. Prisin-Zano. —AP Wirephoto.
Contino Draft Eligible
After Serving Term
•y th« Associated Press
ifomia’s director of Selective Serv
ice, Lt. Col. Kenneth H. Leitch
says Dick Contino, the accordior
player, should have no difficulty
entering the Army after he get!
out of jail.
Contino was sentenced to sis
months in prison yesterday foi
draft evasion and was told to sub
mit for induction when he’s freed
He also must pay a $10,000 line.
Col. Leitch said the 21-year
old musician’s felony corivictior
will not automatically make him z
4-F and thus ineligible for th<
“Felons placed in 4-F, whicl:
covers those mentally, morally 01
physically unfit, are men con
victed of crimes involving mnro
turpitude,” Col. Leitch said. “Draft
evasion is not considered to in
volve moral turpitude.”
The $4,000 a week entertainer
arrested after he fled the Army’!
Fort Ord induction station, is ex
pected to be transferred to Mc
Neil Island (Wash.) Federa
Contino blamed claustrophobia
—a fear of confined places—foi
his fleeing Fort Ord last April 12
At his trial on July 24 he pleaded
Melbourne. Australia, seeks bus
and streetcar conductors from
Truman Receives Dr. Weil,
New Hungarian Envoy
By th« Associated Prut
President Truman yesterda:
accepted the credentials of Com
munist Hungary’s new minister
to the United States. He appar
ently did not refer to his declara
tion 12 days ago that the Buda
pest regime was guilty of "in
famous” conduct in a series o!
mass deportations.
The State Department said Mr
Truman told.Dr. Emil Weil, th(
new envoy, that the United Stater
will co-operate “in all efforts whicl
are directed toward strengthenlns
friendship and peace between the
people of Hungary and the people
the people of the United Stater
; included."
j Dr. Weil read a statement, the
'department said, that the Hun
jgarian people desire to promote
i their own national development
land to establish “peaceful co
operation with every other people
of the United States included.”
Dr. Weil brushed aside ques
tions from White House reporters
with “I have nothincr to sav.”
Spain Gets New Loan
Of $5 Million From U. S
By the Associated Press
The United States has addec
$5.6 million to its loans to Spain
The new loan, for water powe:
and mining development, was am
nounced yesterday.
It brought to $36 million credit
advanced to Spain out of $62.1
million authorized by Congress.
Military Personnel Waste
Charge to Be Investigated
By th« Associated Press
An investigation into whether
the armed services are wasteful in
their use of men—both uniformed
and civilians—has been ordered by
the House Armed Services Com
Chairman Vinson yesterday
named a nine-man subcommittee,
headed by Representative Kilday,
Democrat, of Texas, to make the
investigation. He said it will check
i« fka TTnHail Cfofac
and overseas.
There has been criticism in Con
gress that the armed forces have
too many “armed-chair” warriors
and employ too many civilian
The House Appropriations Com
mittee in voting $56,062,000,000 for
the armed services chided the mili
tary departments for what it said
was waste in use of manpower.
Commercial television in Aus
tralia is said to be from three to
five years away.
'Autograph Seeker'
Serves Summons
On Mickey Rooney
By th« Associated Press
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8.—Mick
ey Rooney’s ex-wife had him un
der contempt summons today be
cause the diminutive actor didn’t
mistrust an autograph seeker.
The autograph seeker, it turned
out, was a process server.
Mrs. Anne Beroell, who said
she and her husband had been
bXjrxxig bU OCX VC bXXC ouxxxxixuxio on
Mickey "for quite a long time.’'
Monday night she lined up with
fans where Mickey was attending
a charity baseball game.
When she reached her turn for
an autograph, Mrs. Bemell hand
ed the 31-year-old actor a court
command to answer the citation,
issued at the request of the for
mer Betty Jane Rase.
Rooney is said to be $2,981.78 in
arrears on support money for his
two children.
"All he said was ‘Thank you,'"
Mrs. Bemell recalled.
(We believe
•hem to be)
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