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Nationalists Scream
Against Mossadegh’s
Foes in Huge Rally
By th« Associated Pron
TEHEftAN, Iran, Dec. 13. —
Some 30,000 Nationalist support
ers of Premier Mohammed Mossa
degh massed before Parliament
today and roared "death to the
enemies of Mossadegh!” The
crowd appeared menacing, but
broke up later without violence.
Inside the Parliament building,
tHe Majlis (lower house) discreet-!
ly decided to postpone until!
; Sunday a public meeting origi-j
nally scheduled for today. Instead,!
they met in secret session.
Watchful police and troops
lined the huge Majlis Square dur
ing the rally, announced as a
demonstration against "British
However, most of the threats
land vilification were directed at
Iranian opponents of the aged
premier who led the successful
fight to nationalize Iran's Brit
ish-controlled oil industry.
Troops Block Main Gate.
More than a score of trucks,
filled with troops bearing rifles
and machine guns, blocked the
main gates to the Majlis.
Apparently anxious to avoid a
recurrence of last Thursday's
bloodshed, husky youths wearing
arm bands checked the identity of
every one entering the square. In
last Thursday’s clash between Na
tionalists and Communists, at
lease eight persons were killed
and more than 200 injured.
Loudspeakers vied with one an
other in praise of Premier Mossa
degh and vilification of his op
A metallic voice boomed
through the square, “where's
Jamal Imami?” “Gone to hell!”,
the crowd yelled back.
15 Engage in Sit-Down.
Imami is the leader of the sit
down by 15 opposition deputies
and a like number of opposition
editors who have taken refuge in
side the Majlis building for the
past seven days, seeking Premier
Mossadegh’s overthrow.
Again the loudspeakers dinned:
"Imami. if you dare come out of
the Majlis, you and your friends,
will see how the people support
Mossadegh.” .
Tough-faced youths led the or
ganized shouts of “death” as tha
loudspeaker rasped the names of
; the opposition deputies and editors
refuged inside the building. An
other speaker boomed: “Long live
j Khalil Tahmasebi”—the assassin
iof the late Premier All Razmara.
who opposed oil nationalization.
Political, student and religious
organizations rallied their forces
into Majlis Square, filling it with
colorful flags and posters. Iran’s
chief religious leader declared a
half holiday today to encourage
Moslems to take part in the dem-j
Buses and trucks, swarming
with youths, carried crowds toi
DOUBLE OR NOTHING—San Antonio, Tex.—Two young mothers, who married brothers in a double wedding ceremony following
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Fabian Pruske and daughter Shirley Mae, born the next day. Their husbands are in the same business and they all live in the
same house. —AP Wirephoto.
the square in a well-organized
shuttle system. After the rally,
the crowd dispersed slowly on in
structions from the loudspeakers.
Before the rally began a dele
gation of demonstrators went
into the parliament building and
presented Majlis President Reza
Hekmat a declaration supporting
Premier Mossadegh.
Before dawn thousands of men,
women and children began
streaming into Tehran on bicycles,
trucks and donkeys.
In the capital, shops and schools
were closed and there was a holi
day air. despite the obvious
tension that prevailed. Today is
the anniversary of the defeat of
the Peppet Azerbaijan regime in
The rally followed turbulent
events yesterday during which
more than 60 aged mullahs (Mos
lem priests) seeking refuge in a
mosque from alleged terrorists,
were attacked in a fist-fight by i
rival mullahs. Yesterday s turbu
lence also included several pro
Mossadegh and anti-foreign
parades. .
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Can Be Cut Any Length
By th« Associated Press
NEW YORK—Three-foot-long
bolts that can be cut into any
length for repair purposes have
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They come in various sizes, l/4
to 3« inches, can be cut with a
hacksaw and require two nuts,
Dne forming the head of the bolt
By heating they can be bent to
make U-bolts. L-bolts or I-bolts.
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Schuman Plan Gains
Approval of French
Assembly, 377 to 233
fty tha Assoc iotad Prast
PARIS, Dec. 13.—The French
National Assembly voted today to
raitfy the Schuman Plan to pool
the $4 billion coal and steel in
dustries of six West European
The Council of the Republic,
the consultative upper house of
Parliament, now must approve the
bill before President Vincent
Auriol can formally ratify the
treaty. No difficulty is expected
The Netherlands Is the only
nation so far to ratify the plan.
The four other governments which
agreed to the plan are West Oer
many. Italy. Belgium and Luxem
Communists and the right wing
followers of Gen. Charles de
Gaulle voted today against rati
fication, which was approved by
votes of 377 to 235 and 377 to 233.
Premier Rene Pleven made to
day’s two ballots both votes of
confidence in his government.
Had he lost, he would have had
to resign and make way for a new
Premier to wade through France’s
touchy political tangle in search
of a cabinet.
The first vote was on the prin
ciple of ratification. Then came
approval of the ratification bill
In both cases the “yeas” were
considerably more than the 310
votes which would be needed later
to override any rejection by the
upper council.
De Gaullist Raid Beaten.
The Government’s victory had
been expected after Premier
Pleven won a vote of confidence
on the same issue Tuesday. At
that time, the Communists and
De Gaullists had sought to send
the ratification bill back to com
mittee—a technical way of kill
ing it.
Mr. Pleven beat off their raid
377 to 240.
The heavy industries of the six
countries which have endorsed
the plan annually produce 40 mil
lion tons of steel and 225 million
tons of coal.
They had sought to win British
adherence to the plan, but the
British rejected it. Britain pro
duces 16 million tons of steel and
about 215 million tons of coal an
OES Opens Meet Tonight
The Grand Chapter, Order of
the Eastern Star of the District
of Columbia, will open its three
day annual convention in the
Statler Hotel at 7 o’clock tonight.
High point of the convention will
be its annual dinner at 1 p.m. to
Children 'Play Movies';
Fire Kills 2 and Burns 3
By lha Attociatad Pratt
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Dec.
13.—Five youngsters, from 6 to 8
years old, found a roll of movie
fllm yesterday on the street in
the Western Puerto Rican village
of Mayaguez.
Then they went Into a backyard
to “play movies,’’ using a candle
for a projection light. The fllm
caught Are. Two children were
burned to death, the other three
seriously hurt.
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