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** Washington, D. C.
Highway Crews Free
Hundreds of Stranded
Skiers and Motorists
•y the Associated Press
Hundreds of stranded motorists
and skiers straggled home today
as road crews gained in their
three-day fight to open snow
blocked highways.
The trek started late on New
Year’s Day when a narrow one
way passage was shoved through
slide-blocked Daniels Canyon on
XJ. S. Highway 40.
That enabled crews to convoy
through 150 autos which had been
held in the Eastern Utah towns of
Duchesne. Roosevelt and Vernal
since Saturday.
U. S. 40 is a main highway
link between Salt Lake City and
Denver, and the only lifeline to
the Uintah Basin in Eastern
Supplies Get Through.
The State highway patrol also
reported some trucks carrying
milk, bread and other supplies
were escorted east, relieving
threatened shortages in the snow
locked Uintah Basin towns.
Estimates placed the number of
marooned motorists in the towns
as high as 1,000. They occupied
all hotel and motel facilities and
some sought lodging with resi
Also freed were several hun
dred skiers marooned at Alta and
Brighton in the rugged Wasatch
Mountains near Salt Lake City.
Elsewhere in the mountainous
West, an undetermined number
cf persons, including women and
children, were at a road camp on
the west side of 10,850-foot Wolf
Creek Pass on the Continental Di
vide in Southwestern Colorado.
They were isolated when a 1,000
foot snowslide blocked U. S. 160
on the east side of the pass Sun
day night. The slide hit a truck
and two men were reported miss
Traffic Moving Over Pass.
In California, traffic moved
again over Donner Pass on U. S.
Highway 40 between Reno, Nev.,
and Sacramento. Hundreds of
sports fans had spent New Year’s
in resorts when the highway was
Joe Di Maggio, his 10-year-old
•on and his former wife, Dorothy
Arnold, were among 70 persons
stranded at Mount Rose, , Nev.,
since Saturday. Highway crews
cleared the road to the resort
Monday but the Di Maggios stayed
for the New Year’s eve celebra
tion. They were taken to Reno
yesterday and planned to drive
to Los Angeles when his snow
fouled Cadillac is dried out.
Buses took out 125 teen-agers
from Lake Tahoe where they had
been marooned since Saturday.
They had attended a Presbyterian
In the Daniels Canyon-Straw
berry Valley area of Utah on high
way 40 crews continued their
battle to keep the road open and
widen it for two-way travel. They
fought subzero temperatures and
6-foot drifts formed by winds
from what long-time residents
said was the heaviest snowfall in
Rhee May Visit White House
To Oppose Divisive Truce
By *h« Associated Press
CHINHAE, Korea, Jan. 1 (de
layed).—South Korean President
Syngman Rhee said today he may
go to Washington and ask Presi
dent Truman to oppose any armis
tice that leaves Korea divided.
Dr. Rhee said in an interview
he had confidence Mr. Truman
would oppose an armistice which
"would leave my people at the
mercy of the Communists.”
Dr. Rhee expressed fear that
the truce negotiations at Pan
munjom will be concluded on
terms that he and his people
cannot accept.
"When the U. N. Command al
lowed the Communists to keep
Kaesong it meant no satisfactory
truce would be reached.
"Kaesong is the gateway to
Seoul and our ancient capital can
not be reoccupied, rebuilt and
operated as it was before th*
war as long as the enemy has an
open road to its heart.”
Four Bodies Recovered
In Hong Kong Air Crash
By tht Associated Press
HONG KONG, Jan. 2.—The
United States Navy today said the
bodies of four crewmen have been
recovered from an amphibious
plane that crashed and sank in
30 feet of water off Hong Kong
It said four g -rvivors were ex
pected to recover from injuries.
No names have been released.
| DiMAGGIO STALLED BY SNOW—Reno, Nev.—Joe DiMaggio,
who retired last month after 13 seasons in the major leagues,
all with the New York Yankees, uses an air hose to blow snow
from the motor of his stalled car at nearby Mount Rose, ^oe,
his ex-wife, Dorothy Arnold, and their son, Joe, jr., were held
on the mountains for four days by violent blizzards. "We’re
neading for sunny Los Angeles as soon as I get this thing run
ning,” DiMaggio said. _AP Wirephoto.
Italian Reds Reverse
Position, Open Attack
On Catholic Church
By th« Associated Press
ROME, Jan. 2.—Italian Com
munists, careful for five years to
skirt a showdown with the Roman
Catholic Church, are attacking it
openly now in a full-throttle cam
paign aimed to halt the creation
of a Western European army.
Palmiro Togliatti, boss of Italy’s
Reds, keynoted the drive with a
charge that the Catholic Church
is trying to control Europe
through “clericalism perched on
Eisenhower’s shoulders.”
His statement clearly linked the
new fight on the church with
communism’s intense campaign to
defeat the growth of confedera
tion in the free nations.
Writes in French Paper.
Communists oppose the plans to
confederate Western Europe’s
armies and economies because
they provide the way of bringing
Germany's manpower and indus
try into the Western defense set
up commanded by Gen. Eisen
Mr. Togliatti fired his first gun,
not in Italy, but with an article
in the French Communist paper,
L’Humanite, perhaps significantly
because anti-clericalism is a point
of political contention in France.
Mr. Togliatti gave the same
theme to Italy’s Communists—the
country’s largest party—in a New
Year’s message in the Italian
Communist paper, L’Unita.
"Let us tighten in a constantly
broader front all citizens who no
longer want to have anything to
do with the factiousness and cor
ruption of clerical government,”
he urged.
Catholic Action Attacked.
Posters on Roman walls under
lined the Red campaign. They
attacked Catholic action commit
tees which played a decisive part
in beating the Communist-led
Popular Front in the 1948 na
tional elections.
But anti-Communists promptly
counterattacked. Their rival pos
ters showed Marshal Stalin, with
a sly grin, offering peace dove
—feathers awry and throat stran
gled in a clenched fist.
Premier Alcide de Gasperi, who
returned two days ago from a for
eign ministers’ discussion of the
European army in Paris, declared
firmly that European confeder
ation is divorced from the church.
It “will never be a congregation
restricted by a congressional point
of view,” he said.
Red Position Reversed.
L’Osservatore Romano, the
Vatican City newspaper, called
Mr. Togliatti dishonest. It said
the church had no part in the
Holy Alliance of the 19th century,
as the Communist leader had
Communism’s attack on the
church in Italy reversed an atti
tude held since 1947. At that time
Mr. Togliatti feared to test Red
strength openly, and led the Com
munists to support inclusion in
the new Italian constitution of the
Lateran pacts, giving the Vatican
advantageous relations with the
Italian state.
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Allied Planes Pound
North Korea Traffic;
Ground War Frozen
By th# Associated Press
SEOUL, Korea, Jan. 2.—Allied
warplanes blasted Communist rail
traffic in North Korea today as a
frigid haze enveloped ground
fighting, now almost at a stand
Except for patrol contacts, the
ground front was in one of its
deepest lulls of the so-called twi
light war.
United Nations fighter-bombers
flew 210 sorties by noon and cut
rail tracks at 49 points. Pilots
said a number of railroad cars
were damaged.
The 5th Air Force said Com
munist ground fire shot down two
U. N. planes Wednesday, an F-84
Thunderjet and an F-80 Shooting
During the night an estimated
1,800 enemy supply vehicles were
brought under attack.
Communist ground fire shot
down three Allied planes Tuesday.
Only one pilot was rescued, the
Air Force announced. Two of the
planes were F-51 Mustangs and
one a Corsair.
On the central front, an Allied
patrol fought a 2-hour and 15
minute skirmish with a platoon of
Reds, then withdrew.
All along the battle line tem
peratures were below freezing.
In Southwest Korea, Republic of
Korea forges pursuing guerrillas
reported 164 Communist rebels
killed and 53 captured between
December 30 and January 1.
New York Police Group
Denies It Backs Quill
By the Associated Press
NEW YORK, Jan. 2.—John E.
Carton, president of the New
York Patrolmen’s Benevolent As
sociation, said yesterday that
Michael J. Quill, president of the
CIO Transport Workers’ Union,
represented only three policemen.!
Mr. Quill said Sunday in a let
ter to Police Commissioner George
P. Monaghan that he had proof
that 80 per cent of New York
City’s 19,300-man police force is
behind him.
West Plans New Effort
ToGefSoviet Approval
For Austrian Treaty
ly th* Auocialtd Press
The Western Powers will make
a new and determined effort later
this month to persuade Russia to
agree to a “long-overdue” Aus
trian peace treaty.
Responsible officials here said
a fresh treaty draft, approved by
the United States, Britain and
Prance, will be submitted to Rus
sia’s delegate at a meeting of the
Foreign Ministers’ deputies in
The meeting will be the first
since December 15, 1950, when
four-power talks broke off in
London after Russia flatly refused
to continue treaty negotiations.
59 Approved Articles.
The Western-approved draft, of
ficials said, will include 59 articles
agreed on with Russia during 259
meetings in the Austrian pact.
The first session was early in 1947.
In an effort to solve the dead
lock, the West also will offer its
version of five final articles which
the Russians have refused to ac
These deal with the size of
Austria’s post-treaty military
forces, Austrian prewar and post
war debts and refugee rights.
Informed officials said the
American-British-French repre
sentatives are ready to wage a
determined campaign to obtain
Moscow’s agreement.
However, they indicated the
United States, at least, has no
thought at thiA time of con
cluding a separate peace treaty
with Austria if the Soviet con
tinues to obstruct four-power
Any separate pact, it is felt
here, would merely legalize the
present division of Austria and
eliminate whatever chances exist
of compelling Russia to withdraw
her troops from the Eastern zone.
U. S. Calls on Others
To Share Korea Load
By th» Associated Press
PARIS, Jan. 2. — The United
States called on all the United
Nations today to “share in the
burden and sacrifice” of the Ko
rean war.
American Delegate Benjamin
Cohen told the 60-nation Political
Committee of the General Assem
bly “we must all hope and pray”
that an armistice will be reached
soon. He warned that in case it
is not, the U. N. military effort
must be increased to beat down
the Communist aggressors.
Mr. Cohen spoke in support of
the collective measures program
which would give the U. N. more
power to fight aggression any
where it breaks out.
The U. N. battle in Korea, Mr.
Cohen said, would be crowned
with victory by an armistice be
cause “the armistice will mark the
first time in history when an ag
gressor has been forced to aban
don his adventure by collective
action of an international organ
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ECCLES AND BRIDE—New York.—Marriner Eccles, 61, former
chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and his bride of three
days, Mrs. Sara Madison Glassie Eccles, 43, Chevy Chase, Md.,
greet the new year with a smile in their hotel suite here. They
plan to leave in a few days for Mr. Eccles’ home in Salt Lake
City. __ —AP Wirephoto.
'Woman Pilot Hero' Given Credit for Inchon Air Raid
By the Associated Press
TOKYO, Jan. 2.— A "woman
pilot hero” led the Communist air
raid on Inchon harbor early yes
terday, the Pyongyang radio said
The North Korean high com
mand said Red bombers attacked
Inchon and Kimpo air base,
destroying 24 U. N. aircraft in the
Kimpo raid.
The United States 5th Air Force
said only three obsolete biplanes
dropped explosives in the vicinity
of Kimpo and Inchon without
causing any damage.
The Red radio broadcast a dis
patch from a Communist corre
spondent saying “woman pilot
hero Tae Son Hi" led the Red
bombers which “dropped every
bomb over the enemy marshaling
yard on the Inchon harbor. All
bombs got their targets."
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100 Lives Reported Lost In South Sea Hurricane
Sy the Associated Prtu
SYDNEY, Australia, Jan. 2.—
Reports reaching here today said
nearly 100 persons were killed by
a Christmas Day hurricane on
Epl Island in the New Hebrides.
The reports were relayed through
the Presbyterian Church head
quarters in Wellington, New Zea
In recent months hundreds of
South Sea Islanders have moved
to Epi from Ambrim Island to
escape volcano eruptions. Epl,
Hawaiian Fisherman
Saves Own Life at 98
By tho Associated Press
HONOLULU, Jan. 2.—Rough
surf today tossed Kakuzo Takata
out of his lobster fishing rowboat
500 yards offshore.
By the time the Wailupe Fire
Department Emergency Rescue
Squad arrived, Mr. Takata was
sunning himself on the beach. He
bad paddled to safety with an oar
from his capsized boat.
Mr. Takata is 98 years old.
;one of the most fertile islands in
the British and French-ruled New
Hebrides group, has a normal
population of about 3,000.
The group lies about 1,500 miles
east of Australia’s northwest coast.
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