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will be fulfilled for you in our
collection of gay, exciting fashions
The OIUlanlHg Hooilli* (owl—has an unusual beaded col
lar, three-quarter length adjustable sleeve, a magnificent sweep and
> drama that will fascinate you Beautifully tailored of fine Angle
1 poodle cloth, iridescent rayon taffeta lining, Nude, pink, ice blue,
Fourth floor IMS
FraulPfl Neiielieiana Null • • • a new imported yarn that
will delight you tor its smooth silky feel, its lightweight, Flashing
contrast on insert of collar, lining and petticoat, gives this suit color,
Second floor •5.00
California Original Dress, designed by Jane Andre one of
the West Coast's leading designers. Two-piece style in a beautiful
Ottoman rayon faille with couturiers touches. In beige, powder, navy,
10 to 16. Third Floor 22.05
L. Frank Co, Invitee you to Open e Charge Account
[Readers7 Clearina House ietsy'caswell
(From Mrs. M. McN., Arlington.)
The following is a pickle recipe
for Mrs. M. E. S., Silver Spring:
Oil pickles: One hundred small
cucumbers, sliced crosswise and
put in layers with salt 3 hours.
Drain and add 1 quart sliced on
ions, garlic, small piece of alum,
Va cup celery seed, 1 cup olive oil,
Vi cup black peppers. Cover with
cold malt vinegar (1 gallon) and
let stand in crock. Use in three
Mrs. W. E. W., Silver Spring: A
good book for a beginner or an
advanced student of flower ar
rangement was written by Gregory
Conway. The title is ‘‘Flowers
East and West” and it is published
by Alfred A. Knapp in New York.
It has beautiful plates.
"Creative Home Decorating,” by
Hazel Rockow and Julius Rockow;
published by. H. 8. Stuttman Co„
New York, makes Interior decorat
ing easy. Practical hints with dia
grams, charts and color chart
assist you in devising your own
oolor harmonies expertly,
Mrs. J. C„ Washington: If you
are looking for a low calorie salad
dressing, squeeM lemon juice over
your salad, but Mason your salad
well with salt, thyme, parsley,
ohopped fine, a small amount of
onion or finely ground garlic to
keep the salad from being flat,
<From Mrs. R. W. R., Chevy
Because your column can
usually accomplish anything, I
am wondering If any reader knows
where I might obtain a copy of
one of the Golden Book series
entitled "A Day In the Jungle"?
My little girl lost her copy and
the publisher, Simon & Schuster,
have written me they are no
longer printing that particular
book. It was printed about seven
years ago.
* * * *
(From Mrs. J. C. R., Falls Church.)
Would one of your readers
know how to remove an abun
dance of mildew from washable
colors? Some of my tablecloths
are almost covered with it.
I would appreciate any advice
that may help.
* * * *
(From Arlington County
Department o) Recreation.)
A new class In refinlihlng an
tiques is scheduled to start at the
Main Center, Arlington County
Department of Recreation, 4811
North Third street, on Thursday,
February as, at 10 a.m. Persons
registering are asked to bring in
small pieces of their own furniture
for olass work. For additional In
formation, call Jackson 7-0811 be
tween 8:80 a.m. and 8:80 p.m.
t«M In +1
Mur# 11 i
Toyo Cloth and Xolvot
]952's best! Flattering texture-con
trast shell toyo trimmed in lush velvet,
Two textures . , , two tones! At budget
12th and F Street*
sr«awcru 7 /
-* /HP
fillings:WFlp gelatin mix
ture when almost set before
folding into beaten egg
uinitet or whipped cream
(From Jlfri. J. C. If., Waihinoton.)
Soma weaka aio a reader asked
where she could get a mill to
grind poppy seed. Last night 1
found an advertisement for just
such a mill. They may write to
the Maoh Importers, 3730 West
Twenty - sixth street, Chicago
33, 111,
* * * »
<From I. A. W„ Wanhington,)
Z have never been able to find
lingon berries any place in this
city, but eaoh year we buy them
from the Swedish Produce Co„
iWl Webster avenue, Chicago 14,
Ml doubt If you ean buy them
at this time of the year as I be
lieve they only receive shipment!
during the fall from Sweden.
However, you ean write them di
reel and they will advlae you,
» « « *
rFrm Mrti 7, P, L, wMhingttHU
if'rm Wr», M M Mu Wr»*bwnM
The poem "A Suva Bung," may
b* found m "Stepping Biwne* t«
Mtarajura," by Sarah huulw
Arnold and Charles B Gilbert. I(
Is a sapund reader.
Contribution! and raouaets
muet be appompanied by tha
eendar'e full name and ad
dress. We will withhold both
and UBe only initials. Please
address mall to tha Readers'
Clearing House, Women’s
Page, The Evening Star,
Washington 4.
Views expressed in the
Clearing House are not neces
sarily those of The Star, and
as it is obviously imposslbla
for us to test all rtclpes sub
mitted. we cannot assuma re
sponsibility for them.
(From J. 0., Bethesda.)
I would appreciate it If some
reader could advise me where I
might obtain a copy of the Worn
an’s Home Companion for Decem
ber. 1951.
Mrs. E. E. L., Silver Spring: In
the matter of newspaper, mall and
milk deliveries; dog, bicycle and
boy tresspassers and similar an
noyances to the owner of a well
appointed lawn, It Is Indeed diffi
cult to shed light without heat.
The philosopher will tell you that
these are the hostages to our well
known civilization just as is the
Korean war. To one who knows
full well how you feel about such
things, it would seem that your
local school board could ease life's
burden to a considerable extent If
they would but direct that the
school teaching fraternity Instruct
their charges to show proper re
spect at all times for the property
rights of their fellow citizens.
This, of course, to be done after
the return of the teaching staff
from their crusads In behalf of
mure and better pay for them
selves; seif preservation these days
being what it Is. To be sure, any
aotton along this lint, started now
would benefit you but little; how
ever, future generations of Silver
Springiens might find Ilfs a
sweeter bed of roses than your
experience has led you to believe
possible. They would doubtless
bless you and sing your praises for
having Initiated the campaign for
the encouragement of green grass
on a taxpayer's lawn,
In the meantime, appropriate
letters to the postmaster, the
circulation department of the
dally paper and the manager of
the milk company might make
K declining yean far happier
you had ever hoped they
might be, there la no one who
thlMki any more of a doa than I.
but 1 am full displeased when l
wi fbur or five of my best friends
s nnes at the intruders, not with
lie intent to harm but. merely to
tram them to stay tm of my
pmuerty, ft appetite to be far
easier to teerb a don then ilia
aveieae young Amsiltm with
he latter', 1 attempt to teasptt,
IbssmuHh as i have eapetmM
mueh mottles hi the Improve*
mLr ***w»k it would
be most oommstmaola hi them
notm tread uitott Itjn the emiduet
of their salaries atm jams against
ha foraes of law and order. Vow
know, vow might be agreeably aur
prised to And that soma of the
•ead yow aow fall* upon ferula
Speaker Mamed
For VW Supper
Pawl Gore-Booth, counselor of
the British Embassy and heat) of
the British Information Services,
of the United States, will be guest
speaker at the YWCA’s next Pub
lic Affairs supper to be given at
6;30 p.m. Sunday. His topic will
be "Comparative Governments:
British and American."
The supper, which Is open to
the public, will be held in Y' head
quarters at Seventaanth and K
streets N.W.
Fashion puts a polish on Sister's
^ N2>
Little girls dote on pretty ityle
touche* that give patent leather tiro<nupa a
new fashion look. (Ire-nup* are designed
Hth care for the eomfort Important to growing
^ foot, ffuperviied fitting* hy Hahn expert*
^B Nl*e* IVi to R, 4MU
B 5.05
wm ^ IML'IK lMT 9 1ih L K *44M Co"n uib
*>ilv«r Spring, Md. “Clarendon, Va.
‘Open •:>• a.m. to »:N p.m. Dailg
**Opan »:M to I Fri. and Sat.
Proa Parking for Customers at all Hahn Neighborhood Stereo
4 m A

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