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University Suspends
Co-ed for Refusel to
Talk ef Red Quiz
Or rt»* Pm*
DETROIT, Feb. BB — A cp-ed's
suspension by her university and
a possible Federal fraud Pase
against a witness today pointed
up effects of the communism in
At the same time, House Un
American Activities Committee
investigators prepared to wind up
their present hearing in today’s
session. They hope to come back
next month.
Mrs. Lorraine Faxon Meisner,
21. was suspended by Wayne Uni
versity last night. Only a few
hours earlier she had refused on
the witness stand to answer ques
tions. For this the committee
reproved her.
She was informed of her sus
pension in a telegram from Wayne
President David D. Henry. Dr.
Henry sqid her attitude indicated
“either an unreasonable refusal
to co-operate or a prima facie
admission of criminal action on
your part."
Promised Review.
The university promised Mrs.
Meisner an “official review" of
Its action if she requests one. She
said she planned to talk the mat
ter over with Dr. Henry before
making any comment.
The fraud case was threatened
against Belfast-born Patrick Rice,
vice president of the CIO United
Auto Workers’ giant Ford Local
This was connected with Rice’s
testimony regarding his purported
application to the Government
for a passport to go to Europe last
Representative Potter. Republi
can. of Michigan, member of the
Inquiring subcommittee, said that
Rice, if judged by his testimony,
was guilty of fraud.
Any recommendation by the
subcommittee would have to go
to the full committee for approval
before being presented to the De
partment of Justice. Mr. Potter
said the subcommittee would
study the matter.
Rice testified that he had lived
in Detroit 17 years and “three or
four years” in Cleveland prior to
Refuses to Identify Photostat.
However, the committee intro
duced in evidence a photostat
copy of a purported passport ap
plication by Rice in which he said
he lived in Cleveland from 1921
to 1951.
The photostat was shown Rice,
but he refused to answer when
asked if he could Identify it.
Like the bulk of the approxi
mately 20 witnesses so far heard.
Rice and Mrs. Melsner claimed the
shelter of the Constitution in re
fusing to answer questions.
Roth were asked about purported
passport application! and both
declined answers,
The committee, again producing
a photostat, said Mrs, Melsner
applied for H passport May 10,
1051, to go to France, England,
Italy, Mwitaerlaiiri and (ierniany
CO-ED SUSPENDED—Detroit.—Lorraine F. Meisner, 21, Wayne
University student, smiles at her husband Mauri just before
she became a defiant witness before the House Un-American
Activities Committee. Later she received a telegram from
President D. D. Henry suspending her from the university.
_—AP Wirephoto.
44 of 62 Candidates
For Delegate Seats
In Illinois Favor Taft
By th» As»o<iat«d Pr«»i
CHICAGO. Feb. 29. — Senator
Taft, Republican, of Ohio is fa
vored for President by 44 of 62
candidates for Illinois delefttes to
the Republican National Conven
tion who partipicated in an Asso
ciated Press mail poll.
Gen. Eisenhower is favored by
six candidate. Senator Dirksen
of Illinois by five and Gen. Mac
Arthur by two. The remainder
said they were undecided. Twenty
nine of the 91 Republican can
didates for 50 seats did not answer
the poll.
In a similar poll of Democratic
candidates, 11 of 26 who partici
pated said they favored President
Truman for re-election. Seven fa
vored Gov. Adlia 8tevenson of
Illinois and one favored Senator
Douglas of Illinois. Seven said
they were undecided.
Some Noncommittal.
Thirty-four of 60 Democratic
candidates for convention dele
gates did not answer. Since Pres
ident Truman has not announced
whether he is a candidate, it was
believed many Democratic dele
gate candidates did not want to
commit themselves.
Illinois Democrats and ftepub
hraits each will have 60 delegates
at the national oonvenUmis In
’each cast, 10 will be steeled at
the April 8 primary—two from
each of the 25 Congressional dis
tricts. The other 10 delegates, In
each case, will be picked at party
State conventions In the spring.
Convention delegates in Illinois
are not pledged.
Illinois will hold a Presidential
preference primary April 8, but
the result is not binding on con
vention delegates.
None List Stassen.
On the Republican ticket, Sen
ator Taft and Harold E. Stassen
are Presidential preference can
didates. None of the 62 Republi
can delegate candidates who par
ticipated in the poll listed Mr.
Stassen as either his first or sec
ond choice.
Senator Kefauver of Tennessee
is the sole Democratic candidate
in the primary. None of the 26
candidates who answered the poll
expressed a preference for Sen
ator Kefauver. One listed him as
his second choice.
Devereux Will Seek
Re-election to House
ly fh* AimlotiH Prm
Representative Devereux, Re
publican Representative from
Maryland's 3d District, has filed
for re-election, his office an
nounced last night. He is un
opposed to date.
The "hero of Wake Island," who
commanded Marine Fortes dc.
fending against the Japanese In
World War it, is serving his first
term In Congress,
Coni Trill Is Told
Of Communist Plans
To Go Undirground
»»Iht Auffifiliri Sriii
ANGBkES, Feb, 90 —Pom?
mwnlat underground plans, a na
tional radio oommunloatlons
scheme and an atomic sclcntlst-r
all contained in the testimony of
a top ea-Communlst—have en
livened the trial of California's II
party leaders,
John Lautner, Eastern func
tionary of the party for 91 years,
Jolted the defense yesterday with
these disclosures from the wit
ness stand:
The Communist Party in 1041
and 1040 devised an intricate
system for going underground in
New York and elsewhere if and
when the party was declared il
It was directed by Robert
Thompson, one of the 11 national
leaders convicted of conspiracy in
1940. Thompson appointed Laut
ner to carry out the program in
New York State.
National Network Discussed.
John Williamson, another of the
convicted hierarchy, discussed
with Lautner the possibility of a
national network of amateur ra
dio stations and mobile transmit,
ters to link the proposed under
Lautner was in charge of buy
ing and distributing printing
equipment under the plan. In
1949, he said, he gave a mimeo
graph machine to Dorothy Healey,
one of the present defendants,
while she was attending a meet
ing in New York.
Known Only as “John.”
In 1941, one of his teachers at
the party’s national school for
leaders was an atomic scientist,
an assistant professor at Colum
bia University known to Lautner
only as “John.”
“He was supposed to teach us
one day,” the witness testified,
“but he said he couldn’t make it
because he had to go to the Gen
eral Electric laboratory at Sche
nectady to smash atoms.”
When the prosecution called
attention to the fact that this was
four years before the Hiroshima
A-bomb, defense counsel objected
strenuously. But the testimony
Delay Sought by 11 Reds
Facing Trial in New York
NEW YORK. Feb. 29 (jP).—A
group of 16 Communists, sched
uled to go on trial here next
month on conspiracy charges,
sought yesterday to delay their
appearance in court in a fourfold
legal move.
The maneuver of the "second
string" Communists included a
motion to challenge the complete
jury list of 0.000 names on the
ground they "do not represent a
cross section of the community,"
United States Attorney Myles
J, Lane, who told newsmen of the
motions filed by the communists,
described the move as the same
kind of tactics used by the 11
top leaders of the American com*
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WRC, Monday, Wodnaodny fr Friday, 7 AM,
NEGLECTED —Santa Monica,
Calif.—Actress Gene Tierney
takes the witness stand to tell
the court in the trial of her
divorce suit that her husband,
Fashion Designer Oleg Cas
sini, “didn’t give me a dime
in 10 years.” Miss Tierney won
the divorce plus the custody
of their two children.
__—AP Wirephoto.
Virginia Draft Call Low
RICHMOND, Va„ Feb. 29 (>P).
—Virginia’s April draft call is
for 697 men. all in the 20-21 age
bracket, State selective service
headquarters announced. This is
the State’s smallest call in 1952.
In that trial, which stretched
over nine months, the preliminary
wrangling alone consumed months
of time. All 11 were convicted.
Like the top 11, the 16 “second
string" Communists are charged
with conspiracy to teach and ad
vocate the violent overthrow of
the United States Government.
Their trial is scheduled to open
Monday before Federal Judge Ed
ward J. Dimock.
Despite the motions, Mr. Lane
said the Government would press i
for an immediate trial.
Aside from a motion to chal
lenge the Jury list and panel. Mr.
Lane said, the Communists also
seek to obtain a 30-day postpone
ment in the trial date,_
VA. NUT 117.66) STOVE 616.18
VA. PEA 614.661 POCA NUT
618.361 POCA PEA 614.66
POCA STOVE 116) EGO §16.13
PA. STOVE 633.08! NUT §33.00
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» mtjA%JU^Lnu,
rM _Tim
. HA. tin OT, 1100 ,
Senators Argue on TV
Over Kefauver Book
Discussing Congress
ly rht AMffiHffrt Prut
NSW YORK, Fab. Un-Just m
they da In Conii'PM, Senator*
argue a lot on teieviaian,
Senator Capehart, Republican,
of Indiana accused Senator Ke»
fauver, Democrat, of Tennessee
on a show last ntiht of sticking
»a knife in the* back of Congress"
with a book Kefauver co-authored
five years ago,
Senator Capehart and Senator
Moody, Democrat, of Michigan
had a little hassle over who was
getting to talk the most.
And Senator Kefauver and Sen
ator Moody said once, in effect,1
that Senator Capehart didn’t know
what he was talking about on one
But, despite the words, nobody,
seemed to let his temper get away
from him. And the three did not
disagree on everything.
Oppose TV Ban.
They agreed that televising of
Congressional hearings should be
permitted. House Speaker Sam
Rayburn, Democrat, of Texas has
banned television hearings.
The scene was the Dumont
Network’s “The Author Meets the
Critics”—the setting in which Sen
ator Taft, Republican, of Ohio,
and Television Commentator Tex
MePrary hid i bitter word battle
last week.
The beak under discussion last
night was "The Twentieth Pen*
tury Ponsress" »
"Knife in the Kick,"
Senator Papehart said he
eouldn't And anything new in the
He said it merely espouse* "the
New Beal philosophy" and, while
praising Congress with one hand,
"sticks a knife In the back of
Congress with the other."
Senator Kefauver denied it,
saying he had confidence in Con
The three didn't do any talk
ing about Senator Kefauver’s can
dldaev for the Bemoeratie presi
dential nomination
The Senators agreed It would
be a good Idea for eablnet mem
bers to appear before Congress
to report on affairs in their juris
liionhowor Load* Poll
90 </P).—Students et West Virginia
Wesleyan College ehose Gen.
Eisenhower for President In a
preference poll, the student news
paper Pharos said today. The
vote: Elsenhower, 01; Tafl, 70;
Warren, 43; Stassen, 30; Kefau
ver, 31, and Truman, 17.

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