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•* Washington, D, C,
raipsr. rsiausav ts. iih
Committee Approval
Advances Fenwick's
10th District Bill
•y Alex R. Preiton
M* ItC*rr«i**nS«nl
RICHMOND, Feb, 20.-A 10th
eonoreMional district lor the
Waehinaton Metropolitan Area
waa one itap nearer today, with
House committee approval of
legislation that already has passed
tha Senate,
The House Privilege* and Kite
tiona Commutes reported the bill
of Senator Charles R, Fenwick of
Arlinaton yesterday This would
plaea tha loth In Arlinaton, Alex
andria, Fairfax and Falls Church,
Action earn* only after cham
pions of thrse other plans had
fought for their oaaees and lost.
The vote to‘report the tout was
I to 4, with one member absent,
Some of thoee who voted against
"reporting the Fenwick bill stated
that they did not believe it would
stand up In the courts—that It
does not meet Constitutional re
gulremsnts for equality of popula
tion, as nearly as practicable,
Using thg 1160 census figures,
the Fenwick plan would make tha
td district, with 404,000 inhabit
ants, the largest and tha Ith
with 377,000, the smallest,
Ideal Abeut 221,000,
Tha Ideal would be about 121,000
Gr district, This Is bee suss the
it census gavs Virginia a popu
lation total of about 2,210,000 thug
entitling the State to a 10th mem
ber of the House of Represents*
Uvea, At present, there are only
nine dletriets,
The Fenwick bill would carve
the proposed 10th out of the exist
ing Ith, which is represented by
Howard W. Smith of Alexandria.
The proposed new ath, however,
would be enlarged by taking in
counties from other districts.
Senator Fenwick, in fighting
for bis plan, called the attention
of the committee to the latter
point in arguing that an honest
effort had been made to equalize
the various districts.
var. reuwick arguea mai me
eourts are likely to recognize this
effort to divide the State with
the least population disparity and,
at the same time, preserve the
community of interest of the new
districts. His argument was that
the problems of Arlington. Alex
andria. Fairfax and Falls Church
are very much in common.
Froteots Incumbents.
The Fenwick plan, like all
, others offered to the Assembly,
would keep the Incument mem
bers of Congress within their dis
tricts. In other words, no mem
ber of Congress is threatened by
loss of his district.
A hint that politics had played
•a part in the drafting of some
of the plans was dropped by Dele
gate E. T. DeJarnett of Hanover
who had a bill of hts own.
In arguing for hie bill, Mr.
DeJarnett said: "It leaves all
Congressmen in their own district,
It provides for Judge (ftepre
gentativej Smith just like all of
the other bills that have been
The "provision for Judge
•mith" apparently hat been the
prime consideration of nearly all
•* the redletrleting bills piaoed
before the Assembly.
AsJt arrived on the floor of
the House today, the bill failed
to carry an emargeney els use
which would make It effective on
i. Unless an emargeney amend*
fment Is added, the bill will no)
fbeuome effective until late in June
I Nut the deadline for candidate*
f lo nia will fall on May is nil*
iyaar, Thsrsfeia, an rmeiaenoy
f clause must be added to give
f candidates an opportunity to file
/ tor a primary, otherwise nomi>
(rfiatians will nave In be made by
party conventions in ths various
new district*.
Dims Rslund Cauiti
A Ilf of Trtubls
Id lb# Altwlslsd Iiiii
SOI&K, Idalm, pak M^Tha
Mama (tin Mini** TeiepiiitHd *
Tflliriili thi fwihil H Mail iivm *
•IhHied Hi* Mall# Haiim< iif Hap.
lesaihaliva* 10 miilu tin a laid,
pipe mil s« Hi# atimpany mailed
• rtimi to e A RaMIMi, chief1
•lei If «f Hie House
Mr, huttoHseii (Aiwaifled it (a
•tale Auditor N, P, Nielson.
Naw Mr, Nwlsnn roust, send Mr
•ottollsen • receipt for the throe,
make out a deposit slip (four
•oples) and cradit It to tha Housa
'-Personally," sighed Mr, Nleh
•on, "l wish the phone company
had kept the dime"
Japan Expocti Kortani
To Mark 1919 Uprising
If IS* Awaciatug Sroti
TOKYO, Feb. 20 —Kyodo News
Agency said today North Koreans
plan demonstrations in Japan
tomorrow, anniversary of a Korean
uprising in 1019 against Japanese
Kyodo said the "Korean Com
mittee for Defense of the Mother
land" called on Koreans to seize
weapons from police and attack a
rival South Korean organization.
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it Mile South Uth St. Prtdi*
on U. S. No. 1
Open Sunday*, 1 to 8 P.M.
Stevenson works late into the evening in the executive mansion
office on the heels of a political bouquet given out yesterday by
President Truman. Mr. Truman said: "Stevenson is one of the
best Governors in Illinois history and that’s one of the best
recommendations for the presidency."_—AP Wircphoto.
District Committee of 100
Bocks 1-Cent Gas Tax Raise
A 1-cent District gasoline tax
Increase has the backing of the
Committee of 100 on the Federal
The planning group indorsed
the proposal Wednesday. The
move would help finance the pro
posed $140 million city roadbuild
ing program.
A study committee was ap
pointed to report on the program.
Tracy Augur was named chair
man, with Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant
Ill, John Ihlder, director of the
National Capital Housing Author*
ity, and Horace Peaslee as the
other members.
In a resolution the group com
mended the current series of ar
ticles on the highway plans ap
pearing in The Star.
lecturer to Show Film
Alfred M. Bailey, director of the
Colorado Museum of Natural His
tory, will present a color film of
Australia at a National Geo
graphic Society lecture at 8:15
o'clock tonight in Constitution
Council to Co-ordinate
Monetary Policies
Proposed by Snyder
Secretary of tho Treasury
Snyder wants the Oovemment tc
set up a special* council to co
ordinate the monetary polloioa ol
Federal agencies.
Such a council would have set
tled last year1! row between the
Treaeury and the Federal Rederva
Board.' At that time, tha Treasury
wanted to keep Interest ratee low;
the Reserve Board wanted to raise
interest rates. They Anally com
promised—but only after spread
ing confusion through flnanoial
l,MO Felled Ml Plan.
a Secretary Snyder suggested the
new monetary oo-ordlnatlni coun
cil In a letter to a Joint Senate
House subcommittee on monetary
Rolioy, Subcommittee Chairman
atman of Texas polled more than
1,000 private bankers, broken and
businessmen on monetary prob
Chairman William M, Martin
of the Federal Reserve Board in
dicated he would go along with
Secretary Snyder's oouneil idea
Both, Secretary Snyder and Mr
Martin, agreed that the Federal
Reserve Board should kesp its
independenee from the Whits
House, The President appoints
Reserve Board members for 14
ysar terms, end thus lows con
trol of them as far ae policy-mak
ing is ooncerned,
Saving to Oovemment Cited.
Last year's dispute between the
Treasury end tm Reserve Board
centered on whether the Reserve
Board should go on supporting
the prices of Government securi
ties, end thereby keep interest
rates low, The controversy sub
sided with the board buying only
enough securities to keep an or
derly market. It has let interest
rates rise and prices on Govern
ment bonds fall.
This raises the cost of carrying
the huge national debt, but the
board contends it saves the Gov
ernment money in the long run
by curbing Inflation.
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On Sol* At All
Japan Gets Warning
1). S. Is No Endless
Supply of Wealth
•y Cm AmmIs«*S Ni
TOKYO, Feb, 30.—An Ameri
can Government economist warned
the Japanoee today "the United
•tatee ia not an Inexhaustible
eupply of wealth."
The United States Is spending
13 million a day In Japan and
Amerioan servicemen are spending
another half million dally.
The figures and warning earns
from Frank A, Waring, economic
oouniellor attached to Oen. Met
Shew S. Ridgway'e headquarters.
He said eontlnued flow of dol
lars was guaranteed by a new
administrative agreement signed
yesterday under whioh Amerioan
troops will remain In Japan,
Cites Cost to America.
lut Mr, Waring added;
"The time must oome when It
must be realiaed that aid from the
United States Is not extended
without sflort or saerifles,"
Ms pointed out that on* dollar
of every four produoed In the
United States In ths next fiscal
year will bs spent by the Federal
Government and 7b eenti of that
dollar is for "defenss of the frse
Inaddltlon, Mr, Waring saidi
"With Amerioan eervioemen, Ja
pan has on* of the largest tourist
enterprises In the world,
"Th*M tourists with their ex
penditures of about S900 million
a year, will not depart immedl
ately, The United States wilt
pay all of the dollar costa of Its
forces and will meet more than
one-half of the yen costs.
"This, It would seem, repre
sents a bargain In security for
Japanese nationalist and leftist
elements were not happy with the
Plar Court Attack.
Kyodo news agency reported
left wing Socialists were planning
a court attack on the constitu
tionality of yesterday's agreement
covering the unlimited stay in
Japan of American troops.
The conservatively minded Pro
gressive Party said the signing
was "secretive, self-righteous and
dictatorial." The Communist Party
protested "Japan's sovereignty
was completely sold to the Ameri
State Minister Xatsuo Okasaki,
who signed It, told Parliament tits
pact does not require legislative
ipproval because it merely imple
ments a previously-approved se
curity agreement. He said Ameri
can garrison bases after peace
becomes effective would not bo
military bases,
The finance ministry said the
Kt would not increase Joint de
ss costs,
Fourth Tong Wor Killing
MKXICO CITY, Feb, 30 </!*),
The Justice Department said yes
terday a fourth killing has oc
curred In the Tampico tong war,
Special Federal agents were sent
to Tamploo last week to look into
the wave of hatchet deaths,
blamed on a dispute between two
Chinese tongs.
’ll. S. Anti-Trust Inquiry
Launched Into Radio
And TV Manufacturing
»V Ow Aiixl.t'S hill
NEW YOllk. Fib. 30.—A fed
eral anti-trust inquiry into the
radio - television manufacturing
industry has been started here.
Major manufacturer! of set*
and tranamittins equipment have
been eerved with eubpoenae tc
produce document# for the in
quiry by a grand Jury by May 13.
Melville 0. William, head ol
the anti-trust division of the Jus
tice Department for the southern
district of Now York, confirmed
yesterday that the inquiry had
been launched and that the Jury
would be empanelled. He declined
to give details.
Broadcasting Not InVblvtd.
It was learnod that ths Jury
will try to determine whether
any restraint of trade exists in
the radio-TV manufacturina field,
including color television equip
ment, and will look into tha pat
ent situation in the industry
Broadoastlna is not involved,
It had been rumored for some
time that the Justice Department
‘ « * *
planned to make an Inquiry Into
whether there was any conspiracy
among TV set makers to refrain
from manufacturing color sets.
Upheld by High Court.
Most major manufacturers had
opposed adoption by the Federal
Communications Commission In
1000 of a color TV method de
veloped by the Columbia Broad
casting System.
After a long court battle, the
Supreme Court upheld the FCC
action May 28, 1001, and CBS
started color telecasts on a lim
ited scule the following June 20. i
They were suspended after De
fense Mobiltaer Charles B. Wilson
called on manufacturers last Oc
tober 10 to halt manufacture of
color IV equipment for the dura
tlon of the dcfcnca emergency.
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