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THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
Will Shows Estate
Os $2,147,352 Left
By Mrs. Tompkins
Mrs. Charles H. Tompkins,
wife and partner of the founder
of the Charles H. Tompkins Co.,
large engineering and construc
tion firm, left an estate valued at
$2,147,352, it was shown yester
A petition for probate of her
will was filed in the Register of
Wills office in the U. S. District
Court for the District of Colum
bia. The petition listed Mrs.
Tompkins’ debts at $1,094,497,
mostly in the form of loans.
Mrs. Tompkins died in George
Washington University Hospital
on January 28. She and Mr.
Tompkins were married in 1904.
The will provides for the bulk
of the estate to be shared by two
sons, two daughters and a num
ber of grandchildren. She left
her husband certain tangible
personal property and named!
him executor of the estate. j
The will made special bequests j
of $25,000 each to the sons and
daughters and then instructed
that they and the grandchil
dren share in the income from
tile bulk of the estate. The j
sons and daughters are:
Francis M.. Tompkins, 4611 '
Chesterbrook road. Falls Church, j
Va.; Charles H. Tompkins, jr., of
Fauquier County, Va.; Mrs.
Emma H. Matheson, of Alex
andria, Va., and Mrs. Louise C.
Parker, of 3000 Garrison street
Mrs. Tompkins also provided
for annuities for several other i
relatives and left some shares in ;
the Charles H. Tompkins Co. to
three persons. They include Allen j
D. Henry, secretary of the com- j
pany, to whom she left 10 shares;
James Sherier, an attorney, who !
is lawyer for the company, 20 i
shares, and Mrs. Fern W. Col- j
liver, Mrs. Tompkins’ confiden- j
tial secretary, to whom she willed ;
10 shares. Court papers did not
list the value of the shares. j
According to the petition, Mrs.
Tompkins estate includes more
than 1 million dollars in stocks
and bonds, real estate in the Dis
trict and a 1,075-acre farm in
Fauquier County, Va.
Packaging Expert Retires
As Engineer at Belvoir
Walter J. Armstrong, of Alex
andria, has retired as an engi
neer in the Engineer Research
and Development Laboratories
.. ...
terial and
equipment su- Mr - Arm * tron «-
pervisor for a large program of
Government construction
He holds 19 patents on various
types of equipment, most of
which have been developed and
used commercially.
He is a graduate of Cornell
University, where he earned a
degree in mechanical engineer
ing. During World War I he
served as an Army Ordnance
captain supervising shell loading
plant operations.
Maj. Gen. Stanley L. Scott,
commanding general of Fort
Belvoir, cited Mr. Armstrong for
his service. He said the engi
neer’s “rich background in the
held of packaging will continue
to be of great value.”
Mr. Armstrong is married and
lives at the Monticello Hotel.
Life's Like That
“If you must walk in your
sleep, can’t you do it on tko
John G. Webster
has them all!
★ Magic Chef
★ Hardwick
★ Tappen ★ Roper
★ Caloric
★ Estate ★ Odin
★ Beautyrange
★ Universal
No Down Payment
STerling 3-6100
627 F Street N.W.
Missing Witness Faces
Senate Contempt Charge
ly the Associated Pratt
The Senate has charged Rus
sell W. Duke, former San Fran
cisco public relations man, with
contempt of Congress for re
fusing to obey a summons issued
by Senator McCarthy’s investi
gations subcommittee.
Duke failed to show up at a
public hearing last month. The
committee said it wanted to
question him about reports he
had collected approximately
$34,000 in influence-peddling
cases over a period of two and
a half years. He was last re
ported in Montreal, Canada.
Senator McCarthy, in asking
the contempt citation, described
the matter as “an exaggerated
case of influence peddling hav
ing to do with the Bureau of
Internal Revenue. ”
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61 Nations to Observe Red Cross Day Tomorrow
International Red Cross Day
will be observed here and in 60
other countries tomorrow.
Charles Bruggman, Swiss Min
ister to the United States, will
speak at a ceremony at 4 p.m.
tomorrow at the American Red
Cross headquarters here. The
ceremony will honor the 125th
anniversary of the birth of Henri
Dunant! Swiss founder of the
A wreath will be placed at the
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bust of Dunant in the head
quarters’ building. The Dunbar
High School Chorus will sing.
Dunant was a witness to the
bloody battle of Solferino in the
Franco-Austrian War of 1859.
The suffering of the wounded
convinced him there should be
some international organization
to care impartially for those
wounded in battle. The Red
Cross was organized eventually
under his guidance.
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SEARS::":.: b .T H ;:' 8 ztz

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