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THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
EMMY LOU —By Marty Link
OiiiiXml l*i r*»lL. im
** T M W- w ■ PeS Ottiee
"But these letters of Alvin’s are irreplaceable.
Just how safe ARE your safe deposit boxes?”
Marriage License
Under D. C. law couples must
apply for a marriage license on
«■ one day, wait three full days
and receive the license on the
- fifth day. Sundays and holi
days are counted the same as
other days.
Jackaon Brown. Jr., 21. Charlottesville,
▼a., and Sadia Malloy. 18, Alexan
dria. Va.
Michael Arnona. 25. 3.7Z6 17th at. n.w..
'■ and Mariorla Boyd. 26, 1724 Lamont
at. n.w.
William Evans. 27. and Barbara Com
etock, 18. both of Richmond.
ttonato Capotorto. 2*. New York City,
and Tereaa DlGiuseppe, 21, 26 Sher
,• man Circle n.w.
Charlea Gohr, 2.7, Berwyn Heights. Md.,
and Kathryn Brannon. 22. 11.70 Penn
sylvania ave. a.e.
Joseph Petersen. Jr., .78, New Orleans,
La . and Imoeene Colburn. .73, 1925
-7.7 rd at. a.e.
John Hoffman. 2.7. 2823 Gainesville at.
s.e . and Catherine Pettit. 20. 3607
20th at. n.e.
Alonzo Bliss 111. 20. 1401 Locust rd.
n.w.. and Joyce Linton, 13, Silver
Spring, Md.
■herman Meiaelman. .71. 1.707 Saratoga
ave. n.e., and Neida Goldstein, 23,
.7400 6th at. n.w.
Edward Goloway. 29. New York City,
and Phyllis Strock. 26. Alexandria. Va
William Gibson. 37. .3100 Massachusetts
ave. s.e.. and Angela Mlnelli. 36.
Scranton, Pa.
George Dixon, 62 Sheraton Park Hotel,
and Ymelda Miller. 37. .7327 Cleveland
ave. n.w.
John Davidson. 50. 114 sth st. n.e.. and
Elisabeth Goepp. 45. New Castle. Del.
■ Isaac McElroy, 28, Waverly. Tenn., and
Ruth Denka. 21, Jamestown. N. Y.
• Michael T '.oderick. 2.7, 616 Evarts st.
’ n.e.. a", Doris Mangan. 20. 6105
North Dakota ave. n.w.
Harry Howar. 29. 1212 M st. n.w., and
Julienne Novelle, 28. Arlington. Va.
Robert Arrington. 29. 1.740 Riggs j»l.
n.w.. and Carrie Simms. 33. 223
Florida ave. n.w.
Henry Sutton, jr.. 21, Shelbvville. Tenn..
and Lillian Evans. 18. Arlington, Va.
Clandes Bridges. 28. 712 sth it a.w.,
and Maggie Jubilee. 29. 2520 13th
st. n.w.
rwnn ”™°^ — Hf) —3; —
Wisconsin and Western Avenues, Chevy Chase 615 North Washington Street, Alexandria
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OI * w Level, Alexandria. \ '
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Chevy Chase and Alexandria H \
Remember: Woodward & Lothrop Chevy Chase and Alexandria Stores will be closed Mondays through August 17th
Kenneth Shelin, 38. 17-38 P st. n.w.,
and Bernice Frisch, 38, 1754 Massa
chusetts ave. n.w.
James Martin. .72, Bolling Field, and
Mary Perez, 35, Tucson. Arts.
Biggest Chile Port.
VALPARAISO.—This Chilean
port is the largest and most im
portant on the Pacific south of
the city of Los Angeles.
Worry of ~ ~
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To Women With I
Nagging Backache 1
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headaches and dizzinesa may be due to alow,
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Parks Activities for Week End
Include Bird Walk, Barge Trip
Several events scheduled by
National Capital Parks for the
week-end were announced today
by Edward J. Kelly, parks super
They include a trip to Great
Falls, Md., a walk to hear the
“avian vespers” along the Chesa
peake and Ohio Canal towpath
and C. & O. Canal barge trips.
Chartered buses will leave 1013
Fifteenth street N.W. at 4:30
p.m. tomorrow for the Great
Falls tour, with return sched
uled for about 9:30 p.m. Par
ticipants may bring picnic sup
pers. Bus reservations can be
made by calling Adams 2-6363,
branch 653, through today.
Evening With Birds.
The outing to hear bird songs
on the canal towpath will be
held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sun
day. Naturalists will meet the
group at Stop 39 on the Cabin
Delightfully Air Cooled
WltlAß. 0 HOTEL
Special for Saturday!
Summer Dresses
originally 10.95 to 14.95
Cotton Cords Voiles Sheer Denims
Rayon Prints Rayon Shantungs Broadcloths
Exclusive Styles. All Smart Summer Shades.
Sizes 9 to IS, 10 to 20
originally 12.95 to 14.95
Cotton Cords Rayon Sharkskins
Nylon and Rayon Cords
Navy and Pastels. Sizes 10 to 16
John car line, at MacArthur
boulevard and Cornell street in
Glen Echo. ,
Mule-drawn canal barge trips
start at Lock 3 on Thirtieth
street, one block south of M
street, at 2 p.m. tomorrow and
Sunday. The barge travels to
Lock 5, Brookmont, where up
stream passengers may get off
to return via the Glen Echo
streetcar or stay on board for
the trip back.
Tickets may be obtained or
reservations made through Gov
ernment Services, Inc., 1135
Twenty-first street N.W. through
Friday. The number is National
The historical museums at
Great Falls, Md., and Fort Wash
ington, Md., will be open tomor
row and Sunday from 10 a.m. to
6 p.m.
At the Kenilworth Aquatic
Gardens, Indian lotus plants are
in full bloom. These plants were
Chauffeur's Death
Under Train Ruled Suicide
Coroner A. Magruder Mac-
Donald yesterday issued a certifi
cate of suicide in the death of
Bie Dulgheru, 34, a chauffeur of
the Romanian Legation.
Mr. Dulgheru, according to po
lice, leaped to his death from a
Pennsylvania Railroad train on
June 27. The death occurred in
the terminal yards near Ninth
street and New York avenue N.E.
Police were told Mr. Dulgheru
fell in front of a Baltimore and
Ohio train arriving in Washing
ton from Chicago.
grown from seed believed to be
more than a thousand years old.
Other floral displays in the
National Capital. Parks include
begonias and petunias in La
fayette Park and canna lilies
around the old State-War-Navy
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mostat at $110.07 off! * ■§
Deaths Reported
(From D. C. Bureau of Vital StatUtlea.l
John George, 98. 810 sth at. n.w.
Evelyn t. LaCrone, 91. 2804 14th at.
Alleta P. T. Lion, 89, 1430 A it. a.i.
Hattie Rice. 84. 7300 14th at. n.w.
Jeaale Blreh, 8.7. 315 Q at. n.w.
Alien L. A. Fox. 78. 2707 Adama MUI
rd. n.w.
John 8. Parkins. 77. 118 4th at. a.e.
Adolph G. Walters, 77, 613 Incraham
at. n.w.
John W. Goodman. 77. 1207 Vi 6th at.
Bruce Lehman. 74. Joneavllle. Mich.
Worth C. Gatewood. 73. Mt. Rainier, Md.
Alma M. Lone, 70, Arlington. Va.
Nathan Golden, 68. 1125 Sprint rd. n.w.
Albert A. Sweeny, 67 629 Maaaachuaetta
ave. n.e.
Genevieve K. Brady. 65. 8612 Rlttea
houae at. n.w.
Marie Abeel. 60. 1366 G at. a.e.
Howard Hutelna, 69. 8337 Nlchola ava.
Eatella F. Miller, 58, 18.76 3rd at. n.e.
John 8. Fonner, 50. 188 Darrintton at.
Meredith Fullerton. 50. Clifton, Va.
Laura Sheeta. 46, 2117 I at. n.w.
Alyee O. Taggart, 46. 2131 O at. n.w.
Thomaa F. Corcoran, 45, Lowell, Mail.
Infant Wllllama, Washington.
Perry Hawkins. 82, 1921 lat at. n.w.
Oennosuske Higashi. 69. 2433 Shannon
pi. s.e
Noah W. Greathouse. 68, 1613 P at. n.w.
Esther Jones. 46, Warrenton. Va.
Flossie Dotta. 43. 1744 Bennlng rd. n.a.
Brneat Ray. 42, 4 Logan ct. n.w.
Oary Meredith, infant, 235 F at. a.w.
Man Gets Up so 6 Years In 8 Check Forgeries
James McDonald, of no fixed
address, yesterday was sentenced
to serve from 20 months to 6
years on eight charges of check
McDonald, who Is colored,
protested that, when he pleaded
guilty, he had been drinking and
didn’t know what he was doing.
1109 g street n.w.
I i
- M K ffe
V 1| 0 '
BP ■ |
1 , j
I ' f M jmm&r
■ mm 'jMfr
£y *
irnii •—*
SB g Hr
Now It’s Here $A,95
In Rayon Sheer ©
Our famous success sheath, fired with glitter, iced with
embroidery, sparkling with rhinestones and gilt threads . . .
now in rayon sheer! A year-' r ound fashion to wear every
where. Navy, black or brown.
Add 2% D. C. Sales Tax plus 25c Shipping Charge.
Chief Judge Bolitha J. Law*,
of the U. S. District Court for
the District of Columbia pro
nounced the sentence. The judgs
recalled that McDonald’s attor
ney at the time of the guilty
plea, Leon Williams, had con
ferred with McDonald for half
an hour before the plea was
i entered. 1

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