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Washington, D. C.
Two SIO,OOO Events
Carded This Week
At Laurel Raceway
Laurel Raceway comes up with
two SIO,OOO harness horse events
this week, the second leg of the
Maryland Triple Crown Pace to
morrow night and the Maryland
Cup Trot Friday night.
Tonight’s main race has a gim
mick attached to it.' It is the
Washington Disc Jockey’s Trot,
the $3,000 sixth race. Each of
the eight entries has a radio
record player as a sponsor, with
Milton Q. Ford of WMAL draw
ing favored Empire Hanover as
his horse.
Among the other good ones
going tonight are Toni Darnley,
sponsored by Jerry Strong of
WMAL, and Irene Gallon, work
ing for Bob Reed of WRC.
All the disc jockeys are sup
posed to be ~ present, and the
sponsor of the winning horse
will get a trophy.
Tonight’s secondary feature is
the SI,OOO seventh race, a pace.
L. T. Eden, a 2:06% winner the
last time out, heads a field of
seven. Working against him will
be such horses as American
Direct and Lucky Fingo. The lat
ter has a lifetime best mark of
2:01%, but hasn’t been taken to
the winner’s circle in Maryland
this year.
The other important races to
night are the fourth and fifth,
the two $2,250 divisions of the
Estwood 2-year-old pace, orig
inally slated as one $3,000 race.
WGCC Favorites Set
To Shoot Wednesday
The Wednesday qualifiers in
the Washington Golf and Coun
try club Invitation tournament
include most of the players who
figure to make the champion
ship flight of 16.
A total of 130 pay Wednes
day, with the other 96 qualifying
Tuesday. One round of match j
play will be played daily Thurs
day through the finals in all |
flights and consolations on Sun- i
The Wednesday field includes
Bobby Brownell, Ralph Bogart,
Claude Wild, Jay Randolph,
Spencer Overton of Baltimore, '
Btnno Janssen of Carlottesville,
Vclney Burnett and Ben Hartig.
Wednesday’s pairings:
8:00 —D. Richtmeyer. WOC: W. Dens
more. BH; J. Grubb. Man.: H. Heiges.
0:00 —J. Baldwin. WGC: G. Fish, UN:
D. Murphy. UN: C. Gibbs. WGC. 3:20
J. Jester, WGC; S Del Vecchio. Ken.
O:3O—E. Wrenn. WGC; J. Gosnell. WGC;
W. Jeffries, FCC; W. Stalcup, UN. 9:40
H. Harrison. WGC: E. Savage, jr.. UN;
E. Gibson, UN. 9:SO—D. Wilkins. WGC:
W. McCabe, UN; H. Woodward, UN; J.
Gardner, WGC.
10:00—F. Pomeroy. WGC: C. Deveval
los. Cong. 10:10—C. Miles. WGC; K.
Downs, Beth. 10:20—F. Ritchey. WGC;
B. Janssen, Ir.. Farm. CC; R. Loving, jr..
Farm. CC. 10:30—K. Hall, WGC; E.
Hyde. UN: E. Harris. Arg.: M. Caskie,
WGC. 10:40—C. Rippy, WGC; E. Skink
er, Col.: J. Spaulding. UN; W. Ready.
Beth. 10:50—P. Gregg. Cong.; B. Har
tig. Man.; H. Lackey.-Man.; F. Huse
man, Beth.
11:00—J. Nicoll WGC: J. Russell. CH;
C. Landers, jr.. UN‘ W. Adams, BETH.
11:10—W. Miller. WGC: W. McGee.
BETH; T. Manning, BETH: H. Osborne,
CH. 11:20 —J, Downey. UN: P. Regan,
PG: H. Moulding. BH; W. Offut. WGC.
11:30—W. Molster. WGC: T. Burke,
WGC: E. Cave, CONG: A. Rinaudat.
CONG. 11:40 —R. Rife WGC: D. Yates.
UN: C. Wilson, CONG: F. Marshall.
BETH. 11:50—C. Featherstone, WGC
M. Smith. Del. CC: F. Mallley. UN: P.
Barefoot. WGC.
12:00—R. Spaulding. WGC: W. Mix.
UN; E. Bean, ARG: J. Benson, UN.
12:10—R. Halquist, WGC: J. Wright,
WGC: J. Raymond. UN: H. Thorson.
BETH. 12:20—Starter’s Time. 12:30
W. Leapley. UN: R. Leapley. UN: P.
Lavin. UN; J. Demorest. UN: 12:40 —F.
Hanlon, MAN; A. Borough. BH. 12:50
C. Courtney. WGC: C. Roane, UN: J.
Crane. UN: A. Collins. UN.
1:10—W. Martin. WGC; C. Given.
CONG: R. Kelly. CONG; D. O’Neil. COL:
I:2O—W. Gardella, COL: J. Gardella.
COL: J. Tait. BETH; T. Imlay. WGC:
I:3O—P. Miles. WGC: J. Twining. UN:
T Rittenhouse. UN: J. Linden. UN: 1
I:4O—K. Fletcher. BETH: W. McLister,
WGC: R. Wissingei. WGC: W. Hoyle
WGC; I:SO—M. Fltzge.ald. KEN: C.
Wild WGC: J. Randolph. BETH: I.
Bradford. CONG
2:OO—T. Broyhill. WGC: R. Hutchin
•on. WGC: R. Brownell. ChCh: R. Bo
gart. ChCh: 2:lO—E. Goetz. WGC: F.
Collis. UN: C. Wilson. UN: G. Mathews.
UN; 2:2O—P. Cullinane. BETH: S. Com
ings. ARG: B. Clark. ARG: D. Sullivan.
ARO: 2:3O—J. Tausig WGC: A. Mills
BH: E. Becker. CONG; L. Tuerke. COL:
2:40 —W. McCollum. WGC: Z. Lloyd.
KEN J. Matthews. KEN: A. Kling. COL:
2:SO—H. House. WGC: H. Buckingham.
Sedge.C.C.: F, Benson. Fredbg.C.C.; V.
Burnett. I.S. _ _ , . __
3:oo— s. Overton. RR: C. Emlch, RR:
H. Dorsey. RR; P Pierpont. RR.
Ortiz Featured in One
Os TV Bouts Tonight
By the Associated Press
NEW YORK, June 14.—Baby
Ortiz of Mexico, ranked second
among Sandy Saddler’s feather
weight challengers, boxes Car
melo Costa, unbeaten Brooklyn
fighter, in Brooklyn’s Eastern
Parkway arena tonight. (The
fight will be televised in Wash
ington over WMAL, channel 7,
beginning at 9:30 pan.)
Luther Rawlings, Chicago wel
ter, and Livio Minelli, former I
Italian who now lives in the!
Bronx, meet tonight at St.
Nicholas Arena.
(The bout will be seen in
Washington over WTTG,
channel 5, beginning at 9:30
Squire’s Top Ramblers
For First Polo Victory
The Washington Squires won
their first polo victory yesterday,
m 6-4 decision over the Delaware
Ramblers at Barnsley Field near
Olney. Don Bradley scored half
of Washington’s goals
The Squires’ next match is
scheduled Sunday on the same
field against the Virginians, a
team of Army officers from the
Potomac Hunt Next Sunday
To Include Automobile Exhibit
The 11th annual Potomac
Hunt Show will be held next
Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Mel
vin C. Hazen Memorial Field
on Glen road in Potomac, Md.
The show will include 20
classes. Conformation and work
ing hunters, open jumpers,
ponies and equitation classes
will be held, along with a spec
ial family class, a new addition
to the program.
An exhibition of the Potomac
Hunt hounds, with riders dressed
In the colorful garb of the hunt,
jtisrJ will be presented.
% ' JSX.M
lS «.. ‘ -r'L,
* Wami •wm
I SB<*
■n wH HL/ -• fimM %
J W...J ■ *
M v ••
W ■VL v ,£ %,
, W wKtiM ,
BAD NEWS FROM GARCIA—Mike Garcia of Cleveland net only subdued the Red Sox with a
five-hit pitching performance in six innings of the second game of yesterday’s double-header
in Boston, but scored a run on this slide to help his cause. Mike came home on Rudy Regalado’s
single to left field. Catcher Sammy White is shown trying to make a play after Outfielder Bill
Goodman threw to Third Baseman Billy Consolo. Regalado went to second when Consolo threw
home. Umpire Ed Bunge called the play with Larry Doby (14) of Cleveland and Pitcher Tru
man Clevenger (26) of Boston looking on. Garcia had to leave the game because of a blister.
Doubles Set Today
In Recreation Net
The third round of competition
in men’s doubles in the District
Recreation Department tennis
tournament is set for today at
the Rock Creek courts.
Matches were held in all four
divisions yesterday. Louise Ralph
turned in a big.upset by beating
Barbara Lynch, top seeded, 6—4,
2—6, 6—3. Results:
Men’s sin vies—First round: Edgar Lee
def. Ken Thompson, 6—3. fi—o; Mort
Slimier def. Jack Ransohoff. default;
Gene Hermann def. William Murray.
•I—l. 6—l; Hal Freeman def. Jim Crom
well. 7—5. 6—4: T.indv Kehoe def. Ed
Resile, 6—2. 6—2: Elton King def.
Walter Pate, default: Bob Cage def. Don
Schweitzer. H—•>. 7—H: Dave Rhlbley
def. Ru«s Cooley. 6 —4. 6—3: Arnold
Kotz def. Tom Reel. 9 4, 0 1; Ed
Scheln def. John Trenholm. o—l. 6—J;
Denny Barnes def. Francis Brofos, <l—«,
fi—o; Peter Dell def. Ben Theeman.
7—5. 2—6. default: Ernest Ingram def.
Dick Fowlkes. H—o. ti—o; Carl Btelke
def. Richard Jim. o—o. 6—3: Leif Beck
def. Bob Bernstein. 6—3. »’—O; Bob
Davis def. Ted Seymour. 6—2, 6—3.
Men’s doubles —First round: Ken Oar
rison-.Tohn Perrv def. Bill Ferrls-D.
Soeroto. 6—o. 6—4: Rob Barrett-Dcn
Easum def. Ted Seymour-Lelf Beck def.
Henry George-Dan Street. 6—o. «—O:
Ward Stewart-Carl Bielke def. Ben Miller-
Norman Ross, default. Second round:
G. Hermann-B. Pavitt def. F. Magruder-
O. Goldsmith. 6—l. 6—o; S. Axilrod-
D. Miller def. J. Mersereau-G. Gragg,
6—3. 6—4: D. Barnes-T. Reel def. H.
Freeman-T. Freeman. 7—5, B—6; G. Fry-
D. Schweitzer def. J. Riley-D. Fowlkes,
6—(i. 6—3; Dr C. Kopf-J. Kopf def. C.
Murchison-D. Kunze. 7—5. 6—4; Col.
Reynolds-Lt. Pate def. ,T. Trenholm-W.
Hugus. ir„ 6—n. 6—2: P. Dell-L. Beck
def. w. Stewprt-c. Btelke. 6—4. 7—5:
B. Barrett-D. Easum def. B. Van Zandt-
D. Ormsbv. 6—2, 6-—1: S. Lee-E. King
def. D. Leighton-S. Curlin. 6—3. 3—6.
6—4; E. Schein-R. Pine def. P. Jones-
P, Coles, ft—3, ft—B, ft 3.
Women’s stogies—Third round: Louise
Ralph def. Barbara Lynch, 6—4, 2—6.
6—3; Christine de Maisonceile def.
Christina Borden, 6 —l, 10—8; Barbara
Cage def. Anna Watkins. 6—2, 6—-0;
Joyce Leek del. Betty Shaw, default;
Lanier Dunn def. Florence Barnes, 6—o,
6—3; Loretta Lowet def. Frances Frank.
6—O, 3—o, default.
Women’s doubles—First round: Edith
Lower-Dorothy Taranova def. Dotty Kott-
Betty Kotf. 6—S, 6—J.
Braves Retire Sibby Sisii;
Will Remain as Coach
By the Associated Press
MILWAUKEE, June 14.—The
retirement of Sibby Sisti to
make room on the active roster
for Albert Spangler, 20-year-old
outfielder just signed from Duke
University, was announced today
by the Milwaukees Braves.
Sisti will remain on the
Braves’ staff as a coach, accord
ing to General Manager John
Quinn, who said the 33-year-old
utility inflelder has been offered
that job as an alternative to an
unconditional release “if ha
thought he could benefit him
Sisti is in his 13th year in the
majors, all with the Braves.
Young Spangler, who just
finished his junior year at Duke,
will join the Braves at Brooklyn
tomorrow. He hit over .400 in
his last two years of college
baseball. He bats and throws
lefthanded. Quinn said he was i
not a bonus player but would re- !
main on the club’s roster all
Senators' Records
AB. R. H.2b. 3b.Hr. Rbl. Av.
Oldis l7 17 10 0 O .412
Busby 223 35 72 8 4 3 33 .323 !
FitzOer’d 109 5 31 6 0 0 13 .284 |
Vernon 206 35 58 15 510 33 .281
Runnels. 176 27 48 410 1 23 .273
Slevers 191 35 47 9 210 41 <.246
Umphlett *7,58 3 1 0 7 .241
Wright- 85 6 20 3 2 9 9 .235
Tipton. 70 5 16 3 1 0 4 .229
Vollmer 57 3 13 0 0 2 8 .228
Yost 193 41 39 9 0 5 14 .202
Terwil’er 182 24 35 4 1 3 15 .192
Stobbs - 18 O 3 10 0 1 .167
McDer’t 37 2 6 1 0 0 2 .162
Hoderlein 25 0 4 1 0 0 1 .160
Stone 14 2 2 0 1 0 2 .143
Schmitz 15 0 1 O O O 0 .067
: Por’field 36 2 2 0 0 1 2 .056
Shea 9 1 0 0 0 0 0 000
! Pascual. 8 1 0 0 0 0 O .000
Marrero- 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
SnvGer 1 o 0 9 Oj o o 000
Stewart 1 0 O O (f O 0 000
I Keriazak. 1 0 0 o 0 0 O .000
IP. H. Bb. So.Gs.C.G.W.L.
i Stone 43 31 18 18 3 2 4 O
I Marrero -- 27 27 11 10 2 0 2 0
Porterfield -106 77 29 30 12 11 7 5
! McDermott.. 80 60 47 42 11 5 6 5
Stobbs - 58 68 23 25 10 2 2 6
Pascual 40 48 25 21 3 11 3
Schmitz 51 48 23 17 5 4 1 4
Shea 32 52 16 11 6 0 0 6
.Stewart 18 26 14 11 1 0 0 0
l Kerlabakos. 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
A special automobile exhibit 1
is on the program. A parade of |
automobiles representing models |
of the last 50 years will be shown, j
In addition, a beautiful chestnut
pony will be given away.
Raymond H. Norton, show |
chairman, has announced that;
judges will be Forrest Taylor of ,
Staunton, Va.; J. Burke Halter,;
New Town Square, Pa.; Thomas
Trodden, Washington and Car
roll Curran. Silver Spring.
Thomas Mott of Sandy Spring
has £een named steward.
Third Maryland Amateur Title
Payoff for Overton's Accuracy
Special Dispatch to The Star
BALTIMORE, June 14.—Spen
cer Overton, a man of 55 who
for three straight days played
approximately 36 holes of golf
daily in temperatures between
87 and 93, said after his third
Maryland Amateur golf triumph
yesterday that he had this one
“I’ve been cheated out of a lot
of victories,” Overton said, and
the meaning was that he had lost
matches to wild hitters in tour
naments over easy courses. He
though he would have won over
tougher courses that required
Suburban, which was host to
the 34th State Amateur tourna
ment, permitted the rough to
grow so high that in many in
stances a shot in the rough
meant a stroke forfeited. Over
ton figured he was not in the
rough more than five times in
seven rounds. He qualified with
a par 70, and beat five younger
fellows who were spraying shots
in the rough.
Maury Bailey, 27-year-old chat
terbox from Baltimore, suffered
his second straight humiliating
defeat in the State final. The
East Potomac Golfers Win
Men's and Women's Matches
East Potomac’s golf teams
scored a sweep yesterday at
home, the women defeating Rock
Creek, 14-4, and the men win
ning over Clifton Park of Balti
more, 23-7. Helen Konopa was
low scorer in the women’s match
with an 88, while Jack Dempsey
and Julian Williams were par
breakers for the men with 695.
Ralph Bogart and Bobby
Brownell passed up the club
championship at Chevy Chase,
which reaches the match play
stage this week. Billy Parks’ 74
was good enough to win medal
honors over the 75s of Jack Barr,
jr., and Joe Sears.
Buddy Brylawski, Howard
Nordlinger, Hubert Hoff and the
defending champion, Dr. Jerry
Footer, all won first-round
matches in the Woodmont Club
championship as favorites won
right down the line.
Jack Schoo. a 14-handicap
player, is the new George Diffen
baugh trophy champion at Ken
wood after shootin; a 75, which
left him with a net 61. Danny
Vaughn was second with 85-21
Army Navy’s golf team con-
Redskins Sign Gagielski,
240-Pound Indiana Tackle
The Redskins reached out to
i the banks of the Wabash today,
jvia Chicago, to sign their new
est player. Tackle Harry (Moose)
Gagielski of Indiana.
Voted the most valuable mem
ber of the 1953 Hoosier squad
| by his teammates, Gagielski was
the Redskins’ seventh draft
choice. Actually, Coach Curly
Lambeau took the 6-foot-2, 240-
pound lineman as his fifth man,
since the Redskins gave up their
third and fourth picks in pre-'
meeting pi#yer deals. Lambeau,,
needless to say, is quite high on
the youngster.
Born on Christmas day, 1931,
! Gagielski had some coaching
under Lou Ryttkkus, former Red
skins-Cleveland Browns tackle,
while at Indiana. The big fel
low also won his letter as ai
Bunker Hill Tops Jackson
In Legion Opener, 4-3
Bunker Hill Post, defending
champion in the District Ameri
can Legion Junior League, won a
14-3 victory in 10 innings against
the Jackson Red Sox yesterday
on the West Ellipse.
John Jordan singled and then
came around on a walk, sacrifice
and wild pitch to score the win
ning run in the 10th. Craig An
derson, who came in the game
in the eighth inning as the third
Bunker Hill pitcher, was the win
It was the opening game of the
new district season.
talkative Bailey lost, 7 and 6, to
Ralph Bogart last year and 6 and
5 to Overton yesterday. Both
times Bailey rallied to make it
that close. He was nine down at
one time to Bogart, and yester
day was seven down and eight to
play to Overton when he won
two straight holes to prolong the
Overton, who did not take up
golf until he was past 30, won
the Maryland Amateur in 1936,
nine years later, 1945, and now,
nine years later again. He also
has won the Maryland Open
—the last amateur to do so—and
captured the Middle Atlantic
Amateur in 1940, plus many other
tournaments, including his own
club title at Rolling Road 16
Spencer’s victims in the tour
nament included three District
golfers—Jimmy Cruise, Bill Mc-
Ferren, jr., and Julian Murphy,
plus Eddie Meyer of Baltimore
and Bailey.
Overton was four over par for
31 holes over a not-easy golf
course. He missed the medal by
only a stroke with his 70 and won
all his matches by 3 and 2 or
tinued its winning ways with
a victory over the
Country Club of Virginia. Maj.
W. T. Rogers set the pace with
a five-under-par 67.
George Cornell, Congression
al’s club champion, was a first
round victim in the President’s
Cup tournament at Congres
sional as he lost to H. L. Bous
caren, who used eight handicap
strokes to advantage. The score
was 2 and 1. First-round win
ners included Frank McArdle,
the medalist, who defeated G.*M.
Fuller, 2 up.
This is the season for holes
in-one in wholesale lots. Three
more were made yesterday by
Joe Kieman at Manor with a
5 iron on the 176-yard eighth,
by Paul Reason at Glenbrook
with a 5 iron on the 147-yard
12th and M. M. Miller at Fairfax
with a 7 iron on the 142-yard
Mid-Atlantic golf pros teamed
with greens superintendents and
other officials in a new-type
tournament today at Prince
Georges, which was to be fol
lowed by a dinner and several
short talks.
Ferrari Wins at Le Mans
In 24-Hour Auto Race
By th# Associated Pross
LE MANS, France, June 14.
A powerful red Ferrari which
held the lead most of the way
carried Jose Froilan Gonzalez of
Argentina and Maurice Trintig
nant of France to victory in the
24-hour Grand Prix endurance
race for sports cars on the Le
Mans asphalt track.
The final miles of the race,
which started Saturday and
! ended yesterday, was a dramatic
duel between the Ferrari of Gon
zalez and Trintignant and *a
Jaguar driven by Tony Rolt and
Duncan Hamilton of Britain,
winners of last year’s race.
First one, then the other,
jumped ahead by a few seconds
as a driving rainstorm beat down
i on the drivers during the closing
hours. But Gonzalez finally
pulled ahead to win by a minute
and 44 seconds.
More than 200,000 spectators
were on hand for the gruelling
test in which only 19 of the 57
starters finished.
r All it costs is *)•*
Takes just 2 minutes!.
Pitchers, Sluggers
Dominate Action in
% %
Old Dominion Loop
W. L W. L.
Ateh n A Kell. 6 l Congress H.t- 2 5
V». White Sox 0 1 Marine Bar... 2 5
Porestvllle 4 3 Vienna 1 6
It was a day for pitchers and
sluggers in the Old Dominion
sandlot league yesterday as the
teams got their next-to-last first
half games out of the way.
Ouy Brill struck out 12 and
hurled the second shutout of the
league season as the Virginia
White Sox kept pace with Atchi
son & Keller with an 8-0 victory
over Congress Heights. Buck
Reingruber helped the winners
with a homer.
Lou Smith fanned 10 as A&K
beat the Marine Barracks, 7-2,
in spite of Sergt. Leo Tymen
sky’s home run in the sixth in
ning. Wilmer Anderson, fresh
out of George Washington High
School, also struck out 10 batters
in his first start for Forestville,
beating Vienna, 6-3. Max Coe
aided the youngster with a two
run homer in the eighth inning.
Atchison & Keller takes on
the Marines again today in a
postponed game in the Anacostia
League in an attempt to find a
first-half winner.' A&K rfnd
Snug Harbor are tied for the
lead and each must play three
games this week to finish their
The schedule today and to
morrow In the week day league ?
Snu* Harbor vs. Indian Head. Fair*
lawn No. 1. 5:30.
Atchison A Keller vs. Marine Bar
racks. Fairlawn. No. 2. 5:30.
Cameo vs. Boys Club, West Ellipse.
Snug Harbor vs. Atchison Ac Keller.
Fairlawn No. 1. 5:30.
Springfield vs. Union Printers. West
Ellipse. 5:30.
Walter Reed Girls Sweep
Shawnee Swimming Meet
By the Associated Press
Pa., June 14.—Walter Reed
swimmers, National AAU cham
pions from Washington, D. C„
scored a ckan sweep of first
places in the women’s events of
the sixth annual Shawnee In
vitation swimming champion
ships yesterday at Shawnee Inn
and Country Club here.
Shelly Mann, 16-year-old hold
er of five national titles, and
Wanda Werner each established
new records in winning one event
and swimming on the winning
Walter Reed medley relay team.
The Walter Reed club represeted
the South Atlantic District AAU
in the meet.
The Middle Atlantic District
team scored top honors in the
men’s competition.
Miss Mann set a new Middle
Atlantic District mark for the
120-yard backstroke which she
won in 1:24.4, breaking the old
mark of 1:28.6 set by Mary Free
man of the same team last year.
Wanda Werner set a new record
in the 120-yard freestyle, being
clocked in 1:16.3, one-tenth sec
ond faster the record made by
Miss Mann last year.
Laurel Graded Handicap
Monday, June 14. Daily Double, 8:20. Post Time, 8:30 P.M.
FIRST RACE—Purse. *800; trot;
class C; 1 mile.
5. The Jtelunee (Adams) 6-2
8. linnah (J. Smith) 7-2
1. Off Key (Eyler) 4-1
2. Graphite (Ferry) 6-1
6. Real Cloud i Burton) 6-1
3. btlnky (Workman) r 12-1
4. ’nnce Norris (Myer) 10-l
Also e'ieible— . . , - ,
Excellent Colby (Amatol 8-1
SECOND RACE —Purse. S 800; pace;
class CC; 1 mile. - „
5. Alton Patch (Riddick) 6-2
6. Sheo York (WUcutta) 4-1
7. Mr. Alloway (Kelhr) 6-1
2. Mighty Gal (Wathen) 6-1
4. Card Trick (Hubbard) 6-1
1. Freddy Chief (Truex) g-l
« Voiitatlon (Belote) —----- 8-1
8 Clever Directum (Fleming) l2-1
Al *°Jaoe lb Maiesty (Henderson) 15-1
Rory Frisco (Hungerford) 16-1
Longsbot Daily Double —GRAPHITE and
THIRD RACE —Purse. $800; trot;
class C; 1 mile. . -
5 King 3rew (Dixon) 5-2
4. Apnle Count (Oakley) -- ri g--
2. Laurellte Hanover (Bre nem n) 6-1
1. John'e McElwyn (Cummilord)- 6-1
T Colby Eden (Hayes) 6-1
8. Jesse ChishoUn (Herrineer) «-l
6 Mis« Lafayette (Walters) 10-1
7. Sbakertown (Fleming) 12-1
Alsi eligible— , - .
Rapid Hanover (Belote) - 6-1
FOURTH RACE—Purse *2.250; 2-
«ear-olds; EC No. 6; the Estwood (first
division): 1 mile. _ .
1. a Great Water (Arthur) B-5
6 a Reed’s Knight (No driver) - 8-5
8 '•Jlgl-ty Heather (Wathen. lr.). 3-1
4. Oyp«v Gal 'Eyler) 4-1
5 Adios Jimmy (Oalentine) 6-1
7 Seattle Norris (Bell) 6-1
3. Homestretch Justy (Kelly) l5-1
4. . V'ldwood Scott (Riddick) 20-1
aJ. Arthur Stable entry.
FIFTH RACE—Purse. *2.250: Pace;
2-year-olds, EC No. 6: the Eetwood
(second division); 1 mile.
7. Irish (Eyler i . - f-6
1 Miss Chief Forbes (Cox) 4-1
4. Senator Byrd (Arthur) 5-1
6. Pansy Chief (Stoklev) 6-1
6 Chuck Lybrook 'Wathen) 6-1
2. Monette Hanover (Bell) 8-1
.3. Jo* Hoxwood (Thompson) l5-1
SIXTH RACE—Purse. $3,000: trot;
class EC No. 7; the Annapolis: 1
"s!*Empire Hanover (Sheppard).. 8-5
8 Toni Darnlev (Carter) 4-1
High Gun's Chances Lessened
If Chicago Races Decide Title
By th* Associated Press
NEW YORK, June 14.—1 f it is
going to take the races in the
Chicago area to settle the 3-
year -old championship, High
Gun may not be a strong con
tender for the distances of the
Arlington Classic and American
Derby don’t seem great enough
for the King Ranch’s Belmont
Stakes winner.
High Gun, a son of Heliopolis,
entered the title picture Satin
day with his victory over Fisher
man in the mile-and-a-half Bel
mont Stakes. And the Texas
owned colt needed all of the Bel
mont’s distance to get up in time
for the victory.
The King Ranch colt is eligible
for the SIOO,OOO-added Arlington
Classic and the equally endowed
American Derby at Washington
Park. Hasty Road, winner of the
Preakness after running second
to Determine in the Kentucky
Derby, already is on the grounds
awaiting two rich races. And
Potomac Sailors Big Winners
In South River Club Regatta
By Malcolm Lamborne, Jr.
Special Correspondent of The Star
EDGEWATER. Md., June 14.
Potomac River skippers- won
most of the silverware in three
classes of the South River Yacht
Club’s second annual regatta,
which wound up here yesterday
in a moderate easterly that
brought all boats home in good
Jack Fordyce of Potomac Riv
er Sailing Association, in win
ning the thistle-class top prize
in his Witch Woman, joined two
Chesapeake Bay sailors in mak
ing it three-all for the regatta.
A double-header was run off
Saturday, and the windup came
yesterday morning.
The other three-time winners
were Dr. Stewart Walker of In
dian Landing Boat Club, pen
guins, and Pete Geis of Pasa
dena Sailing Association, na
tional one-designs.
The Potomac River sweep in
the thistle class was completed
with a second in points for Bill
Harwood, sailing Jimcap, and a
third for D. H. Pattison-Knight
in Tumble Weed.
Bill Rushlow of Columbia
Yacht Club took top prize in the
Snipes with his Pursuit. Don
Graham in Phantasy also of
Columbia, who was leading on
points until yesterday, dropped
to third, while Harry Levinson,
another Columbian, was second
in Blue Devil.
The Comet class was even more
scrambled, but despite a fifth
place yesterday, Bobby Orme of
Corinthia Yacht Club came out
on top in his Blue Water n.
Richard Dent of Potomac River
S. A. in Tidal Wave received a
second place prize. Tommy
Lucke of Corsica River Yacht
Club took a third and thereby
stopped a clean sweep for Wash
Billy Direct
(For Monday.)
1— Jinnah, The Refugee, Off
2 Mighty Gal, Card Trick,
Afton Patch.
3 Laurelite Hanover, King
Brew, Colby Eden.
4 J. Arthur entry. Mighty
Heather, Gypsy Oal.
5 IRISH, Chuck Lybrook, Miss
Chief Forbes.
6 Empire Hanover, Irene Gal
lon, My Mary M. Dillon.
7 Maxine’s Kitty, L. T. Eden,
8— Mac Brewer, Top Rosecroft,
Volo Majesty.
Longshot Daily Double—REAL
1 Irene Gallon (Nelson) 6-1
2. My Mary M Dillon (Cum’ford) 6-1
3 Lee Gallon (Belote) 8-1
6. Phyllis Worthy (Adams) 12-1
7. Hoot Key (CowgiUl 12-1
4 Birthday Special (Clukey) . 20-1
BEVENTH RACE—Purse. $1,000; pace;
class BB: 1 mile
5. L. I Bden (Eyler) 2-1
2. Maxine s Kitty (Belotel 3-1
3 Air.rican Direct (Clukey) 5-1
4 Lucky Fingo (Redlker) 6-1
7. Shamrock Bennie <Btokley) 6-1
1. Bermuda (Davla) 8-1
6. Misa Me L (COx) ... 12-1
EIGHTH RACE—Purse. $900: pace;
class B: 1 mile.
2 Homestretch Joy (Hubbard).. 2-1
3. Volo Majesty (Wood) 5-2
4 Mac Brewer (Walters) 4-1
5 Stewart’s Dream (Myer) 6-1
6. Top Rosecroft (Arthur) 6-1
1. Peerless Grattan (Stafford)— 16-1
Best bet—IRISH In 6th.
there have been reports that
Andy Crevolin will ship Deter
mine from California for the two
rich stakes.
The Classic is at a mile, a dis
tance that is right down Hasty
Road’s alley. The American
Derby’s distance of a mile and
one-eighth also appears more to
the liking of Hasty Road and
Determine than to the plodding
High Gun.
Outside of showing that High
Oun will be tough to handle in
the really long races, the Bel
mont proved Correlation is out
of championship consideration
and that Porterhouse, 1953 juve
nile champion, is little more
than a top-notch sprinter.
Neither had an excuse in the
Belmont. Correlation, again
made the favorite with Eddie
Arcaro handling the reins, and
Porterhouse both were up with
the leaders for a mile or so. But
Correlation wound up a badly
beaten fifth and Porterhouse was
ninth in the field of 13.
ington skippers in this popular
Other first-place winners were
W. B. Cecil’s Cygnet, Annapolis
Hampton One-Designs; Karl
Statters’ America, West River
Chesapeake 20s; Hugh Wallis’
Shark, West River Chesapeake
Linda Youngs of Old Dominion
Boat Club, sailing Rebel, earned
a second place trophy in the
Prizes were awarded at the
clubhouse by Commodore Bus
Grubbs. Sixty boats sailed dur
ing the two days, the Chesa
peake’s first sanctioned small
boat regatta of the year.
Clearing of Bench Fails
To Thwart Little Creek
Umpire Charlie Wagner
cleared the bench of Little
Creek (Va.) Amphib players
yesterday at Pullen Field but
he didn’t do as complete a job
as he might have in the opinion
of Fort Belvoir partisans.
After warning the visitors
about remarks shouted at the
officials, Wagner tossed out all
the non-playing Amphibious
Base players except the relief
pitchers in the third inning. One
of these, Eddie Gilman, later
throttled a Belvoir rally that
could have kept the Engineers
from losing a 7-5 decision to the
The Engineers are host to the
FBI sandlot team tomorrow
night at 8 o’clock.
Three U. S. Women Win
In Queen's Club Tennis
By th* Associated Press
LONDON, June 14. Three
members of America’s victorious
Wightman Cup team won open
ing matches today in the
Queen’s Club tennis tournament.
Mrs. Margaret Osborne duPont
of Wilmington, Del., the team
captain, defeated Mrs. A. H.
Thomas of Britain, 6—l, 6—3.
Shirley Fry of Akron, Ohio, won
over Edda Buding of Argentina,
6—l, 6—o. Louise Brough of
Beverly Hills, Calif., defeated
Mrs. O. Walter of Britain,
6—3, 6—3.
Misses Fry and Brough ad
vanced to the third round after
getting opening byes.
In another second - round
match, Barbara Bradley of Reno,
Nev., defeated Betty Whitmore
of England, 6—3, 6—l.
Silver Hill Nine Loses
Silver Hill, current fourth-place
team in the Industrial League,
came home from Charles Town,
W. Va., yesterday after an 8-7
defeat at the hands of the
Charles Town American Legion
Post No. 21.
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So THot
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Our food Service and
/ // *~\ Atmosphere
-W eLk4(i*L<A
1359 Conn, ft Ye.
Neot Dupont Circle
Spartan Nine Seeks
Berth in NCAA Finals
By fha Associated Press
OMAHA, June 14.—Michigan
State and Missouri, two of tha
“bigs” in the NCAA college base
ball world series here, tangle to
night to see who plays Rollins
College, one at the smallest ever
to get to the tourney, tomorrow
night for the championship.
All three teams now have
tourney records of 3-1. The
meet is a double elimination af
They were bunched up when
Michigan State edged Rollins,
3-2, in 10 Innings last nigßt. and
Missouri ousted Oklahoma A.
and M.. 7-3. Saturday night
Rollins had clipped Michigan
State, 5-4, with a two-run last
of-the-ninth rally.
In beating the tough Tars of
Rollins, referred to jokingly by
Coach Joe Justice as his little
boys (most of them are shorties)
in tattered togs, Michigan State’s
Big Ten champions got a double
helping of revenge.
They not only evened the
score in games at 1-1 with Rol
lins, but they beat Pitcher Don
Tauscher, who had trimmed
them Saturday night. Inciden
tally, Missouri had a double rea
son to want to whip Michigan
State. First is that it would get
the Missourians a title game
shot and second—it was Rollins
that handed them their one de
feat, 4-1.
Perky Cullinane Gets
Hole-in-One at WGCC
Perky Cullinane, the District’s
outstanding junior golf star be
fore he entered Georgetown Uni
versity, made a hole-in-one to
day in a practice round for the
Washington G&CC Invitation
tournament. It was on the ninth
Cullinane was playing with his
brother, Leo. jr. (Sonny), and
another brother. Chick, was
caddying. He had a two-under
par 68 for the round. It was
his first ace.
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