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Congressional Gains
First Leg on Trophy
With Swimming Win
Congressional Country Club’s
swimming team, coached by Jim
Campbell, today boasted its first
leg on the trophy emblematic of
victory in the annual quadrangu
lar meet involving Congressional,
Columbia. Chevy Chase and
Before a large gallery at Con
gressional last night, the host
club scored 77 points against 51
for Columbia, thp defending
champion. Kenwood had 47 V 2
points and Chevy Chase 44 Y 2.
The victory preserved a clean
slate for Congressional which
had won four dual meets.
In relay races between parents,
the Chevy Chase mothers beat
Congressional, but the Congres
sional fathers squared matters
with a victory. Kenwood and
Columbia trailed in both conr
(loe-Foot Freestyto)
8-and-undor—X. Harr lion Slaughter
(Cone.); 2. Timmy Miller (Cel.); 3.
George Damon (K): 4. John Bean <CC).
10-ana-under—X. Steve Carpenter
(Cone.); 2. John MeConnaugher (CC):
3. Brook* Channlng (Col.); 4. Tom
Talbott <K).
12-and-under—l. Garry Hobelmann
et); 2. Bill Birgfeld (Cong.); 3. Jyn
yhre (CC); 4. Dennig Miller (Col.).
, 14-and-under—l. (tie) Bobby Bring
(Cong.) and Carl MacCartee (CoU;
8. (tie) Ned MeLaan (CC) and Don
Jansen (K).
_ XS-and-under—l. Jim Proctor (CC):
2. Jack Francis (Cong.); 3. Dick
Krautsberg (K): 4. Tom Bdmonston
(too-Foot Freestyle)
Unlimited—l. joe_Sears (CC); 2. Jim
Davidson (Col.): 3. Tom Moran (Cong.):
4. Gary Farmer (K).
.. (400-yard relays.)
12-and-under—l. Chevy Chase (Larry
Bcker. M. Johnson. Jim Proctor and
Joe Scars: 2. Congressional; 8. Colum
bia: 4. Kenwood.
Unlimited—l. Kenwood (Gerry Hob
elmann. Danny Hill. John Bohraus and
Paul Norris): 2. Congressional; 8. Co
lumbia: 4 Chevy Chase.
(100-Foot Freeetyle)
„ 8-and-under—l. Susie Gardner (OC):
2. Jeanne Laymond (Col.): 3. Linda
Gallagher (Cong.); 4. Carol Warner (X).
• 10-and-under—l. Kay MacCartee
(Cot); h Teresa Slaughter (Cong.): 3.
PhylUs Gaither (K): 4. Mary Beale (CC).
12-and-under—l. Lee HUdabrand (K):
2. Janet Gallagher (Cong.): 3. Nancy
Proctoe (CC); 4. Carol Shannon (Col ).
lf-and-uhder—l. Bally Breeder
(Cong.): 2. Stacel Lamond (Col.): 3.
«ki Mousan (K): 4. Bben Burnside
(2M-Faat Freestyle)
18-andeunder—l. Anarea Anderson
(Cong.): 2. Brenda Diet* (K): 3. Caro
lina MacCartee (Col.): 4. Margrey Fer
guson (CO.
&S If®*
12-and-under —l. Congressional
(Janet Gallagher. Pat Given. Teresa
Slaughter and Kathy Boeglen); 2. Co
lumbia: 3 Kenwood; 4. Chevy Chase.
Unlimited—l. Congressional (Andrea
Anderson. Audrey Cunningham, Terry
ft n a?T o fee > nM L : 11 ; B^r) Chi,. ColUm -
Boys' Club Quintet
Beats Auto City, 68-55
Bob Kessler scored 21 points
to lead the Boys Club of Wash
ington to a 68-55 Victory over
Auto City in a game played yes
terday in the unlimited division
of the Boys Club of Washington
Bummer Basketball League.
In the limited division, Friend
ship beat Chevy Chase Mer
chants. Lew Luce of Friendship
was high scored with 16.
Minor Leagues
By the Associated Pross
Hollywood. 11; Portland, 0.
Los Angeles. 6; Ban Diego. 2.
San Francisco, 4; Sacramento. 1.
Oakland. 2—6; Beattie. I—7.
Montreal. 4; Ottawa. 2.
Rochester. 6; Richmond, 8.
Toronto. (I; Havana. 2.
Only games schedulde.
Louisville. 7—B; Charleston. I— 9.
Kansas City, S: St. Paul, 6.
Columbus. 6; Toledo. 2.
. Indianapolis. 6; Minneapolis. 4 (10 tu
Ban Antonio. 9—6; Houston. B—4.
Oklahoma City. 3: Dallas. 2.
Shreveport. 8: Beaumont, 7.
Fort Worth. 13; Tulsa. 5.
Mobile. 10—0; AUanta. 4—6.
New (Vleans. 26; Birmingham. 12.
Little Rock. 3; Chattanooga. 0.
Memphis. 11; Nashville. 6.
Lincoln. 4; Sioux City. 2.
Pueblo. 8—13: Colorado Springs. 9—T.
Des Moines. 8: Omaha, 0.
Only games scheduled.
Binghamton. 2—2; Allentown, o—l.
Albany, 2: Wilkes-Barre, 1.
Schenectady. 0; Williamsport. S.
Elmira. 9: Reading. 6.
Montgomery, 0—0; Columbua, o—4.
Augusta, 6—B; Macon. 4—4.
Savannah. 6; Jacksonville, 3.
Only games scheduled.
Hagerstown. 6; York. 4 (11 Innings).
Lynchburg. 7; Lancaster. 0.
Newport News. 2; Norfolk. 0.
_ Portsmouth, 14; CH-Petersburg. IS
(10 Innings).
- »MMte ■
Air Feree Skoda 193
Military Uniforma and
Ribbon* and Madats
Expertly Adjusted
Toko up to
1342 G Street N.W.
ST. 3-6253
Free forking at Capitol Garage
and 1416 F Street
Wetkingtee • Qaoetie*
Deeaeaeto A fkllltl
renMCOis w wipw vitnsn
Just About the hottest thing
in fishing anywhere nearby
these days is the marlin run off
Ocean City, Md. It appears that
this may be
another of r
those record illiH
years, judging JK
from the
numbers of
fish sighted
and caught. *
John E. Lar- * * f||
son and Loth- i/;
rop Luttrell of
this city, fish- MH -
ing with Capt, I
Hank Dohr- ti * ; ;
man on the mm
8010 .Jr. this
past week end, BIU
landed seven fish. Larson caught
four, releasing all of them. Lut
trell caught three, releasing two
and keeping one over 80 pounds.
A. Burks Summers, Paul Sum
mers, Jr., and Bill Fitzgerald,
fishing with Ned Burnham on
the “Won’t Cha Bite,” caught
• v ,' v-
You just know '
She’s got it!
v >?*■.%* -Sr M*; - yßu, «»* VW* wHk
*%§ k 1
- Wmm b \ hl Bag
WmM wm
■Wm mHH ■Hf MB ■HnSHnIK
and you just know '■
Gunther’s got it!
One look at her—and the feeling hits you as suddenly, as positively as the sweep of a big breaker.
You can’t put it into words. You can’t say exactly why. But one thing is sure. She’s got itl
You’ll go overboard for Gunther that way,-too. One happy get|
together lays the whole story right on the line—Gunthers got it!
There’s something special about Gunther’s taste that really adds up.
Past all talking and describing, here is a beer with taste the way you vunmsik
want it. So delicious—so delightful. Try a glass of Gunther soon. See if A CC n *
you don’fagree—Gunther gives premium pleasure. Gunther's got it! ffCCIf »
(VAots Me good wont ?
AriA A * I *
With IB Uttek
r four fish and released all of
’ them.
! One interesting and pleasing
i feature of the marlin fishing this
, season is the relatively great.
[ numbers of fish caught and re
i leased. On the above mentioned
| boats alone, 10 out of 11 fish
caught were released. While this
ratio does not apply In every
: case, nevertheless sportsmen who
| fish for these fine fighters are
\ finding it is more fun to catch
I them and then let them go. This
| is evidence of ’a growing sense
I of sportsmanship on the part of
I many anglers and boat captains,
I and Is highly commendatory.
1 Only by releasing the marlin
caught can the propagation of
. the species continue to furnish
’ more sport.
*v * *
* Chesapeake Bay fishing;over
. the week end continued about
• as usual. Chumming seems to be
, tbe most productive method of
i taking rockfish as well as some
; other species. While the trol
ling has been good at times, the
fish are raising so early In the
morning that most anglers Just
won’t get up earfr enough to
reach the feeding grounds before
Bob Olson of Silver Sprihg,
Md., Mrs. Tolson and Mr. and
Mrs. James O. Lueas had ex
cellent sport chumming for rock
fish near Sharps Island Light
last week end with Capt. Jerome
King, who docks at the Rod 77
Reel Club at Chesapeake Beach.
They used spinning tackle with
bobbers, fishing about eight feet
below the corks, and caught
their fill of rockfish running up
to three and a half pounds. In
cidentally, the Silver Spring
Chapter of the Izaak •Walton
League, of which Tolson Is sec
retary, starts Its annual carnival
in Silver Spring next Monday.
• • • *
If we ever thought we were
an expert angler, those educated
bass in the small pond Gn the
farm of Bethesda-Chevy Chase
Ike Waltonians have surely de
flated our ego. We’ve worked
them over more than once and
only yesterday succeeded In
oatching a keeper-sized fish. Wo
can catch Muegills in all slaw,
and small baas, bat the larger
of the latter species defy all our
strategy In the use of artificial
lures. We’re beginning to think
a good gob of night crawlers is
the only solution.
And speaking of ponds, the
Woodmont Country Club will
play host next Monday to nearly
a thousand of the men In nearby
service hospitals who have been
wounded in the service of our
country. Among the entertain
ments offered them will be fish
ing in the well stocked ponds on
the club’s property. Hie Armed
Services Hospitality Committee,
under Mrs. William Galvin, will
have charge of the men. Mrs.
Galvin tells us that about 100
fishing outfits will be needed for
the occasion—rods and reels,
hooks and perhaps gn assort
ment of plugs for those who arc
able to do a little casting. A
few sinkers of the split shot
variety and some bobbers would
help, us any of our readers
would like to contribute some
tackle to the occasion, call Mrs.
Fights Last Night
MUig BgACH. Fl*—Joey Klein,
aMrasstf“BsrioT“ °"-
163. Brooklyn, 8.
DETROIT.—AI»n Kennedy. 142(4.
OAKLAND. CaUt.—Charier Powell,
213(4, San Diego, knocked oat Rocky
Janes, 179. Chester, Fa.. 1.
RICHMOND.. Calif.—Ruben Hernan
des, 160, San Francisco, knocked out
Bannr Omen, 167, Eureka, Calif;, 3.
Galvin before Monday at Re
public 7-4104.
** * *
Occasional taylor blues are be
ing caught by anglers chumming
for rockfish, the latest, we’ve
heard, by a party fishing last
week with Capt. George Willing
while chumming off Cedar Point.
These are only singles and small
fish, but usually the forerunners
of schools to come. Because of
lack of rainfall, tbe bay is good
and saline with lots of bait fish
ami we hope that some of the
larger blueflsh pay it a visit
within the next few weeks.
v THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C
* C-5

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