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• THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
nonuAt. biowki so. ism
Topics of Sabbath
Sermons Announced
For Tomorrow
Sermon topics for Sabbath
services in Washington area
synagogues and temples tomor
row were announced today.
Rabbi Arthur Talmadge will
deliver a sermon "On New Year’s
Eve—Prospect and Retrospect”
during tomorrow’s sabbath eve
services of Congregation Har
The services at the synagogue,
12207 Georgia avenue. Silver
Spring, Md., will start at t pm.
Congregation Shomrai Emu
nah, 6417 Kansas avenue NJE.,
Will conduct its services at 4:30
pm. In addition the congrega
tion announced the start of daily
morning services at 6:30 am. in
the Chillum Castle, Riggs and
Chillum roads, Chillum. Md.
Other services tomorrow, at
6:30 pm. unless otherwise speci
fied, are:
WuklMtM Hebrew Cencreestlen.
Meefschuietti avenue end Macomb
etreet N.W.—Dr. Hugo B. B«hiff. assist
ant rabbi, on "The Glory of American
B'aaJ Israel Centreeatiea. Sixteenth
and Crittenden streets NW.— Rabbi
aga»i£ ,, Wi
.J:^T.£rJ. , sr. , *w% && JSi
services at 1401 Buelid street j? w
Rabbi Harry Stlverstone. es Ttfereth
Israel Conaretation will conduct an
open forum _
Tew el* Sinai. 1835 Jefferson place
N.W —Joshua Kgelson will conduct the
Temple EaMnael, 9410 Georgia ave
nue. Silver Sprint, Md.. will hold its
services In St. Paul's Methodist Church.
Orubb road and Colston drive, one block
aouth of East-West hiahway
Afadas Aehhn Centresstlon. 1400 Rus
sell road. Alexandria. Va.—Rabbi Harry
Z Sky. on "1054 the Senior Speaks to
1955 the Junior." at 8:18 p.m. ,
Lsnslev Hebrew Concrexatlaa, 8311
save 1 /4 or more on remnants 1
Many at Reductions of 'A or Mora. Remnant Day Merchandise, on Sato Friday Morning at 9:30, is not returnable or exchangeable, 11
not sent C.O.D. or on approval; mail or phoae orders not accepted. Some era soiled, marred, damaged, or otherwise imperfect. p
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h! C, 100 pair ofLemen's goloshes witk Cuban or 100 WMI toq.CM* ***ko« MnlitMW. WWto, mo« SSRi 7% 59. • cook aoOmkUy stylo* io o rorioty of pottorM
low hoolA Black only. Sines 4to 10. green-Ar red. Ist quality or irsegulars. Were 5.99, . w 4M sixes Ato D p
Down StaiTstara, Womans Sheas now _3-«. 1 3.99 Stfrry, HO IHOII Os pllOfte OrdfrS * Down Stoirs Store, Man’s FudWkhings
Down Stoirs Store, Sportswear Down Stairs Store, Linens ond Bedding, North Building »■
Whistle Shut Off
After SO Years on
Job in Martinsburg
30.—The stocking company
stesun whistle, which has roused
thousands of persons here for
more than half a century and
provided a time guide for their
clocks, has been stilled.
'The management today an
nounced discontinuance of the
signals for changing shifts be
cause, it said, it had apparently
exhausted its usefuiness and
some people objected to it.
The notice said;
“You may wonder why the
whistle did not blow this morn
, "Over the years practices
change. The whistle has become
of less and less importance in
marking the beginning and end
of shifts. It is a disturbing noise
to the people living in the vicin
ity of the mill. For these reasons
we have decided to try doing
without it. If there is a definite
need for such a signal, we may
extend the use of bells at the
entrances and in the depart
Old Btadensbur* rood. Silver Spring, Md.
Herbert Horowlu. on "For Stretches the
Horizon” at S p.m.
Beth El Referee Cenxrecstien. SUfl
North Washington street. Alexandria. Va.
—Rabbi Emmet A. Frank will conduct
the services.
Congregation Beth El of Montgomery
County. 8215 Old Georgetown road,
Bethesda—Harlan Hurwltz will conduct
the service.
Montgomery County Jewish Commu
nity. ‘JPttl East-West highway. Chevy
Chase, Md.—Rabbi Tzvi H. Perath, on
"In Lieu of a Sermon."
Thousands to Greet New Year
At Watch-Night Services
Thousands of Washington res
idents and visitors will hail the
coming year at New Year's eve
watch-night services tomorrow
in churches at the District area
Dr. E. Stanley Jones, noted
missionary and author, will
speak at the il p.m. service in
Calvary Methodist Church. 1459
Columbia road N.W. The wor
ship will be preceded by a pro
gram of colored slides Dr. Rob
ert H. Bogue, of the National
Bureau of Standards, took dur
ing a recent trip to Switzerland
and Italy. This program will
start at 6 p.m., and will be
followed by a fellowsnip hour
at 10:15 p.m.
Mount Vernon Place Metho
dist Church, 900 Massachusetts
avenue N.W., has been chosen
as one of the Methodist churches
throughout the Nation to hold
a 24-hour "Prayer for Peace
Vigil.” starting at 6 p.m. to
morrow and continuing until 6
pm. Saturday. Members of the
church will be praying in the
chapel continuously through the
24-hour period.
Dr. Dale Crowley, local radio
evangelist, in co-operation with
the Northern Virginia Youth for
Christ group, will conduct a
watch-night service from 11 pm.
to 1 am. over Station WEAM
The following are among the
churches to hold watch-night
services New Year’s eve:
First Baptist, in the Church
of the Holy City, 1611 Sixteenth
street N.W. Dr. Edward Hughes
Pruden will conduct the candle
light communion service. 11 p.m.
Chevy Chase Baptist, 5671
Western avenue N.W. Dr. Edward
O. Clark will officiate at a con
secration service. 11 pm.
Congress Heights Baptist,
Esther and Brothers places S-E.
The watch-night service will
start at 9 pm.
Fountain Memorial Baptist.
2214 Naylor road SJE. Fellowship
hour will start at 9 pm., with
the service at 11 pm-
First Cengregatioiial, Tenth
and G streets N.W.—Dr Carl
Heath Kopf on "Begin Again”
at the 11:30 pm. service.
St. John’s Episcopal. Lafay
ette square—Watch night serv
ice at 11:30 p.m.
Christ Episcopal, 620 G street
S.E.—Holy communion service
at 11:30 p.m. New Year’s Day
holy communkm service at 10
Luther Place Memorial, Thom
as circle—Dr. Walter B. Freed
on “Holding Hands with God”
at traditional watch night serv
ice. 11 pm. ’
Augustana Lutheran, V street
and New Hampshire avenue N.W.
The moving picture “To Every
Creature” will be shown at the
9 pm. worship. The Rev. Clar
ence T. Nelson will speak at the
11:15 pm. St. Sylvester commun
ion service.
Faith Lutheran, Arlington Va.
—New Year’s eve. vesper service
at 8 p.m.
Trinity Lutheran-Mount Rain
ier, Thirtieth street and Bunker
Hill road, Mount Rainier, Md.—
The Rev. W. H. Kohn will con
duct the services at 8 p.m.
Bethany Lutheran, Groveton,
Va.—The Rev. John Graudin on
“God’s Promises and Our Proa- [
ises” at 8 pm.
Bethlehem, 1610 T street SR.—
Vicar Donald Prooge will preach
at 8 pm. t
Falls Church (Va.) Lutheran—
The Rev Gerald E. Kuhn will]
preach at 8 pm.
Our Savior Lutheran, Arling
ton—The Rev. Paul M. Kavaacb ;
will preach at • pm. holy com
munion service.
First Trinity, Fourth and E
streets N.W.—The Rev. H. B.
Roepe will speak at 8 pm. holy,
communion service.
Pilgrim, Westgato, Md.—The;
Rev. Enno K- Lohrmsnn wifi
speak at 8 pm. ' j
Greenbelt (M 4.) Lutheran— I
The Rev. Edward Birner will s
speak at 8 pm. holy communion
Immanuel Lutheran, Alex-
e e
e e
e Dance Musie By o
a end his orchestra , a
2 featuring J
2 and 2
S Bob Norman
• Recording Star •
e • e
a e
2 Make your New Year’s Eve reservations now! 2
2 Call Mr. Robert at Executive 3-1000
e e
e e
e •
f andria, Va.—The Rev. Willner D.
! Mensing will speak at 8 pm.
Asceiuien Lutheran, Landover
Hills, Md.—The Rev# Henry C.
I Sehroeder on “Abide Qh Dearest
Jesus” at 8 pm. I
Christ Lutheran,
and Gallatin streets it.W.—The
Rev.. William Bruening will
preach at thf 8:15 pm. holy
communion service.
Calvary Lutheran, Silver
Spring—The Rev. wqfter H.
Moeller will preach at i gun.
Meant Olivet, 1308 Vermont
avenue N.W—The Rev. William
Schiebei will conduct at U:45
p.m. service. , =
Foundry Methodist, Sixteenth
l and P streets N.W.—The‘tradi
[ tional watch-night service will
be held at U:l3 pm. Dr, Fred
erick Brown Harris is paator.
Lewis Memorial Methodist,
Fourth and Hamilton streets
N.W.—A candlelight silent com
munion service at 8:15 pm.
Marvin Memorial Methodist,
Silver Spring—New Year’s eve
program will start at 7:30 pm.
with a moving picture. “The En
chanted Forest.” The Rev.
Franklin Paul Harris will give
the meditation at the 11:16 pm.
Bethesda (Mi.) Methodist—A
family night service will be held
starting at I pm. The- Rev.
Marion S. Michael will conduct
the devotional service at 11:80
Arlington (Va.) Moibodist—
Through Doc, 31st Only
Entire Stock
REDUCED 331/3%
Do your own prico cutting . , .
Deduct V 3 from Regular Price
All Sales Cmah and Final
716 11th St. N.W., Bit. 6 and H Sts., RE. 7-9732
Wt Slenderise the Larger Woman
The Rev. Harry Warden Back
hus. 111. will deliver the message
at 11 p.m.
Graham Read Methodist. Fails
Church—The Rev. Walter S.
Green on “Someone on the Road
Ahead" at the U pm. service.
/ First Naaarene Church, Six
teenth and Webster streets N.W.
—The Rev. William C. AUahouse
will speak at the 10:30 pm.
Green Valley Presbyterian,
5090 Dixon street S.E.—A candle
light worship at 11 pm., with
the Rev. Robert E. Hook. Lu
theran minister, bringing the

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