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Or. Sheppard's Father Dies
/ / Days After Wife's Suicide
Special Guard Placed 1
On Son; Bail Refused
By Appellate Court
By Iks Associated *>•»>
CLEVELAND. Jen. 19.—The
father of Dr. Samuel Sheppard
died test night ht Bay View Hos
pital of a respiratory ailment.
Two brothers of Dr. Sheppard,
who was convicted of killing his
pregnant wife Marilyn, said
their father, Dr. Richard A.
Sheppard, 64, “lost his will to
live” after the suicide of his wife
11 days ago.
Dr. Samuel Sheppard, who has
been sentenced to life imprison
ment, was kept in a special ob
servation cell today while guards
at county jail maintained close
1 In another development in the
" —AP Wlreohoto. j
case, an Appellate Court denied i
ball to Dr. Sheppard this mom- j i
The three-judge court held;;
that no person convicted of a :
crime punishable by life impri- :
sonment is bailable under State i
Meanwhile, Judge Harry A. i
Hanna, the presiding jurist in :
Criminal Court, told a reporter j
he probably would grant Dr j
Sheppard permission to attend !
his father’s funeral. The judge j
said he could not make a defi- j
nite statement on what he would ]
decide, since Dr. Sheppard’s at- i
tomeys have not yet made that \
request. Dr. Sheppard was j l
granted permission to attend his j
mother’s funeral.
Just a tew days ago Dr. Shep- ;
pard, who is appealing his con- ;
viction, had been returned to bis
regular cell. He had been under i
observation since January 7,
when his mother shot herself in j
the head.
Brothers Bring Word.
Jailers said Dr. Sheppard, 31, |
appeared to know something |
was wrong last night as soon as I
he was brought to the jail’s vis- i
iting room and saw his two l
brothers. Dr. Richard N. and Dr. |
Stephen, and their wives. j
Dr. Richard said to him: “You f
must know why we are here.” f
Quietly he added: “Dad |
passed away tonight.”
Dr. Sheppard sobbed, his head 1
in his hands.
The brothers and their wives |
spent 15 minutes with the pris- |
oner. They had come to the jail I
directly from the Bay View Os- 1
teopathic Hospital where the i
elder Dr. Sheppard was chief of
The son of a Methodist min
ister, Dr. Richard Sheppard was
bora at Fostoria, Ohio. His
father had a pastorate in Paris.
111., In 1815, when he met and
N-y I k* rJThI
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gram includes Ct. A coaching j
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13th Or P NA 1-1748 J j
married Ethel Leah Mites, a
school teacher.
Founded Hospital.
After some yean of practice
in Fayetteville, N. C„ ami Upper
Sandusky, Ohio, Dr. Sheppard
came to Cleveland around 1928.
In 1935 he founded what later
became the Bay View Hospital
He was a former president of the
National Osteopathic Hospital
Association, and the American
College of Osteopathic Surgeons.
The elder Dr. Sheppard bore i
most of the burden of the hospi- j
tal's surgical work during the!
more than nine weeks his young-,
est son was on trial, accused of
clubbing to death his 31-year-!
»old wife, Marilyn, as she lay in '
bed July 4. His other sons were
at the courthouse daily.
During the trial the elder
doctor became ill. He was in ;
the hospital December 21 when
his son was convicted of second- i
degree murder and sentenced to j i
life imprisonment.
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Ex-Senator Cooper to Work
On Southwest Redevelopment
Former Senator John Sher
man Cooper, Republican, of
Kentucky, recently nominated by
President Eisenhower as Ambas
sador to India, has been retained
by William Zeckendorf in con
nection with proposed redevelop
ment of Southwest Washington.
The announcement was made
in New York late yesterday by
Mr Zeckendorf’s construction
firm of Webb ft Knapp. A local
representative mid today that
the agreement is actually with
Mr. Cooper's Washington tew
firm of Gardner, Morrison ft
However, the spokesman said,
Mr. Cooper is expected to devote
his personal efforts to the proj
ect for a general rebuilding of
the Southwest redevelopment
area for about six weeks before
he leaves for India.
• ! In the meantime the Rede
-11 velopment Land Agency yester- j
[ day gave Mr. Zeckendorf an'
| extra six months to complete
■ final plans for rebuilding the
- Southwest.
Under this memorandum the
agency agreed to assist Webb ft
’ Knapp and not offer for sale
any land in Area C in South-;
‘ west without the fern’s consent.
, RLA Chairman John A. Remon
, informally polled the member
, ship at a morning meeting
and found it favorably inclined
' to the extension.
: John R. Searles, executive di- j
. i rector of the agency, explained
r | this was being done at the re- |
t; quest of Webb ft Knapp.
;! Definite plans from the firm:
are due March 15. '
THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
( DEGREE Coursßt in: |
ii / Spring Torat Bogins January 31rt /
| ) Approved for Veterans • Korean and World War II l
i ( Register today! Writ* or gkoM far furthar information (
! j and catalog. Call NArianal 8-2668 NOW! )
.^ 6 j
* A-23

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