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Wife of Sputh Carolina Senator
Mrs. Thurmond Likes
To See Famous Faces
ly Harriet French
A young slip of * girl opened
the door of the Thurmond’s
apartment in the Woodner.
She was tall and slender with
Mg brown eyes and smooth
brown hair. She was 28-year
eld Mrs. Strom Thurmond, wife
of the newly elected Senator
from South Carolina.
A delicious odor came from
the kitchen. “I am cooking
prunes for my husband, ex
plained Mrs. Thurmond, and
added, “he likes all kinds of
fruit.” Then she told of hav
ing Persian melon for the
first time a few days ago. “X
liked it so much I tried to buy
one in the grocery store. The
grocer called it a ‘Spanish'
melon. The different national
ities in Washington are some
times confusing.”
Mrs. Thurmond was excited
about the snow that covered
the ground and trees on the
day of this interview. “It’s the
first snow I have seen in 10
years," she exclaimed, “and
I have surely been looking for
ward to it.”
TV Personalities Come to Life
“I’ve been looking forward
to meeting people, too.
“It’s quite a thrill to meet
people in Ilf? that I’ve seen
before only in newsreels or
"Washington is a charming
place,” said she, dropping the
"r” in "charming.”
“I like to take the car and
find my way around the city
by myself. But I am saving
the actual sightseeing for the
time when my relatives and
friends come up from home.”
The Titurmonds have been
invited to a party almost every
night since coming to Wash
"We’re both Baptists,” de
clared Mrs. Thurmond, "and
neither of us drinks or
smokes.” They attended the
Baptist church the one Sunday
that they have been in town
and expect to attend regularly.
Mrs. Thurmond has taught a
Sunday school class of 13 :year
old girls in Aiken, S. C., for the
past four years.
Jean Thurmond is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hor
ace J. Crouch of Elko, S. C.
Her father was, for several
years, county superintendent
of education.
-Judga Held Court
“I met Btrom,” said she,
when I was in high school and
he was a circuit judge. He
came to the county seat to
hold court and I went with
my class to observe court in
session. I met him at that time
but did not see him again for
four years.
"I was graduated from Win
throp College in 1947 and went
to work in his office. I was
there Just three months be
fore he proposed. I stopped
working in October and we
were married in November.”
Do Southern girls work fast?
With a big grin, Mrs. Thur
mond declared, “Any girl
would have worked fast.”
"We live outside of Aiken in
a thickly wooded area,” con
tinued Mrs. Thurmond. "That’s
why we preferred an apart
ment here overlooking Rock
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Creek Park. I surely miss my
pine trees,” said she, looking
out of the window.
"They worked me hard in
Aiken,” she declared with a
smile. She was vice president
of the Red Cross Blood Pro
gram, and chairman of the
Easter Seal Campaign for
Crippled Children. “My hus
band was real, real proud when
I was selected the woman of
the year in 1954. I was chair
man of the Cotton Festival
and that was probably why
they selected me.” she added
Catching Breath
"We’ve both been so tied up
in community affairs that we
want to catch our breath be
fore entering into anything
here,” Mrs. Thurmond said.
She plans to travel back and
forth with her husband to
South Carolina. "It is only
two hours by air.”
“You know,” she asked,
“that my husband was elected
on a write-in? It is the first
time,” she declared, "that any
one was ever elected to the
House or Senate as a write-in
"I was real proud of him,”
said Mrs. Thurmond.
“And now, I think it is time
for me to start his dinner.
He is coming home early this
It was almost T o'clock.
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EXPLORING WASHINGTON —Mrs. Thurmond likes' to
get in her car and find her way around town.
Judges for
Bal Boheme
Mrs. Theodora Kane, chair
man of the Bal Boheme, has
announced the judges for this .
year’s affair, which will take
place on February 18 in the
Hotel Statler.
The judges are Mr. Reginald
Stewar. distinguished conduc
tor and Director of Peabody
Institute; Miss Joyce Field,
President of the Society of
Washington Artists; and Dr.
Jose Gomez-Sicre, Director of
Visual Art of the Pan Ameri
can Piest” Dancing will start
at 10 o'clock to Sidney music
and one hour later the grand
march will begin. Costumes
will be judged at midnight.
The proceeds of the Bal
Boheme will go to raising a
fund to meet expenses of
sponsoring a first-man show
for a talented young painter
and a concert for a promis
ing young musician.
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The former
Miss Judith Lee Utterback.
Married December 30 in the
Fifth Baptist Church.
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THE SUNDAY STAR. Washington, D. C.
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