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THE SUNDAY STAR, Washington. D. C.
atvpAT, Aram i*. taw
Tax Lines Growing Longer
As Friday Deadline Nears
Those 30 days of Income tax
trace which loomed so bit not
long ago are about to join the
sands of time. Next Friday will
look just like March IS used to
—the final day for filing Federal
returns without penalty.
Maryland taxpayers also must
pay up on Friday.
Awareness of the impending 1
D day began stirring up more
customers at the Internal Reve
nue Service last week. The lines
are likely to grow longer as
Friday nears.
These lines will grow despite
an effort by the service to make
people more self-reliant. The
service began pulling a crutch
out from under assistance
seekers last month by giving di
rect assistance only to the il- ;
literate, the halt and the Wind, j
The others are offered some
assistance on a help-yourself
basis, with one agent taking care
of about five customers strug
gling over their own returns.
Use Telephone
For best results the service
urges taxpayers to use the tele- |
phone. Queries will be answered ;
by phone from 8:30 a.m. until 9 ;
p.m. each week day. For those
who still insist on going down
town the offices are open from
8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day.
Next Friday a skeleton force
probably will remain on duty un- '
til midnight.
Most of the questions this year
deal with new methods of figur
ing sick pay, dividends and an
nuities. The latter is particu
larly popular in governmental
Income tax days induce not
only a flood of questions, but is j
a time when money pours into
the Nation’s "conscience fund,” j .
and neighbors sometimes lighten
their own tax loads by report- ’
lng tax evasions of others.
This latter has become quite
a business, too. In 1952. last
year records are available, the
Government raked in $9,670,000
through informers’ tips.
It didn't come scot fr»r. Be
cause Uncle Sam rewarded the
tipsters a total ci .
There’s a special fund for this, 1
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Blossom —Harcord
—Canterbury Crimson
Bells Lavender
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Blue —Miramar Bronze
White —Orange
—Shasta Daisy —White
—Delphinium —Pink Dandy
(light blue, LUPINES
dark blue —Blue
hybridi) —White
-—Goillordia —Pink
—Liberty Iris PHLOX
—Japan Iris —Blue
—Fpx Glove —Lavender
—Day Lily ' —Pink
Hemerocallis —Purple
—Tritoma —Red
—Forget-Me-Not —White
—Lily-of-the- CUSHION MUMS
Valley —Pink
—Hordy Pinks —Red
—Pointed Daisy —Bronze
—Sweet William —White
—Mallow Marvels HOLLYHOCKS
—Baby Breath —Pink
IGypsophilo' —Maroon
—Cattail Gay —Salmon
Feather —Scarlet
—Coreopsis —White
—Variegotcd —Yellow
• Red, Pink, White
Bleeding Heort, 75e
Open an INSURED Revolving Charge Account. NO DOWN PAYMENT—I 2 Months to Pay (Plus Small Service Charge) Sixth Floor Credit Solo* Offieo
| increased by Congress in 1953
from $500,000 to $650,000.
The squealer's rakeoff legally |
can run as high as 10 per cent
i of the amount collected. Usually
j it is closer to 5 per cent.
Even 1 per cent brought $20.-
610.22 to one person who turned ;
in the biggest single collection i
on rec0rd—52,643,219.93. Once
four bookkeepers split $79,610.92
for exposing dummy corpora-1
tions in the import-export busi- j
There’s no prototype for the
tax tattler. A salesman reported I
his boss kept two sets of records,
one for tax purposes and the
other his own sales figures. A
chauffeur decided his boss
shouldn’t be charging off lavish
parties as business expenses.
A wife felt that any husband
who cheated at cards and love
might also be fudging on his tax
check. She was right.
Bounced out of a saloon, a
tippler had just a dime left, but
that was enough to call *he Fed
erals and report the bartender.
Kicked out of his room, un un
happy boarder wreaked revenge
on the landlady.
Occasionally the tax dodger
gives himself away by his boast
ings. Take the man who pro
claimed his tax bite amounted
to only S2B. The bite was a mere
nip compared with the $1,700 the
Government devoured after a
"friend” turned him in.
There are drawbacks to such
squealing, of course.' One is that j
many people just don’t like a
stoolie. There have been edi
torials written about the Gov
ernment encouraging the prac
tice, even though it has been
going on for many years
Then, the investigations are
often many years in completing,
and the suspense is awful.
The "conscience fund” is even
more amazing. In the past 144
years, more than 50.000 persons
have contributed almost $2 mil
lion to the Government because
of some real or imaginary wrong
Like the woman who wrote
President Eisenhower:
“Inclosed S3O which I owe.
Have gave my heart to God and
am making things right. Please
omit writing. Thank you.”
What was troubling the donor 1
still is not known. No questions
were asked. The money was re
layed to the United States Treas
ury as it is in all such cases.
Started in 1811
Back in 1811 a man started it
all by sending the Government
$5 with the note: "I am suffer
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ing the most painful qualms of
| conscience.”
It now is such steady income
the Government counts on it, an
ticipates about $75,000 a year
and includes the item in the
i annual budget.
The Government hit its first
j jackpot in 1916. Baring his soul,
i a letter writer said a contribu
tion was en route, adding: “May
every thief understand the aw
fulness of stealing.”
! Soon. $30,000 in bills rolled in.
That was in sharp contrast to
the 2-cent donation from a
girl who admitted erasing can-
i (+2B. v. MVFAIK S.
cellation marks from a stamp
and using it again.
Record year for conscience
fund receipts was 1950, when 1
$370,285.48 was received. It goes
up right after a war. when light- '
fingered Gls see the error of
their ways. Some send in such ;
items as $1.50 for a stolen mon
key wrench.
As to the questions tax agents
receive, the sky is the limit. A I
man showed up recently at the
Little Rock (Ark.) Internal j
Revenue office.
Among other routine questions j
he was asked by the agent how j
many exemptions he could claim
for children.
The taxpayer ticked off the i
names of seven before pausing, i
1 “Yes?” the agent asked.
! “Is that enough to get me a
lie had more names to offer if j
it wasn t.
Churchmen Flee Reds
HONG KONG, April 9 f/P). — _
The Roman Catholic center here
reports 19 Catholic missionaries
crossed the Hong Kong border
from Red China in March. That
left 54, including four Bishops,
behind the Bamboo curtain.
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Reg. 1.47 $1
Assortment of 3 Grape Vines to a bundle
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1 Catawba (White)
Miracle Plant Food
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Air Defense |
Unified in East
NEWBURGH, N. Y.. April
UP). The air defense of the east
ern half of the United States
today was unified under a single
The change puts Maj. Gen. M.
R. Nelson, a 54-year-old careerj
airman from lowa. In charge of
defensive Operations over a re
gion comprising about 76 per
cent of the Nation's population, j
In the new command assign
ments. seven southeastern states
—Florida. Georgia. North and
South Carolina, Tennessee, Ala
bama and Mississippi—and a
small part of Louisiana were {
shifted to Eastern Air Defense
Force control.
They previously had been un
der command of the Central Air
Defense Force, with headquar-
I ters at Grandview, Mo.
Gen. Nelson said the consoli
dation aims at achieving a more
compact air defense organiza- j
tion in a logical geographical
The eastern command, with
headquarters at Stewart Air
Force base here, pow includes
the area roughly east of the Mis
i sissippi. This takes in 24 States,
plus the District of Columbia
;and parts of Wisconsin, Illinois
and Louisiana.
WILTON. Conn. UP).— Actor
Raymond Massey has suffered
a painful real-life duplicate of
a scene he played on television.
In a TV show from New York
Monday night he had the role
of a surgeon who Injured a
hand in an accident.
On Wednesday, the little
finger of the actor's left hand
was severed by a power saw he
was operating in his home
He , was taken to Norwalk
Hospital, where the finger .was
replaced in an involved opera
tion by 6r. Meyer Abrahams
of New Canaan.
The same doctor had given
technical advice in the writing
of the medical phases of. the
TV play.
liUij'lil'M l
... Is a Disease
rhous&nds throughout the country
have been treated successfully and
rehabilitated by the famous Oreen
hill “Conditioned Reflex’ method
An Ethical Institution Supervised hy
Licensed Physicians Phone or Write
for Free Rooklet
Greenhill Institute
Bhone Do* or Nigh* CO 5-4754
3145 16»hJ5t. N.W.
Mn »■* ■U ynr ipplioam mm Lanaburgh’a I
M W t 4 | INSURED | Revolving ludg.t Mm
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if Ho *•»
w v w m (plus small service charge)
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Everbloomiiig Super
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—Sunburst —President Hoover, orange gold
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ART SHADE —Paul Scarlet, red
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Sixth Floor Credit Soles Office

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