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Spring Tip
Mist S. E., Washington
I have found that in the
long run It is a great time and
energy saver not to sew white
collars and cuffs on spring
dresses. If, when you buy a
new dress that has removable
white collar and cuffs, you take
the time to sew snaps on them
it saves a lot of bother later
on after each washing. I notice
thgt some of the dress manu
facturers are finally getting
this through their heads, but
I have been doing It for years,
and believe me, it is worth the
few minutes you spend when
the dress is new. I have also
done this with shoulder pads
for years.
Now I wonder If some of the
readers could come to my aid.
I have not been able to find
anything that will keep my
crinolines nicely starched. I
have used all kinds of starches,
but the crinoline sema to go
limp in no time even with the
best of them. Some don’t seem
to do much good at all. I
would certainly appreciate
hearing of some never-fall
method for doing this.
Thanks for all the tips from
you good readers. I have been
an ardent “RCHer” for years,
and would be lost without It.
I send lots of the recipes and
hints to my sister who lives in
Oregon, and she agrees with
me that Washington readers
are a wonderful bunch of peo
ple. Many thanks!
** * *
Bridge Class
The District Recreation De
partment announces a new be
ginners' contract bridge class,
which will start on Tuesday,
April 10 at 8 pm. The Goren
Point System is taught.
The annual bridge tourna
ment will be held on June 28.
All those who have taken a
course in bridge at the Roose
velt Center from October 1954
to June 1955 are eligible to
compete for the cups.
** * *
Doll Pattern?
Mrs. W. M., Washington
Does anyone know where I
could find a pattern for mak
ing a “bed doll” using the
ready-made doll? I had in
mind crocheting the costume
but would be delighted to
have any kind of pattern, as I
could probably work it out if
I just had something basic to
start with. Thanks.
*v * *
Garden Ornaments?
Mrs. L. W. § Washington
Do any of the readers have
any suggestions for inexpen
sive, homemade garden orna
ments? I wonder how much
cost and labor is involved in
making your own lily pond ’
What about making a bird
bath or trellis? I would like to
start some projects like these,
but don’t want to tackle too
much, as my time is limited.
** * *
Heat Basement?
Mrs. L. R. 8., Alexandria
I would like a solution for
heating our basement which
we are in the process of finish
ing off into a 20x30-foot play
room. Has anyone tried with
success taking the ends off the
Shed Winter Weight;
Follow 9-Day Diet
If I didn’t publish my 9-Day
Reducing Diet each spring
many of my readers would not
feel that spring had arrived
For lots of women my 9-oay
Diet has become a proof that
spring Is here, lust like the
first robins and the budding
I know from the letters I
receive that many women look
for this feature each vear be
cause they depend on It to
bring them a quick loss of a
few pounds they have gained
during the winter.
So here I am singing of
calorie counting rather than
of romance. Happily, the two
are often correlated Calorie
counting may lead to romance
and vice versa.
Each day for nine days I will
print the menus for the follow
ing day. so that you can get
the necessary supplies in the
house. Here are tomorrow’s
Tuesday, April 12
(First Day)
One egg
Half Grapefruit
IfAf 09 WtC-TV J B
fashions • csicstmcs
• FtfZtS • music • MOM
mat, Avt An* woaaur n, m.w
too flees* NM 4
Keep wld medics covera
and chilled unit! serving ftnw
heating ducts without hamper
ing the heat to the upstairs
rooms? Which is safest and
cheapest, a gas or electric
heater? (We heat the house
with gas.) ,
Also, does anyone know
where I might find very large
animal picture or cut-outs for
the basement walls?
** * *
Store Winter Clothes?
Mrs. J. £., Washington
I am a new bride. I would
like to know some points about
storing winter clothes for the
summer. I have heard that if
you live in an air-conditioned
apartment you do not need to
worry about moths. Is this
true? If not. Is there any way
to do this without getting the
smell of moth balls all over
** * *
Ice Cream Recipe?
Mrs. R. C., Washington
Does anyone have a recipe
for homemade butter-crunch
ice cream? I used to love this
when I was a child in Con
necticut, but I have never
found it anywhere else. I don’t
know what would be in it, but
how I remember eating It with
chocolate “shot” on it. Mmmm,
good! I would certainly appre
ciate it if any of the readers
could send in a recipe for this.
Writers Announce
Banquet Speakers
The Professional Writers
Club will hold its annual ban
quet at 7:30 pjn Saturday at
the Cosmos Club at 2121 Mass
achusetts avenue N.W.
Speakers will be Miss Mar
garet Cousins of New York,
managing editor of Good
Housekeeping magazine; Dr.
John H. Powell of Philadel
phia, historian and novelist,
and Mrs. Myrtle Cheney Mur
dock, author-lecturer of Wash
ington and wife of the former
Representative from Arizona.
Mrs. Naomi S. Talley, presi
dent of the club, will introduce
the speakers.
One thin dry piece of whole
wheat toast
Green salad with lemon or re
ducing dressing
One slice lamb roast (don't eat
the fat)
One glass skimmed milk
One thin dry piece of whole
wheat toast
Glass of tomato juice
One piece of lean meat, steak
or roast (five or six ounces)
One-half cup squash (yellow
One-half cup string beans
One glass skimmed milk
One apple
If you have just a few pounds
to lose it is easier to settle
down for nine days and lose
them than to diet a little, lose
a little, gain the few lost
pounds back, diet again, and
so on. never really looking like
you want to.
"w 9ol«»c* wheel
U Jfi travels nearly
\ HU If 4000 miles
/ Don’t wait till
your watch goes wrong I
A watch checkup takes
so little time—and
it can save you money
by preventing future
breakdowns. Let our
Service Department
Inspect your watch today.
We u>« only (enable fnrtory-approYOd
parts in terrlelni nU our wetcnet.
Watch Servlet Dent.. Street floor
Washington, silver Sprint a FASKlngton
PARKiftft**, Arlkift—
Buy a Dog?
Mrs. C. Q. T., Falls Church
What do the readers think
about getting a puppy for a
nine-year-old boy? I don’t
want to have a dog If I have
to take the complete* respon
sibility for the little pet, but
my son has been pestering me
for over a year to have a
puppy, and he says he will take
care of it. What has been the
experience of other mothers
with this? Do children of this
age really do their part to care
for their pets, or does it always
end up with mother having to
do the whole job?
Also, I would like to hear
comments about what kind of
a dog would make a good pet
for a boy this age. I don’t
want a dog that is too big for
the house, yet I don’t like toys
and many of the smaller
breeds. They seem too yappy
for my taste. Also, I think
the boy would enjoy a little
bigger dog. What do the read
ers think?
ll n is *
ImP am im ■ 1111 Is
Si» fa 111 I IPH iv
|tk AND E STREETS N W —NA 8-9800
Be sure to state bust,
waist, hip, dress size
when ordering.
New Low Price!
Ann Baldwin “Life Size” Dress Form.
• New flexible materiel makes an 1. Only dress form at this price that
amazing dress form. Reduces or gains or loses with you.
gains with you within your size 2. Can store in a drawer,
rang*. 3. So light you can held it in one
• Dees virtually everything a S3O dress hand.
dummy can do . . . and costs only Con be used in sections.
1/7th the price ... 5 advantages: 5. Lowest cost.
Call NA. f-9800 anytime, day or night, or mail your order!
| Lanstmrgh’s — NOTlONS—Strait > floor |
B'nai Frith
The Maryland-D. C. Associ
ation of B’nai B’rith Chapters
and Lodges including groups
from Annapolis, Hagerstown,
Eastern Shore, Baltimore,
Montgomery County, Prince
Georges County, and the Dis
trict of Columbia will hold
their convention at Carvel Hail
Hotel, Annapolis, Md., on Sun
day, April 24.
Miss Ida Mates, president of
the Maryland-D. C. Associa
tion of B’nai B’rith Chapters,
in announcing plans for the
convention, notes that regis
tration for the convention is
set at 10 am., followed by
brunch at 11 am., the meet
ings from 12 to 5 p.m., a cock
tail hour from 5:15 to 6:15
pm. and a banquet at 6:30
At she banquet, Governor
Theodore R. McKeldln of
Maryland will present Solicitor
General of the United States.
Simon Sobeloff, with the
group’s “Man of the Year”
| Mrs. Suzanne Schaiterer, vivacious young
homemaker, tells her exciting Stauffer story: :
I “Three months ago I weighed 180 pounds; 1
t tried everything—diets, exercise, machines
\ without success. Even my social life was
I slipping. I didn’t enjoy going anywhere. :
f Then I tried the Stauffer System.
I “Today, after only 3 months, I weigh a slim
| 127 pounds. I’ve taken inches off my thighs, 1
tummy and hips—where it really counts! All f
[ this without massage, heat, drugs, exercise I
i —nothing but comfortable relaxing body
motion. It was wonderful!
“Now my housework is easy. I’m brimming
with vitality. I even have
■ more time and energy than
ever for going places and
seeing people. And it’s all
due to my success at the
Stauffer System ”
This year thousands of
Washington women will
enjoy naturally slender fig
ures, health, relaxation and;
beauty from Stauffer Sys-1
tern treatments. It is the
ORIGINAL system of weight
control by relaxation, pos
ture correction and stimula
tion of body circulation. And
it’s GUARANTEED success- i
before TREATMENT ful! You can lose weight i
and inches as surely, quickly
after 2 months and easily as the woman
r jp* above —call NOW for your
- appointment you’ll have
your own complete Figure
■ferra* Analysis and free Trial
$ l j|M SYSTEM
■ 1732 Eye st NW '
■ H 3520 Conn. Ave. N.W.
■ J <207 Wilson Blvd.. Arlington. Va
246 W. Broad St., FaUs Church, Va.
Annual Silver Tea
Planned Sunday
The Ladies of Charity of
the St. Ann’s Infant Home will
hold their annual silver tea
and open house from 3 to 6
pm. Sunday at the home.
Mrs. Mary Sheehan is gen
eral chairman of the event,
assisted by Miss Irene M.
Stack, president of the Ladies
of Charity, and members.
Speaker for Meeting
Former Representative D.
Bailey Merrill.of Indiana will
be the principal speaker at
the 43d Congress of the Na
tional Society, Daughters of
the Union, 1861-5, Inc., when
it convenes in Indianapolis
on April 15, 16 and 17.
For Your Sheer Summer Dresses
Slips You Can’t See Through ,
■ Pretty Embroidered Bodice Covers
mm? Your Bra Front and Back
/jR} Embroidered
• Slips
\|Py|k h lier majesty
j 1 W HI ft \ * Cri*P Polished Cotton Slips with
I J 1 B,| \ Talon Zipper for Perfect Dress Fit
nH 1 \ • Wide Adjustable Grosgrain Straps
m % \ The feminine embroidered bodice cov-
I I % ers your bra completely, lets you wear
f _ : “peek-a-boo" blouses perfectly. Tolon
' zipper makes it fit*lik’e your most ex
pensive dresses, does away with wrin-
I | kies or creeping. Crisp white polished
€j|M|| cotton that keeps its finish through
’ \ many sudsings. 32 to 44.
Lansburgh’s—LlNGEßlE—Third Floor
Easy-Wash, Flash Dry
Double Shadow Panel ***
Slips J>A|
by Kayser 4v,
• Embroidered Yoke, Shirred /m & ’om %
Bustline \
• Shadow Panels Prevent "See
Front and back shadow panels VeEM
give added opaqueness, prevent VjHH
“see-through" when you wear your
sheerest fashions. Embroidered JMm
yoke and shirred bodice, adjust
able shoulder straps. White, 32-42. / / i 1
Lansburgh’s—KNlT LINGERIE— |(r \ \
Third Floor
Call NA. 8-9800 any hour, any day, or mail your order!
Buy on a | INSPIRED*] Revolving Charge Account.
NO DOWN PAYMENT. Up to 12 months to pay.
(Plus small service char gel
Lansburgh's—Credit Sales Office—Sixth Floor
> *
THE EVENINO STAR, Washington, D. C.
Monday, Aran, n teas

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