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** THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
- hwwiwi, awvai m, iuo
W; v *|k j:» vßi^PSl|i|
*** j p ■PF^jjS
r%l t T A '' fiftTr*• St^BBBB^mSmMT
■%sV'sb mß'"' \
AMITYVILLE, N. Y.—Charles A. Lindbergh (right), chats
with Leland Hayward, motion picture director, while ad
miring a likeness of his famed "Spirit of St. Louis.” The
plane is at a Long Island airport near the field from which
,* Lindbergh made his epic trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.
Scenes are being filmed for the motion picture "The Spirit
of St. Louis."—AP Wlrephoto.
Hot Debate Continues
Over Congress' Record
By the Associated Frees
Partisan claiming and blam
ing for the results of the 84th
Congress’ first year continued
today as the session itself
dimmed into history.
A weekend series of state -;
ments, interviews and radio and 1
television appearances kept alive
the political jockeying between 1
the Democrats, who control Con
gress. and the Republicans, who
control the administration. 1
For the Democrats, Speaker
Rayburn claimed a 'record con
structive legislation" which he
said would have been better if 1
"the President's own party had
co-operated with him in a better
way '•
“We hope.” the Texan added,
"by January the President will
have his party in line to make
Our jobs easier.”
Vice President Nixon coun
tered in a filmed television ap
pearance that it is "certainly
not” true that Democrats did
better than Republicans in sup
poring the President's program
He claimed a 2-1 margin for
Republicans on that score.
Leaders Debate Question
The two parties’ Senate lead
ers debated at long range the
question whether or not things
would have been better had both
the White House and Congress
been under one party’s control.
Senate Republican Leader Know
land said yes, while Senate Dem
ocrat Leader Johnson put in at
least a tenative no.
"A re-elected Republican ad
ministration would be seriously
handicapped if the Democrats
controlled Congress” after 1956.
Senator Knowland said in an
Senator Johnson said in a
statement that Congress’ record
"put to rest the fears of those
who had so little confidence in
the American system they,
thought it would not work unless
both the Congress and Executive
were controlled by the same
political party.”
Both praised foreign policy
achievements. On the domestic
District and vicinity—Partly
cloudy tonight with low near 67. 1
Rathei cloudy and cool tomor
row with high about 80.
Maryland—Cloudy and cooler
tonight with low 55-65 in west
and 65-72 in east. Mostly sunny
tomorrow with little change in
Virginia Mostly cloudy and
cooler tonight with low 64-68 in
west and north and 68-72 in
eoutheast and some rain in
southeast. Partly cloudy with
low humidity in west and north
end mostly cloudy in southeast.
Wind—Northeast 15-20 miles
per hour tonight becoming east
— _____
V &
—v. ' B3 6 .? 1 **" .
y >—l / «o’
lc* Tamp»fßl U f»t Old Ar*ot / 1 & I
O* ►r*op.fo».of f Sp#c*f4 1 1 \ /
f \ 1 * V—■A. 1t,,, ,aiv., i,»* i
#o\ O A >o a ...... 1.. »,*.
f / w»th. P.AW. Wtf H»« |
*>£>•• JO • w li' t"') >"•* i.Al'.l
\f x) m.*a, i«„»imam
WEATHER BUREAU FORECAST—The Northern Plains, the
Rocky Mountain area and parts of the Pacific Northwest
will have thunderstorms and showers tonight. There will
be little change in temperatures throughout the Nation.—
AP Wirephoto Map.
! front. Senator Knowland said !
the record was "satisfactory as ’
far as it went.” Senator John
son said it was a session of "unity '
and achievement.”
To Republican National Chair- jj
man Leonard W. Hall, the 84th ’
;was a “roadblock Congress" be-1 1
i cause it did not pass what he"
called a "sorely needed National
highway program.” ]1
But Mr. Rayburn contended
that was the fault of House Re- :
publicans, who he said failed to
vote out a highway bill that could
be adjusted with a Senate-passed
Democratic measure. <
The House on July 27 first re
jected. 221-193. largely along
party lines. Mr. Eisenhower’s
plan for a bond issue to finance
highways and then turned down.
292-123, a Democratic plan to I
raise taxes to pay for new road*.
On the latter vote. 128 Demo
crats and 164 Republicans voted
against the highway bill, #4
Democrats and 29 Republicans
for it.
Mr. Hall mentioned also school
construction and health meas
ures, and said, "I believe the 1
Democrats' failure to enact these
important measures will not be
forgotten by the voters.”
Mr. Eisenhower last week list
ied school construction, health.
highways and water resource de
i velopment programs as "vital"
items which Congress did not
Farm Aid Urged
Senator Mundt, Republican ol
South Dakota, suggested the !
President add to these an "im-j
, proved farm program” for the
next session of Congress.
"Something has to be done to
give the farmers better prices:
, and it can’t wait,” Senator'
[ Mundt said in an interview.
He expressed hope that "some-'
thing better than rigid supports”
r will be developed from hearings
( !this fall by the Senate Agricul
tural Committee, but said he
thinks the rigid support program
| “is better than the one we have
- now ”
Senator Morse, Democrat ofj
erly 15-25 miles per hour to
morrow. j
River Report
(From U 8 Engineers*
Potomac River clear at Harpers Perry <
and at Great Falls. Shenandoah clear atj
Harper-. Ferry.
Temperatnrfu for Yesterday *■
'Readings Washington National Airport) ,
Midnight Noon
I am. 77 X p.m. . .
*a m. ?M 4D m. !»3 ‘
i Record Temperatures This Year 1
Highest. I*B. on July 22
Lowest. 10. on February 3.
High and Low of Last 2t Hours *
High. 94. at 4.15 p m. ' |
Low, 72. at :i; 15 a m i
Tide Tables
• Furnished by United States Coast and
Geodetic Survey»
Todav Tomorrow
High 11:48 am. 12:.*J4p m.i‘
Low 0:16 a m. '• :o.'l a m.
High J‘l 19 p.m. p m.'
Low .... . 0:1.7 p.m. 0:55 p m ‘
Per Diem Workers Due
For 6c Hourly Pay Rise
Pay boosts averaging about 6 cents an hour are expected for
the 30,000 Government per diem tblue collar) workers in the
Washington area. '
The Defense Department last week began its wage survey of
conditions in the Washihgton area which will lead to a pay In-
crease for per diem workers. The
increases will go into effect prob- 1
ably in October or November. 1
Defense officials emphasize 1
that the exact amount of the
raise can’t be determined until :
the findings of the survey are in.
But several officials ventured the
prediction that the raise will be 1
a modest one.
They declare that preliminanr
findings show that there has ,
been no great increase in com- 1
parable private industry jobs in 1
this area since the last per diem
pay boost. About a 6 cents an
hour increase—give or take a
penny or so—can be expected by
per diem workers in this area,
they predict.
** * *
—The fact that Congress has
adjourned doesn't mean that
news won’t be made on Capitol
Hill between now and January.
The House and Senate Civil
Service Committees—both with
funds of $75,000 each at their
disposal—plan a series of hear
ings delving into the administra
tion’s civil service policies and
Three Electrocuted
In Thunderstorm
NEWARK, N. J., Aug. 8 (A*).—
An expectant mother, her infant
nephew, and a Korean veteran
who went to their aid when
thunderstorms knocked a power
line across their pickup truck,
were electrocuted yesterday.
The woman, Mrs. Fanny Reed,
35, and the baby, Brian Patter
son, 10 months old, and three
others had sought shelter in the
truck during a sudden cloud
The third victim. John Gomez,
24. was a passer-by who was
electrocuted when he touched
Mrs. Reed.
Mrs. Reed, her sister and
Brian’s mother, Mrs. Doris Pat
terson. 32; Mrs. Reed's son, Will
iam. 10; and the youth’s friend,
Terry Williams. 12. were swim
ming in the Hayes Pool as the
Istorm broke.
All five went to the pickup
truck for shelter. After they en
tered it a power line came down
and draped itself around the
vehicle. ______ ______
Man Dies in Fall
From Fire Escape
A District man was found
dead on the ground in front of
jhis apartment building early
yesterday, apparently the vic
tim of a fall from his third-floor
fire escape.
He was Edward L. Lewis, col
ored. 40, of 1433 T street N.W.
The body was found by Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Williams, who
told police they heard a thud
outside their apartment.
Mr. Lewis’ wife told police her
husband had slept on the fire
escape one night earlier this
year and may have been sleep
ing there again.
Rossellinis 'Part'
( ROME, Aug. 8 UP).— For the
first time since their romance
began. Actress Ingrid Bergman
( will go before the cameras with
out husband Roberto Rossellini
las her director. Her new picture
to be made in Paris starting in
October will be directed by Jean
Renoir. She will play Madame de
Bonnemain, a romantic 19th
century flture.
Oregon, said he thought Con
-1 gress “did a remarkable Job” on
both foreign and domestic legis
: lation, although he said that
"time after time” Republicans,
supported by “a few reactionary
Democrats," opposed passage of
i administration legislation.
The San and Moaa
Rise* Sat*
Sun. today 6;lo«.m. 8:12 pro.
iSun. tomorrow 6:15 a.m, 8:11 pm.
Moon, today lu:t!Mp.m. 11:17 a.m.
Automobile lights must b« turned on
one-halt hour after sunset.
Monthly precipitation In Incite* In the
Capital (current month to date):
Month 1055 1054 Avg Record _
January 0.31 2.30 3.24 7.83 37
February 3.13 0.85 2.44 8.84 84
March 3To 3.»7 3.03 8.84 'Ol
April 2.57 3.30 3.00 0.13 'BO
May 3.38 2.08 308 10.60 53
June 2.76 1.24 341 10.94 "00
July 232 1.70 4.26 10.63 'BO
August 000 3.15 4.75 14.41 28
September 0.63 4.12 17.45 34
October 4.06 2.85 8.81 37,
November 1.78 2.73 (.18 77
December 2.82 2.61 7.56 'Ol
Temperatures In Various Cities
H I:. H L.
Abtlene 07 75 Knoxville 02 71
Albany 00 SO Little Rock 06 77
iAlbuaueruue 87 63 Los Angeles Oo 68.
! Anchorage 63 53 Loulavllle 00 60
'Atlanta 80 70 Memphis 07 721
'Atlantic City 8) 72 Miami 85 75:
Baltimore 05 72 Milwaukee 76 61
Billings 88 6) Minneapolis 78 go
Birmingham 05 7 8 Montgomery Oo 74
Bismarck 82 63 New Orleans 02 76:
Boise 08 63 New York 01 60 j
r.oston 02 67 Norlolk 0.» 74
Buffalo 82 54 Oklahoma C. 08 74!
Burlington 83 53 Omaha 83 571
Charleston 88 80 Philadelphia 03 Til
Charlotte 05 70 Phoenix 01 78
Cheyenne 77 50 Pittsburgh 8b 59
Chicago 84 65 P tland, Me. 82 61
Cincinnati 88 04 P tland. Ore. 83 60
Columbus 01 01 Raleigh 01 71
Dallas 101 80 Reno 04 52
Denver 80 58 Richmond 0.» 73
De* Moines ol 62 St, Louis 84 03
Detroit 82 58 Salt Lake C. 86 61
Duluth 72 50 San Antonio 08 73
Fort Worth 101 80 San Diego 76 60
'Houston 03 73 8. Francisco 74 52
Huron 83 01 Savannah 92.70
Indianapolis 80 62 Seattle 75 54
IJackson 02 74 Tampa 01 71 i
(Kansas City 84 ON Washington 04 721
| Key West 00 76 Wichita 82 68 I
i Upper Bay—Mostly cloudy to-1
(inorrow with high around 80 and:
northeast winds 15-25 miles perl
i Lower Bay—Cloudy tomorrow!
[with high around 80 and north-j
least winds 15-25 miles per hour.!
Ocean Beaches and South
Jersey—Cloudy and cool to
morrow with high near 76 and
northeast winds 15-25 miles per
Skyline Drive—Partly cloudy j
and cool tomorrow with high
75-80 and good visibility. 1
other personnel matters affecting
Government employes. Plenty of
action is expected.
The Senate group already has
its investigation under way,
while the House committee last
week appointed its subcommittee
to handle various phases of the
Representative Morrison, Dem
ocrat of Louisiana, will head the
subcommittee investigating the
Civil Service Commission opera
tions and the administration’s
personnel policies. Other mem
bers of the group are Represent
atives Rhodes of Pennsylvania,
Moss of California and Tumulty
of New Jersey, Democrats; and
HaVden of Indiana, Cretella of
Connecticut and Broyhill of
Virginia, Republicans.
Representative Davis, Demo
crat of Georgia, is chairman of
the subcommittee which will in
vestigate manpower utilization
and departmental and agency
I rUvtl I leaving at 3:15 p.m. I
I Now—it's 3 non-stops! 1
II "The PRESIDENT', 12:45 p.m. (EDT) I
H "The INDEPENDENCE", 3:15 p.m. (EDT) I
IS "The CONSTITUTION", 6:00 p.m. (EDT) jg
Return Viscount Service at same convenient times
■ Fly the Viscount World's Most Modern Airliner! 8
For Viscount Reservations
I Call STerling 3-3000
or your TRAVEL AGENT H|g||£jffij|B ’ M a Jm Mm M Al,
* m m M "MM. Hi
Ticket Offices: 14th & F Sts., (Willard Hotel) ft Jj Ts
& Statler Hotel Lobby 9
• Eff«cfiv# Augull )4. [
personnel management. This
group will delve primarily into
the personnel practices of the
Individual departments and
Others on the subcommittee
are Representatives Lesinski of
Michigan, Alexander of North
Carolina. Holifleld of California
and Pfost of Idaho, Democrats;
and Corbett of Pennsylvania,
Gross of lowa, Henderson ofj
Ohio and Johansen of Michigan,
Representative Dowdy, Demo
crat of Texas, will head the sub
committee investigating Post
Offices operations. Among the
things to be studied is the clas
sification of postal salaries that
was authorized by Congress this
year and how it is being carried
out. Also general administra
tion and management in the
Post Office Department will be
studied by the group.
*♦ * ♦
bills approved into law this year
was the one extending the up-to
sloo-a-year uniform allowances
to those Federal employes \ ho
wear such garb but who weren’t
covered by last year’s uniform
** * *
BENEFITS—The Senate just be
fore adjournment approved a
bill to grant hazardous retire
ment privileges to employes of
the Bureau of Prisons. The
House, however, didn't get
around to acting on the measure.
i The bill will be pending before ■
the House when it returns next'
I** * *
: deijt Eisenhower has called on 1
: Federal agencies to encourage
1 their employes to buy mare de
. sense bonds through the payroll
savings plan. The President,
, praising the record already made 1
by Federal employes in bond
purchases, said he wanted them
to maintain their leadership in
the purchase of bonds, set an
example and encourage the pay
, roll savings plan in business and
i industry.
James A. Goodnight, Honorah
; B. Peter and Rita M. Epperson
of Navy’s Bureau of Ordnance
I have received cash awards for
beneficial suggestions.
The 1956 Executive Develop
-1 ment Institute of the Society of
Personnel Administration will be
held in the fall rather than in
June as in the past. Harold
Leich, Civil Service Commission
- official, will be chairman of the
> conference. Other SPA appoint
-1 ments include E. R. Draheim,
, Agriculture Department, chair
-1 man of the Stockberger Award
committee; Walter Jacobson,
Army, director of executive de
' 1 velopment conference; William
Torpey, Naval Research Labora
-1 tory, special meetings chairman;
• Catherine Coleman, Railroad
: Retirement Board, newsletter
i editor, and Carl Auvil, Navy,
t public relations director,
i Secretary of Navy Thomas has S
written a special commendation
to employes of the Tabulating
Services Branch for their out
standing job in getting retroac
tive pay checks to Navy classified
employes 24 hours after the bill
became law.
Ralph L. Vitale, Gerald F.
Crowell and Paul E. Hussey of
the Federal Housing Adminis
tration have accumulated more
than 1,000 hours each of sick
Warner M. Straley, jr., ofj
Phoenix, Ariz., has been ap
pointed regional personnel man
ager 01 the Post Office Depart
ment’s Denver regional office
which supervises the postal op
erations of five Western States.
Mr. Straley, a staff member of
the Phoenix industrial council,
placed No. 1 on the Civil Service
Commission’s eligibility list for
the job.
Superior performance awards
have been given to the following
Navy civilian employes: Willie J.
Cox. Mrs. Harry J. Curry, Mrs.
Mildred Grant, Willie M. Hall,
Mrs. Willie Mae Lawrence, Mrs.
Hilda D. McEwen, Leona V. Mur
ray, Hulda Pohlman, Grace M.
Whyte and William C. Wylie.
Beneficial suggestion awards went,
to Robert A. Greene and William
|A. Johnson.
| Kenneth C. McGuiness ofj
Berkley, Calif., has been ap
pointed Associate General Coun
sel of the National Labor Rela
tions Board in charge of the
Division of Operations,
j The Naval Ordnance Experi
mental Unit, located at the Na
tional Bureau of Standards at
Connecticut avenue and Tilden
street N.W., needs aeronautical
and electronics engineers, grades
11 to 13.
I’m 4 Grandfather
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* curs—l saved rsg
* ularly at First Fad
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