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BLS Reports
July Projects
Off 11 Pet.
The number of nonfarm
houses begun during July
dropped 11 per cent from June
to a monthly total of 115.000
units, the Bureau of Labor Sta
tistics has announced.
The July total was also 1,000
units below the figure for the
corresponding month last year,
but did exceed all other previous
Julys except the record-breaking:
year of 1950.
The bureau said it is custom
ary for a seasonal decline to
occur between June and July,
but the average drop is not as
large as the one of 11 per cent|
this year.
Indicating the drop probably
reflects some voluntary adjust
ment in mortgage credit, the
agency, emphasized the increases
in down payments required and
shorter maturities on Govern-
See BLS, Page B-2
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... LOANS / iuiuvph \ Mortgage Loans \ \ Experience
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Loons—lnsurance Seise r VARIOUS PLANS Minimum 5% Equity >9|||Spp|Pa||H|M
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Mortgage Representative—Travelers Insurance Co.
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Secured on Improved Pr«p«rti| Realtors *Sv r# "vT.Vi• ttflj i L iitt iIS I
n«gg|UMr & 111 V L JIM Lit I UUKi. 1321 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Telephone: Decetur 2-3600 SBSSI \\ \\ ~ D. C. and Maryland Virginia
teio uu sue sitsj iia.i mm u \\ 3000 Conn." Ave. 2053 Wilson Blvd.
1)12 N.Y. AVI 4 N.W.'NA-I'Siai I \ il 7-isoo JA. 3-4800
- * 1 Ij •»' i
EXPANSIBLE HOUSE—This award-winning house
was designed so that it could be enlarged without
important structural changes. The upper floor
,n, „.,... , i ’ ’ T 1
sigK33§sg§!iS§?^:;: : s::^;ss^
■ ; - { < * ' , ' l
111 B * t C O N V I"< ' " /%,'
I| W ■ li|,':/.j
mm kitculn; f '• |
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;: •' -. . x .a::J : :- : -:. : : * « : , ■■» ■'—• • mi •;n,. l
FLOOR PLANS—At left is plan of the upper floor.
At right is plan of lower floor. Area marked “terrace”
can be inclosed to enlarge the house if more space
projects over a terrace. To add two bedrooms and
other space, the terrace can be inclosed. Architects
were Leon Brown and Thomas W. D. Wright.
is needed. The conservatory also serves as a room
in which the owners can entertain.—Star Staff
Photo by John Horan.
This Plan
Allows for
Structural Change
Not Needed to
Complete Job
(Seventh of a Series)
One of the ways to economize
in building a house ij to go
ahead with only part of the
projert at first, completing tUfe
rest 4men you need it.
The award-winning house ap
pearing on this page today was
designed so that it can be ex- ,
panded with relatively little work
when the owners decide they
want the additional space.
Any house, of course, can be
enlarged. But this house is de
signed so that it can be ex
panded without any Important
structural changes or additions.
The owners are Mr. and Mrs.
Roy J. Britten. The architects
were Leon Brown and Thomas
W. D. Wright. The builder was
Ketron & Hayes. *
Located on Savile lane, Mc-
Lean. Va„ the house is one of 11
which won awards for meri
torious design in the architec
tural competition sponsored by
The Ev ening star and the Wash
ington Metropolitan Chapter,
American Institute of Architects.
The floor plan appears on this
page, together with a photograph
of the house
' As the floor plan Shows, this
house has two stories, with the
upper story fully completed and
the ground floor having half its
space devoted to a terrace roofed
over by the projecting second
floor. Future expansion is pro
vided for within the space de
voted to this covered terrace.
It the< owners decide they
need more space, they can in
close this terrace, erect parti
tions and install bathroom fix
tures (plumbing is already
roughed in). Doing the planned
additional work will provide two
extra bedrooms, a screened-in
porch and another bathroom.
On the upper floor are two
bedrooms, living room, foyer,
kitchen, bathroom and 6-foot
wide deck running the entire
43-foot length of the house.
On the lower level, besides the
covered terrace, are a conserva
tory-recreation room and a
storage-furnace room.
Dimensions of the house are
43 by 28 feet, giving the house
about 1.700 feet of finished
space. With the expansion work
completed, the area would be
approximately 2,400 square feet.
The contract price for the house
in its initial stage was $16,250,
not including a 10 per cent arch
itect’s fee, the cost of the lot
and landscaping.
Outside walls are of clear
yellow cypress 3-inch tongue
and-groove boards placed verti
cally. The kitchen is paneled in
the same material, and the other
interior walls are of drywall con-
See PLAN. Page B-2
W$ Petting j&faf
WASHINGTON, D. C., AUG. 20,1955
Committee Chooses
60 Exhibit Houses
Fall Festival of Homes Entries
Reach New Peak This Year
Editor of The Star Home Section
A committee named by the
Washington Home Builders Asso
ciation selected approximately 60
exhibit houses yesterday for in
clusion in The Star’s big Fall
Festival of Homes.
Selection was made from
among the largest number of
entries ever submitted for con
sideration in this annual event.
On the basis of the wide va
riety of types and sizes, and the
geographical distribution, this
year’s exhibition will be the
most broadly representative in
Fall Festival of Homes’ history.
Members of the committee
which selected the homes were
chosen for The Staf by the home
builders’ organization, as fol
Pierrepont I. Prentice, pub
lisher of House & Home Maga
1 Charles M. Goodman, well
known Washington architect.
Richard J. Canavan, assistant
1 director, Construction Depart
ment and Research Institute.
National Association of Home
Since a prior agreement to
advertise is not a condition of a
builder’s eligibility, the oornmit
tee was entirely free to make its
own impartial selection of houses
for exhibition.
Under rules of the annual
event, the first consideration was
that houses chosen be represent
ative of production in this area,
so far as sizes, types and price
ranges are concerned and. so far
as possible, as to the different
parts of the Metropolitan Area
in which they are being built.
This fall festival will be held
during four week ends starting
Saturday, September 10. and ex
tending through October 2.
It will cover a 23-day period,
during which families will be
encouraged to visit as many as
possible of this big cross-section
of homes now available to see for
themselves what the Industry in
this area is producing.
None of the homes was chosen
for exhibition by The Star, but
by the committee itself, in line
with the emphasis, in the fall
event, on development - type
The Fall Festival of Homes is
one of two events of this general
character sponsored by The Star
, annually for the benefit of the
; public and of the home building
| industry.
i The event held in the Spring,
. known as The Star Spring
> Homes Review, is open to all
• builders, large and small. The
• Fall Festival of Homes is similar
. in nature, but places greater em
phasis upon work of development
. builders.
. In making their selections for
this fall’s observance, members
.of the Representative Homes
Committee gave favorable weight
t to houses which are being pro
. duced Ijere in volume. This was
necessary in order that the num
> ber selected could be kept to
approximately 60 exhibit houses.
) Since The Star also has a
i separate program in co-opera
. tion with the Washington Met
; ropolitan Chapter, American In
i stitute of Architects, to choose
! architectural award winners each
1 year, neither the fall nor spring
; homes observances are designed
.as architectural competitions,
t but primarily to present a siz
j able cross section of homes that
■ are on the market during the
; spring and fall seasons,
i Results of the selection made
yesterday are now being com-
I piled so that the photographs of
, the exhibit homes can be as
. sembled and data about them
Announcement of the exhibit
! homes will be made in a subse
quent issue of The Star’s Home
i 1 See LEWIS, Page B-2

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