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THIRSTY ADTO— Vernon G. Eisel, Long Island inventor,
pours a beer into the self-built ‘‘cavitator’’ of his automobile
to help show off the device which mixes gasoline with steam.
—Star Staff Photo.
Even Beer Adds Power
To Inventor's Auto
Like any unreconstructed lush,
Vernon G. Eisel’s automobile will
drink anything—and often does.
Mr. Eisel, as forthright as a
man can be who has unshackled
custom and convention any time
he needs to prove a point, calmly
poured three bottles of soft drink
and a half-pint of whisky into
the fuel system of his car.
"Now,” he grinned, “if it will
only stay on the ground.”
Engine purring, he drove awAy
from a downtown parking lot,
leaving the mouths of parking lot
attendants as agape as an open
hood. Twenty miles later he
poured in a can of beer.
Up hill and down, at crawling
speeds and at the 55-mile limit,
the car performed without a
complaint and with sturdy, surg
ing power.
Cavitator at Work
Mr. Eisel, 55, an inventor, real!
estate broker and auctioneer from
Long Island. N. Y.. was deadly
serious for all his by-play.
Under the hood of his car is
what he calls a “cavitator," a
device which, in the layman’s
limited reasoning, mixes steam
with gasoline at the carburetor.
Cavitation is similar to the or
dinary boiling of water and oc
curs, according to the experts,
when the vapor pressure of a
liquid is equal to or slightly
greater than the pressure exerted
on the liquid.
Cavitation is a process that
New York Orchestra
Wins Berlin Ovation
BERLIN, Sept 16 UP).— The
New York Philharmonic Orches
tra scored a triumph last night
at its first Berlin concert since
A sellout audience of 1,800
gave the orchestra and Con
ductor Dimitri Mitropoulos a
standing ovation. He surprised
the audience by opening the
concert with a rousing rendi
tion of Deutschland Lied, more
commonly known as Deutsch
land Ueber Alles.
As the last notes of the Ger
man song died away Mr. Mitro
poulos led the orchestra into the
Star Spangled Banner.
0FF1CE5—32.555 SPACES IN 105
eats away great propellers of
ships and is now under study
at the University of Pennsyl
vania. In cavitation as it affects
marine propellers, the pressure
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* »———— ■*- ...
on the liquid Is reduced by the
rotation of the propeller. On part
of the blade, this reduction is
great enough to permit vapor
isation, resulting in vapor-filled
“If a tiny bubble can hlow a
hole into the finest steel and
bronze,” reasons Mr. Eisel, “my
method might be evolved into
the most. powerful explosive
source yet known to man.
“Perhaps it could make the
H-bomb seem like a snowball."
Potential Power
Mr. Eisel, whose infant exer
ciser hit the market with a bang
a few years back (there’s one on
display at the’ Smithsonian), is
concerned with this new engine
device only forth% “potential
power” it has, he says.
“This unit,” he said, “is only a
millionth part of its potential. It
is limited by the strength of the
structure which holds it.”
Water injection in gasoline
engines is nothing new, Mr. Eisel
is the first to admit. But, he
believs and firmly that his
combination of water Injection
on the cavitation principle holds
an amazing power potential cer
tainly never intended for auto
mobiles. The auto is merely his
preliminary workshop.
That he gets a claimed 25 per
cent increase in gasoline mileage
and from 25 to 40 per cent more
power from his car is Incidental.
Digests’ Sugar
That it will take the sugar
contained in beer, soft drinks
and whisky without engine
“gumming” is proof he says, that
the cavitation process keeps en
gine and oil clean.
“Perfected,” he says, “it would
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<fi//erewe« it 7Si O'CLOCK
netekrm jj TUESDAY NIGHT
mean that you could run one
crankcase of oil a million miles,”
Mr. Eisel is no scientist; no
automotive engineer.
“You don’t have to be,” he
His idea in inventing the baby
exerciser, now marketed as the
“Cradle Gym,” brought articles
in national magazines, including
a reprint in The Readers Digest.
Currently he’s in town to find
out more about cavitation and to
quench the thirst of, his auto
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THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.

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