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Washington, D. C.
i > W.* H. Simms, Jr., president of the Fails Church Volunteer Fire Department
(left), watches Falls Church Mayor Herman L. Fink turn over the keys of a
new ambulance to R. D. Royston,' chief. $L M. Smith, captain of the rescue
squad, is at the wheel. The city contributed $4,000 toward the purchase price
Qi of the $9,600 vehicle.—Star Staff Photo. '
-Zeal to Register Outruns
taw at Forest Heights
Some of the ladiee from the
Prince OeOrgee County League
of Women Voters apparently got
carried away lost week In their
seal to regieter new voter,.
Aa a result, some new regis
trations may be in jeopardy.
That was disclosed today as
the county election supervisors
prepared to meet tomorrow to
check over 326 new restorations
taken at a special affair spon
sored by the league in Forest
Heights last Tuesday night.
The County Board of Election
Supervisors sent* two .registrars
to register the new voters the
league hoped to attract to the
Forest Height Community Cen
ter that night. As it turned out,
two registrars had more than
they could handle. Many per
eons went back home because :
they were discouraged 4 by the
long line. * i
Some oversealous league <
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A 4 if i A * .1 v >
i ladles, pained by the sight of
i would-be registrants turning
, heel, started registering voters
themselves. Under the law. resi
dents can be registered to vote
only by a duly-sworn registrar.
As a result of the Forest
Heights snafu, the Board of
Election Supervisors sent 10 reg
istrars to the county league’s
second registration night Friday
at Adelphl Mill. The 238 new
voters who showed up were
quickly and legally registered.
League to Meet ,
The Tskoma Park Community
League will meet at 8 pm. to
night at the Takoma Park i
Municipal Building, 8 Columbia
avenue. Lawrence A. Osterhous, i
spokesman for the proposed i
Metropolitan Transit Co-opera-;
tive, will describe the plans for
that organisation.
'Register' Posters
Remind Arlington
Two hundred posters urging
’ Arlington residents to register
: by Saturday to vote November S
1 are being distributed by the
AHlngton League of Women
Voters who registered previ
ously need not do so again,
unless they have moved.
The office of the General
Registrar to open at 2040 North
Fifteenth street on Court House
Bquare from 0:20 to 8 pm.
Monday through Friday. Special
hours will b 6 observed from 7
pm. to 0 pm. today and Thurs
day and all day Saturday.
Mrs, Roger Marshall, voters’
service chairman for the Arling
ton league, sold that about 41.-
000 persons are registered. About
85.000 have paid a poll tax this
year, making them eligible to
vote if they register and are
Otherwise qualified.
Volunteer Fire Company
Observes Anniversary
There was a time when the
Tuxedo-Cheveriy Volunteer Fire
Company consisted of one ancient
Ford pumper with a distinct
cough in Its motor and 10 fire
men with a distinct sense of pub
lic duty in their hearts.
That same fire company today,
28 years later, to a first-class
organisation of over 86 men with
modern equipment that can cope
with any blase in their area.
Saturday to the company's 26th
anniversary. The occasion will
be observed with a parade, dem
onstration of fire fighting, and
fire prevention exhibits. Twenty-,
five pieces of equipment from
several other companies will be
on display.
Three Pumpers
Included among these 28 en
gines will be the three big pump
er, from Tuxedo-Cheveriy com
pany. One of them has a 1,000-
gallon capacity and three to
gether are worth about 140,000.
An 810,800 rescue truck to sched
uled for delivery next month.
But times haven't always been
prosperous with the company. It
was only a few years ago that
members were digging into their
own pockets for change to keep
gasoline In their fire trucks. That
was before Prince Georges
County started levying special
fire taxes, so the only way the
men could keep the equipment
rolling was by going around the
neighborhood, hat in hand/
soliciting nickels, dimes, quar
ters and an occasional dollar.
Even with the fire tax the com
pany has to out corners the
members themselves built the
' present brick firehouse.
104 Fire, Per Tear
The company averages about <
300 fires a year, but there's i
much more to do than fight fires.:
Sometimes it’s school every \
active member has completed
the basic fire fighting course
offered at the University of
Then there are the usual cats :
in trees and little boys locked;
in bathrooms. During Hurricane i
Haael in October. 1084. the com
pany kept the Prince Oeorgee (
Hospital lighted with Its portable
generator. ,
The Tuxedo-Cheveriy men are ;
in the "emergency" business—]
Just name it, and they can
handle it.
The company has won 30 1
trophies in two years. State Farm:
Mutual Insurance Co. has given
a "B” rating to Tuxedo-Cheveriy. I
and that's the highest possible i
) rating a volunteer company can
; earn.
i t The company proudly claims
; that it can get equipment en
■ route to a fire in about a minute
- and a half—even if there is no
complete crew at the firehouse.
This to accomplished by an
i unusual communications system
i of their own invention. In the
i station, a microphone to placed
in front of the county fire board
t loudspeaker. This microphone
I Pipes the calls directly to the
, homes of all members. Pop may
[be giving the baby his 2 am.
but if a call comet in.
'Mama takes over with Junior.
,! Saturday, the Tuxedo-Cheveriy
folks will turn out to say th*nk«
to the men who, for 25 years,
have been saving house*, oats,
dogs and little boya
■ 'Belair' Place
To Open For
: DAR Benefit
Historic “Belair"—a Prince
. Georges County estate dating
, back to about 1742—wi1l be open
’to the puhlic Saturday as a
I benflt for area chapters of the
Daughters of the American
; The main gate to the estate
Is on Defense highway (U. S.
Route 50) close to its junction
with Route 197 near Bowie.
Visiting hours win be from 11
am. to 4 pm, with adults to be
charged 50 oents and children 1
28. Proceeds will be used by the 1
DAR chapters for their approved
school program, which main- 1
tains orphaned children in i
schools with boarding facilities. ]
In particular, tlje sponsoring
groups hope to raise sufficient,
funds to take care of at least,
one ward at Tamgssee. S. C.
“Belair" has been associated 3
with the names of prominent i
families and noted horses in
Maryland history. Such families ]
as the Ogles, Lowndr* and,
Woodwards have been the own- <
-William Woodward, Jr., Is the ]
present owner of the estate and !
has granted permission to the I
DAR chapters for the tour. i
Mrs. Elisabeth D. Singer of 1
4707 Tuckerman street, River- *
dale, chairman of the Approved 1
School Program for the EmUyj
Nelson DAR Chapter of Wash- |
tag ton. to handling the arrange- j<
mente. il
9 1 -•
% • ; . wB&. * M .
jpapPfspr jg . wK t jig/* f
119H9! *i»
9HOBI . it 1 K Jiif99B
mm*m jHßni 5 • ■*>*% '
■ If ’’’ 4
> . ” ■ af' * : P^.
■ 'is?*. ■ 999#y9y>
" - ■ ' $
PROPOSED SHOPPINGCESITER—Here 14 in artist’s conception of a
Silver Spring shopping center that will be the subject of a ooning controversy to
be heard tonight iij.
Montgomery Fight Seen
6n Shop Center Zoning
A Utter fight will be waged to
night over proposed resoning for
a new regional shopping center
at the Sixteenth street gateway
to Montgomery County.
The hearing to scheduled be
fore the Montgomery County
Council at 4 pm. at Montgomery
Hills Junior High School.
Blair Management Corp. to
seeking the commercial classifi
cation of 8.9 acres of a 23.5-acre
tract bounded by Eastern avenue,
Blair Mill road. Colesville road
and East-West highway.
The tract lies opposite the
Falkland, apartments owned and
operated by Bair Management
Studies for the mall-type shop
ping center which tig applicant
says will be bounded*** parking
facilities and include a depart
ment store have been prepared
by Fred W. Tuemmler 4 Asso
ciates, planning consultants of
Hyattsville, Md.
i The proposed new center
planned on the site has run into
opposition from the Silver Spring
Board of Trade and has been
' recommended for disapproval by :
' the Maryland-National Capital,
’ Park and Planning Commission.!
A planning commission spokes- j
man said the National Capital
Planning Commission also has
indicated disapproval of the proj
The Maryland commlesion,
noting that granting the appli
cation would create two focal
points fbr Silver Spring busi
ness, indicated, however, it would
be receptive to application for
more intense apartment house
Hospital Auxiliary ,
To Meet Tuesday
The Women’s Hospital Auxili
ary of Arlington will meet at 1:30
pm. on Tuesday in the confer
ence room of the hospital to
hear a report by Mrs. Frank
Petee, Jr., on the American Hos
pital Associations Annual Con
vention for Auxiliaries in At- ;
Untie City, N. J„ September 19-.
23, Mrs. Petee to auxllUry
" ir 1
Nine Scho6l Bus
Drivers Will Get
Safety Awards
Nine school bus drivers, who
[ together have transported Ar
lington school children for more
a quarter of a million miles
without an accident will receive
! safe drfvtng awards at 10 am.
Wednesday in the school trans
portation office. 4318 South
, Twenty-ninth street in Arlington.
The nine are:'
Mrs. Dorothy McDonald, of
[ Temple Trailer Village, Alex
-1 andria; Charles Elgin. 2819
1 North Ninth street, Arlington;
Frank Lancaster, 320 Bates
street N.W.; Auburn Willingham,
RFD 2, Alexandria; John H.
Jones, 2405 South First road,
. Arlington; Edward R. Smith.
11725 South Thirteenth road,
Arlington; Walter F. Clinton,
! 1676 Kramer street N.E.; John
‘S. Jones, 700 Carlyn Springs
. road. Arlington; and William L.
. Standard, ' 1445 Smith place BK.
Major F. Pawver Arlington
' Chief of Police, will present the

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