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Reclamation Delegates
ODDOse Hoover Report
LINCOLN, Nebr., Oct. 37
The National Reclamation Asso-|
elation waa on record today
against a number of recommend
ations of the Hoover Commission
on water resources and power.
More than 700 delegates from
the 17 Western States wound up
what was described as a very
successful meeting by voting to
hold the organisation's 25th an
nual convention in Salt Lake
City next year, probably in No
In addition to recording its
disagreement to portions of the
Hoover report, the association
for the first time in its 24-year
history went on record as back
ing proposed reclamation proj
ects “now pending before Con
Measures now before Congress
include the controversial Upper
Colorado River Storage Project
bill and another to authorise the
Fryingpan Arkansas Project in
At a luncheon meeting before!
the vote on resolutions. Repre-I
Utah Polygamy
Arrests Begin
The first complaints in what of
ficials indicated may become a
Statewide crackdown on polyg
amy were signed yesterday be
fore City Judge J. Patton Neeley.
They named three men and
accused them of unlawful co
habitation in Salt Lake County.
Frafik'E. Moss, Salt Lake County
attorney, said the three had 13
wives and 82 children under 18
years of age.
Officials also said they had the
word of another man that he
would surrender in Davis County
One of the men named in the
complaints, Louis Alma Kelsch,
was arrested yesterday. Names
of the other two were withheld'
pending their apprehension.
Mr. Moss said most of thqse
believed practicing polygamy are;
members of two schismatic re
ligious Mormon groups originally |
known as Fundamentalists. Some
members of this group were
nabbed In a raid at Short Creek.
Arts., in 1953.
The Fundamentalists have no
connection with the Latter-day
Saints (Mormon). Church, which
officially abandoned polygamy
more than half a century ago.
Mr. Moss would not make any!
estimate of the number of per
sons believed practicing polyg-j
amy in Utah, but some sources
placed it at several thousand, j
Labor Merger
Nears Reality ;
NEW YORK. Oct. 27 UP).—
Preparations for merging the j
AFL and the CIO into one big
labor organization are practically
completed, George Meany and
Walter Reuther reported today.!
Mr. Meany, now president of
the AFL and dated to head the
new organization, said its con
stitution is in the “final stages. ’
Mr. Reuther, president of the
CIO, reported “real progress”
has been made. The main out
lines of the new organization are
firmly drawn, he added, and he
could foresee “no changes in
substance” between now and the
joint merger here on December 5.
At a Unity Committee meet
ing yesterday the two groups
agreed on directors for 22
regional posts throughout the
country, with 13 coming from
the AFL and 9 supplied by the
CIO. Names were not made
Mr. Meany also reported the
committee has almost finished
picking those who will head the
new labor group's Washington
Mr. Meany said the proposed
constitution jncluded safeguards
for smaller unions, insuring them'
against being forced to merge
with larger unions.
Mr. Reuther said a director of:
organization has been decided!
upon to run the vast organizing!
campaign planned by the united
labor group.
Mr. Reuther said the man
chosen is an “extremely compe
tent trade union leader” from
the CIO, but withheld the name
until the man himself could be
notified of his selection. It was
understood, however, that he is
John Livingston, a vice president
of the CIO United Auto Workers,
of which Mr. Reuther is presi
(From th« D. C. Health Department)
Amanda c Burkhardt. 77, Hillside, Md.
Ida Appleateln. 75. 4822 Blaxden ava,
Mac E. Barca. 67. 3220 Brother* pi. a.e.
Angela B. Moure, AS, 3784 .Nichols eve
Alexander J. Upcke. sr„ 05. 1443 Penn
aylvanla ave. a.e
Dorothy O Polito, 06. 10 Jefferaon at.
John Casan. 64, Wellington.
JaMea H Coma*. 02, 5016 Third at, n.w.
William E. Welch. 46, Alexandria. V*.
John E. Walker. 42, Cheverlr, Md.
Robert Bailey. Jr., 38. 3425 Oakwood
Richard 1 J. Croa*. infant. 4408 Niehol*
ave a.w.
Jeffery W. Coorman, Infant. Spring Hill.
jaman(Banner, sultland. Md.
Infant Wacker, silver Spring, Md.
Infant Kaplan. Washington.
Loot** V. Mixon. 81. 320 Salwyno court,
Marla Joeksoo. SI, 21 Quincy at. n.w.
Minnie I. Price. 75. 2421 K at. n.w.
Beniamin P. Dean. 86. 1430 W at. n.w.
Helen Crawley, 65, 1113 M at. n.w.
Nelson Sprlgga, 63. 1265 Half at. a.w.
William Orant. 58. 484 O at. a.w.
Rote Hodge. 57. 807 M at.
Oeorae Welch. 62. 405 O at. n.#.
Prank Clemm. so. 3224 16th at. n.w.
Edna Morphy. 41. Waahlniton.
Teryaa Wash. Infant, Indianapolis. Ind.
Infant Stone, 428 Warner at. n.w.
Infant Wilson. 1328 10th at. n.w.
Infant Denmark. 6710 Colorado av*. n.w.
»Offord. Norbeck. Md.
Cobb, 8468 .Holmead pi. n.w.
Morgan 1131 10th at. n.w.
Alfred. Arlington. Vn.
Morgan. 1131 10th at. n.w.
Conyera. 1118 Chicago it. a.e.
Austin. 8760 Hnyaa at. n.t.
sentetive Engle. Democrat of
! California, chairman of the
House Interior and Insular Af
fairs Committee, suggested that
sponsors of the Upper Colorado
project agree on one unit and
get it going.
The association said, “We
wholly disagree with the impli
cation of the Hoover Commis
sion report that reclamation is
an unjustified subsidy shoul
dered by the Nation’s taxpayers."
The association again recorded
itself In favor of a National
conference of recognised water
organizations to consider a Na
tional water policy and said:
“A National water policy, to
be a National water policy,
must not consist of narrow
i bookkeeping alone, hor can it
effectively deny the utility of
reclamation and withhold the
(service. . .
i Guy C. Jackson jr„ Anahuac,
! Texas, was elected president. He
[succeeded C. Petrus Peterson,
UncolD ’ who served four years.
Oklahoma City
Printers Plan
Tabloid Daily
(iP).—Daily Oklahoman and
Times printers, who claim they
are locked out, today announced
plans to publish a dally 16-page
tabloid newspaper.
A spokesman for Local 283 of
the International Typographical
Union said the newspaper will
get under way in a few days.
The printers claim they were
locked out October 17 and aince
then have been picketing the
plant of the Oklahoma Publish
ing Co. The company has termed
the printers' action a strike.
The company is continuing to
publish and is hiring replace
Union officials said the paper
iis expected to have an initial
circulation of 25,000.
Elmer Brown, an official with
Unitype Corp.. was reported en
(route from Florida to manage
I the paper. Unitype Corp. pub
lishes more than a dozen “strike
papers" throughout the country
where printers are Involved In
labor disputes.
Some 140 printers left their
jobs with the newspapers after
the company declared an open
shop, saying it would no longer
recognize the ITU as bargaining
agent. Printers have worked
without a contract since 1948.
Each side has accused the
(other of refusing to negotiate
: differences. Wages are not !n
--! volved in the dispute.
Two Groups to Hold
Bird Show Saturday
The Cage Bird Society of the
(District and the United Budge
rigar Society, No. 4, win hold
I their ninth annual bird show
(from 11 am. to 10 pm. Saturday
(and from 10 am. to 6 pm. Sun
day in the Annapolis Hotel,
i Eleventh and H streets N.W.
Proceeds win go to the United
Cerebral Palsy Association.
Indiana Guard
: On Strike Alert
NEW CASTLE, Ind., Oct. 27
■ UP). —A National Guard riot
■ squad was on patrol here today
. as the result of rumors of a
’ possible strike demonstration at
the Perfect Circle Corp- foundry.
f The 25 Guardsmen on duty
. were aU that were left of 1,000
. who moved Into three cities three
. weeks ago.
, They were called up after
! eight persons were wounded in
> an exchange of gunfire between
i strike sympathizers outside the
• plant and non-strikers inside.
The CIO United Auto Workers
went on strike at the New Cas
: tie. Hagerstown and Richmond
| plants of Perfect Circle in a con
> tract dispute July 25.
i Capt. William Scott, acting
Deputy Adjutant General, said
l the small contingent of troops
i has enough tear gas and ammu-
I'nition “to handle anything that
((might come up.”
Mayor Paul F. McCormack
ftbanned all parades and demon
l| strations after hearing rumors
-(that strike sympathizers might
I gather again.
The resumption of National
i Guard patrols was ordered after
. eight windows were smashed by
i stones at the foundry Tuesday
• night. Ouards saw no one
i around the plant, and police said
s vandals may have thrown the
i stones.
t Negotiations between the UAW
, and the company broke down
- August 26.
Search for Boys' Killers
Centers on Dump Area
CHICAGO. Oct. 27 (IP).—Re
‘ ports of scream* the night of
October 16 had police searching
two sparsely settled areas of the
Northwest Side today for clues to
„ the brutal slaying of three young
* The nude bodies of the stran
>• gled beaten youths Robert
Peterson, 14; John Schuessler, 13.
and his brother Anton, Jr., 11—
were found in a forest preserve
s, just northwest of the city limits
October 18. An autopsy showed
that they were killed two days
earlier. '
, So far police have uncovered
no real leads to a solution of the
ghastly crime. They haven’t
even determined where the
'■ youngsters were killed,
i. Two persons living near a
dumping ground northeast of the
>. woods where the bodies were
found have reported hearing
muffled screams shortly before
midnight Sunday, October 16.
Police scouring the area yes
: ■ rr f A
i I Wjm | IfL#
> m Hk m *
Sgg MB wB
M 2, ~ ** jfp ( '- r , "
y i .
* IP'" 5
> I
iKM 't
'»# i i t Mm
: ■ W -h~ 2 ' V
r m
! 8 i 1
| HARRISBURG, PA.—Joseph Katchik, who joined the State
Capitol police force yesterday. Is believed to be the coun
, try’s tallest policeman. Here he demonstrates his 8-foot
( 8-inch height beside Sergt. Samual H. Zeiders, 5 feet 4
’> inches.—AP Wlrephoto. >
! Lonardi Says Peron Left
-Nation in Economic Chaos
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, <
1 Oct. 27 UP). —A policy of “ouster
| ity, work and sacrifice” with no,
! promise of “pie in the sky” was
’before the Argentine people to- c
: day as the new government’
1 called for a stringent program!
1 of economic rebuilding. ) (
J Provisional President Eduardo £
r Lonardi said last night Argen-;
r Una is confronted with the “most| c
1 disastrous situation in our eco- 1
r nomic history.’’ He put the
j Marne squarely on ousted Presl- 1
1 dent Jukd D. Peron, saying the
“irresponsible and corrupt” 10-
1 year rule of the fallen dictator *
5 had toft economic chaos. 1
Making a detailed report over I
. a nationwide radio hookup. Gen
Lonarffi said the nation's gold
and dollar reserves totaled $l
- at the end of World (
War n. Now. be said. Argentina t
has an internal debt of 85 billion (
j a foreign debt of $757 million c
and reserves are down to $450
' million.
. j Win't Conceal Truth
,( Argentina idled up vast re
serves during World War n by
I;selling wheat and meat to the!
Allied powers. When Oen. Peron
■;csme to power at the end of the
(war, Argentina was at Its highest
(pinnacle of wealth from war- ■
(time profits.
"The system of hiding the
(truth has ended.’’ Gen. Lonardi
(said. “Then years of irresponsi
'bility and corruption have tod
(us to the most disastrous situ
-7 ation in our economic history.
1 “I do not come to hand out
I cajolery nor to promise pie Ini'
J the sky. I address the nation;.
c not to give but to ask efforts of
’• abstinence and sacrifice.’’ 1
J Continuing his gloomy—but 1
5 expected—economic analysis, the!
s hero of the revolt which over- ,
threw Oen. Peron said:
Export Business Gone !i
; “Argentina no longer is the
* great exporting nation of before •
. . . there are no exports with
which to pay for a single ma- 1
_ chine or single piece of equip- *
j ment for industry or transpor- 1
_ tation. but we will take urgent
‘ measures to remedy this situ- 1
\ If Argentina tightens its belt,;'
J he continued, gives the country's i 1
“(farmers and ranchers a new *
t i lease on life, fosters a revived i
private enterprise, beckons for-!
c eign aid and slashes a topheavy 1
. bureaucracy, it can march to a
s new greatness in the family of '
t nations ]
Oen. Peron’s “gravest error,”
j Gen. Lonardi asserted, was try- ~
r tng to industrialize the nation .
j at the expense of agricultural
t The new government head said
j [there are at least 150,000 gov- -
e eminent employes who are un
I I Oil Contract Assailed
n tie accused Gen. Peron of
negotiating a "tremendous con-
terday found that the ground in
some places is covered by a greasy j
film. The slain boys had dark.;
1 oily stains .on their feet.
! Two residents of an area far
ther west, in which several riding
stables are located, also reported
hearing screams the same night. l
‘ Detectives said they were paying |
' particular attention to the sta
[ bles in searching that area. In
: vestigators believe, on the basis
of the foot stains, that the boys
either were killed or held captive
for a while in a dirty place such
I as a stable or garage.
. Meanwhile, authorities said a
t 33-year-old golf caddy, Charles
, Dahlgulst, had been cleared of
Implication in the triple slaying.
, Mr. Dahlqulst had been seised
, twice for questioning and under
went three lie detector tests.
[ Rewards totaling more than
; $30,000 have been offered for in
formation leading to the arrest
■ and conviction of the killers.
cession’’ for Argentine oil.
Although he mentioned no
names, his statement was an
obvious reference to a contract
with Standard Oil of California,
giving the United States firm
exclusive operating rights in
southern Argentina. The Lonardi
government let the contract
lapse without final approval.
Mr. Lonardi said, “It is not
true that Argentines lack the
ability to produce oil by our own
effort.” The nation can double
Its oil production within a rela
tively short time, he added.
Fuel is the heaviest single
drain on Argentina’s precious
dollar reserves. At the present
time a government company now
produces only about 49 per cent
of the nation’s needs.
Under D. C. law couples must
apply lor a marriage license on
one day, wait' three full days
and receive the license on the
fifth day. Sundays and holi
days are counted the same as
other days.
Clinton TBler, 21. Bancroft. Mich., and
Cora Rernolda. 20. Arlington. Va.
John Drew. 27. CUrkaTille. Del., and
Dorothf Shedrtck. 26. 1227 SU**n rd.
[Brneat Sabo). Jr., 23. Norfolk. Va.. and
Lola Sutton. 22. 3650 Pordham rd.
; Harold Hilt. 22. 1604 Trinidad aet. n e..
! and Ruth Banflald. 24. 2838 Oeorsta
Lewli Young. 22. 4122 Meade at. ne.
| and Shlrleir Howard. 20. 4626 Poote
Willie “burke. 25. 1532 Sth at. n.w.. and
Gertrude Thompson. 24. 5353 Clay
ter. n.e
John Roth a, 42. Enterprise. On., and
waneta Shaver, 38, 2800 Weodler rd.
Howard Tbompaon. 21. and Alrli Quick.
_ 30, both of 604 3rd at. n.w.
Gene Oenaro. 23. Colleye Park. Md.. and
Marie Cherry. 18. 113 16th at. *.*.
Waiter Urban. 37. 4120 Arkanaaa ava.
n.w.. and BUlte 0111. 38. 2410 20th
at. n.w.
Oeorae Roane. 22. 345 Oakdale pL n.w..
and Dorothy Bolden. IS. 2010 3rd at.
Willie Johnson, 24. and Doris wills. IS.
both of 1612 S it. n.w.
Edward Mclntyre. 34. and Ollla OIU. 33.
> - both of Richmond.
Charles Heiasenbultel 28. and Rosemary
Krleter, 20. both of New York City.
Seymoui Rottenber*. 3R. 3836 16th at.
“ua (a Levin. 27. Phlladei-
Wlfliani A*squlth. 22. Orcenbelt. Md.. and
Martant Poole. 18. Capitol Heights,
Oary ’ Plerca. 24. Sultland. Md.. and
Oenni Pochett. 23. Capitol Helaht*.
Robeyt Dunnlaan. 22. 3508 11th at. n.w .
and Barbara Pagram. 22, 617 P at.
Jamei Robinson. 24. Alexandria. Va.. and
Marcrlllna Dorsey. 21, Arlington, vs.
Richard Marvin. 28. 3101 K at. a.e.. and
Lillian Kabes. 86. 4848 Bayaro blvd.
Albert Pollln. 26. Elmira. N. Y.. and
Avrin Perlman. 22. 1443 Northsata rd.
wmiam Harris. 40. 436 Randolph at.
n.w.. nnd Claretta Royau. 29. 2128
lat at. n.w.
Zs*** Ms I
S ‘
•£ee yoc/r Gtf/QKcfeafer /
Auto Death of Man, 75, <
Puts District Toll at 56
The District:* traffic fatality
total has climbed to 58 with the
death of Clarence 8. Heffner.
75, of 3538 Thirteenth street
N.W., at Emergency Hospital
last night, police reported. At
this time last year traffic deaths'
numbered 44.
Police said Mr. Heffner was
struck by a car driven by Paul
P. Cooke. 38, colored, of 1203
Girard street N.W., at Four
teenth street and Park road N.W.
yesterday afternoon. He suffered
a fractured skull and right leg.
Mr. Cooke, a teacher at Wilson
Teachers' College, told investi
gating officers that he drove into
the intersection on Park road
with a green light and did not
see Mr. Heffner until his car
bad struck him.. Mr. Heffner
was a retired employe of the
Washington Gas Light Cb.
Three Ex-Vice Presidents
Disagree on Primaries
Three former Democratic Vice
Presidents, one of whom became
President, disagreed last night
on how best to nominate a man
for the second highest office.
They discussed the subject in
separate interviews with Edward
R. Murrow of the Columbia
Broadcasting System. The pro
gram was on Mr. Murrow’s
television program. "See It
Senator Barkley, Democrat of
Kentucky, the former “Veep.”
said he favors direct, Nation
wide primary elections to choose
candidates for both the presi
dency and the vice presidency.
But former President Truman
dissented. He said direct pri
maries are ideal. “But,” he added,
“there isn’t a man in the world
with money enough to put on a
direct primary for President and
then run for President.’’
4 “It would require an immense
i; amount of money in each one of
(the States.” he said, “and I am
(not so sure it would obtain the
results that we think about.”
’ Henry A. Wallace, who pre
i ceded Mr. Truman as Vice Presl
t dent, suggested no change from
the present system of nomina
* tions by national conventions.
1 He warned, however, that a pol
‘ icy split between the President
1 and the Vice President could be
l dangerous in “these troublesome
-(Driver of School Bus Accused
’Of Passing Bus With Pupils
A school bus driver was
• charged In nearby Maryland
, yesterday with violation of a
Mate law requiring all vehicles
1 to stop for school buses unload
t ing passengers.
t The Incident occurred at'
Fifty-seventh avenue and H
street in Capitol Heights.
- Accused was Anderson Jack-i
son. 41, colored, of 805 Kenil
worth avenue NX. He was driv
ing another school bus at the
Detective Sergt. James P.
Kearns of the Prince Georges
County police said he was
stopped behind a bus carrying
' pupils of St. Margaret’s School
when it pulled away while a:
second bus still was unloading;
on the other side. Jackson was!
( ss^
“ Thot's Oriental's Direct Reduction Loan! It doesn't take
(• a financier ,to determine that this one loan is both
'* economical ond sound. Since 1861 we have successfully
u helped thousands of families to own debt-free homes, and
[; ■ they will support our stotement that when you borrow from
Oriental you get more than a loan Payments ore arranged
! to include interest ond part of the principal so that you
J ore constantly reducing your overall amount.
! Oriental Building Association
j Waskintton's OUttt Savings and Loan Association
600 F St. N.W. ISTABLISHCD 1861 NA. 8-7300
Mr Cooke’s 2-year-old daugh
ter, Ann, suffered a cut Up and
went to a private doctor. Mr.
Cooke will be charged with
homicide and there will be a cor
oner's inquest, police said.
In another accident yesterday
two children reported to have
run from Mtween parked can
in the 800 block of Seventh
street NE. were struck by a car
driven by Martina M. Puryear,
39. colored, of 2606 Myrtle ave
nue NE., according to police.
The children, Bobby Reanes,
6, and bis sister, Linda. 3, of
604'/i Park road N.W.. were
taken to Children's Hospital,
where Bobby was treated for cuts
to the knees and facia) bruizes.
The little girl, who suffered no
apparent Injury, was released.
Mrs. Puryear, a teacher at Bry
ant School, waa not charged.
!i He urged an “increasing sense
5j of awareness on the part of both
tithe general public and the dele
gates to the national conven
tions” of the importance of the
li problem and the position,
if ; —*
i Woman Is Grabbed,
t Clothes Torn Off
r In Street Attack
- A young woman was dragged
5 to the ground, her clothing torn
' off and she was robbed of sls
jby two men and a boy Who
- seized her in the 1100 block of
(- Eaton road SX. last night.
J Miss Phyllis D. Coates. 24.
j colored, of 2536 Sheridan road
SX., told police she was walking
e home about 11 pro. when the
f three approached, one of them
i addressing her: "Hello, baby.”
• When she ignored the trio, all
colored, one of them pulled her
. to the ground and put a hand
. over her mouth. Miss Coates
i said she bit him on the hand and
. screamed. She said the three
!. then tore her clothes off. but did
. not molest her otherwise,
t One of the trio was about 15
e years old, 5 feet tall and weighing
e 115 pounds. The others were be
tween 25 and 30 years.
iat the wheel, Sergt. Kearns
i “Jackson made three more
; stops down the road before this
second bus dropped all its chil
■ dren and I could proceed,” Sergt.
i Kearns declared.
After his arrest, Jackson told
(Sergt. Kearns he had resumed
his route after discharging pas
sengers from his own bus be
• cause he thought the other bus
> had finished totting out children
at the stop and was waiting ln
. stead to make a toft turn,
i A hearing on the charge—
i which requires traffic in both
[ directions to stop when school
I buses are taking on or letting
i off passengers—was set for No
vember 3 in Hyattsville Police
The Star
Is the
Medium in
To Ploce a '
Star Classified Ad
STerling 3-5000
Closing Hours:
TUES. te Fill.. 9 f.M. Day Saiera
I WILL NOT o* responsible far any
debts contracted l>T anyone other
then ir.r oa-n. E. W. CpRPROAD.
Slow C st.. Capitol Helaht*.'.Md.
any debts contracted for by aay-
NO* lESFONs'iBLE for any lebts
eenaedl'bontJed' cail
thos. J. o?™
Trustees' Sal* of Valuable SEMI-
B o^^“£ub£?*No® < 8103*
SL tn, ttf DUtrtct^f
tber pxrttCTlaw of »hlch will be
B ° B ™-
u 2f 0 D frainJosTHMY
By virtue of e eertoin deed of trust
duly recorded. In Liber No
fSua 461 et ieq. ofttie Und rue-
betas Lot 150 In BowHns'a Sobdl
ruion of loia In 1
Subject to covenant, of record.
Terms Sold subject to * Prior
(bulldln* association- deed of truit
for approximately 55.256.00 fur
ther particulars of »Web will be
announced at time of aale: the
purchaae price above a*ld trust to
be paid In cash. A deposit of
*SOO 00 required. Conveyancing,
recording, etc., at purchaser’* cost
Adtustments made os of date of
sale Terms to be complied with
within thirty day*, other*lae de
posit forfeited and the property
may be advertised and retold at
the discretion of the triiatoe*.
0c2£25,27.29-nol Trustees
THOS J. OWEN~k SON. Auctioneers
fill B It. N.W.
»oS. 4881 A
By virtu* of a certain deod of trust
duly recorded. In Liber No. 9850,
Rollo 87 et seo . of the land records
of the Dlatriet of Columbia, and
at the request of the party secured
thereby, the underticned trustee;
will sell, at public auction In front
of the premises, on WEDNESDAY.
PM the following-described -and
and premises, situate In the Dis
trict of Columbia, and designated
as and being Lot S 3 in Square
South of 5349 In the Subdivision
mad* by Boat Hills. Inc., os per
plat recorded In the Office ot the
Surveyor for the District of Colum
bia in Liber 124 at folio 15. Sub
ject to building restriction line as
shown on sold plat and established
and shown nn Plat 124 at folio 4:
also subject to agreements and
covenants of record.
Terms' Sold subject to a prior
ibufldlna association- deed of trust
for approximately M. 471.79 fur
ther particular* of which will
be announced at time of sale: the
purchase above said trust to be
paid In cosh. A deposit ot SSOO on
required. Conveyenclnc. recording,
etc., at purchaser's coat. Adjust
ment* made as of data of sale.
Terms to be complied with within
thirty days, otherwise deposit for
feited and the property may be
advertised and resold at the dis
cretion of the trustees.
0c22.25.27.29.n0l _ Trustee*. _
THOS. s. OWEN a SON. Anetteneers,
lilt E St. N.W.
By virtue of a certain deed of trust
recorded In Liber 8636 at folio 224
et tea one of the Land Records of
the District of Columbia, and at
the request of the party secured
thereby, the undersigned trustees
will sell, at public auction. In front
TWfcWT? r Eia*’ ° n 'oc*
P.M.. the land
and oremlaes. situate in the City of
Washington. District of Columbia,
and decimated as and being lot 50
In .quaroe 182. at per plat recorded
In the office of the Surveyor of
the District of Columbia, in Über
10 at folio 192
Terms- Sold subleet to a prior
(bulldlnf association- deed of
trust for approximately 34.510.33,
further particulars of which will
be announced at the time of sale.
The purchase orlce above eaid deed
of trust la to be paid In cash. A
deposit of *SOO on required at the
time of sale Conveyancing ex
amination of title, revenue stamps,
recordlne and notarial fees st the
coat of the purchaser Terms to
be complied with within 30 davs
from the dav of sale: otherwise
the trustees reserve the right to
resell the propertv st the risk and
dost of the defaulting purchaser
after 5 davs' advertisement of
surh resale In some newspaper
published In the City of Wasnlnt
ton D. C. or deposit may be for
feited. or without forfeiting deposit
trustees may avail themselves of
any legal or equitable rights
against the defaulting purchaser.
Pel 6.20.22/252 7*
art Carter. 6707 Rood streat, N.
Maryland, that on FRI
O’CLOCK A.M.. w* will l *e?l ft by pub
lic suction at 2206 Lawrence Ave..
N.E. to enforce our liens for re
pair and itoraie charges: 1949
ford Pordor Sedas. Serial No
988A1.19720. repair oharse* In the
amount of 5D6.50 and storage
charges of 390.00. left with us In
the name of Robert Carter. 6707
&sf. »&Vin
notice. Terms: Cash. WOODY'S :
Attorney. Press Bldg. '
Washington. D. C ••
r A r v*e“~‘N L E
Wentworth K. Britt. 713 Rose
6204606,^M0t0r" 4 ®? 1 81t5'23780!
fe R u Sfif:
_ 0e20.g7.n03
TH°B. OWEN AWttunqara
By virtue of a certain deed of true*
duly recorded. In Über No. 10344.
Pojlo 487 et aeq , of the land rec
ords of tho District of Columbia,
and at the request of the party
secured thereby, the undersigned
will sell .st public auction
lowlng-descrlbed land and prem
ises. situate in the District of Co
lumbia and designated as and
being the West one-half of Original
Lot 2 in Square 568. Now known
for purposes of assessment and
taxation as Lot 801 in sold Square.
Terms: Sold subject to a prior
(buUdlnc association! deed of trust
for approximately *7.370.00 fur
ther partlclulars of which will be
announced at time of tale: the
purchase price above trust to be
paid In cash A deposit of 860d.00
required. Conveyancing, recording,
etc . st purchaser's cost. Adjust
ments made as of date of sale.
Terms to be compiled with within
thirty days, otherwise deposit for
feited and the property may be
advertised and retold at the discre
tion of the trustees.
BER T w m.
THOS. j. OWEN * SON. Auctioneer.,
lUI E St. H.IK
Trustees' Sales of Valuable IM
By virtu* of a certain deed of trust
duly recorded. In Liber. No. 9407.
Polio 392 et aeq.. of the land
records of the Dlatriet of Colum
bia. and at the request of th*
Parties secured thereby, th* under
signed trustee* wIU sell, at pubUt
auction within the office of Tnos.
J. Owen At Bon. Suita 801. Per
O CLOCK P.M.. the followlng-de
soQbed land and premises, situate
in the District of Columbia, and
jgW * Jhe Washington Sanitary
Improvement Company's subdlvl-
Office “"colum?
bl* in Über 27 at folio 198.
*“ w * ct » Prior deed
SLS?** . r 2L *PPto*lmately »7~
-.n u Cf* r tmrtlenJara of r
W UI be announced at time
0 1 sal*, the purchase price above
ij!4 ,n, rt be paid m caelv A’
ncPoalt of 8300.00 required Con
veyancing. recording, etc., at mir
as*2r r A <lJ<»tmenta mod* t
Os Os dote of sale. Terms to be
with within thirty dan!
d *®o* u forfeited and the
»?, T «Wsed »nd re
at th* discretion of the trug-
wgsws °- wga TO!L
H^P°M E Ht ND^ ID T -Mk
pSSS?oII? ICK dwelling being
virtue of a certain deed of trust
W** No. MS?
of the Mt°Jf U go{SS , bi r°^S
lured* thJreh i. “'thV'* “dMrignld
acIL at public auction
within the offlee of Tho*. J. Owen
A Son. Suita 601. Perpetual Build
lov. Il l E Street. N.W. on WED-
JOVE M HER AD. *1968. AT :
the followlng-dMcribed land and
*““»• hi the DU trie t of
tared Sixty-one (61), lit th#
.«« ro K? ea te *
eoraed in the Offlee of the Sur
fOFor for the District of Columbia
In Über 33 at folio 142.
Tenns: Sold subject to a prior deed
of trust for approximately 37..
060.00 further partJculua or which
will be announced at time of sale:
the purchaae price above said trust
to he «oM In cash. A deposit of
SdOjUID required. Conyeyanclng. re
“rihna. etc., at purchaser's coat.
Adjustment* made os of date or
sale. Terms to be compiled with
within thirty j days. othi£rU# de
posit forfeited and the property
0c21.27.n0l Trustees.
THO S .j.ow ri * g? ON. 4 «d=ra
Hree P ™ B r¥he^.
B l«o^. e riSb?no of ax?.
Polio 544 et seq.. of the land rec
ords of the District of Columbia,
and at the request of the party
secured thereby, the undersigned
trustees will sell, at public auction
lowlng-descrlbed land and prem
ises. situate tp the District of Co
lumbia. and designated as and be
ing Lot 59 In McLachlen's et al
subdivision of lots in Square 102 S.
os per plat recorded In the Offlee
of the. Surveyor for the District of
Columbia la Liber 17 at foUo 44.
Terms: Sold subject tea prior deed
of trust for approximately 58.785.86
further particulars of which will be
announced at time of sale: the pur
chase price above stld trust to be
paid in caah. A deposit of $500.00
required Conveyancing, recording,
eta., at purchaser's cost. Adjust
ment* made as of data of sale.
Terms to be complied with within
thirty days, otherwise deposit for
feited and the property may be
advertised and resold at the discre
tion of the trustees.
0c21. Trustees.
THOS. J. OWEN * SON, Auctioneers.
_ fill E St. N.W.
Trustee*' Sale of Valuable TWO
STORY and basement semi
By virtue of a certain deed of trust
duly recorded. In Liber No. 10126.
Polio 326 et seq.. of the land rtcords
of the District of Columbia, and at
the request ot the party secured
thereby, the undersigned trustee*
will sell, at public auction in front
» 'BNWB9SBSC 1& ‘
the following-described Und and
premises, situate In the Dlatriet of
. Columbia, and designated a* and
being lot 1 In Square 4117 In the
subdivision made by Peper et al.
as per plat recorded In the Offlee
of the Surveyor for the District of
Columbia In Liber 130 at folia 105.
Subject to the building restriction
line on said nlat and restriction* of
Terms: Sold subleet to a prior Deed
of trust for approximately Sll.-
583.76 and a prior second deed ot
trust for approximately $4,680.45
further particulars of which will be
announced at time of sale: the pur
chase price above said trust to b*
paid In eash. A deposit of *500.00
reoulred. Conveyancing, recording,
etc., at purchaser's cost. Adluat
e ments made as of data of sale.
Terms to be compiled with within
mdays. otherwise deposit for
and the property may be
advertised and resold at tha discre
tion of the trustees.
_pc21.34.2T29.3l Trustees.
Notice !• hereby given that on
Friday. December 2, 1965. com
mencing at 10 o'clock A.M., and
continuing on each Tuesday and
Friday thereafter at the same time,
until all le sold, we will tell at
public auction at Adam A. Wegchler
* Son. 907 ■ Street N.fe.. Wash
ington. D. C.. to enforce our liens
for storage and/or other charges,
goods stored with us tn the names
of H. P. Alexander. Gustave
Andrade. John Andrews. W. B.
Clark. Ernestine Estes. Mlaa M. A.
Fraser. Richard W. Ooodhart. Miss
Florence Ouckcr. Mr. or Mr*. W.
H Jenkins. Mr. or Mrs Wm P.
Jones. Josephine E. Krans. Mrs.
. Chester Leasure. Martha R. Mc-
Meater. C W. Pierce, Mr. or
Mrs. Joseph M Sakol*. Mr. or
Mrs Arthur J smith, and Anna
volker. Parties In Interest please
I take notice. UNITED STATES
MACOMBER. Treasurer.
j 0C2Q.27
(Continued on Next PaasJ

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