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*• THE EVENING STAR, Washington, D. C.
delicious with ice cream
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p Mew from
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look born beautiful!
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fe : j The only
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This full-scale model, complete with antenna, is the first to be made of the
earth satellite now under construction, according to the Defense Department.
Dr. John P. Hagan, director of Project Vanguard, sketches a rough outline of
the satellite’s orbit about the earth which scientists hope to achieve. The model
measures 20 inches in diameter. The tiny man-made moon will be launched
between July 1, 1957, and December 31, 1958.—Navy Photo from AP Photo.
Flood Washes Up Skull
Os Neanderthal Woman
MARBURG, Germany, Aug. 23 (JP). —A German anthropolo
gist today announced the discovery of a well-preserved skull of
a Neanderthal woman who lived more than 120,000 years ago.
The skull was found by a rural schoolteacher 100 years after
the skull of the original Neanderthal man was discovered in 1856
in a German limestone cave.
Washed up by recent floods in
the Hessian village of Rhuenda,
it was taken to Prof. Eduard
Jacobshagen. anthropologist of
Marburg University.
“It is a sensational scientific
discovery,” Prof. Jacobshagen
said in an interview. “And the
; skull is better preserved than
the Neanderthal skull itself.”
Prof. Jacobshagen said the
skull is that of a woman 35 to
40 years old at the time of her
death. He fixed the age of the
skull at more than 120.000 years
because in the layer of sinter
covering it he found a fossilized
snail of the last interglacial
The Neanderthal man’s skull
was found a century ago this
month in a limestone cave 60
feet underground in the Neander
i valley, about 10 miles from Dues
In D. C. Area
Still Rising
The addition of 700 members
to the working population in:
July raised the employment total i
last month for Washington and
nearby suburban areas to a post-1
World War II peak of 646,300!
The upward trend continues
the steady increase which began
in 1955.
Ordinarily, midsummer em
ployment drops in wholesale, re
tail and service establishments.
| But increased hiring by the Fed
eral Government starting its
'fiscal year boosted the total
working force.
The July figure was 1.8 per
! cent greater than the employ
;ment total for July, 1955. This
! increase represents in part the
! decline in employment last year
idue to the summer transit strike.
The skull of a second man of
the Neanderthal race, believed
now to be an extinct side branch
of the human family, was discov
ered in World War I at Ehrings
dorf, near Weimar, now Com
munist East Germany.
The Rhuenda skull was turned
in by a 40-year-old country,
teacher, Eitel Glatzer, July 20. j
Rains had turned the small Rhu
enda creek into a raging stream
which washed away soil and
laid it bare in a layer of gravel.
Digging at the scene of the And
thus far has failed to bring up
more bones.
Director Horst Sielhoff of the
Dusseldorf Museaum said it is be
lieved Neanderthal men disap
peared from the earth some 50,-
000 years ago. They existed from
50,000 to 100,000 years before
Townsend Group
To Step Up Drive
After Move Here
The Townsend Plan for Na
tional Insurance will move its
headquarters from Cleveland to
Washington and is planning in
creased activity for its objective.
I The organization has leased
; quarters at 808 North Capitol
street. Mrs. J. A. Ford, head of
the Washington Legislative Bu
reau, now at 1420 New York ave
nue N.W., said the bureau would
move to the new quarters before
the end of this month.
When the national headquar
ters are established here this fall
there will be a staff of about 20,
Mrs. Ford said. The Townsend
National Weekly will be part of
the move.
i The Townsend Plan now con
templates a substitute for the
old age and survivors insurance
part of the social security pro
gram. All wages over $250 a
I month would be taxed 2 per cent,
and the amount collected would
be divided among those over 60
who retire from wage earning
employment, the disabled and
widows with minor children. It
is estimated the payments would
average $l4O a month. Dr.
Townsend, now 89, is in Cali
Sunny Ambrosia with
Fresh California Bartletts
T, Mi new ambrosia Is the luscious result of baking Fresh Cali
fornia Bartletts with flavorsome oranges and bananas. Topped
with snowy coconut, it is delightful either warm or chilled.
It’s a pleasure to watch your Vs cup orange juice
waistline now that sweet, satis* 2 bananas, mashed smoothly
tying Fresh California Bartletts V* cup honey
are so plentiful. As well as being Coconut
comfortably low in calories, they Cut pears in half; remove cores
combine beautifully with other aiu j »,ems. Arrange in shallow
foods to give variety in break- baking dish with orange slices,
fasts, lunches and dinners .With Mix orange juice> bananas and
picnic baskets and lunch boxes. Cover - ® ake at 400 (hot) 20
BAKED PEAR AMBROSIA minutes. Uncover. Spoon syrup
4 firm-ripe Fresh California over and bake 10 minutes more.
Bartletts Serve warm or chilled with co
-2 oranges, sliced conut. Makes 4 servings.
This recipe has been prepared and tested by the Advisory Board
lor the Promotion of Fresh California Bartlett Pears.
U. S. Singer Reported
Teacher in East Berlin
BERLIN, Aug. 23 OP).—A Com
munist newspaper announced
today that Aubrey Pankey, an
American Negro concert, singer,
has taken a music teaching job
in Communist East Berlin.
East Berlin’s Berliner Zeitung
said Pankey chose to live under
communism after he was refused
permission to live in France and
Britain. The paper said the re
fusals were based on his support
of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg,
executed by the United States in
1953 as atomic spies for the So
n. < ~
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„ you
wf think of
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U. S. Asks Warning Label
On Tranquilizing Drug
Pharmaceutical firms have been asked by the Department
of Health. Education and Welfare to revise the labeling of
products containing the tranquilinzing drug reserpine, in accord
ance with new findings about the potential dangers of its use.
Dr. Ralph G. Smith, chief of the new drug branch of the Bu
reau of Medicine, noted in a letter that many firms market-
ing this drug already have vol
untarily reduced the recom
mended dosage printed on la
bels and have added warning
statements in literature to
However, he added, many of
the preparations that have been
marketed for a long time do not
have labels reflecting the new
For General Practitioners
The warnings to be printed
on the labels are intended pri
marily for the general practi
tioner, who more and more has
been using certain reserpine
preparations to aid patients with
mental disturbances not serious
enough • to warrant psychiatric
Dr. Smith said papers and
exhibits presented at the meet
ing of the American Medical
Association in Chicago last June
11 to 15 emphasized the poten
tial hazards of reserpine in quan
tities above the new recom
mended dosages.
The drugs, along with chlor
promzaine, was introduced into
use in this country over two
years ago and achieved wide
acclaim for the wonders caused
in mental institutions in the
treatment of disturbed and vio
Cites Dosages
Dr. Smith pointed out that, In
the treatment of hypertension
or of anxiety states on an out
patient basis, it is now agreed
the usual maintenance dose
should be 0.25 mg. daily. Doses
of reserpine up to 1.0 mg. daily
may safely be used for the be
ginning of treatment but not
for more than one week, the let
ter added.
Rather than increase the dose
of reserpine, he declared, it is
better to use another hypotensive
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Gastric secretion and acidity
have been increased in a number
of instances. Dr. Smith pointed
out, with doses of 0.32 mg. daily,
whereas the new recommended
dosage does not.
He wrote that daily doses of
0.5 or 1.0 mg. produces “severe
depression in a significant num
ber of individuals and has pre
cipitated a very considerable
number of suicidal attempts,
some of them successful.”
Physicians, many of whom use
the tranquilizing drugs for
patients themselves without con
sulting psychiatrists, were warned
that daily doses of reserpine
above 0.25 mg. also may be dan
gerous to persons with histories
of poetic ulcer or ulcerative
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