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THE SUNDAY STAR, Washington, D. C.
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The 155-foot Temple of the Giant Jaguar reappears as University of
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The Itza people performed human sacrifices in this temple, researchers
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G. 0. P. Says Defeatism jj
Isn't Retirement Spur I;
BUt BUS Writer
The fact that 35 Republican members of the House have
announced they are not seeking re-election has given rise
to speculation that the G. O. P. Is on the run. but party
leaders strongly deny this
A survey of many of the cases where House members have
declined to run this year bears
Is not fear of defeat In the!
coming elections that Is Impel
ling retirement.
This much may be said, how
ever. The unusually large num- :
ber retiring .for one reason or
another Is causing confusion
In the Republican Party. Fur
ther, the fact that most of the
25 have served in\the House
for years and have strong per
sonal fogotfings In their own
districts, will not make It any
easier for the G. O. P. to regain
control of the House in the
88th Congress, or to hold its
present strength In that body.
Reasons assigned for retire
ment of these Republicans
range from age and health, a
desire to return to private busi
ness or profession, to a feeling
of frustration —as members of
the minority in the House butt
ing their heads against a wall.
Also, under the retirement
pensions now available to mem
bers of Congress, a Congress
man with long service is as
sured of wbstantlal retirement
Seek Other Offices
Os the 25 Republicans retir
ing. six are running for other
office. Representatives Kean of
j New Jersey, Prouty of Vermont,
1 and Scott of Pennsylvania are
seeking Senate seats. Repre
sentative Devereux is the Re
publican candidate for Gover
| nor of Maryland, and Repre
sentative Billings of California
has been nominated for State
attorney general. Representa
tive Nicholson of Massachu
setts is also seeking a State
The other 19 are Represen
tatives Vorys of Ohio, Holmes
of Washington, Scudder of Cal
ifornia, LeCompte of lowa
> out the leaders’ belief that It
1 ' " r
Wolverton of New Jersey, Krue
ger of North Dakota. Clevenger
of Ohio. Hill of Colorado, Wil
liams of New York, James of
Pennsylvania, Winn of New
Jersey, Burdick of North Da
kota, O’Hara of Minnesota.
Coudert of New York, Jenkins
of Ohio. Kearney and Radwan
of New York and Hezelton and
Wigglesworth of Massachusetts.
The retiring members repre
sent four districts in New York,
three in Massachusetts, and
two each in New Jersey, Oh’o.
North Dakota and Pennsyl
House Posts at Stake
The retirements mean there
will be an unusually large num
; ber of Important House com
. mittee assignments to fill in
. the next Congress. For ex
t ample, three of the high-rank
- ing Republican members of the
. Interstate and Foreign Com
- mittee will be replaced by
t others. Two Republicans are
leaving the Foreign Affairs
Committee, Mr. Vorys and Mr.
LeCompte, and three are leav
ing the Appropriations Com
r mittee, Mr. Wigglesworth, Mr
f Coudert and Mr. Clevenger
t, Two will leave the Ways and
e Means Committee, Mr. Jenkins
- and Mr. Kean.
- In striking contrast, onl;
- five Democratic members ol
- the House are retiring. Threi
a of them are trying for Senati
e seats—Representatives Engle o
,- California, Byrd of West Vir
- ginia and McCarthy of Minne
e sota. The two others are Rep
■ resentatives Gordon of Ulinoi
- and Dies of Texas.
a Democratic claims of sweep
- ing gains in the House in No
i,' vember are denied by Repub
lican National Chairman Al- ■
corn and other party leaders.
They hope that high farm
prices and good crops will aid i
the O O. P. materially in the
farm belt. They also are hoping
for an upturn In business and
a reduction in unemployment
to aid in the Industrial dis
: trlcts.
They are counting particu
larly on the personal strength
of many Republican incum
bents who are standing for re
election to turn the Democrats
back. Obviously, however, the
G. O P. is facing an uphill
battle and the congressional
candidates will need all the aid
they can get from President
Eisenhower and Vice President
Nixon tn the coming campaign.
Democrats See Gains
Democratic leaders foresee
large gains in the House. Some
claim an utter rout of the Re
publicans and a return to Dem
[ ocratic majorities in Congress
comparable to the early days
11 of the Franklin D. Roosevelt
administration. A more con
. servative Democratic estimate,!
coming from a close observer
of the situation throughout the
country, is that there will be a
5 net gain of 30 seats in the
- House as a result of the fall
- elections.
\ This would be a devastating
- blow to the Republicans. The
- division now is 233 Democrats
e and 198 Republicans, with four
- vacancies.
y This particular Democratic
e estimator does not reckon on
s picking up the 30 seats in the
r. farm States. He hopes that the
- Democrats will gain there. But
- he would be content if the
r. Democrats are able to hold on
r. to three seats they have in
d Kansas, lowa and South Da
is kota in districts which have
been strongly Republican in
ly past years. It is in States like
)f Pennsylvania, however, where
:e ;he expects big gains—probably
* five there and two or three in
sf | California.
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