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Geneva Parley Seeks
Plan to Police A-Tests
GENEVA, Nov. k (AP) .—United States, British and Soviet
delegation leaders explored in a private meeting today the
chances of reaching agreement on the policing of a nuclear test
They appeared neither optimistic nor pessimistic. During
their 45-minute discussion they carefully avoided forcing each
other into taking up rigid po
sitions, informants said.
The three powers formally
opened their conference in
Geneva’s Palais des Nations
yesterday. Over the next few
days or weeks they must deter
mine whether some avenue ex
ists for reconciling their con
flicting views on ending atomic
and hydrogen bomb explosions
Informants pointed out. that
in the early stage of negotia
tions efforts always are made
not to close off any possible
bridges between the two sides.
Would Expand Agreement
It also was understood that
the three powers already have
begun working out their own
plans individually on how to
bring other nations—such as
France and Communist China
—into any test ban agreement
that may be reached here.
United States Ambassador
James J. Wadsworth, British
Minister of State David Orms
by-Gore and the Soviet Union’s
Semyon K. Tsarapkin attended
the private meeting at the
headquarters of the American
American and Russian sources
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Angelo C Buscemi. 28, and Noweeta E.
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James F LaMar. 21 Takoma Park,
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Hill Hotel.
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Qpßp|■ BEHZI-.11 1 11 IB
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■ said the discussions were
i “purely procedural.” But mat-J
i ters of procedure already are
moving the three powers to
ward the heart of the problem. !
Shortly after the conference j
got under way yesterday Mr. ;
; Tsarapkin, introduced a resolu-;
tion which a communique de
■ scribed as "a draft agreement
on the cessation of tests of
1 atomic and hydrogen weapons.”
Details were not madg public, j
Both the United States and!
Britain have clearly stated,!
however, they want an inter-!
national control organization!
set up and functioning before
they commit themselves to any;
promise never again to test
atomic or hydrogen weapons.
Linked to Disarmament
They want the whole question!
of test suspension linked with
the broader and even more
complex problem of securing
some general disarmament. |
The two Western powers have
’ said they will not conduct any
: more tests of their own for the
: next 12 months unless the Rus
sians keep on testing.
The Soviet Union wants to.
. separate test suspensions from
other aspects of disarmament.
The Russians want the three
' i powers first to agree to a
! permanent ban on testing be
\ c °y
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”■.¥*. 5 kKjLmlj JEgB
DRIVE—Alvin Q. Ehrlich,
6540 Bradley boulevard,
Bethesda. yesterday was
named chairman of the
public relations commit
tee of the National Sym
phony Orchestra’s 1959
fund drive. The drive to
raise $254,000 opens Janu
ary 1. Mr. Ehrlich, execu
tive vice president of Kal,
Ehrlich and Merrick Ad
vertising Agency, will an
nounce the membership
of his committee next

fore the policing organization
(to prevent cheating) is created.
Because of Russia’s great
preponderance in conventional
weapons, it would be to Mos
cow’s advantage to extract a
nuclear test ban pledge from
the two Western powers with
out any reference to the prob
lem of reducing all types of
U. N.Seen Reviving
Disarmament Group
UNITED NATIONS, N. Y„ Nov. 1 (AP).—i Some diplomats
said today they expected agreement here Monday to revive
the United Nations Disarmament Commission, inactive for
more than a year
They forecast that the General Assembly’s Political Com
mittee that day would adopt an Indian-Yugoslav resolution to
expand the 25-nation commis
sion so that it would include all
81 U. N. members.
The Soviet Union has boy
cotted the 25-nation commis
sion on grounds Communist
and neutral countries are
outnumbered by pro-Western
countries on that body, but it
has said repeatedly that it
would take part in a “perma
nent" 81 - nation commission.
Britain and the United
States long opposed such an
all-inclusive body with the ar
gument that it would be too
unwieldy to permit effective
negotiations. But Western dele
gates said the two powers now
were willing to go along with
the idea provided there were
proper safeguards against the
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See 4 pages of opening news in Section A in today’s Star
4 4 A k
commission’s becoming a year
around propaganda forum.
The Indian-Yugoslav resolu
tion as originally submitted
October 22 would have had the
Assembly decide that the com
mission "shall be composed of
all the members of the United
The two turned in a revised
version last night saying that
it would serve only “for 1959
on an ad hoc (special) basis
and as a committee of the Gen
eral Assembly.”
Under the original draft, the
body would have been under
the rules of the Disarmament
Commission and any member
could have obtained a meeting
at any time.
Sneak Attack
Issue Raised
LONDON, Nov. 1 (AP).— ,
Russia told the United States ;
today it wants “certain steps
in the field of disarmament” ,
discussed at forthcoming East-
West Geneva talks on guarding
Nations against surprise at
Moscow radio said the Sn
the drafting of practical rec
ommendations on meaau»vo .or!
the prevention of surprise at- ‘
tack and their combination
with certain steps in the Held 1
of disarmament.”
The conference has been
billed as an East-West study
of the practical aspects of
minimizing the possibility of
surprise attack.
In Washington, the State De
partment said it had not yet
received the Soviet note, a re
ply to a United States note of
October 10.
The United States, in agree
ing last month to the Novem
ber 10 date proposed by Russia
for the start of the conference,
said the West will be repre
viet note declared the Novem
ber 10 conference of technical
experts "must be directed to i
sented by experts from Amer
ica. Britain, Prance. Canada, i
Italy and perhaps others.
Russia’s new note said the 1
Communist bloc will be repre
sented by the Soviet Union, Po- 1
land. Czechoslovakia. Romania.
Albania “and possibly other
countries.” *
The note did not explain what
steps in disarmament Russia
wanted the experts to discuss.
The suggestion could prove a
stumbling block at the talks.
.Western officials have pictured;
the conference as devoted solely j
to technical problems In safe
guarding nations of East and!
West against surprise attacks.
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The meeting has been ex
pected to follow the pattern
of the conference of scientists
at Oeneva last summer on
methods of controlling and su
pervising a suspension of nu
clear weapon tests. That con
ference kept out of a politics
and left it up to the diplomats
to take over later.
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