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Two seniors at Arlington’s Washington-Lee High School put their home
made cyclotron through its paces. Seated at the controls is Donald
Grant, 17, of 5601 North Thirty-sixth street, while Charles Whitener,
18, of 5807 North Thirty-sixth street, operates the Geiger counter. The
youths have spent S2OO on the project.—Star Staff Photo.
Boothe, Beverley Clash
In Campaign Opener
The 1959 Democratic primary campaign for Alexandria's
■eat in the Virginia Senate got under way last night with
Incumbent Armistead L. 3oothe and former Mayor Marshall
J. Beverley trading charges.
Meeting for the first time as platform opponents, the
candidates spoke before the Alexandria Contractors’ Associa-
tton at the Virginia Lodge,
1506 Richmond highway.
They clashed over school in
tegration. The squaring-est
speeches for the July 14 pri
mary made it plain that deseg
regation will be the overriding
issue between Senator Boothe,
50, in the thick of State politics
since the ’4os, and Mr. Beverley.
47, Mayor of Alexandria from
1052 through 1954.
A segregationist. Mr. Beverley
labeled Senator Boothe an “in
tegrationist and a “fence strad
dler” who “everyone knows is
supported by liberals.”
Denying the integrations
tag, th'e Senator accused Mr.
Beverley of fabrication. He
told the contractors "the
records shows that years ago I
described the possibility of
Integration as the keynote to
Challenged on the point by
the former Mayor, who pointed
out that the move was prior to
the Supreme Court decision,
Senator Boothe said his call in
1950 for establishing a State
committee on race relations was
an effort on his part to “fore
stall integration for years to
come by preparing and activat
ing a plan which the courts
could accept.”
Urges “Containment”
“Only with an acceptable
plan can integration be con
tained.” the Senator said. He
told the gathering a pupil as
signment plan recently ap
proved by Federal Judges is the
“best possible containment pro
gram.” Otherwise, he said,
there would be no control at
“Are these the ideas of an
lntegrationist?” he asked.
Mr. Beverley said the plan
means “the gates are open.”
He told the contractors that
“if the NAACP wants to pass
the word to its friends in Alex
andria ... the assignment sys
tem now in effect will not mean
a thing.”
Senator Boothe argued that
the courts have not assigned
Negro students to white schools
when they live closer to Negro
Only about 100 Negro pupils
out of 2.000 in Alexandria live
nearer to white schools than
they do to their own, he added.
The Senator labeled as
“cruel” Mr. Beverley’s “telling
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Assorted Brtods end Rolls
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the people that our schools will
be 50 per cent integrated.” *
Integration, Senator Boothe
said, has been pushed by Presi
dent Eisenhower, particularly
in the District. Mr. Beverley,
, he added, "is the man who
: formed a Democrats-for-Eisen
, hower group in 1956.”
ltight-to-Work Issue
The candidates-also clashed
’on the State’s rlght-to-work
law. Raising this issue. Mr.
Beverley accused Senator
1 Boothe of “straddling the
fence” and “running around
the bush.”
“I will see that the law is
1 never repealed,” the former
i Mayor said.
Senator Boothe said the
right-to-work law is not an
i issue in the campaign.
There is no proposal to re
peal it, he said. He told the
gathering he supports the law
, but would like it to Include a
“freedom of contract cause”
permitting employers to sign
contracts with bona fide repre
, sentatlves of bargaining em
' ployes.
• |
Kutsch Honored,
Former Chief
Os Assessments
The Prince Georges County;
commissioners yesterday corn-!
mended their late supervisor of
> assessments, Louis W. Kutsch,
• who died last Thursday.
A resolution passed by the
; county heads cited Mr. Kutsch
as "an able and untiring serv
ant” and one of the county’s
“most beloved and public
spirited citizens.” He had been
1 chief assessor since 1945.
The commissioners also ac
t cepted a portrait of Arthur W.
5 Tayman, former director of the
• Department of Public Works,
• and a memorial plaque.
i The portrait, by Lester Wolfe
of Berwyn Heights, was pre
t sented by Mr. Tayman’s son,
j Bond, on behalf of the family.
s The plaque was a gift of de
j partment employes, and will
hang with the portrait in the
conference room.
5 Mr. Tayman, who died Janu
e ary 15. 1958, was the first coun
i ty engineer from 1945 to 1953,
l. and then served as the first di
s rector of the department until
? his death.
Art Exhibit Opens
In McLean, Va.
The second in a series of art
appreciation exhibits sponsored
by the Fairfax County school
system opened yesterday at the
Churchill Road Elementary
School in McLean. Va.
The exhibit features an
original water color by Gen.
Tzu-chang Tang, director of
the Institute of Chinese Art
in Washington, and reproduc
tions of the works of nine other
20th century artists, Including
Pablo Picasso.
The exhibit will remain at
the Churchill school for ap
proximately a month and then
move on to another school in
Fairfax County. Eventually it
will be shown in all county
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sis I§B| I X
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mmrn mmm
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2 nonstops
For reservations, saa your Traval Agant or calf American, Executive 3-234 5
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* *• •
9 • * % « * • .
i, - A . -' *
Tawes Due to Support
Traffic Point Proposal
Bur sun Writ*
ANNAPOLIS. Feb. 18.— Oov. Ttwej wIU throw hi* support
behind Mils to establish a point system to drive chronic traffic 1
offenders off the road and to permit the use of chemical tests in I
drunken drivlnc cases.
Sources close to the Oovemor said he was expected to make
known his views shortly on
major traffic legislation he will ,
back this session. |
The point system, sponsored ;
by Delegate Carlton R. Sickles, i
Democrat of Prince Georges. Is
patterned after the system In >
effect In the District of Colum- .
It provides for the levying of
points from 2 to 12 for various
moving traffic violations.
A warning letter from the
Department qf Motor Vehicles ,
would go to the driver on ac
cumulation of three points; a
conference would be scheduled 1
at live points; license suspended
at, eight points, and revoked at
12 points.
The Sickles bill deviates from
the District system in one
major aspect. <
Under the proposed leglsla- 1
tlon drivers who most use their 1
car in their work would not face 1
suspension until they accumu
lated 15 points or revocation i
until they had gotten 18 points l
All points are removed after
three years.
The bill has been opposed
in the past by the Motor Vehi-
Suspect in Rape
Pleads Not Guilty
A construction worker plead
ed not guilty today In Arling
ton to rape and robbery charges
Involving a Washington house
The 28-year-old woman told
police the man had held a rope
around her neck, beat her and
ripped off her clothes.
The suspect. Donald E.j
Weatherwax. 29, of the 500
block of Braxton place, Alex
andria, was arrested yesterday
after the woman gave police the
license number of the car in
which she said she was at
Detective J. P. Connors said
he found a length of rope, the
woman’s fur coat and some of
| her clothes in the trunk of
! Weatherwax’s car.
The woman told police she
was assaulted in a car on Army-
Navy drive, near the Pentagon, \
about 2 a.m.
According to the housewife,
she was waiting for a taxi in
Washington and had accepted
an offer of a ride home from
the suspect. He said she will
ingly had agreed to go with
him and offered no resistance.;
Weatherwax was indicted
yesterday by a grand Jury.
cles Department mainly on
grounds it lacked the em
ployes or the office space to
administer the system.
To meet this objection, Oov.
Tawes reportedly will seek a
delay until December 31. 1980
to make the point system ef
Another Tawes amendment
point levy for speeding only
when the driver is going 10
miles over the posted limit.
The use of chemical tests,
pressed here by Delegate
Charles W. Woodward, Jr,
Democrat of Montgomery,
would be with the consent of
the driver.
Both the chemical tests and
the point system bills have
passed the House in the past
only to die in the Senate Judi
cial Proceeding Committee.
The Governor reportedly has
cooled to a proposal to esta
blish a motor vehicle inspec
tion m the State. He earlier
had expressed support in gen
eral for this legislation without
committing himself either to
a privately operated or a pub
licly operated system. I
Woodley Hills
Pupils Receive
Hepatitis Shots
Gama globulin injections
were being given today to
about 600 children at Woodley
Hills Elementary School in
Fairfax County to fight an out
break of infectious hepatitis.
Dr. Harold Kennedy, county
health officer, said the shots
were being given as "a routine
precautionary measure.” He
said about 150 of the students
received shots last month.
The hepatitis infection is
declining, he said. Three stu
dents were affected in Decem
iber, two in January and one
i yesterday.
Woodley Hills is the only
school in the county affected,
j Dr. Kennedy said.
Cooper Takes Post
BALTIMORE, Feb. 18 (AP).
—David 8. Cooper, music chief
. for the United States Informa
, j tion Agenoy, will take over the
I duties of dean of the Peabody
Conservatory in the fall.
Foes Name
Legal Chief
RICHMOND. Va„ Feb. 18
(AP).—W. R. Broaddus. Jr., of
Martinsville, one of Virginia's
.best known lawyers, has been
named chief legal adviser to
the 40-man commission draw
ing up a new State program of
resistance to school integration.
Selection of Mr. Broaddus,
who served three terms in the
House of Delegates and is a
former president of the Virginia
Btate Bar Association, was
announced yesterday by state
Senator Mosby O. Perrow, com
mission chairman.
The 63-year-old Mr. Broad
dus is a member of the Vir
ginia Judicial Council, a select
group of Judges and lawyers
which has overhauled and mod
ernised rules of practice and
procedure for Virginia courts.
Because of the magnitude of
the commission’s Job, Mr. Per
row said, Mr. Broaddus will be
authorised to retain associate
counsel to assist in handling
legal problems. The work of
chief counsel apparently will
be a full time Job, at least until
March 31, when the Legislature
reconvenes to receive the com
mission's first recommenda
Two Official Posts
Forbidden Deputy
RICHMOND. Feb. 18 (AP).—
Attorney General A. S. Harrison
Jr. ruled yesterday that a
deputy sheriff may not hold the
office of Justice of the peace
while he also is deputy sheriff.
In an opinion Issued in re
sponse to a query from Com
monwealth’s Attorney Carter
R. Allen of Waynesboro, Mr.
Harrison said a State law spe
cifically forbids a sheriff to hold
any other public office, whether
elective or appointive.
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Moss Assails Pentagon
On Gun Factory Study
Star Staff Writer
Representative Moss, Democrat of California, asserted today
that the Navy's refusal to release an unclassified survey of the
Naval Gun Factory was "another example of the Increasing
arrogant attitude of the Pentagon.”
Representative Lankford, Democrat of Maryland, yester
day requested the Moss House Government Operations Infor-
mation Subcommittee to in-1
vestlgate the “flagrant example
of denying not only to the pub
lic but to Congress information
which I believe is essential to
formalization of correct deci
Mr. Moss declared in an in
terview that his group would
take up the Navy refusal to
give Mr. Lankford the report
—once widely circulated among
top personnel but quickly made
an “internal management
study” when the future of the
factory became a matter of
congressional and District area
"There isn’t any possible ra
tional Justification for refusing
Mr. Lankford a copy of the
survey report," Mr. Moss said.
"This is the grossest example
of arrogance,” he continued.
"It is a challenge and insult to
every member of Congress that
the military and the executive
branch claim the privilege of
suppressing unclassified docu
"They want to treat mem
, bers of Congress as stupid chil
dren and spoon feed them just
as it suits their purposes,” he
The Moss subcommittee al
ready has scheduled an inves
tigation into the Navy refusal
of information to the General
Accounting Office.
This involved an "internal
report” covering a study of the
procurement and contracting
practices of the Military Sea
Transportation Service. The
report, like the one on the Gun
Factory, is unclassified—it ap
parently having been deter
mined by the Navy that it con-
tains no Information involving
national security.
Mr. Lankford wrote Mr. Moss
that “it is my sincere belief
that I have a duty to examine
every recommendation that
could possibly lead to the max
imum utilisation of not only
1 this facility but all Govern
ment facilities.”
"If this ltnemal survey re
veals waste and inefficiency.”
| he added, "then it it imperative
that we receive this informa
tion and that such waste be
eliminated forthwith.”
Dog-Law Hearing
Gets Bigger Hall
A hearing on a proposed dog
! control ordinance for Mont
! gomery County will be held in
’ the Richard Montgomery High
School gymnasium in Rockville
■ at 8 p.m. Friday instead of in
■ the County Building Audito-
L rlum as originally scheduled.
* Mrs. Stella B. Werner, County
Council president, said the
■ shift was necessary because of
■ the large number of persons
1 expected to attend.
1 The school is on Montgom
ery drive off Rockville pike.
I County authorities asked traf
) sic coming north on Rockville
[ pike to enter the school grounds
i by turning left on Montgom
) ery drive at the Rockville Fire
i Department carnival site. They
■ asked those using Viers Mill
■ road to turn on Dodge street
■ at St. Marys School.

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