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Brass Quintet Mutes
Tones to Good Tqste
Contributing Critic
The Idea of confining the
splendid sonorities of a brass
quintet In the Library of Con
gress's small Coolidge Audi
torium may seem painful, but
if the players have taste and
common sense it can be done
very nicely. The New York
Brass Quintet has taste and
common sense, and the point
was proved last night.
The major event of the eve
ning was the first performance
of a new Coolidge Foundation
commission, Gunther Schuller's
Music for Brass Quintet. The
piece Is strongly influenced by
post-Western trends, and ap
parently makes considerable
use of serial technique. Mr.
Schuller is a horn player him
self, is a composer of skill and
inventiveness, and his imagina
tion knows no limits in devis
ing new and Interesting brass
sonorities. The new work is
impressive, indeed.
Virtually every type of mute\
known to man was on display
last night including the busi
ness end of a plumbers’ friend
(for the trombone*. A tuba
mute, you may be interested
to hear, closely resembles those
rubber cones motorists use for
target practice.
Fatality Driver ’
Gets Probation
George E. Williams, 29, of
the 1300 block of Stevens road
S.E. was place on probation for
four years yesterday after
pleading guilty to a negligent
homicide charge.
Mr. Williams originally had
been charged with manslaught
er in the traffic death on July 2
of Ernest S. Allen. 45, of the
.1900 block of Eighth street
N.W. Mr. Allen was thrown
out of Mr. Williams' car as it
went out of control and turned
over three times on the Suit
land parkway near Pomeroy
road, police said.
4 Mussolini Courts a Loren
■ When Sophia Loren and her i
young sister Maria were chil- 1
dren, struggling for existence In j i
the poorest part of Naples, |i
young Romano Mussolini was 1
living a pampered life as son
of the No. 1 man in Italy, late 1 '
dictator Benito Mussolini. Now '
Romano is courting Maria, and
• his intentions in Rome are con-
; sidered strictly honorable. . . . |
Sophia is coming to this country i
:• within a few weeks for a brief!
•visit. It will be nice to catch|
;up with her and husband 1
Carlo Ponti.
I Kirk Douglas will also have',
;to return soon to do some
‘dialogue dubbing for "Day of
the Gun.” his co-starrer with
■ Rock Hudson. Kirk writes from
; abroad that he’s very happy
• with the smash business for
I his $l2 million biggie. "Spar-',
; tacus,” overseas as well as here.
** * *
I Donald O’Connor is after ,
Mitzi Gaynor to star with him
; in the TV series he plans after
finishing "The Wonders of
Aladdin” for Joe Levine in 1
Tunis. The proximity to thei
Algerian fighting has been a bit
of a problem for Levine, with
; hundreds of Arab extras sum
moned from their movie jobs
: for military training. ... High
; priced public relations man
. Robert Tapiinger is a New York
, twosome with Mrs. Eleanor
. Searle Whitney.... In Germany |
; they call her "Tsa Tsa” Gabor.
That lovely Queen of Siam
! who is prettier than most movie!
; stars has been brightening the j
'. Gstaad season—skiing with:
; Princess Alexandria of Britain. [
.The Douglas Fairbankses are
’ expected. And I am alreadyj
• nominating Doug as the most!
suave grandfather—daughter
Daphne "expects" in August.
•*♦ * *
Jackie Gleason and Arthur
Godfrey have decided “no re
hearsal” for their take-over of I
the Red Skelton show on the
24th. "We’ll get together five
minutes before the show,” says
Jackie. "We’ll sit down and
when we go on the air we'll
talk about anything that comes
to our minds—sex. marriage,
religion, juvenile delinquency,'
Cuba, anything.”
Broadway producer David
Merrick received an unusual
, gift from Gleason during the
■ holidays, by the way. As you
; may know Merrick and the
• roly-poly comedian have been
! feuding. Jackie's gift box con
; tained a baseball bat, a mask,
*. a mitt and a hop scotch rule-
• book.
•* * »
; Nice that freckled Glynis
• Johns' final movie chore should
; have been in the award-winning
picture, "The Sundowners."
And I'm delighted that Deborah
Kerr finally had a script
worthy of her talent as an
Forrest Tucker, who says he
has enjoyed his long tour with
"The Music Man,” has written
an outline for a new show
"The Great One,” which he
wants Meredith Willson to write
the music for. It's about an
. Irish Immigrant in the U. S.
*♦ • *
Talking of Willson, Lucille
Ball told me she was originally
I ■■ '
New York Brasi Quintet (Robert
Nacel and John Olasel. trumpets;
Raymond Alonte. horn: John Swal
low. trombone: Harvey Phillins.
tuba, and Gilbert Cohen, bass trom
bone. At Library of Contress. Pro
gram: Three Pieces. Holborne: So
nata No. 19 from 24 Neue Qua
tricinia. Reiche: Suite for Brass.
Maurer: Music for Brass Quintet.
Schuller: Canzona prims a 5. G.
Gabrieli: Contrapunctus IX from
Art of the Fugue. Bach: Suite for
Brass and Piano, Nagel: Nouveau
Brassism, Broiles.
The other two modern works,
i Mr. Nagel’s Suite and Melvyn
Broiles’ Nouveau Brassism, are
conservative pieces, decently
put together, but of little
fundamental interest.
The quintet and Mr. Cohen
played very well. Occasionally
there were more of those un
intentional grace notes that
are the bane of brass players
than one would have liked.
I suspect too that some of the
musicians have been playing
semiclassical and "mood
music” recording dates. The
kind of broad tone that seems
both to spread and to shatter
as it emerges from the instru
ment and the vulgar vibrato
that are in demand for this
kind of playing were in evi
dence at times last night. This
kind of sound belongs in the
recording studio—if it belongs
anywhere—and not in the
Coolidge Auditorium.
I Police said both men had
(been drinking heavily.
| Chief District Court Judge
David A. Pine placed Mr. Wil
liams on probation after sus
pending a one-year jail term.
Mr. Williams had been in jail
since his arrest in the case.
A sentence of eight months
to three years in Jail was given
by the judge to James W.
Sirry, 26, of Chesapeake Beach,
Sirry pleaded guilty on De
cember 1 to one count of
bigamy. He originally had been
charged with another bigamy
count and with two counts of
perjury in the alleged falsifica
tion of applications for mar
riage licenses. These counts
! were dropped. The original in- ■
dictment against Sirry charged
that he had been married three
1 times without a divorce.
asked to star in “The Unsink
abel Molly Brown.” Lucille
liked the first act but not the
second. Her "Wildcat” musical
is still SRO on Broadway. But!
how Lucille manages to go
through her active role with 1
one leg in a cast beats me.
"The torn tendon would heal
—if I could rest my leg for a
week.” she says. But as long
|as she can hop around the
stage, Lucille will keep going.
The Dana Andrews family is
almost as successful as John F.
Kennedy’s. With brother Steve
| winning a term contract at 20th
Century-Fox, another relative.
Dana's young cousin, Richard
Parker, has a role in Buddy
Brennan's new film, “The Evil
Week.” Richard started his
Hollywood career parking cars,
a la Kookie in "77 Sunset
; Strip.”
Tonight's top shows ns previewed by TV Key's staff,
who attend rehearsals, watch screenings and analyze
scripts in New York, Hollywood and elsewhere. Their
opinions are offered as a guide to area viewers.
Perry Mason—" The Case of the Irresolute Reformer.” Mason
works for a citizens committee and suddenly finds himself
Involved in a murder. All the suitable Ingredients for a
murder are here—a drunken son, an attractive girl and
an upstanding father. 7:30 p.m., WTOP—9.
The Roaring '2os—“Dance Marathon.” A reasonably absorb
ing drama built around the popular craza of the era.
Story concerns a dance contestant with a past and a
crooked cop. and Peggy McCay, Claude Akins and Joe
de Santis contribute nice performances. 7:30 p.m.,
WMAL— 7.
Checkmate— “ The Human Touch.” Peter Lorre stars as a
master criminal who has a rather good plan to do away
with bearded Dr. Hyatt. For the first time on the series, |
Hyatt falls for a woman and almost makes a corpse of
himself. 8:30 p.m., WTOP— 9.
The Nation’s Future—" Should Medical Care for the Aged Be
Linked to Social Security?” Senator Hubert Humphrey,
one of the leading spokesmen for the bill sponsored by
President-elect Kennedy in the last session of Congress,
speaks his piece in favor of the social security tie to i
medical aid for the aged. Dr. Edward Annis, representing
the position of the American Medical Association, "cm-|
phatically” says "no” to what he believes is a step toward
bureaucratic control and socialized medicine. 9:30 p.m.,
Gunsmoke—A tough entry for Marshal Dillon as he faces two
killers and a fever. Dillon is at his best near the end when
■ he gets out of bed and goes after the second killer. 10 p.m.,
10:00, WMAL (7)—Fight of the
Week. Middleweight Cham
pionship. Paul Pender vs.
Terry Downes. 15 rounds at
Boston Arena.
10:30, WTTG (5) Playhouse
Five. "Gentleman’s Agree
ment.” Story of a writer who
poses as a Jew to find out
what it feels like to be a
Jew in a Christian world.
Gregory Peck, Dorothy Mc-
Guire, John Garfield (1947).
10:30, WTOP (9)—Ten-Thirty
Theater. "Ninotchka.” De
lightful comedy about a
beautiful Communist who
learns the meaning of life
and love from an American
kgj ,v - s ' I
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Beasley of Damascus, Md.,
recently celebrated their
50th wedding anniver
sary at a reception given
by their son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Zager. Mr. Beasley, a
native of Little Rock, Ark.,
is a cabinetmaker for
Ideal Kitchens in Silver
Spring. Mrs. Beasley was
born in Eugene, Oreg. The
couple has one grandchild.
Military Appeal
Decisions Hit
Judge George W. Latimer of
| the United States Court of
I Military Appeals—the military's
supreme court—has criticized
the "constant vacillation” in
• his court’s decisions.
The judge, one of three, said
the court is confusing lower
military tribunals.
“. . . They are required to
1 give full faith and credit to
our holdings at the time a case
j is before them and constant
i vacillation at this level does
not aid them in the orderly
administration of military
justice,” he said.
The judge made his point in
> an opinion on a case concern
ing an Army private charged
, j with allowing a prisoner to
, escape.
He agreed with Judges
Robert E. Quinn and Homer
’ Ferguson that the principle
conviction should stand.
' | But he sharply broke with
' his colleagues when they went
on to condemn a provision in
a military manual on suspend
ing court martials as "archiac
Sand injudicious.” In so doing,
they overruled a 1955 decision
by the appeals court.
The provision referred to
permits the court martial to
stop in mid-trial if it feels
there is not enough evidence
to go on with the charges pend
ing against an individual, but
that there may be evidence to
support a different charge.
"... Complaints have been
registered about the insta
bility of our case law,” Judge!
Latimer said. "If that is s'
valid criticism—and I believe
it is when a well-established,
legal principle is reversed—,
■ this decision should take its'
place at or near the top of
■ I the list.
'I "When my brothers conclude
' to reverse a prior case with
•out it being questioned by
‘ either party, anything I could!
say to preserve some degree]
: !of consistency is of little avail,”'
'he said.
I _________
; Lithograph Exhibit
i; An exhibition of 19th-cen
. tury lithographs depicting life
I in the United States will open
' Monday in the Foyer Gallery
I of the National History Build
s ing of the Smithsonian Insti
.jtution. The show can be seen
; daily from 9 a m. to 4:30 p.m.
through February 5.
in Paris. Greta Garbo, Mel- j
vyn Douglas (1939*.
11:01#, WMAL (7) First Run!
Movie. "Alexander’s Ragtime.
Band.” Sentimental story of
some performers taking them |
from 1911 through 1938. j
Twenty-six Irving Berlin hits I
are featured. Alice Faye. Don
Ameche, Tyrone Power
11:15, WRC (4)—Movie Four.
"Twelve O'clock High.”,
Starring Gregory Peck,
Dean Jagger, Gary Merrill,
Hugh Marlow (1950).
1:00, WTOP (9)—Shock! "The
Spider Woman Strikes
Back.” Melodramatic non
sense strictly for hardened
horrow fans. Gale Sonde
gard, Brenda Joyce (1946).
Television Today— Saturday, j an . u, i%i
P.M. WRC(Ch.4) WITC (Ch, S)|WMAL (Ch.7)|WTOP (Ch. 9)
>ll Pra Bixkatkill Sill Jmrßty liwl tk> Ckuiß Siturtoy Mitiiti
4:15 ” ” " " IH Ltckkirt " “
:3k Btwlißß Store TV Rlct Biwl till Ck»p Cruller
,11 •• •• it til Wilk " " " "
M Cl|t. Clllllt Milt Brut Skew All Stir tilt Tki Firty Ski«
5:11 liitir Crim Cunt Stirs ” ” "Ti|lut Auie”
:N Sltirlii emu Tki Milt All Stw lilt Mirli-Onilltr
:4S Mire Brittle greet Skew " mirt Tint
■N Jeff’eCellle Pepeyeeet Stiti Trteper wiilice~Beery
6:15 Teerere Rlttig Friuli ’’ •• Mureee B’Selllm
:3B Jmeile Curt Pepeye n< Sn Hurt Skew; Alami
|4I " ” Trims _ " " Sit. Hlwi Syetiel
:M trakia Ar raw Hlßkwey Petrel Eimitlee Sket|u SMI
7.15 Micknl Anin Almtira " " " "
:3u Iman Hirtlt CeaaeU Anrlit 21'1 Firry Mun
>«l Wmill Cirty Hiyanl Sin
:U leree Crim Frimiti if iiirlat K’t ~Birtmll«l*
8:15 rtraill Rikirtl MiakiaA ”** Firry MWh
:M Tki Till Mu Elmir Ruurilt lull It Ckeckmlti
:<5 Sirry Salllru Slumiia Sirica ti limr Aatkuy Curyt
Tki Bnaty iilTiiaraiy liwram Wilk ' Bias MiChira
9:15 Hiary Flail Aluatira ** Ckltkaitl
:N HitiM'l Future Weller Dirty Liwrtm Wilk Kin Cui,
:4S "MlllcH Ctrl ’’ " " ’’ Will Traill
:IB ti tki A|il" lillir Birky FI|M rt tki , Cuataiki
W:l5 Hitlia’ Fitira ” ” Wttk nail Aram
:3I Cm it tki Fliykim Fin Tta-Tklrty imttr
>4l Biagirm Rikli "Birtliau’i Miki Tkit Sura "Niirtckki”
TaT NkM; Syartl Ayriiaiit” Flnt-laiTMliil 11 F.M. Riurt
n:l5 Multi Btritky McCain “Aluuiir'i Tia-Tkirty Tkilttr
:M “12 O'Clack JikaCirtlill RitTiaißnl” "Nintckka"
:4S Hi|k" Cntiry Pick Tyrm Piwir Creti Cirti
12:N trtliry Pick Scitim Ytrl ~Al||| Fayt ~Mtltyi~BMlM
(c)Bmtu pratnai ttlicut Ik ulir.
Rad io Today— SoturdQ y' Jan - 14 » 1961
:N* Hirk Buil Niwi; Muitrt Mitnyilttu Niws, Minkill
4:15 " " Multi! o'iri Mlltllt. Firl
:ll Hirk Bliil * " Mlllrt'l Niwn Willin'
:4I ” •• Multir _____ “Bu Mlltia C. Firl
■IB Hirk Bull Ikic !Hlwt:MMltrt BltnMl” Mlltliß. Firl
5:15 - " Muitir Hlllliy, BH SmlkllSmlS
:3I Miwiißrtil I ’’ " Rickirli Miltn I. Firl
:« Bills; Kiwi " ” Bu Ricksrte " "
Biiii;Niwi Nun CBS Nun Hiwi, Brut
5:15 Hirk Bull Syirti Wuk. Nias Ripirt Suiklu rt Surtl
3B Hirk Bull Al Rm Htwi Ripirt Hiws, Willitl
:45 Birkinkiß Bria Ptirsia Smlkli Siuili
:BB Eiclailnly )in NmTMiTaltrt CBS Km, Mitck Itiliu HMlliy
7:15 Ckirlli Hu|ku Miaitai Millir Skiw Flu Cicala
:3B •* ■' Maas; Multir Mitck Miller Itillia Milllay
:ll " » Muitir " ’’ ” ’’
:kT Eidulnly Im Niwi; Mialtsi WTOP Men. Bulitul USA
B:ts8 :t5 I " ” Muitir TH Millir " ”
:3B lEiclisinly )m Muitir Music tir a ” ”
-.41 ! •• •• “ " Satarlay Nitkt " "
:M Buci Tlei Hint; MHItW WTIP Hurs, Blllstlll U.I.A.
9:15 J Ckarlit Hi|kis Multi! Til Millir ” "
:3l Buci Ties Multir Music fir • Bulitul B.LA.
:45 " - ’• " Sitarliy Mlgkt " ”
:M BuciTlei Hm; Multir WTBPNiwi, Jia Bim Tim
W:l5 ' " " Multi! Miyira " "
:3B Bun Tim Sltirlay Hl|kt Jim Miyira Bun Tim
:43 ” “ altk Hilly Wright ill Cimuy ” ”
:BB’ buci Time ; itiwi; Hilly wrlstt wTrtl TmirM Miwu Hnr rt
4 I >ll " " Hilly Wrifkt " " Brtiei
| | >3l ” *' Sitarliy Ni|kt WTOP Him, Jlw " "
:ll * " witk Hilly Wri|kt Miyirs ** •
li:H i Buci Party Maili WTOP Nm Si|i Ort
Other AM Stations
WIHX-IBU Ke.-34-kiar luntiu.
WPIR-1731 Mly.
WBMR-1151 Ac.—Baylitkt uly.
WUST-1128 At.-Biylllkt uly.
WFAX-1228 Rt.—Baylitkt Uly.
WWBC-12M Xt.-24-knr lU'rtiu.
WEEL—lilt Xc.—l4-kur lyintiia uciyt
Mulsy mllilikt ti I i.w. Tutsliy
j WOBR—I34I Kc.—l4-kiar luntiu MuUy-
SitirUy; Saaliy I i.e. to eiliiikt.
WEAM—I3N Xc.—l4-klir mrrtiia, UCiyt
Sualay wllaißkt to 5 a.e. Muliy.
WBOH-1548 Ac.—Biyliskt uly.
WPCC-15M Re.—Biyliskt uly.
WPRw—I4M Re.—Biyliskt uly.
WCMS—ill Kc.—• i.a.to eiliiikt; Sitarliy
7 i.e. to 1 R.a.; Sully Bi.at. to »taigit.
WAVA-178 Rt.-7:38 I.W. to 1:15 » «.
' 7:05. WWDC Report to the
I People. James A. Blaser,
director of buildings and
grounds for the District, is
9:00, WMAL Dance Time.
Charlie Hughes hosts three
hours of dance music; Patty
i Mauldin Interviews visiting
I celebrities.
11:05, WGMS AM-FM (570 Ke.
and 103.5 Me.)—Library of
Congress Literary Series. A
performance of Shake
speare’s "Julius Caesar” by
! the Canadian Players.
in the Academy Award winning
FM Stations
WRC-FM-BS.I Ml.—A M I.W. to 11. W.
WTOP FM-M 3 MC.-51S I.w. to 1:111.M.
WASH-FM—l7.l Mc—7 I.W. tl 12:1S
WBL-FM-M.7 Me —I:N i.w. to BllillkL
WFAN-FM—IH.3 Me -7 i.w. to wllliikt
WWBC-FM—IBI.I mritna.
WCMS-FM-ltl.S Me.-A I.w. tl wllliikt;
Sitarliy 7 i.at. to 1 p.w.; Sully I i.w.
tl wilallkt.
W67S FM-11.1 Me.-I to II R.W. Sully
tkmik tkanlay.
WIVA-FM—ll5.l Me—l 2 mi to 12 |.w.
WMAI-FM—ll7.l Me —I I.w. to 1:45 I.w.
WPSC-FM—l5 5 Me—ll i.w. to 4 |.w. Mlt
lay tkrntk Sitarliy.
WIMB-FM-U.7 Me—4 R.M. to 11 RM.
WCAY FM—M.S Me—l a.w. to ■llil|kt.
! WAVA-FM—ll5.l Me—7:M IB.to I R.W.
7:05. WGMS AM-FM (570 Ke.
and 103.5 Me.) Young
America Listens. The story
and music of Johann
8:00, WMAL-FM (107.8 Me.)
—Heritage Concert. Berlioz’
Le Rol Lear Overture.
10:15, WMAL-FM (107.3 Me.)
Opera Stage. Puccini's
12:01, WWDC Music Til
Dawn. The Carnival of the
Animals, by Salnt-Saens.
Washington, D, C., Saturday, January 14, 1961
xe» 7:00 P M * oll 7
■Mh' J° urney r °ugh Greenland's
v s icy wastes d near^ex *
■ JBWjST Wr tinct Ice Age animal, leads to an
V excitin E inish in - “T he Vanishing
JI Muskox.”
, v
p A 7:30 P.M. OR 7
< I
The era of dance marathons in
■ 4-"' the D' zz y Decade brought its
poiice shakedown operations.
V Reporter Scott Norris suspects
the vice squad captain in <,Dance
OMWyjy'Wfflffwl Marathon.” Starring Rex Reason,
Dona,d May and D° rothy Provine '
M 8:30 P.M. ON 7
leave IT /
, xfLj Raising a rambunctious, explo-\
sive boy like Beaver isn't easy—
jF" K Ji: especially when he decides to
K t V - -wHSf-h t make his debt-ridden father a
■ ” ; 'fl millionaire! You'll love “Ward’s
r* 11 ■■ ——i
8:00 P.M. ON 7
Igbjß SHOW
. The popular musical hour of law-
rence Weik and his Champagne
IPHT - ■■■
10:00 P.M. ON 7
I Championship
I Middle weight Championship:
| World Champion Paul Pender
I fights Terry Downes in a 15-round
matcll at B° ston Arena.
11:00 P.M. ON 7
PMWSfIB Lata Movi»—First Tims on TV
Alice We Power, Don
..... " Jy" Ameche. Irving Berlin's greatest
; song hits.

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