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Falconry is one of the newfound enthusiasms which Prince Charles has learned from Justice
he has described his own career as "undis
tinguished but varied...” Educated at Marl
borough and Bonn University, he speaks
fluent German and French, has traveled all
over the world and has led a colorful, zestful
existence. His passions are hunting, fishing,
driving fast cars and raising falcons. At
first sight he appears an unlikely companion
for a royal Prince. But Charles loves him.
Years ago James Justice lost his own son
in a tragic accident. This may in part
explain the strong bond that has formed so
naturally between the two.
<r* *"
Fishing is another favorite sport
As one of his happier duties Charles loves
to take care of the falcons. During the last
summer vacation at Balmoral. Prince Philip,
Prince Charles and James Justice often went
swimming in the ice-cold Scottish lochs.
Father and son stayed with Justice at his
house during a protracted dry spell on the
moors. The water supply ran out and they
could not shave or bathe for five days.
Naw muscles, new personality
Charles was as delighted as most small
boys would be. After a day of mountain
climbing the three would build a bonfire
on the hills, grill steaks and bake potatoes
in the ashes. Philip and James sat around
reminiscing over Scotch whiskey while
Charles listened to their tales, eyes wide.
It seems to those who have known Charles
that he has suddenly developed a new set of
muscles and a new personality. He is quick
as a flash, very strong and good at boxing.
He excels at soccer and cricket and is very
popular with his schoolmates.
Prince Philip is proud of his son. And
well he might be. He has provided the young
Prince thorough training in the manly rig
ors of the outdoors, training that will help
prepare him for his arduous destiny: the
destiny of a King. Ths End
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|w®n your
KLUTCH holds them tighter rVtffJ/HJ
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dentsl pistes so much firmer snd snugger VV |\w*
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