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Roosevelt Monument
Model Is on Display
Bur Staff Wrltar
This is the first week end the
mn-in-the-ztreet will .have a
chance to take a close look at
the controversial design for the
Franklin D. Roosevelt Monu
ment, already a Nation-wide
Up to now, the winners of
the competition have heard—
in the words of Milton:
"On all sides, iron irrumer
able tongues
“A dismal universal hiss, the
round _
t “Os public scorn."
Gallery Crowded
But public reaction has come,
so far, from pictures alone.
With the models themselves
now on display at the Corcoran
Gallery, the prize - winning
architects are hoping that
Shakespeare was right when
ho said:
“Scorn at first makes after
tow the more."
All day yesterday, the gal
lery was crowded. B. Y. Ste
venson, the superintendent,
said, "They all want to see the
Today between 2 and 5 p.m.,
another big turnout is ex
Sharing attention with the
ISO,OOO grand prize winner will
be five runners-up, 22 others
who received honorable men
tion, and all the paintings be
ing shown in the Corcoran’s
27th biennial exhibition, which
opened yesterday.
A storm engulfed the memo
rial design from the moment of
its first announcement two
weeks ago. It has been mocked,
ridiculed and derided, almost
unceasingly, since then.
Object of Derision
Letter-to-the-editor writers,
editorialists, professional crit
ics and amateur commentators
leered, sneered, gibed at and
scoffed at the choice made by
a distinguished board of judges.
One of the eight shaft-like
concrete elements of the memo
rial would rise 168 feet high
-38 feet higher than the average
Washington office building. Yet
the design Impressed critics
as—among other things:
“A bleached skeleton of a
long-dead cow.”
“A broken-down box.”
“A set of book-ends.”
"Eight tombstones.”
One writer said the monu
taent, designed for a site in
East Potomac Park between the
Lincoln and Jefferson Memo
rials, left him in a state of
’’esthetic shock.”
Designers Surprised
All this has surprised and
puzzled the designers—William
P. Pedersen and Bradford 8.
Tllney, of New York. They’re
still trying to adjust themselves
to the uproar.
Even the losers are,a bit con
fused at the vehemence of the
condemnation. Rolf Myller,
bne of the six finalists, said last
"Throughout history, the
work of all the great architects
has been done in the vocabu
lary of the day. The Greeks
were contemporary. The Ro
mans were contemporary. In
all ages, the great work was
done with the concepts and the
technology of their own time.
"The distinguished jury in
this competition had the cour
age to come to an objective
choice. Within the framework
of their own philosophy, the
winners have done a superb
14 Years as Partners
"The American public must
have the courage to be them
selves, and to be proud of the
great products of their own
culture. Otherwise, as a people,
we must fall back, and be
imitators. Instead, we should
be proud of the new solutions
to old problems. We don’t
need to fall back on the Greeks,
Romans and other cultures.
We have our own, and it’s a
culture of which we can be
justly proud."
Both Mr. Pedersen and Mr.
Tllney are fiftyish, quiet
spoken and modest. Both have
had distinguished architectural
careers. Mr. Pedersen, a Navy
lieutenant commander station
ed here during the war, and
Mr. Tllney, a former captain
in the Corps of Engineers, have
Baths and Powder Rooms
New or Remodeled
Cell for an appointment. I will give you a written, detailed estimate,
supply all necessary plans and permits, bring my experienced crews
of mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, tile men, etc., and
’supervise all the work from the beginning to the final inspection.
Licensed & -Bonded Since 1922
QJU. B-B76bX_ Co//
ios HiiitoaeTTsTier
Wosbiagfon, P. C. January 15, 1W
had their own architectural
firm since 1946.
“We concede this monument
has a distinctive identity,” Mr.
Pedersen said.
“If a monument is too com
monplace, it loses its effec
tiveness,” added Mr. Tllney.
Both said they thought that
the best understanding of the
effect sought could be obtained
if the individual gallery-goer
imagines the true height of
the monumental shafts, and
their arrangement—and then
uses imagination, once again,
to conceive of approaching the
enclosed space and of walking
into it.
“We believe this will be an
inspiring moment, and that
people will be proud of this
monument to a great Presi
dent," Mr. Pedersen said.
If the two architects are in
clined to be philosophical, they
can reflect that, like a book,
a new edifice is never a mas
terpiece; it has to become one,
with the passage of time.
The two architects who head
the firm of Pedersen & Tllney
’ had as their associates in the
1 design of the monument Nor
man Hoberman, 32; Joseph
Wasserman, 29, and David W.
Beer, 25, a sculptor in their
One a Washingtonian
Mr. Wasserman lived in
Washington as a* youngster
when his father, William Stlx
: Wasserman, was Lend-Lease
Administrator for Australia.
His sister is the wife of Wash
ington newspaperman Walter
T. Ridder, and lives at 4509
Crest lane, McLean, Va.
To a man, it can be assumed
that the winning team rejects
Ben Jonson’s belief that "art
hath an enemy called ignor
ance,” holding, instead, with
Old Tom ( Carlyle that: "No
good book, or good thing of
any sort, shows its best face
at first.”
Mr. Stevenson, the Corcoran
Gallery’s superintendent who
has been looking at the model
off and on for some time, bean
out this belief.
“I’ll ten you,” he said, “the
more you look at it the better
you like it.”
Two Men Missing
In Refinery Blast
ST. MARYS. W. Va.. Jan. 14
(AP).—Two men were missing
and presumed dead after a
, thunderous explosion and fire
swept the Quaker State Oil Co.
refinery along the Ohio River
here today.
Flames could be seen up to
I 15 miles away in the pre-dawn
i darkness. Firemen from a dozen
communities fought the blaze
> and got it under control in
> about two hours.
Company officiate said
- damages might run to about
i |1 million.
The missing men, identified
; as Carleton Robey, 38, of St.
Marys and Clyde Rouse, 30, of
, New Matamoras, Ohio, were
i working in a filter house of the
sprawling refinery when the in-
I itial blast occurred.
The fire following the ex
! plosion spread rapidly, causing
j the main cracking plant to rup
i ture and topple. At least three
. other buildings were destroyed.
L and two railroad tank cars on
. a bridge crossing a stream were
, ignited and blew up.
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II Degrees
j A
Curtis J. Blakely, an em
ploy* of the Library of
Congress, has been elected
grandmaster of the Most
Worshipful Prince Hall
Grand Masonic Lodge of
the District Other offi
cers are William F. Law
ton, deputy grand master;
David P. Crosby, senior
grand warden; Joseph S.
Thomas, junior grand
warden; Phillip 8. McNeil,
grand treasurer, and
A. Mingo, grand
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—The Richmond office of
the Internal Revenue Serv
ice said today any deduc
tion of the new State
whisky taxes from Federal
income tax returns won’t
be accepted.
"The way the tax is set
up. it becomes part of the
purchase price of the bottle
and therefore is not eligi
ble as a deduction,” said
Clifford W. Glotzbach,
Richmond district director.
The same is true of the
new cigarette taxes, Mr.
Glotzbach said.
7 Teen-Agers Die
In 2-Car Crash
ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 14
(AP).—A speeding car skidded
out of control early today and
smashed into another car, wip
ing out the lives of seven teen
A truck driver who witnessed
the violent accident, said one
of the cars had passed his
vehicle "traveling at least IM
miles an hour.”
Os the six boys and a girl
Who died, four were high school
students in St. Paul and had
been at a birthday surprise
. party fo?a girl.
They were Thomas'lrish, 17,
driver of the speeding car,
which he had borrowed for
. the evening from his mother;
Larry W. Dexter. 18. Ronald
Crawford, 17, and Michael Ol
■ sem, 18.
Police said the Irish ear
I smashed into another driven
, by Michael T. Swifka. 19, St.
, PauL His passengers were Guy
Marshall. 19. and Cynthia P.
1 Comstock, 18, daughter of a
university pqpfessor, both of
Virginia Prisoner
Hangs Himself
MAIDENS, Va., Jan. 14 (AP). ]
—A Buchanan County man <
serving a 16-year sentence at I
the Virginia State Farm near 1
here hanged himself in his jail 1
tell, farm authorities said.
Frank Dales, 25, the son of 1
Jess Dales of Vansant in Bu- ,
chanan county, was found 1
Thursday hanging at the end of <
a rope he improvised from the 1
waist binding of his trousers, •
a State Farm official said.
Dales was serving four years
for a Buchanan forgery convic- '
tion; eight years for conviction '
■ of larceny and assault in Meck
lenburg county and a year for <
a second conviction; and three
years for escaping from road
camps and other penal insti
l tutions.
!; i ~
• Thief Gets Trivia,
! Skips Old Canvas
•. A thief broke into the Cross
’ Roads Swap Shop at Baileys
j Cross Roads in Fairfax County.
1 He got: An old French shot
-1 gun, a M caliber pistol and
s four books of green stamps.
He left:, A 17th-century
’ Dutch painting which he
p stepped through, and four books
; of yellow stamps.
I Mrs. Samuel Troobnick, own-
* er of the shop, said the thief
, broke through a rear window
i and evidently stepped through
. the painting on his way in.
r The painting, unsigned, was
. valued at 82,500, Mrs. Troob
i nick said, and was meant for
t her home.
Fairfax Schedules
Polio Shot Clinics
The Fairfax County Health
Department will hold a series
of inoculation clinics from 10
to 11 am. Saturdays at the
following schools and oa the
following dates:
Today and February 11—
Molzan. George Mason and
Annandale High Schools; Jan
uary 21 and February 18—Falls
Church, Luther Jackson and
Lee High Schools; January 28
and February 25 —Fairfax,
Mount Vernon and James Mad
ison High Schools.
All shots in the series will
be available to persons of all
ages at a cost of 50 cents per
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