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Washington, 0. C., Jemtery IS, 1961
City Has Big Potential
Os Beauty, Mason Says
Housing Administrator Nor
man P. Mason said yesterday
that urban renewal has given
Washington a “tremendous op
portunity” in its 552-acre
Southwest section.
“We knocked down too much
in Southwest and we learned
in the process that tackling
smaller areas is far better,” he
said. “But there’s one thing
about it: No city in the coun
try has a greater opportunity
to make itself a more attractive
Mr. Mason has headed the
country's top housing agency
for the last two years. For
five years before that he was
commissioner of the Federal
Housing Administration. He
will leave office January 20
when Robert C. Weaver, a na
tive of Washington, takes over.
Mr. Weaver, a Negro, is the
first of his race to be named to
so high a Government office.
Cities Waking Up
Looking back. Mr. Mason
in a farewell interview, said he
thought the “most exciting"
thing that has happened in his
field was the new Interest
being taken In cities.
“American cities have just
begun to wake up.” he said.
'They've been looking them
selves over and not liking what
they saw. They're determined to
change, to improve, to have
more zest and spirit.
“Why do people like New
Orleans? It has color and
“Why do we like Charleston?
Because it has spirit and charm.
“Washington is a much
blessed, fortunate city but it
needs to be a lot more colorful,
to have more Interest down
town. It needs more of the
things that belong to the city,
more entertainment and eating
places. It needs sidewalk cases
—even peanut vendors—to
make it more gay and interest
ing for people.
Monroney Bill to Seek
Millions for Airports
By the Associated Press |
Senator Monroney, Democrat i
of Oklahoma, said yesterday he i
will re-introduce a $lOO million
annual Federal airport aid bill (
and expects Kennedy admini
stration support for it.
The Oklahoman said the j
measure should be ready this
week. I
He told a reporter an ’□t- ,
panded airport program is
essential to help prevent such
crashes as the recent New York '
collision of two airliners which 1
took 134 lives.
President Eisenhower vetoed '
a $lOO million dollar airport
bin in 1955, saying the cities,
should bear a bigger share of 1
the cost.
-I I
Senator Monroney pushed a
similar measure through the
Senate again in 1959. The
House, yielding to administra
tion objections, passed a small
er bill, and the final version
continued the ss3 million an
nual grant program until 1961.
Senator Monroney said he
did not have word from the
new administration as to its
position on the legislation. But
he noted that as a Senator,
President-elect John F. Ken
nedy backed the $lOO million
Senator Monroney, who heads
the Senate Aviation Subcom
mittee. said the critical need
now in many large cities is for
an additional airport, located
at a considerable distance from
present fields. He mentioned
New York. Chicago, Los Ange
les, Miami and Atlanta as cities
needing new airports.
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“One of my gripes in this
world is that too often we think
we can do without beauty. If a
house is attractive, if it's well
designed, it goes well. If it's un
attractive, it's pretty hard to
The same thing is true of
cities, and they're beginning to
think about it, more and more.
How can they be more attrac
tive. they want to know, so that
people will want to come down
More than 1,000 cities and
towns throughout the country
are now planning or going
ahead with improvement proj
, ects, he said.
“I feel that Washington al
ready can show cities many
1 steps they can take to make
themselves better places.
i i Neighborhoods Point Way
"In Washington you often
' have a little better understand
ing of what can be done. For
example, cities need more
i neighborhood projects like
> Georgetown, Foggy Bottom.
. the Kalorama Triangle and
! Capitol HUI.
Many neighborhoods all over
the country can do a job the
. way those neighborhoods have
' done. It's not only economi
' cally feasible, but it's right in
line with what cities need; it’s
’ a necessary part of the city.”
In his years as housing, chief
and FHA head, Mr. Mason saw
, production of more than « mil
[ lion homes—the world’s largest
total for any country in a simi
, lar period. This $lOO billion
operation vastly changed the
■ face of the country and sharp-
* ly raised the post-war living
■ standard.
■ Just turned <4, he said that
' when he steps down he will be
- going back to work.” He is
• considering a banking, insur
ance or trade association job.
He now lives with his wife at
* 3015 Orchard lane N.W. in
• Georgetown.
hearings conducted on last
month’s New York crash and
said it appeared the tragedy
was caused by a combination of
things that went wrong.
“But if you remove one bad
ingredient from such a situa
tion, you may prevent the
crash,” he said. “New airports
win help enormously in that
Senator Monroney said most
of the federal money for air
ports in recent years has been
used to expand and modernize
existing airports, not build new
Senator Norris Cotton. Re
publican of New Hampshire,
senior Republican on the avia
tion subcommittee, has said he
would go along with the Mon
roney bill.

Mary Clark Rockefeller,
22, daughter of Gov. and
Mrs. Nelson A. Rockefeller
of New York, will marry
William J. Strawbridge,
Jr M of Haverford, Pa., her
parents announced. The
wedding is planned in
March. Mr. Strawbridge
to now on active duty as
an ensign In the Naval
Reserve.—AP Wirephoto.
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Educator Takes
Slap at Rickover
HARTFORD, Conn., Jen. 14
<AP).—The president of the
National Education Association
today took Vice Admiral Hy
man G. Rickover to task for
what she called his remarks
critical of American education.
Clarice Kline said Admiral
Rickover. pioneer in nuclear
propulsion, was “one of those
critics of American education
who don't really know enough
about the subject.”
Admiral Rickover, she said,
has “seen too little of the in
sides of the many good Amer
ican public schools.”
Miss Kline, attending a meet
ing of a Connecticut Education
Association group, said in an
interview that there is room
for improvement in American
education but that “our system
is really the best for a democ
“If you want a society like
the European." Miss Kline said,
“where an elite gets most of the
opportunities, then have an ed
ucation system like the one
which has been in effect there.”
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