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U ‘ - '. T >■
| Simultaneous Music
I At National Gallery
* Contrlbutln* Critic |
—— i
.. Bucknell University Brest Choir.
Altai W. Flock, director: University
of Maryland Madrical Sinters. Rose
Mane Orentaer. conductor. At the
National Gallery. Pros ram: Sonata.
Buonamente: Two Pieces. Schein:
'Three Pieces. Pesel: Two Rlcercare
' for Brass. Osborne: Suite for Brass
Septet. Mcßae; Madrlsals and en
-eemble sones by Lasso. Bennet.
•Monteverdi. Adam de la Halle; Has
•eler, pilklneton, passeroau and
Baaehlerl. ;
i; The Bucknell Brass Ensem- j
Die and the Maryland Madri- j
W Singers staged what was :
literally a two-ring affair at <
the National Gallery last night 1
as part of a meeting of the 1
Eastern Division of the Music
Educators National Confer- 1
cnee. 1
Each group played two shows
Simultaneously, the Bucknell 1
people in the lecture room and 1
the Maryland group in the 1
East Garden Court. >
The audience made a mass '
pilgrimage at the mid-point. 1
The justification for this was 1
simple enough. It enabled a 1
Jarger audience to hear the two '
ensembles, and then—well, 1
imagine a brass ensemble in
the East Garden Court. 1
- Both groups were excellent 1
for college students, most of
whom have no intention of
making music, or at the least, '
musical performance, a life
In most cases their lack of
professional aspirations is per
fedy justified, and the di
rectors of these college organ
isations accordingly face prob
lems not experienced by pro
College musical groups seem
more oriented towards putting
on performances and less to
ward cultivating the art en
tirely for its own sake. There
are advantages and disadvan
tMes to each approach, not to
mention a wide area of pos
sible compromise. Still, I have
the distinct feeling that a
swing back to private edifi
cation would probably be a
gain for music. And so, good
as it was, tonight's show leaves
me slightly discomfitted.
Contrlbutln* Critic
ta?S^S: r XiFr nl »r Or S&g:
Bamooo Concerto In
Concerto in E Minor: Pint move
ment. Alletro. Mendeluohn; Sym
phony No. 1. Meyert.
George Steiner presented an
orchestra program last evening
of considerable local interest, as
the two modem works were by
Washington composers, and the
two soloists were 16-year-old
boys from local high schools.
The orchestra, of course, was
that of American University.
Jack Bryce, a student of Mr.
Pasmanick of the National
Symphony, did a very credit
able Job of playing the Mozart
bassoon concerto, being espe
cially effective in the rapid
passage work in the first move-
Curbs Urged Extended
To Civilians Overseas
(AP). The eommander-in
chief of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars tonight urged the Gov
ernment to put the same
restrictions on United States
civilian employes abroad and
overseas tourists as it has on
VFW Commander Ted C.
Connell said failure to do this
could “make second class citi
zens of our servicemen abroad.”
The Government has ordered
a cut in the number of serv
icemens' families overseas and
curtailed post exchanges and
other privileges.
Mr. Connell, of Kileen, Tex.,
called for the action in a
speech prepared tor delivery at
the VFW southern conference
He said his veterans group
was not passing ‘‘technical
judgment” on the seriousness
of the outflow of gold supply.
• However,” he said, "if the
gold situation is so serious that
it required the reduction in
the number of dependents of
military personnel overseas...
It is only fair and equitable
that other agencies of the
United States Government
such as State Department em
ployes, Commerce Department,
etc.—bear an equal portion of
the same type of restrictions
Mr. Connell said "equivalent
burdens and restrictions"
should also be placed on United
States tourists and other per
sonnel abroad.
Mr. Connell said the entire
VFW legislative program would
be based on the program out
lined by delegates to the VFW's
national convention in Detroit.
Under veterans' affairs, Mr.
Connell said he will urge Con-
SAICOM jfH ‘ s 7 \ »
X T'birds
“* ,c ” Xdffiky/ FORO TRUCK
ment and in the lyrical slow
movement. His cadenzas were a
Mt pedestrian, but with expe
rience, he should gain in bril
liance of execution.
Stephen Keeskemothy, who
studies with Mr. Steiner, played
the first movement of the
Mendelssohn violin concerto
rather well. He was bothered,
from time to time in intonation,
but, by and large, it was excel
lent student playing.
The “Dirge” of Mary Howe
called forth the best sound and
the best ensemble playing of
the orchestra for the evening.
The piece itself is moving, and
rich with the darker colors of
the orchestra.
Emerson Meyers’ first sym
phony, which concluded the
program, was a bit too much
for the lts effective
ness, so far as I could Judge,
depends on the very precise
interweaving of short, episodic
motifs, tossed from section to
section of the orchestra. The
writing was difficult enough to
play and to hear that much of
the intended effect was lost.
Chalk this one up to the valiant
effort department.
I am not quite sure how
much of a service is done to
contemporary music if the per
formance is not completely ac
curate. The listener, without a
score, is forced to estimate how
much of the effect is intended,
and how much is accidental.
This is easy enough to do with
simple music, or music that is
completely traditional: but how
to discriminate between In
tentional experimentation in
sonority uid accidental grief in
performance sometimes escapes
Two Thugs Rob
Woman of $7O;
Man Beaten Up
Mrs. Ethel Donaldson. 55,
of 3024 Nelson place S.E. was
knocked to the ground and her
purse with 870 taken at 7 pm.
yesterday, she told Fourteenth
Precinct police.
She said that as she walked
east on Nelson place, two
youths approached her a few
doors from her own home. One
struck her hard enough to
knock her down.
She described the youths as
negro. 18 or 19. both about 5
feet 10 inches and wearing
brown coats.
Alton Thomas. 41, a laborer,
told Second Precinct police
last night he was jumped from
behind by two men on the front
porch of his home at 1425
Eighth street N.W., as he was
about to enter.
He said the men beat him
about his face, took his wallet
containing 835 and ran south
on Eighth street. Mr. Thomas
described his assailants as
negroes 35 and 40 years old.
gress to review programs related
to service-connected causes—
including medical treatment,
retired pay, and compensations
—with a view to increasing pay
ments to cover higher living
Mr. Connell, in presenting the
VFW's 1961 congressional ob
jectives publicly for the first
’ time, said he would also ask
for a separate and liberalized
pension program for the aged
and needy group of World War
' I Veterans.
In regard to national security,
Mr. Connell said the VFW
favors invoking the Monroe
■ Doctrine but, at the same time,
wants to continue United States
• friendship with the people of
1 Cuba.
The VFW, Mr. Connell said,
1 supports continuation of sep
' arate military departments
1 under their own secretaries.
with only
ONE handle |f <
Plumbing 6 Heating
4147 Wilton Blvd?, Arlington, Vo.
Fhono. JA. 4-1230
Elderly Home
Site Chosen
By Michaux
Elder Lightfoot Solomon
Michaux, Washington evangel
ist. said the home for the eld
erly which his Church of God
has been planning will be built
on three acres of land adjoin
ing Mayfair Mansions in North
east Washington.
Elder Michaux, pastor of the
Church of God, said the home
would provide all the needs for
the, elderly, including a dining
room and clinic.
A nonprofit corporation will
be formed to build the home,
he said.
Although plans have not been
completed, Elder Michaux said
the home would be built under
the elderly persons section of
the Federal Housing Adminis
tration laws. The FHA program
insures loans made on projects
for the elderly, thus encourag
ing banks to advance the
Last week Elder Michaux said
the 600-family project, also
slated for the property adjoin
ing Mayfair Mansions, will go
forward. He wants to build it
under the urban renewal pro
' gram to acquire better financ
ing. He said he will pay the
8273.629 he owes the Govern
ment on a Reconstruction Fi
nance Corp, loan made for the
construction of Mayfair Man
sions. The Government debt has
been holding up action on the
Drug Chain to Get
! 360,000 Pills in
Suit Settlement
A Washington drugstore
i chain will receive 360,000 free
cold tablets in exchange for
its agreement to stop using a
trade name similar to one used
by a New Jersey pharmaceu
tical company.
These were the conditions set
forth in a consent judgment
filed in District Court Fri
day in a settlement of an in
junction suit brought by the
Scherifig Corp, of New Jersey
’ against the Dart Drug Corp.
Under the terms of the agree
' ment approved by District
. Court Judge Charles F. Mc
t Laughlin, Dart will relabel con
tainers for cold tablets and
other pharmaceutical products
1 which formerly had been sold
> under the trade name "Biocid
' in.”
The New Jersey corporation
> had charged that this was an
infringement on its copyright
s on the trade name “Corocidin."
i The Schering Company, in
t exchange, is providing Dart
Drug, free of charge, 300 doz
en bottles containing 100 Coro
-1 cidin tablets each as a contri
-1 button to Dart Drug’s cost in
relabeling its own cold reme
’ dies.
Factory Close-Out Discontinued Model
Hoover #3l convertible
/ automatically adjuiti g
I to rug g
I 99 .9.-
\ or buy for
\ only monthly
BafeOF/} / jF
2-8 peed motor with automatic
shift, gives you 2 cleaners in 1
• get* the deep-down dirt other cleaner*
• beet* ... a* It iweep* ... o* It dean*
• big motor give* oxtre power for cleening
The #3l Convertible Special has a 2-speed
motor with "automatic shift," and automa
tically adjusts to the thickness of rugs.
$13.95 Set of Attachment* included at no
extra co*t when you purchaie the Model
*3l Hoover.
&ashington, Sixth Floor; Langley Park
and Shirlington, Lower Level
SHOP EARLY, SHOP LATE J .nnshlirffh WASHINGTON, D. C„ 7th, Bth and I STS. N.W. NA. 8-9800, OPEN MONDAY, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
IR ■■■ I ■■■■■'■ I ■
B-58 Bomber Breaks
Three Speed Records
BASE, Calif., Jan. 14 (AP).— :
An Air Force B-58 bomber,
streaking over the California 1
and Arizona deserts, today 1
broke three of the six world
speed records set only two days
ago by another B-58. - I
The Air Force said the four
jet. Delta-wing bomber aver- i
aged 1,284.73 MF.H. in to
day’s run, surpassing the av- i
erage speed on Thursday's 1
flight by nearly 100 M.P.H.
The speed run was made be- I
tween this southern California
base and a point east of Yuma ]
in southern Arizona. The re- •
suits will be submitted to the :
Federation Aeronautique Inter- 1
nationale in Paris for certifies- 1
The Air Force said the maxi- 1
mum speed attained during to
day’s flight was 1,430 M.P.H.—
nearly twice the speed of sound.
The records claimed today
are for flights made over a
1.000-kilometer course with
payloads of 2,000 kilograms
(about 4,400 pounds), 1,000
kilograms and no payload.
Since the plane carried 2,000
kilograms, it automatically
established records for lesser
payloads and no payloads.
■Hie 858 that made the
Thursday run averaged 1,200.-
194 M.P.H.
Vacant House
In Alexandria
Struck by Fire
Fire caused severe damage
last night to an unoccupied
frame “flounder-type" house in
Alexandria. Neighbors formed a
bucket brigade and tried to put
out the blaze before firemen
No one was injured in the
blaze at 512 Queen street. Fire
men had it under control with
in about 20 minutes.
Battalion Chief Charles L.
Sampson said the firt spread
upwards through partitions in
1 the attic, causing "less than
810.000 damage.”
Firemen said the house had
been unoccupied for at least a
' decade.
Fire Alarm False,
Police Seize Boy
A 12-year-old Northwest boy
1 was picked up five minutes
1 after he pulled a false alarm
; at Thirty-eighth and 8 streets
N.W. about 8 o'clock last night,
i police said.
During questioning the boy
admitted pulling the same box
on December 29 and another
at Thirty-seventh and T streets
i N.W. on January 3, police said.
He was released in the custody
of his parants.
The recognized records for
1,000-kilometer runs are:
With no payload, 700.47
MF.H., set by a U. S. Air Force
FlOl April, 1959.
1,000-kilogram payload. 639.-
18 M.P.H., set by the Soviet
Union, October, 1959.
2,000 kilograms. 639.18 M.P.H.,
set by Soviet Union, same date.
On the Thursday flight, three
records were set for a 1.000-
kilometer run and three for a
2,000-kilometer run. Only 1,000-
kilometer marks were set today.
Aboard the plane today were
Maj. Harold E. Confer of
McCook, Neb.; Maj. Richard
H. Weir of Pisadena, Calif.,
and Capt. Howard 8. Bialas of
Birmingham, Ala. All are with
the 43rd Bomb Wing,, stationed
at Carswell AFB, Fort Worth
' l
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Four in Family
Hurt in Crash
Four members of a family
were injured last night when
, their car was hit by another
auto which crossed the divid
ing strip at Duke street and
Shirley highway in Alexandria.
Treated at Alexandria Hos
pital Were Benjamin 81iger, 37;
his wife, Myrtle, 34; Donald
Sliger, 10, and David Sllger, 9.
The family lives at 105 Old
Centreville road, Manassas.
Alexandria Police Pvt. Bruce
S. Proctor said the crash tied
up traffic along Duke street for
abotu an hour.
Police charged Kenneth J.
Banton, 25, of the 3300 block
of South 17th street, Arlington,
with reckless driving. Pvt.
Proctor said Banton’s car
crossed the grass strip and hit
the Sliger car after striking
another auto driven by John F.
Staples, 16, of 4800 Pomponio
place, Annandale.
WeMnften, D. C., January 15, 1941
; Police Offer
■ Inaugural .
Travel Tips
The police department has
issued tips to motorists who
. want to avoid the traffic snarl
on Inauguration Day.
A large portion of the city
has been declared a restricted
parking area all day Friday.
Drivers in the Northwest
section of Washington west of
Rock Creek are advised to
follow this route to Southeast
and Southwest:
Use Wisconsin avenue N.W.,
, south to K street N.W.; east
on K to the entrance of Rock
Creek parkway; south on the
> parkway around the Lincoln
Memorial to Ohio drive; south-
east on Ohio to Independence
avenue; east on Independence
to Maine avenue S.W.
. Northwest vehicles going to
Northeast should use any street
north of M street N.W. and
For cars going from North
west areas east of Rock Creek,
| travel along H, K or M streets
east to Eleventh street N.E'
and south on Eleventh street
, is recommended.
Those going from Southeast
or Southwest to Northeast
Washington should use Maine
I avenue to M street and then
east on M to any street east
of Seventh street S.E .
It's a Good Idea
OTTAWA, Jan. 14 (AP).—A
new Canadian air regulation
declares “No person shall enter
or attempt to enter any air
craft in flight.”

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