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The Spotlight Will Turn Away
There Will Be Privacy for Mrs. Eisenhower and Mrs. Nixon
Star Staff Wrltbf
Two of the most photo
graphed women in the world
will bow out of the camera’s
eye and public life next Fri
day-Mamie Doud Eisenhow
er and Patricia Ryan Nixon.
Although the wives of a
former President and a form
er Vice President will always
make news wherever they
go, it never will be under the
same tension that they had
during the time their hus
bands were in public office.
Mrs. Eisenhower's bow to
public life will be a final
one, but Mrs. Nixon’s may
just be temporary as there
is no indication that the Vice
President is bidding farewell
to politics.
Friday morning will be a
nostalgic time for both wom
en, who on two former oc
casions rode at their hus
bands’ sides amid the vic
torious cheers of the crowd.
The streets will again be
crowded and the cheers re
sounding, but the day will
belong to the new President
and Vice President and their
wives. For the first time in
eight years the Eisenhowers
and the Nixons will take
second billing in the Amer
ican political picture.
She’ll Have Home
The Inauguration of John
F. Kennedy and Lyndon
Johnson may to some ex
tent be a relief to Mrs. Eisen
Ever since their marriage
in 1918, with the exception
of a brief period when he
was President of Columbia
University, President Eisen
hower has devoted himself
to serving his country. For
the first time they will have
their own home and their
own private life.
However, for Pat Nixon the
day will be dressed in a full
wardrobe of emotion.
Except for the small offi
cial vote, less than one per
cent, Pat Nixon would be
becoming First Lady—she
would be watching her hus
band take the oath of office
for the President of the
United States.
Pat Nixon would have
become the “Cinderella” of
modern age political history
—she was bom the daughter
of a poor silver miner who
turned to be a not too pro
perous truck farmer.
Another thought that will
probably come to Mrs. Nixon
on Friday is that fifteen years
ago, she begged her husband
not to go into politics.
She was satisfied with
their life in Whittier, Calif.
Even before their first
daughter ’Tricia was born,
the PTA seemed like a com
fortable lot. or participation
in local veteran’s groups.
She Went Along
However, when the decision
was made by Dick Nixon to
get into the political fray,
Pat Nixon got out of the
pleasant neighborly coffee
klatch and went on to the
political meeting.
Inauguration day schedules
for Mrs. Eisenhower and Mrs.
Nixon will have some simi
larity. Following the cere
mony at the Capitol they will
both attend the luncheon
given by former Secretary
of Commerce and Mrs. Lewis
Strauss at the 1925 P street
This party will honor the
President, Vice President and
present members of the Cabi
net and their wives.
Later the Eisenhower and
Nixon families will drive to
their own home firesides and
start lives they can call their
For the President and Mrs.
Eisenhower the drive will be
a long one—to their farm
at Gettysburg. They will
probably be accompanied by
son and daughter-in-law, Lt.
Col. and Mrs. John Eisen
hower, who will also attend
the Inauguration cererpony,
and will certainly be greeted
by their four grandchildren.
The Eisenhowers will step
into their comfortable ram
,bling house of white painted
brick with a natural stone
wing at the south end. The
scene will be made even more
familiar with John Moaney,
the President’s valet since
war days, on hand to serve
dinner in the gray and soft
raspberry red dining room
on the right of the entrance
And so will start a new
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. . . final bow to public life.
life for the longtime soldier
and former President on their
.rolling acres which include
parts of the Gettysburg
A day or so later Presi
dent Eisenhower will take
off for a few days hunting
at Mr. W. Alton Jones’
estate just outside Albany,
Ga. while Mrs. Eisenhower
continues to get settled.
The President will return
and then both he and Mrs.
Eisenhower will go to Cali
fornia. They will rent a house
on the grounds of the Eldo
rado Club, which is at Palm
Desert and stay there a
month pr two.
The move from the White
House for the Eisenhowers
is virtually done and the
only personal things left are
the clothes they will be wear
this week.
In the words of Mrs. Anne
Wheaton, Associate White
House Press Secretary,
“When you’ve been an Army
wife and an orderly house
keeper as Mrs. Eisenhower
has been, there is nothing
new about moving.”
She added that the First
Lady has been moving for
the past several months and
has made a couple of trips
to Gettysburg to oversee the
placement of their pictures
and personal possessions.
So in effect the only mov
ing flurry around the Execu
tive Mansion on Friday
morning will be getting the
Eisenhower luggage out and
changing the Government
owned bed linen.
They’ll Stay Awhile
For Vice President and
Mrs. Nixon the trip home
will be a short one to their
Tudor-type house in Wesley
• Heights.
Even though the day may
Kappas to Mark
Founders' Day
Founders’ Day of Kappa
Alpha Theta will be cele
brated at a luncheon to be
held jointly by members in
Washington and nearby
Maryland and Virginia on
Saturday, January 28, at
12:30 pm. at the Shoreham
The guest speaker will be
Mrs. Ellen Bowers Holfstead
of Nashville, Tenn., Theta’s
national delegate to the Na
tional Panhellenic Associa
tion. She will be introduced
by Mrs. Harold Whittaker,
president of the Washington
Alumnae Chapter.
have had sad overtones for
them, their homecoming will
be a gay one as they are
hugged by tHteir two daugh
ters, Trica, 14, and Julie, 12.
Also in attendance undoubt
edly will be one dog, several
cats and parakeets.
Most certainly the happy
note of the day will be that
the Nixons will be spending
more time with this group
in the simple pastel walls of
their house, which is tucked
in one of Washington’s most
beautifully wooded areas.
As of this moment, the Vice
President and Mrs. Nixon are
still trying to make up their
minds about their future.
However, these are the
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r ■
I* - ' ■
ofc- y
?"’■< 4"-I
.. . bow may be temporary. *
present facts: The Nixons
will take a vacation in some
warm climate, possibly
Florida, and to date they
have not sold their house.
Last week Mrs. Nixon indi
cated that they were in no
rush to pull up their Wash
ington stakes.
Whereas Mrs. Eisenhower
and Mrs. Nixon have very
different personalities, there
is one thing thing they have
had in common during the
past eight years—they have
taken the role as strictly
the wife of the President and
Vice President—they have
not played the part of a lone
personality such as Mrs. Ele
anor Roosevelt did.
Mrs. Eisenhower’s person
ality has been gay and femi
nine, with an occasional
touch of good honest temper
and always a mind of her
Mrs. Nixon has been prac
tical and perfectionist and
at times an extension of the
Vice President himself. It
has been said “her greatest
fault is faultlessness.”
In describing Mrs. Eisen
hower a photographer once
said, “That Mamie, she’s a
And a close friend in
speaking of Pat Nixon said,
"I think she’s put together
with iron and courage, not
skin and bones.”
Wethington, ft C., January 15, 1941
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