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ground. **** Open EJ. MORTON D nobwaik. conn I
How to stay youthful— keep a
of the price of living and learning. First of
all, beauty after 40 requires the right point of
view. You need a fresh, expectant, determined
attitude in order to stay youthful. (Notice I
didn't say "young.")
You must be interested in your life. If
you’re not, change it. Try something new.
Decide what you want to do and work
toward doing it, even if it means perhaps
going back to school. Remember that the
past is past and the future is ahead of
you. Don’t live in the days when your hus
band came home with stars in his eyes, or
when your children needed you every mo
ment of the day. Live for now, when you have
more time to do things just for yourself.
Don't be a permanent ingenue
Live each day as it comes, and don’t give
up your hopes for the future even if you’re
not as rich or as famous or as something
else as you’d hoped you’d be by now. Not
long ago, I liked something Garson Kanin,
the theater director, wrote: *’A woman stays
young as long as she hopes more and remem
bers less... It ought to be made passionately
clear that hanging on to twenty-four is
cheating oneself it’s like sticking with the
soup course.”
I have never known an interesting .per
son who was not passionately engrossed in
so many things that it was a wonder how she
ever got around to them, and who did not
take an excited interest in all those common
place things which most of us ignore.
Marlene Dietrich
Rosalind Russell
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If you face the years after 40 with intel
ligence and a willingness to participate in life,
you’ll see that the body co-operates. Take
Roz Russell, for example. Whenever I’ve
seen her, she has always been surrounded
by both sexes. Her gaiety is contagious, her
face beautiful. I’ve always felt her charm
was more than her sense of humor, which is
the greatest. I think it’s the way she looks
at life. She’s an optimist, who doesn’t take
life or herself too seriously.
Be adventuresome and flexible. Don’t cling
to ideas and customs that you learned years
ago. Rigid, unchangeable views are signs of
aging. Giving lectures, especially to younger
people, is another sign. If you start that,
you’ll find your rocking chair waiting for
you. Be enthusiastic. Help somebody. Don’t
be lazy or indifferent. If you want people to
think you’re getting old, always find a little
fault with the air conditioning, the chair,
the food and you’ll be written off as an
old lady at an early age.
Dress your age
Try new things in the house, new foods,
new friends. Keep up jvith the news, new
books, plays. This doesn’t mean you always
have to go in for the latest fads. I think it’s
pretty silly, for instance, for people beyond
teen-age to make a big thing over dancing
the Twist.
That goes for clothes too. Don’t be
a sheep; make your style your own. In
other words, dress your age and type,
Dinah Shore
Joan Fontaine
Merle Oberon
At *
Ginger Rogers
THIS WEEK Muoozin» / February 4,1962

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