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sense of wonder
personality and figure. Play up simplicity, and be
meticulous. Don’t get overconservative and ma
tronly, however; just remember there are clothes
made for grown-up women who are neither teen
agers nor overstuffed matrons.
And no matter whether you hang out in the
kitchen, the club or the office, retain your feminin
ity. So many women lose appeal after 50, or even
40, because of an indifferent attitude. I saw my
friend Irene Dunne the other day in Hollywood. I’ve
always felt she is one of the most feminine women
I know. She has a gentleness and a graciousness of
manner, always seems to be flirting with life. "Fem
ininity is the most becoming attire a woman can
wear,” she said. "It should apply to her attitude
and her approach to life.”
Women over 40 often begin to complain about
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Moist, mellow... lavish with plump dates! Easy? Why, you don’t even need a mixer! a [ T
One tender bite and the memory is alive Just an egg and water are all you add. ‘ I Comßread[
again ... of fragrant, rich loaves cooling in Occasions? Cozy family times and to share Wfcr ir
a sunny kitchen. One tender bite and you with very special friends. Go on, now
know for sure . . . our Pillsbury Date Bread ... let yourself be tempted! How
just had to be inspired by an Old Family Recipe. about tomorrow? K
Date Bread Ideas.. .just right for now! ■w 11 Ki .111 I
Family supper: Serve a steaming cream and butterscotch sauce. Afternoon snack: Cut slices thick; Old.'FamilyFsGCipGS t>[email protected](imLXeß
bowl of soup and a cool Date Bread Luncheon favorite: Surround a spread with creamy butter. ... ® ~
sandwich, with a filling of cream fruit plate with thin triangles of For more serving ideas, write to Try every one! Nut Bread, Date Bread,
cheese and jelly. Date Bread, topped with a spread Ann Pillsbury, Box 90, Minneapolis Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake.
Easy dessert: Top slices with ice of honey and butter. 60, Minnesota. Corn Bread (available in some areas)
fatigue and depression. But no one in good health
needs to be tired. Too much work won’t do it,
though too ZittZe might.
Boredom, fear and worry tire us most. We all
need interests to occupy the mind and fill the day.
Your work, other interests, rest, correct diet and
exercise should keep you fit. Just be sure not to
overdo anything —-.food, drink, cigarettes should
all be indulged in in moderation at any age.
Ginger Rogers never drinks anything but milk
and juices and look at her! Just to show you that
even the men take care of themselves after 40, look
at Cary Grant. He watches what he consumes very
carefully. He sleeps seven or eight hours every
night and does yoga exercises.
Don’t deny Shirley Temple
My doctor once told me to leave a party at
about 12:30, when you and it are at the peak. If
you find you do tire a little more quickly as you get
older, then compensate by getting more rest, either
in naps or nightly hours. Do you get enough fresh
air? Lots of oxygen gives you energy and inspira
tion; it relaxes you and takes away tensions and
strains that mar your life and your face.
Certainly I don’t think one need date herself
too specifically by recalling incidents that could only
have occurred in 1919. But, on the other hand, if
you’re over 40 you can look pretty silly by not
remembering anything that happened before World
War 11. I know women my age who won’t admit
having seen Shirley Temple movies the first time
around. Or that they remember the stock market
When the news finally gets out, you look pretty
ridiculous if you’ve been denying your real age too
strenuously. Gloria Swanson, who is 62 and looks
sensational, gets very annoyed with some of her
contemporaries who don’t tell the truth.
My advice is be yourself, including your age
but be it as attractively as possible. Just look at
some of the famous beauties like Joan Fontaine,
Olivia de Havilland, Marlene Dietrich, Irene Dunne
they’re all over 40 and they don’t have to care
who knows it. The way they look and live, what
does it matter? They’re beautiful, charming women
and they’ll be that w’ay forever. TH! IND
Editor'* note: In a future Accent on Beauty article, Miss
Colby will give specific beauty hints for women over 40.

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