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Kennedy Leads
Politicos in Dress
Nation's Capital Emerges From
• Frayed Country Bumpkin Look
Aisoclated Frew Staff Wrlt.r
Steadily, almost stealthily, a
change has swept over United
States politics.
The Nation’s Capital, once
a shrine for the rumpled
cutaway and the frayed
string tie, has turned into a
well-dressed city.
Drop in on the Senate: Its
members look as if they could
be at a staff meeting of a
Madison avenue advertising
Move over to the House:
There’s more variety in dress
here, but it’s still so discreet
ly conservative—with a few
loud sports-coated exceptions
—that little can be termed
spectacular, or even eye
Wander down Pennsylvania
avenue to the White House:
Here is a young, clothes-re
spectlng President, who
dresses properly for each oc
casion, from a formal dinner
to touch football.
These well-groomed facts
become especially timely as
5,000 members and guests of
the National Association of
Retail Clothiers and Fur
nishers prepare to descend on
this town this week.
Disaster Area
They’re here for their 44th
annual convention. It’s their
first in Washington. Always
before the men’s wear folks
had looked upon us, with
some justification, as a sar
torial disaster area.
Yet as long ago as 1929
there were stylish hints of
what might come.
That’s when Elizabeth B.
Hurlock, a Ph. D. from Co
lumbia, completed her study,
“The Psychology of Dress.”
in which she maintained that
under a democracy the White
House should set the fashion
||r S
; >|SSg
Ek? X i ffigi < $ £
I Ml
® Z JB3OK I i kx kSoe
j / § K<|SS saSlk
ji liilk
i Bnaß
sb® RSSMK&B ! 1 1 jEw i 11 HB SMgffi i
;j 1 8
k i OB
no-iron nylon jersey
j! Spring dots i
J • This smart dress and jacket
; • ensemble will carry you right
into spring looking fresh and
; lovely . . . 100% nylon jersey
is washable and never needs
ironing. Be completely care
free with your new Casual-
| maker, wear it in town, at
home or take it traveling.
White polka dots on navy,
green on grey. Sizes 10 to 20
and 121/2 to 22 1 /?.
• DAYTIME DRESSES-Washingfon, Third
Floor; Langley Park, Second Floor;
Shirlington, First Floor
Washington, 7th, Bth and E Sts., N.W.
Langley Park, Md., Shirlington, Va.
After years of looking Ilka
rumpled theater drapes, tha
Capitol's politicians ara begin
ning to give a hong about their
clothes. A list of the best-dressed
has some embarrassing omissions
including a Representative who's
in the menswear business. Which
proves you can't tell a Congress
man by his cover.
“But thia ia not the case,”
Dr. Hurlock aald. "With the
exception of Preaident Bu
chanan and President Arthur,
the executives of the Ameri
can people have paid little
attention to fashionable at
"Perhaps If they were
younger when they came into
office, and If they had fewer
affairs of state to attend to,
they would be able to devote
more time to setting fash
ions for the Nation to follow.
“As a rule, the President
is too serious-minded to be
a true ‘dandy’ and his wife
is too dignified to be Inter
ested In fashions which
would appeal to the more
frivolous women of the coun
While President Kennedy
isn’t exactly a true dandy,
the clothiers aren’t quibbling.
He’s a boon to their Industry,
just as Mrs. K. Is to women’s
fancy clothes.
Louis Rothschild, the
clothiers executive director
and a lifelong Washington
ian, says there’s no question
about It, a President’s taste
subtly affects us all, Demo
crat and Republican.
To tempt us, manufactur
ers have come up with suits
cunningly labeled “The Pres
idential” or “The Young Ex
ecutive,” copied from the $225
yEk * ' w
m * ji
B. 988 fl '
ES K KE ■ r
SF k' 0888
' K
■ Kk if
Ji * ’ *
j 9 '
All the fashion news out of the White House
isn't being made by Mrs. John F. Kennedy.
The President's preference for a two-button
suit has had an influence on the reappearance
of this model in the menswear industry. It is
now referred to as the Executive or Presi
dential Model.—AP photo.
two-button jobs tailored for
John F. Kennedy.
Yet long before Mr. Ken
nedy entered the White
House Washington was
quietly making stylistic pro
It’s true that many a pol
• itlcian once thought It prof
itable to be a professional
The country bumpkin ap- ■
pears to have faded Into
well-earned oblivion in na
tional politics.
But the clothiers are hap
py. They have 24,000 men’s
wear stores In this country,
doing a $2.5 billion business
each year, and they know
that our Interest in new
styled clothes aids and abets
their interest in old styled
Recently Rothschild asked
. local store managers their
views of who is well dressed
In Washington. In view of
the hayseedy past, they came
up with a surprisingly large
number of nominations.
Everyone knows about
Choosy Picked
But the haberdashers alert
ly noted that beneath Vice
President Lyndon B. John
son’s big Texas hat is a
choosy picker of fine clothes.
Three cabinet officers also
made the list: Secretary of
the Interior Stewart L. Udall,
Secretary of Labor Arthur J.
Goldberg and Secretary of
Welfare Abraham Ribicoff.
Several Senators were men
tioned, among them John
Sherman Cooper, Republican
of Kentucky; Stuart Syming
ton, Democrat of Missouri;
Jacob K. Javits, Republican
of New York; J. W. Fulbright,
Democrat of Arkansas; Hu
bert H. Humphrey, Demo
crat of Minnesota; Frank
Church, Democrat of Idaho;
Clair Engle, Democrat of Cal
ifornia; Gordon Allott, Re
publican of Colorado; George
A. Smathers, Democrat of
Florida; Harrison a. Williams,.
Democrat of New Jersey, and
Barry Goldwater, Republican
of Arizona, who, since he’s in
the department store busi-
stiver spring
TV Btlheida
ConnscHcul Ava.
//j nL Folia Church
v """’ 0,0. .-
’ g 1 satoa Iww'
S kW ) Convertible
Necklace of
Simulated Pearls »
$ 12.50 ‘
J Plus Tex
J Exquisite Vendome On sale .. . for the first time!
hand - knotted beads .
/ crafted Reshape of SATURA Cream or Lotion
nature, hand-dipped 16
WV times to achieve that ra- (cream with or without hormones)
B diant » precious look! __
® The quick-change device 2 OZ. ($3.50 size)
is in the stunning clasp
of rhinestones and sim- Sotura contains hormones to plump up skin, smooth tiny
ulated pearls. It has a '' nes •• • Pl us Vitamin A and moisturizers to fight dry-
special clip back which ness ' add dew f° r a new » younger look. Satura gives you
‘ easily accommodates three components in one proven complexion care
change of style. cream. Try it now—specially priced for a limited time
only! Prices plus Federal tax.
Earrings to match, $7.50 _ __ _
Jelleff's, all store*. 8.50 Sixe Satura Cream with Hormones; 8 oz. $6.
ness, presumably gets his
suits wholesale.
Only three House members
managed to stand out from
the herd: Representatives
John S. Monagan, Democrat
of Connecticut; George W.
Andrews, Democrat of Ala
bama, and John Jarman,
Democrat of Oklahoma.
\ A Complexion ]
// Special get-acquainted offer!
\ Complexion Symphony Kit
• /f A quartet of Jaquet's luscious
/a/ 7 ' "Try-On" Tints plus "White Magic"
jf't Q || f or p r| - ce o j "yy|)jf e M a gi c " alone! $6
r The quartette of tints comes in charming little flacons
DamL to 9° your particular coloring.
I'eak ot rashion » whjt . it juit th o K_ mag ic! a light film of
Polished black straw roller spirals to new J iqUi £ banishes J hose I . u 2 de r-eye circles,
whitens out and softens wrinkles, lightens sallow or
fashion heights via pagoda crown of ruddy skin, gives a more radiant look to any complexion,
velvet. It's Leslie James of California— Choice of two versions— one Complexion Symphony Kit
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dark tones. plus Fed. tax.
Jelleff's F Street, or place your order
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Open Tomorrow Night: Shirlington, Y
Silver Spring, Falls Church // —
olloff ’•
fall* Church
Women's Coats t.
handsomely furred / Mt/i Vs I Ak \ \
in MINK f
$ 145 \ I® z I
comparable value $l7O A 9
What do you look for ft , Bi;
in a winter coat NOW? «1 ' Bf*.'
Extra Value, of course. . . . And n B I
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Elegant coat of Worumbo Furvelour / / K
wool-and-fur blend, blue mounted / ' *' J’ W
with natural Cerulean* mink, or / /Ip'?"'“t t
blgck with natural ranch mink. / ' || M
Proportioned sizes 10 to 18. / J ■
From our wide array of fur-trimmed / wB
coots now on sale: Trimmed with / . f K
mink, blue fox, dyed black beaver. > **‘****®®l^> t if ■
sllß to $l5O. Comparable values
$l4O to $225. Styles and sizes for
women, misses and juniors. I' T” \
Jelleff's the Store for Coats, Third Floor, F Street; [ / \
selections at all branch stores in \
• TM Mutation Mink Breeders Association. /
Fur product® labeled to show country of oririn of imported furs. /
Jelleff s
F Sfraat
Silver Spring
Bathtida •
4473 ConntcHcul Ava.
Foils Church
Wesfcingten, D. C„ Februory 4,1962

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