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Mail Pouch
Theft Nets
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Mar. 17
(AP).—Postal Inspectors were
baffled today by one of the
strangest mail thefts in New
England history.
Mail pouches containing j
about $300,000 in cash for the!
Federal Reserve Bank in Boston
were stolen, then found near I
the New Haven Railroad sta
tion. Only $41,000 was taken.
The old bills were shipped
Wednesday by banks in the!
Hartford area, 40 miles north of
here. The unrecovered money i
was sent by the First National
Bank of Hazardville, a Hart
ford suburb.
The canvas pouches—ordi-1
nary-looking mail sacks—were
found near a post office trans-
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fer point at the New Haven
Railroad’s Union Station yes
terday morning.
The post office confirmed
the theft after there were
rumors of a robbery today.
Postal Inspector Edward C.
Lyons said that particularly
puzzling was how the pouches
could have gotten to New
Haven, far out of the way of
the Hazardville-Boston route.
' He also had no more than a
guess as to why the greater
share of the money was left
; behind.
He said of the thief or
I thieves:
“Perhaps he was nervous.
I Perhaps he already had enough
j money. There could be any
number of explanations.”
The big canvas mail bag con
tained four smaller pouches
with the money.
•j There was this consolation,
t: however, Mr. Lyons said—the
■ money was insured.
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BI 11
. Sgfl ▲' B *%■ J
gi^airfMMtotßaa^flfl*®**®®**********" - * jfl SB-L WWI I -
-oJictSuL 12
rthJ fed t. b
“Welfare Secretary” Susan Suthard addresses a “President’s Cabinet”
meeting of Bradbury Heights School’s sixth grade social studies class.
Others are (reading clockwise) Michael Grabill, Alan Jorgensen, Paul
Greenwell, Robert Mangum, Kathy Finley, Lynn Peaire, Carolyn Oliver,
Sharon Vogelson and Michael Chin.—Star Staff Photo.
Continued From Page A-l
some think it looks like tomb
One or two members agreed
audibly that it did.
“I don’t blame the Fine Arts
Commission for disapproving
this design,” said the Postmas
ter General firmly.
The Secretary of Agriculture
gave an optimistic report on
the country’s food supply, but
added this was not to be said of
Russia, where “Premier Khru
shchev is getting very worried,
because when the people are
well fed they are stronger and
work better.”
The Postmaster General ob
served that the Russian Pre
mier spent all his money mak
ing rockets and missiles, and
that the people could not eat
When all reports were in the
President thanked his cabinet
and pronounced the meeting
“very successful. We have dis
cussed the steel strike, relief for
the aged, the Mercury stamp,
■ the farm program, disaster
I areas, tariff, good-will tour,
Geneva and the resumption of
nuclear testing.”
Bradbury Heights School
sixth graders, who have been
staging cabinet meetings as a
project of their social studies
with teacher Ruth Bradford,
have never seen a real one, of
course. But that’s the way they
think it might go.
It is part of their studies
about the development of the
Government to meet the
changing needs of a growing
Nation, explained Mrs. Jennie
Clagett, the school principal.
The study project has in
cluded tracing the growth of
the cabinet from George Wash
j ington’s time.
In President Kennedy’s chair
was Sharon Vogelson, 12, also
president of her classroom and
a bona fide aspirant to the na
tional presidency.
Cabinet members, all aged
11, were: Michael Chin, Trea
sury; Paul Greenwell, Defense;
Alan Jorgensen, Attorney Gen
eral; Michael Grabill, Post
master General; Kathy Finley,
Interior; Robert Mangum,
Agriculture; Lynn Peaire, Com
merce; Carolyn Oliver, Labor,
and Susan Suthard, Health,
Education and Welfare.
'Misty' Showings
To Add to Herd
17 (AP).—Misty, the Chinco
teague pony of book and film
fame, has been cast in a lead
ing role to replenish the is
land’s pony herd.
Last week’s vicious winter
storm killed at least 150 of the
300 ponies which run free on
Chincoteague and Assateague
islands. Many of the dead
were newborn colts or mares
about to foal.
Most of the lost animals
were owned by the Chinco
teague Fire Department and
were a major source of reve
nue for both the fire depart
ment and the community.
Tourism is big business on this
Eastern Shore Island.
Mayor Robert N. Reed said
that 20th Century Fox, pro
ducer of the movie “Misty,”
has released the picture free of
step up to a better job! now!
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charge 'for benefit showings
around the country. Proceeds
of the performances will be
used to purchase new ponies.
He and the Town Council
hope to replenish the herd in
time for the annual pony pen
ning in July.
DI. 7-7200
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Coil and Cabinet Installed in Coil and Cabinet Installed in I
I Your Existing Ducts. Your Existing Ducts.
Washington, D C., March It, J 962

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