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New muscle-relaxing tablet works three ways to give more effective
temporary relief from minor pain of arthritis, rheumatism, body
aches, neuralgias, and muscular strains in 8 important areas of pain.
While there is no known cure for arthritis and
today there is a new source of re
lief from the minor pain and muscle stiffness
of arthritis and rheumatism. Scientists have de
veloped a new kind of medicine you can take
frequently, according to directions, for pro
longed relief.
This medicine works by the newest principles.
It acts to produce muscle relaxation. It has
been tested extensively on patients suffering
from minor grades of arthritis, rheumatism and
various forms of body aches, neuralgias and
muscular strains. It has been reported clini
cally superior in bringing relief.
In case after case, doctors reported that pain
and muscle stiffness were relieved. Many pa
tients said they could reach, lift, walk, bend
"and move with greater ease and freedom. In
fact, twice as many patients reported relief,
compared to those who took the most widely
used pain tablets.
This new medicine is defencin—a two-layer
tablet with prescription-type ingredients—now
available without prescription.
Here is how defencin works, what it does,
and its three-action relief.
The chain of pain
The pain of arthritis, rheumatism and related
conditions is not a simple matter. It is like a
chain with many links. Muscles, joints and
nerves make ug these links. When pain at the
joint makes muscles tighten and “lock” they re
strict joint movement. Every time we do move,
it hurts. This pain, in turn, irritates nerves,
making the pain seem still worse.
Muscles, joints, nerves—this is the chain of pain
of arthritis and rheumatism.
Loosening the chain
Aspirin, common pain tablets and ordinary
non-prescription “arthritis” pills are designed
essentially to blunt pain. They act primarily in
one way... give only partial relief, act directly
against only the pain sensation itself.
Minor arthritis, rheumatism and related pains can strike anywhere in your body... most often causing
painful conditions listed below. New defencin can relieve pain and stiffness in any of these areas.
1. Aching back-pain in muscles
especially in the small of the back.
Overexertion can cause stiffness
in this area.
2. Sore shoulder—pain in muscles
that raise and lower the arm.
j. Wry neck—pain in muscles that
bend and turn the head, especially
These ordinary tablets don’t act directly against
muscle stiffness to loosen the chain of pain.
DEFENCIN docs. It goes to work right at the
source of the trouble, relaxing tight, tense mus
cles that aggravate the pain of minor arthritis,
rheumatism and related conditions, defencin
checks pain impulses as well as soothes irrita
bility and edginess due to pain. It attacks pain
and muscle stiffness, each at its own source,
loosens the chain of pain.
A unique new three-action formula
DEFENCIN is a combination of prescription
type medicines; each tablet brings this unique
three-action relief;
(1) As a muscle relaxant, DEFENCIN acts to
ease muscle tightness and stiffness, reduce pain
at the source, and help restore movement.
(2) As an effective pain reliever, DEFENCIN
checks pain from affected joint areas for hours.
(3) As a calmative, DEFENCIN relieves the irri
tability and edginess that accompany and ag
gravate painful conditions.
How Defencin has helped others
People with body aches and stiffness in all 8
areas listed below—from arthritis and rheuma
tism to simple “Charley Horse”-have taken
DEFENCIN under the supervision of doctors in
clinical tests. The results bear repeating:
In case after case, doctors reported that pain
and muscle stiffness were relieved. Many pa
tients said they could move, walk, stoop, bend
with greater freedom. In fact, twice as many
patients reported relief, com
pared to those who took the
most widely used pain tablets. 1,1
In some cases, all symptoms l Ufl
were completely relieved. iLlfeliein I
For more effective relief get
defencin' 5 . Sold in drugstores: I
24 tablets for $ 1.00; 72 tablets ■
for $2.50.
An advanced product of ‘ F
Grove Laboratories ( ,
’Registered trademark
after exposure to drafts and cold.
4. Strained ankle-pain here makes
it hurt to move or even to put
weight on your foot.
5. Stiff knee-pain in surrounding
muscles may keep whole leg stiff.
6. Painful elbow-pain in muscles
around the joint that flexes the
arm. Arthritis quite frequently at
tacks the elbow area.
7. Painful hip—pain in muscles of
the hip often extends down the
back of the thigh.
8. Sore wrist-pain in muscles that
move the wrist and hand... an area
quite susceptible to rheumatism.
MH /
Women and children, as well as the men, join the
regular trek to town, toting goods on their backs.
Seven different sizes of plates burden this
vendor, whose face reflects the strain of his job.
Shrinks Hemorrhoids
New Way
Without Surgery
For the first time science has found
a new healing substance with the
astonishing ability to shrink hemor
rhoids and to relieve pain without
In case after case, while gently
relieving pain, actual reduction
(shrinkage) took place.
Most amazing of all - results were
so thorough that sufferers made
astonishing statements like “Piles
have ceased to be a problem!”
The secret is a new healing sub
stance (Bio-Dyne®) —discovery of a
world-famous research institute.
This substance is now available in
suppository or ointment form under
the name Preparation ft*. Ask for it
at all drug counters.

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