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Hungarian-born Gen. A. S. Asboth, accompanied
by his dog, gallops into action with Federals.
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During the night I became
convinced that he had moved on
o as to attack my right or rear.
Therefore, early on the 7th, I
>rdered a change of front to the
ight. My right, which thus be
came my left, still rested on Sugar
'reek Hollow. This brought my
ine across Pea Ridge, with my
new right resting on the head of
Cross Timber Hollow, which is
the head of Big Sugar Creek. I
also ordered an immediate ad
vance of cavalry and light artil
ery, under Col. Osterhaus, with
orders to attack and break what I
supposed would be the rein
forced line of the enemy. This
movement was in progress when
the enemy, at 11 o'clock in the
morning, commenced an attack
an my right.
The Tight continued mainly
at these points during the day,
the enemy at one time having
gained the point held by Col.
Carr, at Cross Timber Hollow.
But he was entirely repulsed,
with the fall of their commander,
Ben McCulloch, in the centre....
The plan of the attack on the
enemy’s center was gallantly
carried forward by Col. Oster
haus ... supported also by Gen.
Sigel's command....
Col. Carr’s division held the
right under a galling and contin
uous Tire all night.
In the evening, the firing hav
ing entirely ceased in the center
and the right, being now on the
left, I reinforced the right by a
portion of the second division
inder Gen. Asboth. Before the
lay closed I was convinced that
the enemy had concentrated his
main force on my right. I there
fore commenced another change
of front forward, so as to face the
enemy where he had deployed on
my right flank, in strong position.
This change... was in prog
ress when, at sunrise on the
morning of the Bth, my right and
center renewed the firing, which
was... answered by the enemy...
along the whole... line.
My left, under Gen. Sigel,
moved close to the hills occupied
by the enemy, driving him from
the heights and advancing stead
ily toward the head of the Hol
lows. I immediately ordered the
centre and right wing forward,
the right wing turning the left of
the enemy and crossfiring on his
centre. This final position placed
the enemy in the arc of a circle,
when a charge of infantry...
routed the whole rebel force.
NEXT SUNDAY: Shenandoah’s Stonewall cracked.
which retired in great con
fusion. ...
Illinois, Indiana, lowa, Ohio
and Missouri may proudly share
the honor of the victory which
their gallant heroes have won
over the combined forces of Van
Dorn. Price and McCulloch....
S. R. Curtis,
Brigadier General.
What Curtis was saying, in
a manner which must have left
even the War Department con
fused, amounted to this: Part
of Van Dorn’s army encircled
the Yankee position and at
tacked from the rear while
other elements pounded Cur
tis's line elsewhere. The en
circlement collapsed with the
death of McCulloch and his
second in command As one
observer has said, the fighting
was all mixed up with isolated
charges and countercharges,
flankers being outflanked and
all manner of confusion pre
vailing The arrival of Sigel’s
two division’s on March 8 was
the final blow that crushed Van
Dorn's near-success. Casualty
reports reached Washington on
the 14th, and among them was
a shocking detail.
From The Evening Star,
Friday. March 14.1862
The Battle of Pea
Ridge, Arkansas.
ST. LOUIS, March 13.-Fur
ther particulars of the great
Battle at Pea Ridge, Arkansas,
have been received.
The rebel officers killed and
wounded were:-Gen. Ben Mc-
Culloch, killed; Brig. Gen. Slack,
dangerously wounded; Col. Her
bert, of La., killed; and Gen.
Price, slightly wounded....
Two thousand Indians were
engaged by the rebels. They
scalped 18 of our men....
The scalping claim was
never proved. William Yarnel
Slack soon died of his wounds.
Louis Hebert was not killed,
but captured. Also among the
heavy toll of Confederate offi
cer casualties was Brig. Gen.
James McQueen Mclntosh,
slain in a cavalry charge. The
Union casualty figure given
was close; the Rebels actually
lost about 800. As a result of
the defeat, Van Dorn retreated
south to the Arkansas River,
and western Missouri seemed
secure from any major Con
federate threat.
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Why so shy, little one?
bringing up baby”
Hints collected
by Mrs. Dan Gerber,
Mother of 5
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shy at the sight of a relative or friend
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(Usually a passing stage at 5 months of age.)
One reason for this shyness may be the
fact that baby has come to realize that other
people are different from mother.
Your baby knows he can count on you ... he’s
not sure about the others. Suggested helps:
• Let baby study visitors from the “protective
custody” of your arms. A favorite
hold-toy provides added security.
• If you tell cuddle-loving friends to
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W I ■ ws io***

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