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Quips and Skits Tickle Notables
Continued From Page A-]
the United States—and tradi
tionally, Mr. Kennedy’s re
sponse was off the record.
Also unrecorded were the
speeches of Health, Educatlor
and Welfare Secretary Ribicofl
and Senator Goldwater of Ari
zona. They did their best tc
defend the records of their re
spective Democratic and Re
publican parties.
Lending the lone professions
touch to the amateur antic;
was the United States Marine
Band under Lt. Col. Albert
Schoepper, who also directec
the chorus.
Setting the evening’s satiri
cal tone were opening remark;
of Gridiron President Julius
Frandsen, jr., who after ex
pressing pleasure of having
both the President and his
brother present, said:
“Bobby’s recent discourse on
the history of Texas proves the
President’s case about one
thing. All Texas says Bobby
needs a lot more aid to educa
After observing that Presi
dent Kennedy was wise in keep
ing a string on Col. Glenn, Tilr,
Frandsen added:
“By the way, those luminous
particles that Col. Glenn saw
have been identified as bits
and pieces of the public debt
A skit chiding Republicans
was laid in an outdoor soup
kitchen in Newburgh, N. Y„
in which Nelson Rockefeller
(stage version, of course) ex
plained to the stand-in for
Gen. Eisenhower that he has
a motto of A. O. K.—“ Always
out-promise Kennedy.”
A wall was being built, Gov.
Rockefeller explained, “to keep
the John Birchers out and the
Republicans in.” To save the
party, the governor added, he
favored “Birch control.”
“If We Only Had Caroline”
Senator Goldwater (stage
version) arrived and said he
would be there sooner but some
subversive gave him a car with
a LEFT-hand drive.
“You join us or we’ll join
you,” the Senator is warned
by the impersonator of Robert
Welch, head of the John Birch
Another Republican Senator
asked Senator Hickenlooper of
lowa if he thought the G.O.P.
could beat Mr. Kennedy in
“Oh, we can beat Jack, all
right,” Senator Hickenlooper
replied. “It’s Caroline I’m wor
ried about. If we only had HER
on our side.”
“Wouldn’t it be loverly” if
Caroline joined the G. O. P.,
the Senator then sang.
Caroline was played by 6-
year-old Pamela Ridder, the
daughter of Walter T. Ridder
of Ridder Publications, a Grid
iron Club member. She attends
the Potomac School in Lang
ley, Va.
Pamela ran through the tra
ditionally all-male chorus,
plucked at the "Senator’s”
sleeve and whispered a ques
tion in his ear.
The question, relayed to the
audience, was: ‘ “Where are the
monkeys?’ ”
Song Tells Nixon Story
Presidential aspirations of
George Romney and Richard
Nixon were examined. Asked
how it felt to be running again,
the latter’s stand-in sang:
"Running’s wonderful the
second time around/ Head up
in the clouds and one foot on
the ground 7 It's that second
time you hear the starting
gong/ Makes you think per
haps that half the voters now
know they were wrong.”
The Democratic skit opened
with a statement that there
are all kinds of clubs but the
Democrats prefer the resigning
club. The announcer contin
ued: “We take you now to
Democratic headquarters in the
fallout shelter of a famous club.
9 From Bomber,
3 From 'Copter
Rescued in Gulf
(AP).—A Navy P2N Neptune
patrol bomber with nine men
aboard made a forced landing
in the Gulf of Mexico today
and a three-man helicopter
crashed during rescue efforts.
All 12 men were saved and
were reported in excellent con
The bomber crew was picked
up from a raft, part of the
plane’s survival equipment,
about an hour after the plane
went down 10 miles south of
Grand Isle and about 100 miles
south of New Orleans.
The ’copter, one of four Navy
and Coast Guard craft hover
ing over the area, fell while the
bomber crew was being rescued.
The bomber was on a sched
uled training flight from Mem
phis. Tenn., to New Orleans.
The causes of the crashes
were not known.
The bomber crewmen all are
from the Memphis area. Thei
helicopter crewmen live in the!
New Orleans area.
Lemnitzer Leaves
On Military Tour
Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer,
chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff, leaves Washington to
day for a three-week tour of
American military installations
in Southeast Asia, the Far East
and Aaska.
Gen. Lemnitzer will confer
with American and allied of
ficials in Hawaii, the Philip
pines, Thailand, South Viet
Nam, Taiwan, Okinawa, Korea
and Japan.
Doctor Shortage
LONDON, Mar. 17 (AP).—'
Britain faces a doctor shortage
because many young physicians
emigrate in search of better
opportunities, says the British
Medical Journal.
jp II
£ 18.
ts fl /
is y K
•t wfr /fl
d 1
n Everybody has just resigned.”
e Secretary Ribicoff appeared,
e saying: “Well here we are. Prof,
y McGeorge Bundy. Safe and
' sound at last in the fallout
shelter of the dear old club.”
Kennedy Everywhere
r I Presidential assistant Bundy
retorted: “Right. Another nice
thing. Since it’s a club, there’s
no danger of running into
Bobby Kennedy.”
. This was a reference to the
latter’s resignation from the
Metropolitan Club in a pro
_ test against racial discrimi
p nation.
”, The administration got its
_ , come-uppance from the Cuban
' ! invasion fiasco as the chorus
sang “It was just a tiny little
! s ; slip-up.”
s Closing the Democratic, skit,
, the stage-version Attorney
•General Kennedy sang to
“You’re My Everything”; “I'm
Ci his everything/Diplomat and
“(sleuth I’m in everything Cellar
up to roof/I’m his private eye,
his only true prime minister/In
fact, I’m the guy who some
e day will administer all of
e everything.”
e Fidel Castro also was repre
i sented in the skit. Singing to,
“Yes, We Have No Bananas,”
i that we have "tamales and
1 i fritos for Khrushchevs and
t Titos, but we have no Havanas,
i we sell you no seegars today.”
I Prime Minister of Nehru,
r i who has “just undergone an !
f operation to have his conscience i
’. out,” sang to the tune of
i, "Chloe”: “Go—a, Go-A Prin
ciples will have to wait'Neu-
1 tral guns will liberate Go—a,
r I Go—a Peace is yours, as bes-o
---1 ah/Uncle Nehru now runs Goa.” i
Sang Khrushchev to “I May I
Be Wrong”: I like a nice vodka I
', toddy/A dozen will set me right'
, i off I’ve hidden Uncle Joe’s
body Demoted Old Molotov.” i
B Seven Astronauts Attend |
r Bringing down the curtain,
. the finale to the tune of “Bat
s tie Hymn of the Republic”
-| praised America’s spacemen.
All seven of America’s astro-!
-1 nauts attended last night Grid
;,; iron Club dinner. They were: Lt. i
’ Col. Glenn, Capt. Virgil I Gris- j
- som. Capt. Leßoy G. Cooper, l
jr., Lt. Comdr. Malcolm S. Car- i
s penter .Comdr. Alan B. Shep-j
» ard, jr., Maj. Donald K. Slayton
and Comdr. Walter M. Schirra. j
I In the serious business. I
. Charles L. Bartlett, Washing-:
ton correspondent of the Chat- i
. tanooga Times, and Alvin Sil
verman, chief of the Washing-
• ton bureau of the Cleveland
, Plain Dealer, were initiated as
• active Gridiron members. John
C. Bigbee, editor of the Trade
J Unionist, was inducted as a
1 limited member.
Following is the list for the
, Gridiron Club dinner last night:
The President of the United States.
I X18 e [ P l; es^ ent of the .United s ‘»t«-
it P hi f f 4uatK * of the United States.
1 Z!? e Ambassador of Nicaragua.
The Ambassador of France.
The Ambassador of Sweden
The Ambassador of Portugal.
Ambassador of Great Britain.
United States Ambassador to the United
Mr. Justice Black.
Mr. Justice Douglas.
Mr. Justice Clark.
Mr. Justice Harlan.
Mr. Justice Brennan, jr.
Mr. Justice Stewart.
Mr. Justice Reed.
The Secretary of the Treasury. |
The Secretary of Defense.
The Attorney General.
The Secretary of Agriculture.
The Secretary of Commerce.
The Secretary of Labor.
andWelf£e re ‘ ,ry °' Education
Barry Goldwater, Senator from Arizona.
. Maj. General WH. Abendroth. Na
tionsl Guard: Theodore C. Achilles. Wash-
I ington,D. C.; A. N. Adams, Arlington,
: ou F - Adams, Washington. D. C.;
- £* I,I P’ "... A <lam.. York City;
Tinsley Adams, Washington, D. C..
' Su°'f e 4 n Allan. Gannett Newspapers;
Charles B. Allen, Baltimore. Md.; C
■ ,Allen. Untted Pre” Interna
i (tonal, S. C. Allyn, Dayton, Ohio: Joseph
H A| sop, York Herald Tribune
Syndicate; Robert W. Alvord. Washing-
J.‘! n *i' C ’i 2° n An<) erson, Wisconsin
State Journal; Admiral George W Ander
son jr.. Chief of Naval Operations: John
, Anderson. Governor of Kansas: William
Anderson, Chicago Tribune; Gene W.
■ her ’ ® ro « k «»lBe- Md.; William B
Ardery, Washington. D. C.; Marvin L.
Arrowsmith, Associated Press; Hugh D.
Auchincloss, McLean. Va.; William Brant-
, ley Aycock. Chapel Hill, N. C.
Charles W Bailey 11, Cowles Publica
tions; John M. Bailey, Washington, D. C.:
Robert G. Baker, Washington, D. C.;
: George W. Ball, Under Secretary of
State; Edward D. Ball. Nashville Ten
nessean; Ernest L. Barcella, Detroit.
Mich.: Rudolph Bares, jr., Williamsburg,
Va.; Frank H. Bartholomew, United Press:
International; Charles 1. Bartlett, Chat-:
tanooga Times: David T. Beale, Wash-;
ington, D. C.; William L. Beale, jr., I
Associated Press; J. Glenn Beall, Sena
•? r J. rom Maryland; Dr. Joseph F.
Beattie, sr., McLean, Va.; George Beebe,
It ami SS,^ ld: Jack B '"- Associated!
Tress: William B. Bergen, Baltimore, I
Md.; Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner. Dallas Tex.; i
Leno T Bermere, North Haven, Conn.; ;
Michael J. Bernstein, Washington, D. C.;
James T. Berryman. Washington Evening
Star; John C. Bigbee. Washington, D. C.:
Barry Bingham, Louisville Courier-Journal
4 Times; Creed C. Black. Wilmington
Morning News; James C. Black, Wash
ington, D. C-; Samuel G. Blackman,
Associated Press; Edward Blair, Chicago.
E 3 Herbert Block, Washington Post;
Roger M. Blough, New York City; Brooks
£ B ! un f, k ’ Arlington, Va.; Herbert C.
Blunck, Washington. D. C.; Richard Bol
ling, Representative from Missouri;
Charles K. Boatner, Washington, D. C.;
Windsor P. Booth, National Geographic
Society; James G. Bowman, Harrison
burg. Va.; John L. Bradley. Wilmington.
Del.; Thomas W. Brahany. Washington.
D. C.: Raymond P. Brandt. St. Louis
Post-Dispatch: James T. Branson, jr.,
Washington, D. C.; Cast. Taylor Bran-
D - C-i Harold Bray-'
man. Wilmington, Del.; Samuel C.
Brightman, Washington, D. C.; Ned
Brooks. Washington. D. C.; D. W. Bros
nan. Washington. D. C.; Lt. Col. Leslie
E. Brown, USMC; Dr. Thomas McP. i
Brown. Washington. D. C.; Otis G. Brun.
San Francisco. Calif.; Ezra K. Bryan,
Cleveland. Ohio; Wright Bryan. Cleveland
Plain Dealer; George B. Bryant. Mc-
Graw-Hill Publications; H. E. C. Bryant.
Staten Island. New York City; William
C Bryant, U. S. News h World Report;
John M. Bullitt, Cambridge. Maas ; Dr.
E** p „ h Bo”®*®- New York City; Francis
H - Burr, South Hamilton. Mass ; Pres
cott Bush, Senator from Connecticut:
Harry F. Byrd, Senator from Virginia;
Harry F. Byrd, jr., Winchester tSaar.
c -
Roy L. Calvin, Alexandria, Va.; Erwin I
D. Canham. Christian Science Monitor:
Mortimer M. Caplin. Washington, D. C.;
R r ' -!- m * nue ' Carlson. Washington,
D. C.; Thomas G. Carney, Washington.
D. C., Leslie E. Carpenter, Boston Her
ald and Traveler: Lt. Comdr. Scott Car
penter. USN: W. Sam Carpenter 111.
Wilmington. Del.; Amon G. Carter, jr..
Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Morley Cas
sidy. Philadelphia Bulletin; Turner Cal
ledge. New York Times; John R. Cauley.
Kansas City Star; James F. Chambers.
Dailas Times-Herald; Marquis W. Childs.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Robert B
Choate. Boston Herald: Peter B. Clark.
Detroit News; Ramsey Clark. Washing
ton. D. C.: Robert P. Clark, Louisville
Times; Aubrey L. Clarke. St Louts Post-
Dispatch; Emery N. Cleaves. New York
City: Maj. Gen. Chester V. Clifton. USA:
Clark Clifford. Washington. D C.; John
H. Cline. Washington Evening Star;
Thomas E. Coleman. Madison, Wis.;
Frederic W. Collins. Washington. D. C.;
Leroy Collins, Washington. D. C.; Dr
John Conians, East Orange. N. J.; Frank
ConnifL Hearst Newspapers; John Sher
man Cooper, Senator from Kentucky:
Capt. Leßoy G. Cooper, jr., USAF: Lam
mot du Pont Copeland. Wilmington Del.;
Andre Cornu. Washington, D. C.; Ed
ward Costigan, Washington, D. C.; Gard
ner Cowles, Des Moines Register and
Tribune; John Cowles, Minneapolis Star
a /! d Tribune; John Cowles, jr., Minneap
nil’ Star and Tribune; Bill Crawford,
Chevy Chase, Md.; Charles B. Crawford.
Chevy Chase, Md.; Rodney Crowther.
, Baltimore Sun; George Cullen. Bureau oi
| National AfUirs; Russell E. Cunningham,
'Washington, D. C.; Harlow H. Curtice.
|Funt, Mich.; J. Montgomery Curtis. New
York City; Thomas B. Curtis, Repre
sentative from Missouri; William R
D C ! ,Oh " L ’ C “‘-
John Daly, New York City; Judge John
A. Danaher, Washington D. C.; Harrv
Darby, Kansas City, Kans.; Charles M
• A'exjndria, Va.; Anthony Day.
Philadelphia Bulletin; Price Day, Balti
• ™S re ?, un; Harr X Ashby Deßutts, Upper
viUe, Va.; Alonzo G. Decker, Baltimore,
**<• Gen George H. Decker, Army
!r nie L of Staff; Emmett Dedmon. Chicago
Sun-Times; Cartha D. De Loach. Wash
ington, D. C ; Anthony G. De Lorenzo.
Birmingham, Mich.: Admiral Louis E
Denfelif, USN (retired): John Denson,
New York Herald Tribune; Edward A.
jr -’ Washington, D. C.; William B.
Dickinson, Philadelphia Bulletin: J. Thur
man Diggs, Washington, D. C.; Grant
Dillman, United Press International:
L. Dimitman. Philadelphia Inquirer;
George E. Dittman. Arlington. Va.:
G*® r «® King Features Syndicate;
William J. Donaldson, jr., Washington,
12' Gj 4 - Donovan. New York
Herald Tribune: John H. DoJIe. Wash-
I ington, D. C.; Roscoe Drummond. New
Yort Heretd Tribune: F. William Dugan.
Cleveland Plain Dealer; Angier Biddle
Duke, Washington, D. C.; Robert G.
Dunlop. Philadelphia. Pa: Christopher
Dunphy. Palm Beach. Fla ; Dr. Robert
F. Dyer, Washington. D. C.
Adolfo Echevarria, Bilbao, Spain;
Richard L. Embly, Washington, D. C.;
Fv?n H T y b S n Ette J’ VSN; Amon Carter
Evans. Nashville Tennessean; Bovd N.
gerett, Chicago, BL; Frank Eyerly, Des
Moines Register and Tribune.
Lawrence S. Fanning, Chicago Sun-
Times; Leonard Feldmaenn, Buffalo
Couner-Express; Harry Ferguson. United
P, res s. International; George M. Ferris.
Washington, D. C.; Marshall Field, jr,
Chicago Sun-Times: Nat S. Finney, Buf
falo News: John Fisher, East Aurora,
; , 8 . r . 1g Gen - William J. Flood,
USAF (retired), John Cilfford Folger,
Washington, D. C.; Edward T. Folliird.
Washington Post; Dana C. Frandsen,
.Alexandria, Va.; Jon Frandsen, West
gate. Md.; Julius Frandsen. jr.. United
Press International; Max Freedman,
Manchester Guardian: William Friday.
Chapel Hill, N. C.; William Fugazy, New
v“J eV 1 ', 8 ,'?!’ 1 J- Fuhrman. New
York City: J. William Fulbright, Senator
from Arkansas.
_L; E. Galaspie, Richmond, Va.: Wes
i Gallagher, Associated Press: George R
Gaylin, UP International Newspictures;
Henry R. Gemmill, Wall Street Journal:
| Thomas W. Gerber. Concord Monitor;
Roswell L. Gilpatric, Deputy Secretary
of Defense: Robt R. Gilruth, director
manned spacecraft center, NASA: Lt
■ Col. John H. Glenn, jr.. USMC; E V
I2i? ai " er> AXrian, Mich ; Joel Goldblatt,’
Chicago, Ill.; Ben Hale Golden, Chatta
nooga Times; Joseph W. Goodfellow,
Washington, D. C.: Alan J. Gould, Asso
rted Press; Phil G. Goulding, Cleve
land Plain Dealer; Philip L. Graham,
Washington Post; Joseph A. Grazier,
New York City; Lt. Gen. Wallace M.
Greene, jr.. Chief of Staff, USMC.;
Crawford H Greenewalt. Wilmington,
I Del.: J Raymond Greenhill, Baltimore,
Md ; Charles O. Gridley. Dallas Times
I Herald: Gerald E. Griffin. Baltimore
Su") Capt. Virgil I. Grissom, USAF;
I Edwin D. Gritz. Washington Post:
Theodore Groom, Washington, D. C.; Gen.
Alfred M. Gruenther, American Red
| Franville Gude, Washington, D. C.; ,
'2 ew J. a Gulllcl <- Associated Press; Edwin
O. Guthman, Washington, D. C.
i H
Edwin B Haakinson, Associated Press;
■N. E. Halaby, Federal Aviation Agency;
Leonard W. Hall. Oyster Bay, N. Y.;
Charles A. Halleck, Representative from
Indiana; George E. Hamilton, jr., Wash-
S - WOKsm E. Hamilton,
Detroit, Mich.; Edward F. Hamm, jr.
Traffic World; Peter A. Hatimes, ChaJJei
Hill, N. C.; Richard L. Harkness, Wash
ington. D. C.; Oren Harris, Representa
tive from Arkansas; John R. Harrison,
News-Tribune; Richard Harwood. Louis
ville Times; Andrew Hatcher, Washing
ton, D. C.; Carl Hayden, Senator from
Arizona; Jay G. Hayden. Detroit News:
Martin S. Hayden. Detroit News: Philip
Hayward, Silver Spring. Md.; William
Randolph Hearst, jr., Hearst Newspapers;
F. Cleveland Hedrick, jr„ Washington,
p. C.; John W. Heffernan, Reuters. Ltd.:
Walter W. Heller, Washington, D. C.;
Harold H. Helm, New York City; Rar
Henle. Washington. D. C.i Arthur Sears
Henning, Chicago Tribune; John Henrv,
Washington Evening Star; Charles Hent
schel!, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; A. B.
Hermann, Washington. D. C.; Herbert
Hertz, Washington. D. C.; Milton D.
Hewes, Bay City Times; Bourke B.
Hickenlooper. Senator from Iowa; John
M. Hightower, Associated Press: I. Wil
liam Hill, Washington Evening Star: Lee
Hills, Knight Newspapers: Robert H.
Hinckley. Washington. D. C.: Paul
Hodges, New York City; Capt. Paul H.
Hodges, USAF; John V. Horner, Wash
ington Evening Star; Woodson P. Hough
ton, Washington, D. C.; Jack R. Howard,
Scripps-Howard Newspapers; Roy W.
v - v <r<' , ; s*:V/S'W' .<<•s •'■y/s’ . .-•-
■ "'," "v ..> .
V >
x / * I I
■b '
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Howard, Scripps-Howard Newspapers; Ro
; man Hruska. Senator from Nebraska:
i, Carlisle H, Humelsine, Williamsburg, Va.;
i, Hubert H. Humphrey, Senator from Min
r- nesota.
s- Norman E. Isaacs, Louisville Courier
t. Journal.
i: J
I Per Jacobsson. Washington. D. C.I
Edward Jamieson. Fort Worth Star-Tele-
~ gram: Dr. Paul F Jaquet. Jr., Wash
e ington. D. C.; Arch W. Jarrell. Grand
t . Island, Nebr. John W. Jarrell. Omaha
k World-Herald. Coleman Jennings. Wash
; ington, D. C.; James H. Jewell, Pitts
n burgh. Pa.; Earl J. Johnson, United
■ ; Press International: Stanfield B. Johnson.
; Washington, D. C.: Felton M. Johnson.
. Washington, D. C.i Victor A. Johnston,
r Washington, D. C.; Alexander F. Jones,
k Syracuse Herald-Journal: Paul C. Jones.
r . Representative from Missouri.
j. Rudolph Kauffmann 11, Washington
i. Evening Star; Theodore Kazy, Wash
d ington. D. C ; Dr. Charles b. Kean,
r Washington, D. C.; Kenneth B. Keating,
Senator from New York; Leßoy Keller,
I United Press International; Roy Keller
l’ man, Washington, D. C.; Clement Ken
, nedy, Swampscott, Mass.; David M. Ken
)f nedy, Chicago, III.: Carleton Kent. Chi
, cage Sun-Times; Carroll H. Kenworthy,
■ iUnited Press International; William Ker-‘
K ! ber. Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; Ed-
ward Kernan. Cleveland Plain Deaeler;
■ I James Kerney, jr., Trenton Times; Ber-
j. nard Kilgore. Wall Street Journal: Car
roll Kilpatrick. Washington Post: Cy
King. Buffalo Courier-Express: Willard
M. Kiplinger, Kiplinger Letters; A. H.
Klrchhofer. Buffalo Evening News; Mi-
n chael J. Kirwan. Representative from
y Ohio: David Klein. Washington. D. C.:
[ Fletcher Knobel. Minneapolis Star and
~ Tribune; James L. Knight. Knight News
[. papers; William H. Y. Knightson, jr.,
.Baltimore Sun: Semon E. Knudsen, Bir
., mingham, Mich.; Theodore F. Koop,
y Washington. D. C.i Fred Korth, Secre
o.tary of the Navy; Arthur Krock. New
i-1 York Times.
Edwin A. Lahry, Detroit Free Press:
; Melvin R. Laird, Representative from
.. i Wisconsin; Samuel Landow, New York
t City: Roberts B. Larson, Washington,
. D. C.; Joseph A. Lastelic, Kansas City
. iStar; Frank J. Lausche, Senator from
. Ohio; William H. Lawrence, Washing
.iton, D. C.» John P. Leacacos, Cleve*
> i land plain Dealer; Gen. Curtis E. LeMay.
It ! Air Force Chief of Staff; Gen. Lyman L.
i. ] Lemnitzer, Chairman Joint Chiefs of
r iStaff; Dr. John H, Lesher. Knoxville,
Tenn.; Dr. Alec C. Levin, Washington I
e'D. C.; Dr. John L. Lewis, Baltimore,!
|Md.; Raymond C. Lillie, Jackson Hole,!
r wyo.; G. Gould Lincoln, Washington!
t Evening Star: Ernest K. Lindley, Wash
ington, D. C.; Bertram H. Lindman,
Bethesda, Md.; John V. Lindsay, Rep
resentative from New York; Carroll S.
Linkins, Washington, D. C.; Sol Lino
; witz, Rochester, N. Y.; James R. Llew
; ellyn, Cleveland Plain Dealer; O. B.
r' Lloyd, jr., Washington D. C.; George
JC. Lodge, Boston, Mass.; John Davis
i Lodge, Westport, Conn.; Grover C. Leon
ing, Key Biscayne, Fla.; Robert F.
I Loftus, Washington, D. C.j Maury H.
Long, Washington, D. C.; Daniel P.
Loomis, Washington, D. C.; Vice Admiral
- Leland P. Lovett, USN (retired); Mel
j vyn G. Lowenstein, New York City; Rob-
I ert W. Lucas, Hartford Times; Charles T.
, Lucey. Trenton Times; Carl A. Luding
, ton, Flint Journal; Wendell Lund, Wash
.‘ington, D. C.; John H. Lycette, Buffalo
, (Evening News; Wallace R. Lynn, San
,! Francisco, Calif.
Bruce G. McCauley, Christian Science
I Pub. Society; John L. McClellan, Senator
, irom Arkansas; John A. McCone, Cen
. tral Intelligence Agency; John A. Me-
Donald, Booth Newspapers; C. Blake
. McDowell, jr., Akron, Ohio; George C.I
r McGhee, Under Secretary of State; Gen.
William F. McKee. USAF; Alex Mc-
Keigney, Jackson, Miss.; Benjamin M.
MrKelway, Washington Evening Star;
John McG. McKelway, Washington Eve-;
s ning Star; Brockway McMillan, Wash-
• ington, D. C.; Barclay McMillen, Wash-
J ington, D. C.; Marshall McNeil, Houston
• Press; Neil V. McNeil, Evanston, Ill.;
Kenneth MacDonald, Des Moines Regis-
• ter and Tribune; George H. Mahon,
’ Representative from Texas; Andrew V.
Mahoney, Washington, D. C.; Mike Mans-
• field, Senator from Montana; George J.
Marder, United Press International;
George Preston Marshall, Washington,
• D. C.; Judge 1 Jack Martin, Washing
’ ton, D. C.; Joseph W. Martin, jr.,
. Representative from Massachusetts; Paul
’ Martin, Gannett Newspapers; William Mc
’ Chesney Martin, Chairman, Federal Re
’serve Board; Antony F. Matarrese,
'Adelphi. Md.: W. D. Maxwell, Chicago
• Tribune; Herbert May, Palm Beach,
! Fla.; E. K. Meade, jr.. New York
City; George Meany, Washington, D. C.;
i I Kenneth L. Milburn. Akron Beacon
Journal; Charles W. Millard, jr., Buffalo,
N. Y.; Paul Miller. Gannett Newspapers;!
Lt. Col. Thomas H. Miller. USMC; Wil-,
.Lam E. Miller, Washington, D. C.; James
| S. Miloly, Washington, D. C.;
I Wilson F. Minor, New Orleans Times
| Picayune; Newton M. Minow, Chairman,
Federal Communications Commission;
Radford E. Mobley, Washington, D. C.:
John Moffett, Minneapolis Star and
Tribune; Clark R. Mollenhoff, Cowles
, Publications; William Monroe, Washing
ton, D. C.i Richard E. Mooney, New
York Times; C. Carroll Morgan, Wash- I
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, D. C.; Karl E. Mundt, Senator from
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Williamß. Sprague, Washington, D. C.:
Kahl E. Spriggs, Washington, D. C-;
Ours W*
Alone in |
Washington! .
' 4&k4
W. 99 &W
The perfect Spring costume for Washington •
weather. The trim, cropped, bracelet-sleeved
jacket tops a becoming scoop-necked dress
with tiny cap sleeves and self belt. And the
fabric is drip-dry Arnel triacetate jersey, in
a distinctive geometric print of brown, green
or blue. Sizes 12-20 and 14>/ 2 -22i /2 in the
Downstairs Store—Budget Dresses
THE HECHT CO., Downstairs, Dept. 533
Washington 4, D. C. Arnel Jacket Dress. 10.90 •
| i Quantity | Color Z/2nd Color Size Price - ~i I
!i. I i i
1 i _J j
I i zm |
I NAME (Print) . I
C Ch.ck or Mon.y Ord.r CO D. (33 c.nt, handling charge) I
‘ -.s h Sl®* , O Mdse. Certificate (Payable on local delivery) I
. Ada 2 o sales tax in D. C. and 3®o sales tax in Maryland. Add 35c
i , r delivery and handling charges beyond free delivery area for a
j single item and 10c for each additional one. S-3-18 |
iElvis J. Stahr, jr.. Secretary of the
i [ Army; Dr. Frank Stanton. New York
I 'City: Frank J Starzel, Associated Press;
.'Edgar C. Steeb. Buffalo Evening News:
• Jack Steele, Srripps-Howard Neuspapers;
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Va.: Tony Sylvester. Washington. 1). C.;
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Robert Taft. jr.. Cincinnati. Ohio: Sol
Tgiuh >.l, Broadcasting Magazine; Har
old M Talburt. Scripps-Howard News
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Jackson. Miss.; Stuart S. Taylor. Phila
delphn Bulletin: fferald F. terHorst. De
troit News; Walter M. Thayer. New York
Herald Tribun#’; Mims Thomason. United
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son. Boston, Mass., Glenn Thompson,
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son, jr., Washington Evening Star; Rich
ard A. Thornburg. Washington Post; ;
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D. C.t Reginald F. Torrey, Gannet
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Thoma, V. H. Vail, Cleveland Plain
Dealer Norman Van Brccklin, Minneap
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C. Warren, Buffalo Courier-Express: Dr.
Robert C. Weaver, administrator, Fed
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Welch. Belmont, Mass.; Edwin Wheeler,
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New York City; Joseph S. Whiteford,
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ville News Sentinel: John Hay Whitney, l
New \ork Herald Tribune; Tom Wicker,
New York Times: Dr. Jerome B. Wies
ner. Washington. D. C.; J. Russell Wig
gins. Washington Post; Thomas E. Wig
glesworth. Washington. D. C.; Sim S.
Wilbanks. Alexander City, Ala.; Edward
Bennett Williams. Washington, D. C.;
John C. Williams, Kansas City Star;
John J. Williams. Senator from Dela
ware; Walter C. Williams, director Mer
cury operations, NASA; Joseph E. Wills,
I Washington, D. C. ; John B. Wilson,
Cowles Publications: John J. Wilson,
Washington, D. C.; Joseph T. Wilson, jr..
Philadelphia, Pa.; Lyle C. Wilson, United
Press International; R. Baxter Wilson,
Jackson, Miss.; Richard Wilson, Des
Moines Register and Tribune . Thomas I
Winship, Boston Globe; J. Howard Wood,
Chicago Tribune; L. Kinvin Wroth, Car
lisle, Pa.
Stephen M. Young, Senator from Ohio.
Eugene M. Zuckert, Secretary of the
Air Force.
Washington, D. C., March 18, 1962
' -- - ■ — i - ■ -
Repeat, of a Sell-out!
Smart Two-Piece
Washable, Easy-Care
Spring f O2 Suits
SjP' HBk J (,e^ets with
I* Ppttcil-Slim
■ WY I
Jr o* 1 *. ■
■ Ji
i Colors
I i • Biack
1 : • Lime
1 * Brown
1 * Bei ß e
I ' & * Orange
I * Turquoise
SiM * B,l6
( A) Dan River
BL Wash ’n Wear Cot-
,on ' Sollc ' color wlth
fl ’ shadow strip.*
fl SBr// Black, turquoise,
(A) /■ ' / bone beige or lime,
IKSj&fr t V% \ ™
wP 7 i
(B) liV \ V7' /
I \ I I’’
/ \ \ I (C)
——j\ /
l' /
(B) Cotton -and / / }
Rayon Tweedy / /
Weave i n bla ck, I I
brown or beige S 5 \ K (C) Washable Cot-
\ ton Homespun
Weave in black tur-
V quoise or orange, $5
The first shipment disappeared like the well known
“hot cakes” . . . and no wonder. You couldn’t
afford to make them at this price. Trim, short
sleeved. cardigan jackets, atop a slim skirt. Some
are wash 'n-wear fabrics. And the colors are de
lightful. Sizes 8-16 in the group.
If omen's Sportswear—Downtown Store
[ Pleose Allow Up to 10 Day, for Delivery I
HECHT CO., Downstairs, Dept 542 I
I Wo,hi " 9ton 4 ' D - C - Tuo-Pc. Suits, $S I
| I Quantity | StyliTCoio7j2nd Color! Size I Price !
1 11 I I I
737-75C0 | NAME (Pnnt)
[address j
j - Check or Money Order □ C.O.D. (35c handling charge) I
COUPON u Charge □ Mdse. Certificate payable on local delivery) '
I Adn in D C S°. nd K,l “ 'o’ Maryland, j
i? p * or dt,,v « r y and hondlmg charges beyond free I
I d * , ‘.Y* r * , area for o ifom and 10c for each I
| additional one. / S-3-18 '
~~ ~

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