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West Finding No Real Progress
Is Possible Now on Disarmament
Foreign Correspondent of The Star
GENEVA, Mar. 17.—Despite
the moderate optimism of offi
cial statements. Western ex
perts here have now reached
the quiet conclusion that no
real progress with Russia on
disarmament is possible at the
present time.
After a week of mostly pri
vate negotiations on the ques
tions of Berlin and a nuclear
test treaty, no perceptible give
in the Russian position has been
And though the answers
given so far are not necessarily
regarded as final, prospects on
the basis of Soviet Foreign
Minister Andrei Gromyko’s per
formance could hardly be
• Privacy Important
In fact what goes on in these
private meetings has been and
wUI continue to be much more
important that what is said
at' the public sessions of the
The outcome of the discus
sions on Berlin and a nuclear
test ban treaty have far more
direct bearing on the prospects
for general disarmament than
might appear on surface.
feo far as Berlin is concerned,
the Russians have been advised
that as long as the crisis there
continues, there can be no
question of any disarmament
agreement with the west. Be
fore any serious disarmament
measures can be contemplated,
there would have to be assur
ances that the immediate threat
to;the city was withdrawn and
would not be revived.
1 Assurances Lacking
Needless to say, no such as
surances have been forthcom
ing from Mr. Gromyko. Though
the incidents in the air corri
dors which provided violent
Western protests at the outset |
of the meetings seem to have
quieted down Russian demands
oij the general question of Ber
lin, they have shown no signs
of softening.
Their position is almost ex
actly the same as it was last
September before the latest se
ries of probes of Russian in
tentions in Berlin began.
Mr. Gromyko is still demand
ing Western recognition of the
full sovereign rights of the East
German puppet regime. And all
discussion of Western access
rights to the city must, under
the Russian terms, be decided
within this framework.
Access Not Negotiable
For their part the Western
powers insist that any new
agreement on Berlin must be
made directly with the Soviet
Union and their presence in the
city, their access to it and the
rights of West Berliners are
not negotiable.
Neither side so far shows the
slightest sign of backing down
on the Berlin Issue.
On the question of nuclear
tests, the record written here (
has not been any more hope
ful. Not only have the Russians .
refused to’ renew the discussion ,
of the draft treaty broken off;
last December, they also have
bluntly informed the West that
the only basis for future dis-;
cussion will be their own pro
posal for a test ban depending,
entirely- on a national control
system and eliminating any in
spection on Russian territory.
An Obvious Connection
Here the connection with the
future of the disarmament
talks is only too painfully ob
vious. Quite apart from putting
an end to future nuclear tests,
Baby Born to Wife
Os Elliott Roosevelt
(AP).—Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt
gave birth to a boy yesterday
by Caesarean section in a
Minneapolis hospital.
Mr. Roosevelt, son of the late
President, said his wife was
in “pretty fair” condition to
day and that the baby’s condi
tion was fair. He said the
baby was premature.
Mrs. Roosevelt is the former
Patricia Peabody of Seattle. ■
She and Mr. Roosevelt have:
seven other children by previ
ous marriages.
Mr. Roosevelt heads a new
motor travel club and has been
connected with a printing
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■ if A
w Jr * BR*
,, ■ JF. *
Semyon Tsarapkin, Soviet delegate to the disarmament meeting in
Geneva, conducts a news conference.—AP Wirephoto via radio.
i the purpose of a test ban treaty
i was to set up a minimum basic
machinery for international
control of a general disarma-
[ ment program.
, Presumably, if the Russians
’ admitted the principle of some
. 19 international control cen
; ters on their territory and the
; right of international teams to
' make on-site inspections of
• suspicious developments, the
battle for international control'
of disarmament would be more
I than half won.
i The same machinery, ex-1
panded and modified, could be)
used to police a general dis- [
| armament agreement providing I
the essential measure of veri
fication and control without;
which no disarmament pro-I
. gram is conceivable.
Reds Seek Propaganda
Since the principle has now;
been decisively rejected, to the;
, 1 Russians a discussion of a dis
armament plan here becomes
entirely academic—except as a
propaganda sounding board.
Even on this point the neu-;
tral nations are showing them
selves rather more realistic
than might have been expected
in emphasizing the importance
of inspection and control in any
disarmament scheme.
From what has been said so
far the experts have reached
the conclusion that the Rus
sians are far more interested
■in continuing their own series
of nuclear tests than in reach
ing an agreement with the
They can be expected, of
course, to unload the entire
blame for continuing their test
series on the United States
while effectively blocking any
effort to put an end to the I
nuclear arnis race.
And as long as this remains !
the primary Russian objective, ;
the search for long-range solu
tions will not get very far.. j
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3 Fairfax Youths
Injured in Crash
; Three Fair-fax City youths
were seriously injured last
night when their auto went out
of control on Route 237 soutn
of Fairfax circle and smashed
head-on into an oak tree.
Fairfax Police Lt. Leonard P.
Kline said the teen-agers’ car
j went off the road at a curve.
'He identified the injured as
■Walter Koprivich, 19, of 102
I Milburn street; Wayne R.
] Abraham, 17, of Orchard street,
and Douglas Chapman, 17, of
15 Ellison circle.
Hhe youths were admitted to
Fairfax Hospital, where they
were listed as in serious con
i City police said their car ap
jparently was traveling at high
speed when it hit the tree, a
three-foot-thick white oak.
3 Feared Dead
In Spokane Blast
SPOKANE, Wash., March 17
(AP).—A thunderous eplosion
tore apart a pizza parlor and an
adjoining case and supermar
| ket here tonight. Three per
sons were feared dead and at
least a score were injured.
“We believe we have a least
three bodies in the case,” said
one officer at the scene of the
blast, which shattered the quiet
of a northside residential and
business district.
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Jews to Mark
Purim Festival
Washington area Jews will I
1 join those around the world at
sundown tomorrow in the ob
. servance of theeancient festival I
of Purim.
In synagogues the biblical
book of Esther will be read. It
relates the struggle of the Jews
in ancient Persia to free them-i
selves from the ruthless prime;
minister, Haman. Esther, the;
Queen of King Ahasuerus, who
with the aid of her cousin Mor
decai. saved her people from
destruction, is the heroine of;
the narrative.
The festival is celebrated with
special religious services. It is
also marked by gift-giving, cos-I
tume balls, carnivals, games and
In connection with the holi
day, the Washington Armed
Services Committee of the
Jewish Welfare Board has ar
ranged a number of special
observances for servicemen
and their families.
A Purim program for chil
dren and their parents will be
given at 3 p.m. today at the
Greater Washington Jewish
Community Center. Title of
the presentation is “The
Peoples of Israel through Dolls,
Music and Dance.”
The committee has planned;
another program for patients
at Saint Elizabeths Hospital at
7:30 p.m. tomorrow.
Also scheduled for service-
India, Brazil
Seek to End
Talk Stalemate
GENEVA. Mar. 17 (AP).—ln
dia and Brazil built up pressure
tonight on the Americans and
Russians to drop nuclear-test
plans while the 17-nation dis
armament talks are on.
The forthcoming American
atmospheric tests and the
prospect of a tit-for-tat Soviet
response—emerged as the key
issue of the conference as an
East-West stalemate developed
over how to end the arms race.
Defense Minister V. K. Krish
na Menon of India and Brazil
ian Foreign Minister Francisco
San Tiago Dantas took tea to
gether today after formal and
informal approaches to the big
powers for some sort of pledge
to qdit test-blasting at once.
They charted plans to rally
support for their initiative
among the group of eight mid
dle-road nations taking part in
the four-day-old conference.
But their initial moves ap
peared to have received little
encouragement from Secretary
of State Rusk or Soviet Foreign
Minister Gromyko. A qualified
informant reported that Mr.
; Rusk told Mr. Menon in a pri
vate talk yesterday the Amer
ican position remains as stated
by President. Kennedy:
The United States is quite
'willing to suspend announced
: plans for an April series of
i tests in the Pacific—but only
if Russia first signs a test-ban
treaty containing internation
ally supervised safeguards to
bar cheating.
The source said Mr. Grom
yko’s reply to Mr. Menon ap
peared equally discouraging:
Russia would waive her
threat to test again only if the
American series next month is
canceled. The Russian also
repeated Moscow's resolve to
join a general test-ban agree
ment only if it provides for na
tional. not international, detec
tion arrangements.
The eight noncommitted
states <Brazil, Burma. Ethio
pia, India. Mexico. Nigeria.
Sweden and the United Arab
Republic showed signs of be
ginning to function as a co
herent group.
There was talk among them
of an early combined initiative.
This could perhaps take the
form of a joint appeal for a
deferment of all plans for fresh
nuclear test-firing in order to
give the negotiators more time
and scope.
men and their families is a
service and program at 7:30
p.m. Wednesday in the An
drews Air Force Base Chapel
and a Purim Ball at 7:45 p.m.
Thursday at the Jewish Com
munity Center.
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THE SUNDAY STAR Wes/iinjton, o. C., March It, 7962

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