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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, January 01, 1912, Image 24

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I was ill in bed an' couldn't see
him tonight.
"I never did so much sweatin'
in all my life as I did when she
got that out of her system, an'
Amanda she just sat there,
smilin' to herself, but keepin' the
gat in a direct line with my head.
" 'You better tell me all about
it,' she says at last.
"I did. There didn't seem to
be anything else to do, although
I saw at the time that me an' Ben
net weren't goin' to be friends
any longer.
"At the end of the pretty little
story, she sat there smilin' an'
thinkin' to herself for a while, an'
then turns an' looks at me as if I
was a new kind of bug that had
blown in when the window was
" 'Now 1 wonder what I'm go
ing to do with you?' she says.
" 'If you'll allow me to sug
gest ' says I.
" 'But I won't;' says she. 'You
came here to take advantage of a
poor defenceless woman, and
now you are going to pay for it.'
"Then she reaches out an'
touches a bell.
".You ain't going to call the
bulls, are you?' says I, the inside
of me feelin' as if it was going to
drop out.
" 'YOU shut up,' says she.
'Never mind what I'm going to
do with you. But I'll finish your
criminal career on my own bed
if you make a single move,' she
added as she saw my eyes stealin'
toward the window.
"A big, hunkin' man-servant,
i)ig enough to earn his living hon
est, answers her ring.
" 'James,' says she, 'I want you
to take this insect an' guard it till
morning. I shall hold you re
sponsible.' " 'Very well ma'am,' says
James, an' comes over an' picks
me up under one arm, an' walks
off with me.
"James tied my wrist to his, an'
went to bed that way, an' al
though I pleaded with him all
night, I might as well have talked
to a' stone wall.
"In the morning Amanda
comes for me an' takes me out
into a back yard, where two
hungry x bulldogs are spoilin' the
scenery, an' points to a stack o'
" 'Split it,' says she, 'an' if he
tries to escape, James, sic the
dogs on him.'
"Oh, she was a nice amiable
person was Amanda.
"Presently there was a ring at
the front door, an' I heard Am
anda's voice as sweet as a cooin'
" 'Oh, Mr. Bennett,' she was
sayin', 'come an' look what I
found in myroom last night'
"Say, it was almost worth it
to see Bennett's face, an' the way
he made his excuses for leavin'
in such a hurry.
"Amanda let me go after that,
but I ain't forgettin' little things
like that. i
"By the way, what was the
favor you wanted me to do for
"Never mind," said I, "let's
have another, and then I'm going

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