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- By Norman.
'(Somebody is giving New York
a bad name, the Junior Office
Boy things.)
n. y. toosdy hully gee, but this
is gittin to be some fierce town
a fellow goes into a bank and
gits 8 or 9 hundred bucks to pay
off his help, and as soon as he is
out in the street again, a couple of
guys steps up to him and taps him
and raps him on the knob, takes
away his dough, and rides away
in a taxicab
a jooler is standin in his stoar
with the street all full of people
and cops and everything when an
auto drives up and out hops 3 or 4
burglers and slamSjthe jooler un
der his counter and drives off
with about 10 thousand dollars
.worth of jools
a cuppel of bank messenjers is
ridin up town in a taxi with a few
bales of 5 and 10 dollar bills in
their laps when three gents gets
aboard and takes it, after wallop
ing the two mesenjers with billys
and they also drives away in
their auto, 25 thousend dollers to
the good
talk about your wild and wooly
west, lftle old n- y. is the place to
take the movin pickchers of crime
and villiny rite now
the poor old police dept. is 40
miles up in the air, before it can
get started after one bunch of
robbers, the next one is honkin
along 6th-av. or broadway or sum
uther main street with a taxi full
of plunder
wjien its a case of fixing up a
good stout case ageinst a poor-
boob that sum. rich guy wants, i
sents to jale for 175 years, the m
y. police are orte grand-little
bunch of fellers, they can dope
out a set of papers that would
convict a cigar stoar indian of
evry crime from tippin over a
garbidge can to setting a orfen
asilum on fire
but when it comes to catching
thugs that has automobeles to
ride around in, well of course that
is a different matter
i understand that in the police
force, es.peshly amung the high
guys, there is a jeneral idee that
for burglers and robbers to be
usin autolmobeels aint no fair
nohow, and they ought to be
ashamed of theirselfs, giving the
town a bad name like that
but when i read about that
poor slob that went up for 30
years on a bunk pedigree out of
police headquarters, i dont know
who is srivinsr the town a wofse
j name, the crooks or the-police
Just Two Reasons.
Hokus Why dont you try to
get a job? ' -
Pokus Employers prefer to
hire married men.
Hokus Then why don't you
get married?
Pokus A girl wont marry a
fellow unless he has a job. New
York Times. .
Cloak-Makers -of New York
started and won 28 strikes in a
single year and all 'for better
sanitary conditions.

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