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of horror-this morning, it has
been plain that ther.e never was
need for the order of "women
and children first."
The men stood aside, and push
ed their women folk toward the
boat decks, where the few, inade
quate life boats were filled and
lowered as quickly as possible.
And the women of the steer
age, the frightened, unurideT
standing immigrant women, were
treated even as the first ladies of
the -land. There was no distinc
tion of rank.
The farewell, lighted up by the
flaring signals of distress, was a
ghastly scene.
Wives and sweethearts, sisters
and mothers, kissing good-bye to
the men they well knew they
never might see again, while the
wounded giant of the sea, stag
gered and lurched like a drunken
thing, in the trough of the ocean.
The Titanic carried the maxi
mum number of lifeboats and life
rafts. But it must have been
plain from the first that-they were
pitifully inadequate.
There were only 20 lifeboats,
and what were twenty boats
among 2,358 men, women and
-The passengers were lied to at
the first. They were told that
help was coming as fast as ships
could steam.
But it soon becam eplain how
little hope there wa!s. For the
ship's officers began to hurry the
weeping women and children in
to the boats, and on the ears of
the doomed men fell the- last or
ders to the crews of. the boats;
"Get as far away from us as
you can and as fast as you can or
you'll be dragged to the bottom
in the swirl of waters caused by
the plunge."
Weeping women, sobbing out
last farewells ! The staggering,
threatening roll of the great ship,
ever increasing! The frenzied
work as the pumps ! The snap
ping of the wirels! And the
horrible darkness !
After trie women had gone, the
3,455 lifebelts were given out and
the 48 lifebouys placed where
"they could bfe used.
But only the most ignorant
wer unaware of how futile these
were. When the giant Titanic
plunged to the bottom of the sea,
she would cause a whirlpool thatv
would drag every living things
within a radius of one mile far in
to the icy depths of the waters.
At 12:27 o'clock, the water
reached the motor, and the crack
ing: of the wireless ceased. -The
white-faced operator came from
his machine, and threw up his
Shortly after this, a tfiundefr
storm borev down out of the
North. With it came the wind,
and the sea began to lash itself
into fury as if hungry for its
Probably the small boats, bob
bing like helpless little corks mid
the field of storm-tossed ice did
not see the end.
They must have rowed far
from the parent hsip, and save for
an occasional flash of sheo't light
ning, it was very dark. So the
women were spared thit ' .
," '
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