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"j r-K Vyj!af'5'7K7s,'"r
n. y., jun 24. jihn p. finnigan
is 'the maddest irishman in har
iem mr. finnigan is a clerk into a
drug stoar, he has red 'hare and
an honest face and' a wife' and
child '
the uther nite after he had
shut off thepower in the spdy
fountin and locked up the front
dqre he got on a -street car to go
home, and a big fat woman she
sat,acrost the isle and looked at
- mr. finnigan he admitts that he
is some "guy when it comes to
Jqoks, but .this here big.dame she
lamped him so hard that he hegun
to git nervus -
my goodniss, he thinks to him
self, i don't "beieave i m being
fljfted yith at all this here comic
sketch is going to pull something
in a minute
' so h"e started to beat it for the
'dore, .but the fat lady she hopped
i up and she grabbed him . v
oh my kosioosko, she saysr my
dear kosioosko, where haye yotf
been all this time
- git away, woman, says mr. fin-
r nigan, i never seen you in my life,
wo'fs the matter of you anyway
.but she hangs onto him, and
she hollers, oh my kosioosko,
my kosioosko, ti have you onct
""again ,
i aint your kosiooski, yells mr.
finnigan, i don't know wot a kos
iobsko is, and I don't care if i
never find out, but i aint one, and
if i was one, i wouldent be youis,
leave me go, i say
so then a cop come along and
he asks wot is the row, and the
dame she lets out another yodel
about mr. finnigan being her
kosioosko and mr. finnigan gets
o mad he cant say nuthing at
all .
the next morning they both
come mt court, and the judge
asks the lady what is the matter,
and she says, this her man is my
husband, kosioosko slefkovitch,
witch married me fn poland, and
run away from me: in new york
a yere ago ;
the judge is a gtnt by the
name of r6oney, and he takes a
good look at mr. finnigan, and he
puts his hand over his mouth, and
he says, are you kosioosko slef
kovitch, and did you marry this
lady in poland and run-away frum
her as she relates
mr. finnigan he turned so red
his hare looked pale, and he ses
to judge rooriysays he, do i look
like my name was kosioosko slef
kovitch, your honor, do i talk like
it, did you ever know any slef
kovitches come ' from county
i did not, ses judge rooney,
laffin fit to "bust,' there is some
mistake here, mr. finnigan, i am
convinced,, and you are discharged-
"the polish, lady had to admit
she had. made a mistake, when
she had lissened to mr. finnigan
talk for a spell, but that don't
keep him frum saying all kinds
of things every time suni of his
f rends comes .into the drug stoar
and ses hello, Tcosioosko johnyj

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