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at his old schooh He glanced
down the finely wrought page
with suspicion.
"Eh! Mollie Kenton down for
an oration ? Mollie's daughter, of
course. What? Alumni repre
sentative? tt'& our Mollie 1"
Professor Draper'Bat down sud
denly and relapsed into a rapt si
lence, Presently he chuckled.
"Tcthink of it ! She must be
h'm 27 would.be generosity, !
should say. I'm 38 myself 1
He smiled and tugged, fiercely
at his beard.
"I think I will do It 1" he said
finally "111 know her, anyway I
She'll never recognize me in
, these, however," and he phased
his hand oVer his face.
The hall Was duly thronged.
Hugs and roses made the stage a
fairyland from which debutantes
floated at intervale to deliver
their message to the waiting
world and silently melt away
Professor Thomas Draper,, sat
through the long program, impa
tiently waiting the appearance of
the speaker he hoped to recog
nfee. The preceding number had
ceased and the thunders of ap
plause that greet young grad
uates on such occasions as this
were dying slowly away.
In the lull that followed a form
stepped quickly outr from the
mystifying background and glid
ed down to the center of the
stage. Professor faper sat up
straight and surveyed the figure
with unconcealed intensity. 'Af
ter a moment he sank back with
A weary; air that was cerjtairily
hot his Mollie kenton I His Mem
ory of her was of A far slimmer,
more auburn-haired creature
this perfectly proportioned wo
man no, it could not be Mollie
Idly he listened to the stirring
wordB of the speaker, his eyes oc
casionally pausing in their Wan
dering to rest on her fair throat,
her queenly head or a rounded
shoulder. Ik felt a strange lack
of interest now, and his disap
pointment was bringing him to a
realization of the folly of making
the unwarranted journey.
In thejnidst of his thoughts
the speaker ended and drifted
lightly away to the plaudits of
the. assemblage.
"Mollie grows younger every)
day 1" remarked some oHe near by
The professor opened his eyes
quickly and glanced about He
tapped his neighbor lightly on the
"Who was that last speaker?"
he inquired. "
"That's Mollie Kenton! D6h't
you know her?"
His informant Spoke in a tone
of surprise and Professor Draper
leaned limply back in hid seat
Was that really Mollie? there
Was something of the miraculous
in this thing, and In an endeivor
to account for it on scientific
grounds he became calmer. He
folded his arms andfixed hhveyes
Straight ahead. He was aroused
presently hy his neighbor's ris
ing and edging out into the aisle
Unthinkingly he, too, rose and
forced a Way down to the rear of
the hall. He glanced at hte
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