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sajd, and Nelly was more aston
ished than ever. He described a
wonderful circle on one foot, and
then with a flourish, made a series
of guiclc whirls.
Neljy gasped and flushed at
the audacity of the man? Plainly
he had Written on the ice with
wohderfui skill a name.
It was: "Nelly;"
ftHow dare ydu !" flashed forh
the little lady, but, with a delight
ed laugh, the expert skater was
off on a long glide, and farther
away Nelly saw him once more
write that name on, the glassy
surface of the fibe.
'Oh, dear! I am the most
friendless and forlorn being in
the world!' burst forth Nelly.
Everybody is cruel to me."
- The expert skater was maneu
vering between "the spot where
Nelly was and the junction of the
rivers. Nelly was really frighten
ed at the impertinent, airy fellow,
as she judged him. She got out
of hisway by skating on. Finally
she espied a cut-off leading to the
other rivet Branch. Tf had steqp'
clay sides, ana welly started
alorig it.
'Crack swish crack, crack!
Nelly uttered a sharp, sudden cry
of 'dismay. The frail rubber ice
was bending under hef weight.
Then one foot went throu&h it to
the ankle. She darted,! of shore,
but though at every step her feet
broke through, she gained the
A driftwood log was, there, and
Nelly sat down on it, breathless
and with wet feet. All her sudden
temper was subdued. Hdw lone
some it was! How foolish she
had been ! In regaining the mam
river she might incur no actuals
danger, but her feet might sink))
in deeper.
"There is no Lisle to find meio.
mourned the dejected maid. "hi.
suppose all men flirt, Lwish $$,
wish I hadn't run away. Ohrf
dear!" and Nelly burst but crysJft
ing. . . ,,
She looked up at thle -gounf of
tlanging" skate blades' andr-ack-ling
ice. $Ier lover wascomig
towards her. She couldTgad the
anxiety arid solicitude in his pale,
earnest face. n his expertness he
evaded breahig through" rfre ice.
"Why, Nelly," Nhe crieU. in a
glad, relieved tone. '! -feared I
should n0t find you. Ifit were
not for a skater I met who had
seen you come this way,' T might
have searcheE for hours, And in
trouble, tooibjir little" irl !'r
"Yes, l fm'jh dreadful trouble,"
sobbed Nelly! 'Was it a man in
a fancy costume-vou met?" L
"Yes, a stcanf er looked like a
"He is a tfold, badmah," blazed
out Nelly. "He smiled at me$
and and deliberately wxotp my
name on the ice. I never was so
affronted in my life." ' '
"He did, eh?" flared up Lisle, irF
his turn. "Well, we'll see about
that. Now, little girl, I'll carry3
you over the rubber ice here, and'
we'll just go'and hring that imp
pertinent fellow to time'
Nellv nestlfcd in"fnfre arms sn
gladly that she forgql-all her petj.
"Now you must skate to keejf

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