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make something of yourself?''
Austin stared at him, his lips
slightly parted, astounded by this
unexpected turn.
"My son," said the manufac
turer, "you blame me but that's
where you're wrong. This is a
fighting world it isn't a world
where we whine for justice and
get it. Maybe I've been too much
of a wolf and too little of a lamb,
but I'm going to do the square
thing for once. Here's your
chance will you take it?"
"You bet I will," answered the
bookkeeper breathlessly.
Stevens nodded and put on his
hat. He went out humming. He
saw what Austin saw, that he
was responsible for having pul
the poison of ambition into Miss
Keith's mind; but he knew also
that it required its drastic anti
dote, to humble her. He took a
street car up to the rendezvous
and waited inside the hotel.
The hands of the clock were
just upon the hour when he saw
his stenographer's trim figure
pass 'slowly before the revolving
glass door, and, throwing his
cigar, he went outside.
"Good evening, Miss Keith,"
he said, raising his hat. "Wait
ing to see me?"
The girl recoiled and looked at
him, an angry flush reddening
her cheeks. Stevens patted her
on the arm.
"Run away home, little girl,"
he said. "I've changed my mind.
And say," he continued, "you
needn't report to me tomorrow or
ever again. I'm going to get a
business woman for my stenog
rapher next time, and not your
He turned and left her, speech
less with indignation. Then, be
cause the medicine sickened the
giver as well as the recipient, he
went back into the hotel and sat
for a long time in the smoking
room. At last he rose, and, with
a sudden determination, went to
ward the door. His features had
softened out of their habitual
hard lines.
'I wonder," he said medita
tively, "I wonder if Mary would
give me another chance?".
o o
Walnut Cream Candy.
The ingredients are two cups
of sugart one-half cup of water, a
pinch of cream tartar, one cup of
chopped black walnut meats and
one teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Without stirring the mixture boil
the sugar, water and cream of
tartar together until it forms a
soft ball when tried in cold water.
Take from the stove and set in a
basin of cold water for three min
utes. Beat until it becomes white
and creamy. Then add the vanilla
and the chopped nut meats. Pour
into buttered pans and mark into
o o
Switzerland's the land of the
free and the brave. Zurich tri
bunal has formally decided that
it's lawful to call a man "an ass"
either in anger or criticism.
o o
Cashleigh You wouldn't mar
ry Miss Roxy for her money,
would you, Upson? Upson
How else can I get it?.

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