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shop, leaned back against an iron
basement railing.
"Say, honest, this has been a
hard three weeks all right, all
right," she said.
"Tell me about yourself, before
the strike," I urged.
"Me ? Why, I ain't any differ
ent from anybody. When me and
my fam'ly came to this country
from Russland that was four
years ago even my mother she
died. So I never went to no school
like she said I should. It was Mar
ianna Oswabzka over there got
me my first job making eight
dozen shirts fer $4 a week.
"Hard? Sure! But it was work
or starve. Only you see it was
foot power, and operating a ma
chine ain't so healthy when yer
mother ain't home to cook. So I
says like this: 'Me fer another
job.' I don't ask fer no oitermo
biles, y'understand, but I wants
ter live decent. So I went bushel
ing and examining, a week work
er, $5 flat.
"Say, it wasn't so bad, only the
boss expected how we'd work on
Sabbath. No, I ain't so religious
but make no mistake, my moth
er was.
"I said like this: 'Mommer
wouldn't want how I should work
by Sabbath. It is better that I
starve.' And the boss he up and
says, 'Well, there's the work
and there's the door, see?'
"After that I got work by the
piece, home jobs, making collars
off a tailor for 3c apiece. Three
took most an hour to do. Y'un
derstand, them collars goes into
swell coats fer ladies and mens
uptown swells that rides in
"Take it from me, I seen how
no job is good if it puts a girl
from going to night school for
ever. "I tells my forelady so, and my
forelady she said like this
'Laura Poddrechi, swells like you
outer look for woirk uptown.' So
I done it !
"The shop was real stylish, I
bet yeF from the outside. The
work was making kimonas and
cambric matinees. But that pay
was mean. A girl which she don't
get enough to eat even, ain't like
ly to And a better job. Three dol
lars a week they paid us to start,
six dollars for the smartest speed
ers. "The dust from the flannellette
and the - cambric makes fogs
around the gas lights and the
smokey smell sickens the girls
how they can't eat. It took. 50
cents of my three dollars for car
fare. When they set us making
up a cheap line of chiffons we all
got skin disease and had to quit.
Honest how is a girl to live de
cent ?
"Between you and me, it's no
fable just fer onc't I'd like ter
ride in an oitermobile. Yer see "
"SCAB!" yelled a militant lit
tle picket on the corner. Laura
Poddrechi ran to warn the offend
er that the forbidden Word meant
police interference.
Squads of strike breakers were
emerging from the sweater's fac
tory, hard faced, contemptuous
"SCAB! SCAB!" shrilled the

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